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Granddad's spectacles.

Finally, it is not an automatic erection generator; without the right kind of stimulus, a cock will still not respond.

So now I think it is time to tell you about what engages me by far the most with my clients and is the reason I think I am soon going to need a wrist support.

I never gave it much thought but, for years, I just assumed that a man needed a proper erection in order to cum. It was an older lover who taught me otherwise when he had an off day and couldn't get it up. To my surprise, I was able to make his semi-hard cock cum with my hands, following his instructions as I went, and it seemed to me that he had an orgasm that was even stronger than normal. It was fascinating. (I must add that he was a gentleman and afterwards saw to my needs as well.)

If I were to write about every handjob I have given, I would be here for months so I will have to generalise. The most important thing for me is to discover what really turns on the man to the extent that he is going to reach a good, satisfying climax. This is very individual and small details matter.

The most common subject material is anal sex. It enthrals the majority of my clients and many like to know how it feels for the woman, step by step, from the initial probing finger to the final few thrusts. I think that for those who have only seen professional porn, my descriptions are quite a revelation.

The second most popular topic is spanking (maybe I'll write about that at another time, if sufficient people indicate an interest.) and then there are a host of other things, lesbian sex, and sex with older women being quite popular.

As I have mentioned before, it is the internet that plays a major role in most of what I do and my study, where I have my computer, is where most sessions take place. Before getting started with a client, I'll get him out of as many cloths as he wishes and I'll be down to a g-string, stockings and heels. I'll sit on a chair by his side and we'll look at some internet porn images for a while, with me stroking his thigh. I usually do most of the talking, at least at the beginning, trying to create a relaxed and fun mood, and being quite explicit about what we are looking at.

We'll then move on to watch a video clip, usually one that he has brought along, and by this point I will start to fondle his cock and balls and apply some baby oil so there is physical stimulation as well as visual and verbal.

If he gets hard quickly, usually because he has taken Viagra, I know I have to go easy for quite a while and will just use one hand to gently stoke the shaft. The challenge is to find the balance between keeping him hard but not getting it so stiff and sensitive that he cums all too quickly, and much before the end of a twenty minute video.

If he is soft, I'm much more busy. I'll use two hands, one to at the base and the other around the head. I'll be sideways to the screen so I will have to keep glancing around to see what is happening so that I can talk about it. With the hand at the base stretching back the loose skin and squeezing, and with my other hand sliding around the tip, I can usually create a pseudo erection. The tricky part is getting the right grip at the base and I will often ask my client to do it himself while I concentrate on the swollen upper half.

As things progress, it becomes a matter of timing because ideally I'd like my client to cum at the same time as the guy on the screen. This takes good teamwork and I'll ask if he wants his cock rubbed harder or faster or whatever. I will often be kneeling between his thighs so that I can't see the screen and some clients will give a running commentary.

With men who find it difficult to stay hard or pseudo hard, they will sometimes take over the job themselves and then ask me to give the final strokes to finish them off.

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