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Yung was a lucky one, surviving her first few days at the hospital. She saw many friends walked off in small groups and only a few returned. When they could speak, they told her of the snakes the invaders used in experiments, of how the victims swelled up and died in pain after the bites. They watched as others screamed and mercifully died from the chemicals they were given, and they told of those who survived for days as the experiments continued.

Some of her surviving friends helped to stack "lumber" carting the dead bodies from the examination rooms on squeaking carts, a sound they could never forget. Outside they placed the lumber along that horrible street in Nanking, where the stench of death made them choke. In their own small ways they tried to honor their friends, just as the Japanese degraded them. A blouse would be buttoned, hair pulled back, a naked body would be quickly covered, it was all they could do, but at least it was something.

Yung waited in terror as everyday others around her were lined up and walked out to the experiments and so far, each day, she was left behind for some reason. Several times they made her stand against a wall with some of the other women in her ward as men with bright uniforms, flashing medals walked past, looking them over, checking their teeth, their hair and their breasts. Twice before Yung stood in line with the women and watched as a few women were led out. Finally, the third time she waited in this line a short man came and looked closely at her, running his hand through her hair, looking in her ears and mouth, squeezing her breasts and then placing his hand between her legs and grabbing, laughing loudly.

She had to fight off her revulsion as he breathed on her with a putrid, stinking breath. His body stank too, of decay, a festering wound suffered in battle, a wound that got him a medal in a battle that got him a promotion. Still laughing, the man turned and walked away as she was quickly pushed to follow him.

From behind she could see him limp and as he walked down the two flights of stairs he had to lean from side to side, unable to bend one of his knees. Once downstairs, they walked slowly down the corridor, his boots echoing a resounding click, followed by a slight scuffle as he stepped proudly with one foot and then dragged his wounded leg slightly behind. As he passed the other hospital workers, they bowed, honoring him and Yung heard the word "hero" repeated again and again. Several of the Chinese patients recognized him and Yung could feel their fear and hatred seething inside them.

Stepping outside and walking toward a car parked at the front of the building, Yung looked back at the front of the hospital. The Chinese symbols on the wall had been pulled down and Ei 1644 had been painted in black. The man then opened the car door and spoke in very bad Chinese, "You will ride back here, next to me."

She climbed into the car and the man slid in next to her grabbing her and pulling her over to him. Trembling, she sat motionless as the car pulled away and then turned down a street and she saw it. Gasping, she held her breath as the stench of death wafted in through an open car window. The man then said proudly, "The tests must be going very well, they stack the lumber very high here, much higher than the other hospitals."

As the car pulled away from the bodies stacked in the street, she saw him fumbling with his pants and then she saw a bit of flesh as he pulled his flaccid member from his pants. The man stank, but it was not as bad as the odor in the street, this was bearable. He reached up and pulled her head down to his lap and said only, "Suck."

Taking him into her mouth she began sucking on him, feeling his cock grow as it oozed a bitter tasting fluid.

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