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I finished getting dressed and dropped my key card on the desk as I headed out. I left a $20 tip for housekeeping because they probably didn't have to clean up after a pussy orgy very often. There was a circle of wetness on the bed at least 2 foot in diameter at the head and one almost as big where my sissy cunt had leaked sperm.

I used the stairs to avoid people and was lucky enough to get to the parking deck without running into anybody. As I went around the corner of the parking deck to get to my car I almost ran into a woman with a rolling suitcase. A quick "excuse me" was exchanged and as I quickly headed down the row to my car. I knew she had gotten a good whiff of me and as I got to my car I looked back and she was still standing there. She quickly left when we made eye contact.

It was getting dark and the drive home was without any incident. I went into the house and Miss Rachel was waiting for me.

"Miss Lucy told me you were a mess, but I would never have guessed someone could have that much pussy juice dried on their face and hair. You face is shinny with cum and your hair looks like it is glued in place."

"Yes Miss Rachel, I ate a lot of pussy today."

"Did you enjoy your mystery creampie?"

"Yes Miss Rachel, I hope you will tell me who it is."

"It is someone close to us who wanted to see what it was like to enjoy oral worship. Her lover does not like to go down on her and she has a hard time achieving an orgasm from fucking. In fact her lover does not last very long and she has been getting very sexually frustrated. I told her that good men love to eat pussy and will even eat pussy after fucking. She didn't believe me at first but once I convinced her that you love creampies she had to see for herself. This afternoon she planned an "afternoon delight" with her lover in the same hotel and once he quickly shot his load in her pussy she came to your room to deliver your creampie. You should feel proud to help her learn about oral gratification."

"Yes Miss Rachel, but who was it."

"I promised that you would never know and I like the idea that you will have to wonder which of our friends or family knows about your little pussy slave secret. You will have to wonder if someone smiles at you is it just a smile or are they remembering the fantastic orgasms you gave them in a hotel room one afternoon."

"Yes Miss Rachel."

"I have already talked to her and you changed their world today. From now on her lover will only get to fuck her after he eats her pussy to at least one orgasm. She also says she will start to train him to eat creampies. She plans to have a much improved sex life and it is all due to you and your talented tongue. Like I said, you should be very proud!"
"Yes Miss Rachel."

"Now let's get you cleaned up."

We went to the bathroom and once I was undressed I got into the shower. Miss Rachel got in with me and gently washed every inch of my body using her lavender soap and a sea sponge. It was a special moment of closeness as we shared the warm water. Once we got out of the shower Miss Rachel put me in the black lacing corset as well as matching panties and hose. Next we went to the bedroom and made love. We kissed and licked every inch of each other's body. Miss Rachel removed my butt plug and gently finger fucked my asshole with her finger. The sperm was running out of me as she worked her finger in my backside. When it was well coated with sperm she would have me lick it clean. I was happy with this gentle treatment. After a bit she put the plug back in, pulled my panties up and rolled over so that I could perform analingus. As I made love to her asshole she had a nice climax. When she was ready she rolled over and I ate her pussy to 2 more orgasms.

We were both spent after that and we cuddled up and went to sleep. I felt wonderfully close to Miss Rachel and loved her more all the time.

Friday morning came before my brain was ready. Miss Rachel woke me up by gently stroking my balls through my new panties.

"Are you dreaming

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