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Mat gets what he gives.

Everyone turned to her in surprise.

"Let's make the non-pass rounds a Michael strip round... as in he gets to strip whatever piece of clothing we lose that round."

I have definitely died and gone to heaven. What have they been eating? I must remember to make sure I find out!

Nicole laughed... "We might as well call that the grope round! I'm sure he'll be running his paws all over whoever he's stripping!"

All of a sudden Michael got daring. "I'm sure I will."

The women looked at each other, smiling.

"Fine then," Ellie spoke up. "Add the grope round to the rules then, That's basically every 4th round. And hrmm... we need a time limit to this -- how about he gets 20 seconds to do the deed with no restrictions per se, but he can't go beneath any piece of clothing. How does that sound?"

The women smiled and nodded.

"Ok hang on..." Michael took a deep breath. "Let me get this straight... You're about to play strip Hearts. 20 points per piece of clothing. Every fourth round, I get 20 seconds to strip whatever piece of clothing you lose that round as I have unrestricted access to your body, except I can't go underneath a piece of clothing you still have on. At 60 points I get to see your tits. At 80 points you're nude. At 90 you suck my cock. At 100 I get to fuck your brains out."

The women all giggled.

"Don't get to excited cowboy..." Nicole chimed in. "There's pride and bragging rights involved so none of us are going to be easy. If we wanted to let you fuck us we would've just done it, but this is a girl power thing you know.... However at the same, we'd like to really show our gratitude."

You are most fucking welcome!!!

"But hang on... wait..." Michael stuttered...

The women looked at him quizzically.

"If more than one of you gets to 90 or 100, I want to be able to uhh... decide... uhh... when I urmm.. collect the urmm... the...prize."

"You mean you don't want to two of us sucking your cock at the same time?" Nicole teased; she was merciless and she loved watching Michael so out of his normal, ultra confident personality.

"Oh no of course not! If two of you got to 90 together, then fuck yeah. But if one gets to 90, and the other the next round or later... well a blowjob is only a blowjob if it's completed right?"

"As in you want us to suck your cock until you shoot your load all over our face?" Nicole deadpanned.


"But you only want one blowjob tonight?"

"No no!! I mean urmm.. well let me put it this way. The first one will be quick...The next one, not so. I could go all night."

He paused. The women almost raised their eyebrows in unison.

"So I'm just being... you know... considerate, that the rest of you isn't watching one of you suck for my cock for a while until I cum."

Nicole laughed and looked at Ellie.

"Well what do you think Miss Lawyer who's setting the rules?"

Ellie blushed for the first time tonight.

"Ok then. IF more than one of us gets to 90, Michael can decide when he wants to have the blowjob. But the first one definitely has to be in front of everyone. Same deal goes for 100."

Michael interrupted probably a little too quickly -- "And you suck me off until I cum."

Somehow the conversation is now between Ellie and Michael as Nicole teased her... "That's right Ellie you're going to suck his cock until he cums in your mouth."

"He is not cumming in my mouth!!! And I am not swallowing!"

Ellie replied probably a little too quickly.

The other girls giggled. Michael's dick stirred.

Krystle spoke up. "And neither am I! But I wouldn't have to worry since I'm not going to be the one who's losing."

The other women hollered almost at unison at Krystle in retort as they laughed.

"So urm... let the games begin?" Michael stuttered.

The women giggled again and without saying another word they took out their respective tablets and iPads and loaded up the Hearts game.


He tried to contain his excitement as he walked behind the couch, stopping briefly behind each woman as

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