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A shocking discovery.

Usually, the people knew each other well enough that there were no worries about what activities would be inflicted on the slaves. Tonight, Valerie was trusting Calvin's judgment on that score.
"Valerie, you're our newest Master, so you get first choice of keys," Calvin announced.

"Thank you, Calvin." Valerie reached in, stirred the keys a bit and pulled one out. Revealing it, she searched for the look of recognition and found it on Hudson's face.

"Enjoy yourself, Valerie. I think you'll find your time with Andrew quite interesting."

When the others chuckled at this, Valerie couldn't help herself. "And what's so funny?"

"Val," Calvin started, "Andrew is very gay. Just submitting to a Mistress will be torture for him."

"I see. Yes, that could be very funny. Has he ever serviced a woman before?"

"Not sexually," Hudson answered. "I'm not even certain he can get it up for someone who's not a man."

"Ah ha! I see now. You don't think I can arouse him, do you?"

"Not really," Hudson replied.

"Would you care to wager on that? Say, $200?"

"You're on. He has to cum inside you by the end of the night, agreed?"

"Agreed." Valerie turned to Andrew and led the crestfallen slave away with a, "Come along, slave. You've got a Mistress to fuck tonight."

The key selection continued with Andrew's Master, Hudson drawing next (thus increasing the chance that no one would draw their own slave's key). Garth drew Sally's key to the accompaniment of Andrew's moans as Valerie started in on him with whatever she was doing. Sally soon found herself next to a bondage table. The platform was leather covered and had numerous tie down points along the sides. Garth completely removed Sally's bondage, eliciting a moan of desire when he slid the dildos out of her openings.

"I see your Mistress has you quite aroused, slave."

"Yes, sir," she answered with a bit of hope in her voice.

"I'm not planning on giving you any satisfaction tonight, so you'll have to reign yourself to suffering."

"Yes, sir, whatever you desire, sir."

"On the table, slave. Lie on you back with limbs extended."

Sally complied with another, "Yes, sir." Soon, she was tied down to the table in the classic spread eagle position. Her eyes followed him as he pulled a small case from his carryall. When he opened it, she gasped at the sight of dozens of needles sitting on the fabric lined interior. Each stainless steel shaft was covered in a plastic sheath and pressed into a small indentation in the fabric. Garth pulled the first one out and twisted the cover off with a snap. He examined the point of the needle carefully, making sure he knew where the bevel was (this insured that the needle would enter and exit cleanly). He reached for Sally's breast, then hesitated.

"Slave, I take it from your obvious fear that you've never experienced needle play before?"

"No, sir, nothing beyond being pierced." Sally's breath was coming in short, fast pants.

"Calm yourself. I don't need you hyperventilating on me."

"I'm trying sir. I'm not comfortable with blood, especially my own."

"I really don't care what you're comfortable with, slave. If all you experience is the comfortable, you're hardly a slave, are you?"

"No, sir. I understand. Mistress uses me in ways I don't enjoy for themselves. I'd never say no to her. I'm just scared."

Garth grabbed her chin with a harsh hand and turned it towards him. "Good, I like fear in a slave. But, I also demand control from my slaves. Be afraid, but keep yourself under control. The alternative is punishment; and my punishments are vastly worse than the needles, both in terms of the pain they inflict and the blood drawn. Have I made myself clear?"

"Yes, sir. I'm trying sir."

In a softer voice, Garth replied, "Good, that's all I ask."

With a deft motion of his hands, Garth tore open a sani-wipe packet and swabbed a spot on Sally's breast.

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