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Therese's life explained and her love for Arabella.

Aliyah had gotten me all hot and bothered with the night we spent together, and I really wanted to do more stuff with a boy. All we had done so far is make-out. If he'd try to feel my boob, I always pushed his hand away.

I really like kissing a lot, but he has a few quirks about it. Like, it's okay if he puts his tongue in my mouth, which, don't get me wrong, I like, but when I put my tongue in his mouth, he pulls away.

Anyway, tonight we were making out, and I took his hand and put in on my breast, outside my shirt. He rubbed it for a minute or so, then reached right underneath the shirt and started feeling me over my bra.

Well, I really wanted him to touch my bare skin anyway, so I pulled up my top and unhooked my bra. His eyes looked like they were going to bug right out of his head when he looked at them. "Wow, nice rack," he said. I guess that was a compliment?

He grabbed them with both hands and started squeezing them almost like he was kneading a loaf of bread. "Be more gentle, please. Kiss them. Suck my nipples."

I guess he didn't hear me, because he abandoned my boobs and unbuttoned my shorts. He shoved his hand under my panties, then stuck his finger right into my vagina. I wasn't even wet yet, and it hurt. He sawed his finger in and out of me for a while.

Just as I was going to take his hand and direct it toward my clit, he pulled it out of my panties and started undoing the fly on his jeans. He pulled out his penis. It was really small compared to Nathan's, which was the only other one I had ever seen.

He took my hand and put it on his cock. My hand covered all of his shaft and most of the head. I stroked it maybe three or four times, and he went "UHH," and shot his stuff all over the front of me. Then he zipped up his pants and drove me right home.

I was really disappointed, but then I thought, oh well, this is only the first time; it'll be better the next time we go out.

When I crawled into bed, I ran my hands all over my breasts, pulling and tweaking my nipples, then I frigged my clit until I got to come, too. May 11

Ron and I went out again tonight. This time we didn't go to the movies or for a pizza or anything; he just drove straight to the lake where all the kids go to park. I wanted to talk to him, to tell him what I liked, but I didn't get the chance.

He started kissing me and jammed his tongue in my mouth so I couldn't even talk. Before I knew it he had my shirt pulled up, my bra undone, and he was manhandling my boobs again.

"Shake them for me," he said, so I rotated my shoulders back and forth, and he watched my boobs jiggle and bounce. "Wow, that is so hot!"

He didn't even try to get into my pants; he just undid his and took his cock out. He pulled my head down toward his lap. "Suck it, baby," he said. I took it into my mouth, and as soon as I ran my tongue around his head, he came. He surprised the shit out of me, and I swallowed it down in one gulp. He put his cock back in his pants and drove me home again. He wouldn't kiss me after he came in my mouth. May 12

Ron is coming over to my house tonight. I hope messing around with him will be better if we can do it in a bed and take our time. I want to show him what I like that will let me come, too. So far it's been all about him.

I lit candles all around my room, and put on a Dave Brubeck CD that I borrowed from Nathan's collection. I had a nice bottle of red wine, and two glasses. I had already opened the wine to let it breathe, like you're supposed to. I'm not at all sophisticated when it comes to wine, because spirits were forbidden in my church.

When Ron came into the house, I put my arms around him and gave him a deep kiss. He started groping me right away, right there in the entrance hall. I took his hand and led him upstairs to my room.

I guess he didn't like Dave Brubeck. "Got any rap?" he asked. I didn't have any, so he dug around in the stack of CD's and pulled out a Bruce Springsteen album. I like Springsteen, but "Born to Run" isn't very romantic, but I put it on for him anyway.

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