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He groaned as he fucked her, reaching his climax.

He felt his seed surge out from his body, going through his shaft and splattering inside of Helen's pussy. Her body grew stiff under his and he felt her legs tighten their hold on him as she hit her own orgasm. A gasp escaped her, joining his own groan of pleasure as he came. He lowered himself on top of her, his chest pressing against hers as he continued to pour his cum into her, and brought his lips to her. They moaned into each other's mouth as they climaxed, and breathed heavily against each other when their bodies relaxed and the flush of endorphins ran through them. They lay panting together, still joined at the sexes, their lips meeting over and over as they tried to feel close and catch their breath at the same time.

"You'd better get back," Roy said finally.

Helen nodded, "I guess."

He could tell she didn't want to leave, and he didn't want to see her go. There was nothing to be done about it though so he withdrew and started getting redressed. Helen got up from the bed and did the same, pulling her hair back into a ponytail before they left the room. Roy led her downstairs and they went to his car. He drove her to the corner they'd met at the first time, and dropped her off. There was a frantic series of kisses before Helen got out of the car and ran back to Pam's house, making sure she looked like she'd exerted herself before she got back.

The rest of the week was the same, Helen would slip away under the pretense of needing time alone and she and Roy would meet up. They didn't always have sex, sometimes Roy just held her while Helen cried or they talked. The conversation always wound up being about Kayla, she was an ever present force in their minds, but with each passing day it became easier to accept that she was gone. Alison made no move to contact her daughter, and Helen didn't do anything to encourage her. She'd said everything she was going to, and she was learning to accept that she'd lost her mother months ago. When Sunday came and with it the end of the break both were nervous to return to Wood Creek Secondary the following morning, things had changed irreversibly. Things were different now, Kayla was gone. They were on their own.

Chloe got to school, almost late as usual. The student population was in a frenzy of gossip, trading rumors about the circumstances of Kayla's death. It'd hit her hard when she'd first found out, and was still trying to adjust to the idea that one of her closest friends was no longer alive. She'd been out of town with Craig, Will, Tyler and Maddie when it had happened. They'd gone on a bit of a road trip and to an Anime convention in Hartford for the spring break and hadn't returned until late Saturday night.

She went through the hallways, getting weird looks and hushed whispers as she went. Chloe had a destination in mind, and she was used to ignoring this sort of attention from her peers, so she pretended not to notice and kept walking. She reached the end of the hallway and went left, finding herself in front of Mr. King's office. With some hesitation she knocked on the door.

There was a moments scuffling before Mr. King opened the door.

"Hello Chloe, what can I help you with?" Roy asked.

"Can I come in?" Chloe asked.

"Ah," Roy looked over his shoulder, "Yeah, sure. Come on in."

Chloe entered and saw that Helen was there. That was hardly surprising, Helen spent a lot of time speaking with him in general, and with Kayla gone it was to be expected she'd seek out comfort from someone she was close to. Chloe thought it was really cool that Mr. King put so much effort into being close to his students.

"Helen," Chloe said.

She walked over to her friend and hugged her.

"I'm sorry, when I heard..."

"Thanks Chloe," Helen said, hugging her back.

Chloe let her go.

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