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Two friends grow closer.

Once she was alone, she started her online lessons. Distracted but eager to get done, she finished them quickly, and then did a few written assignments. Her attention kept going to the clock on her wall, and it seemed that it was taking much longer than usual for each minute to pass. Eventually it was near 10 AM, and she closed her books and picked up her phone.

Ted shaved and showered, but resisted the urge to masturbate in the shower. It was normally part of his morning ritual, since his wife was seldom in the mood for morning sex. He had read somewhere that masturbating before a date was a good way to find out if you were romantically interested, or just physically infatuated. He didn't need to test himself there; he already knew he fit in both categories in the case of Emily.

The more he thought of her, the closer she got to his idea of perfect.

Maybe it was years of frustration and pent-up desires. Maybe it was because he never got to "sow his wild oats". He realized he'd probably be just as attracted to ANY girl who responded and flirted with him the way Emily had, but from his perspective, Emily was his number-one choice for the position.

He thought briefly about the other girls in Emily's circle of friends, imagining them in the same scenario. Tawny? Not his ideal, but she was adorably cute and friendly. But her "I love Jesus soooo much" routine was tiresome and off-putting to him. Kayla? Such an amazing body, but again, no. She was very full of herself, and no amount of sexy curves could overcome that faux hipster "I'm so cool" act. Amy? Amy was gorgeous. Long, slim legs and a tan that always made him wonder just where the tan stopped, and what those areas looked like, but she was what Ted used to call an "airhead" in his youth.

What about Sierra? "Hmm, maybe," Maybe, but only because she was the exact opposite of Emily in personality, and bad girls were definitely sexy. His mind briefly imagined a three-way with those two girls, and it gave him a small rise as he washed himself. "Something to fantasize about later," he mused.

Yet none of these girls, or any other he could imagine at the moment, came as close to the perfect girl as Emily.

After he was dressed, Ted sat at his desk and worked on the lesson plans again, his gaze drifting often to the bottom-right of his computer screen, to where the digital representation of the correct time slowly crawled towards 10 o'clock. At 9:45 he grabbed up some of his work and tossed it in his satchel, and headed out. His wife had left earlier and he knew there was a next to zero chance of crossing paths with her. He had planned out his morning itinerary over and over last night, falling asleep in the process.

He planned to take her to his favorite park, sit at a table, or maybe one of the benches, in plain sight, and just talk. Then, if she was interested, he'd ask her to walk with him on one of the trails, where he'd try for a little kiss. He decided that's all he needed to see how serious she really was, and he felt that he'd also learn the same about himself. What he had yet to work out was just how he'd initially meet her. He certainly wasn't just going to drive to her house, walk up to her door and knock. This had to be discreet, and fast, and not attract any attention.

At 9:55 he pulled into the parking lot of a grocery store and picked a spot at the far end, away from all the shoppers who wanted a shorter walk to the door. It was a crisp fall morning and there was a gentle breeze, and several clouds masked the sun. A typically beautiful day for this part of the country, and part of why Ted had never considered moving to another area once he was "out on his own". The store was close to Emily's neighborhood, which Ted had thoroughly researched via online maps and using his Sunday School class records to get an address. He knew just what roads he would take to get in and out, but still didn't know how to pull off the pickup without being noticed.

Emily sat at her work desk and sent the first text.

Emily: Good morning! How are you? (smile)

Ted: Hi!

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