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Dan sells his fiancée for some cash and payback.

Then Barb told me how Jody had just loved our remodeled master bathroom. This was not such a big statement as we both knew ahead of time she would. It was beautiful. This was the signal to me things had gone completely as planned. Jody was both braless and pantyless in her new outfit. The girls seemed to have become the best of friends during their tour. They stayed close together as we got ready for dinner.

I got everyone another refill of rum punch to go with our dinner. The food was a simple combination of island spicy chicken with a beans and rice dish. We sat around our dinning room table as we ate. With the girls sitting, their low necklines hung a little looser so Tom and I got glimpses of the tops of their breasts. Well the tops of Barb's tits were showing. It reminded me of that dinner on the cruise. Jody's scooped top hung loose enough it was easy to see her freckles went clear down onto her tits. I even got a couple of looks at her strawberry red areolas. Her nipples were erect and pushing out against the thin blue fabric of her top. She was excited.

When dinner was done, the girls quickly gathered the dishes into the sink leaving them for later. I mixed another round of rum punches for everyone. Then we went into the living room where I changed the music to more mellow instrumental songs and turned the lights down a little but not much. I knew the spy camera was picking all this up and I wanted to be able to see it well later. I asked Barb to dance with me. Soon, Tom and Jody were dancing too.

As we danced, I held Barb close to me rubbing my hands up and down her back. Soon, I was caressing her face and neck tipping her face up to me so I could kiss her lips. Into the second song, I began to caress her right tit through her thin top while I kissed her. We looked over to see they were watching us as they kissed. Soon, Tom was caressing Jody's tits and nipples too.

I unbuttoned the top three buttons on Barb's top so I could caress her bare tits. I rolled and pulled her nipple causing her to moan into my mouth as I kissed her. Tom and Jody looked over. Jody had a big eyed look on her face but she let Tom unbutton her top two buttons. She tried to turn them so it wasn't easy for us to see Tom caressing her tits. He continued to kiss her and play with her tits as we did the same.

As the next song started, I asked Tom if he wanted to exchange dance partners. He was quick to accept and maybe a little too quick as Jody seemed a little hesitant. She gently pulled her open top together as I took her into my arms. Barb just let her top hang open as Tom took her into his arms. Both couples started dancing.

I told Jody she was ok and I wouldn't cause her any harm. She looked over to see Tom kissing Barb and caressing her tits. Jody heard Barb moan into Tom's mouth as he pulled her nipples. I told Jody she always does that when he plays with her tits rough like that. Jody asked what I was talking about. I said after their meetings Tom plays with her tits like that. Jody pulled her top completely open and tossed in over the back of the sofa. Jody told me in a voice loud enough for them to hear that even though her tits were smaller, I could have them and do anything to them I wanted to.

I began to caress both of her tits in my hands. They were beautiful all covered with freckles. They had small hot red areolas and hard spikey nipples. I rolled her small hard nipples between my thumbs and fingers bringing a loud moan deep from her throat. I don't know if she really liked it that much or was putting on a show for them. I didn't care. It was fun to do that and I was enjoying it. I continued to kiss her with my tongue in her mouth and play with her tits. Tom had gone back to working Barb's tits over too.

The next time Jody looked over, Tom had his hand up under Barb's skirt playing with her hairy cunt.

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