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How to achieve your heart's desire.

This can be very useful in an engagement and the pilot can strategically control his release to ensure peak performance from his partner. The best pilots are masters of this controlled release, and I count myself among them, though at the moment I was delivering small spurts inside her every couple of seconds and it seemed to be bringing her to the brink. Every pilot works with the lab to concoct their own recipe beyond the basic formula, but among the subs mine was legendary and I held the secret close.)

Her pussy was drenched with my elixir and her own juices, yet she gripped tight and the sensation along my shaft was spreading throughout my nerves and I walked a tightrope between ecstasy and explosive bliss. Her dancer body was like a well-oiled machine, serpentine and strong underneath her youthful exterior. She was going to be an exceptional mount, I was sure already. Her body responded to my every move, we undulated in such perfect rhythm that, as I thrusted, our bodies maintained all points of contact. I wanted her coat off, I wanted to feel her skin, I wanted to bury my face between her breasts. Grabbing both lapels, I ripped open her coat bursting the snaps down the line until the jacket fell off her shoulders. I pulled it down and wrapped her elbows with it and held them with one hand. With the other I pushed one of her breasts to my mouth while licking and flicking her nipples. She squealed with excitement and at that moment I delivered another spurt which transformed her squeal into a high-pitched moan. With my hand still clenching the jacket binding her elbows, I bent her back and her tits buffeted my face as my thrusts increased with speed and force.

A beep from pneumolift let us know that were almost at the simulator deck. Anxious to bring us to climax, I began to grind my pubic bone into hers while I delivered an extra large spurt. I let go of her elbows and wrapped her up, one hand around her shoulders and the other around her waist. Her breathing was rapid and she gasped each time I gave her my length, her head was back and her eyes rolled behind her eyelids. I opened the floodgates. My cock swelled as my cum gushed forth, the flexing of her pussy walls milked every last drop. She wrapped me tightly with her arms and legs, her hand grabbed the back of my head and she shrieked "Captain!" as her body began to shudder violently against the acceleration cushions.

She bucked on my still rigid cock and I released her shoulders and worked her clit with lightning speed as her moans reached a crescendo. Then there was a long strenuous grunt while her whole body became rigid and shook violently for many seconds, then I felt her hand on my wrist, gently pushing my hand from her clit. Her eyes opened and her body relaxed, sliding very slowly down my cock to rest with me balls deep inside. We stared at each other for a long moment and then kissed, a slow, passionate kiss. After which we couldn't help but chuckle briefly at the whirlwind which had swept us up.

After a moment, the lift beeped again and I slid out of her while she shuddered gently. We were dressed in an instant after the cushions retracted, though her tattered panties went into the disposal. She gave me a sly wink as we waited for the pod doors to open. "So do you think I'll pass muster, Captain?" In my best attempt at nonchalance, I replied, "You'll do." And then I grinned.

There was hardly anyone visible on the simulator deck except a technician and an infostat logger who were leaning over their glowing panels. No one noticed our disheveled appearances in the dim light. I could tell that a couple of the sim bays were in use here and there. Yana marveled at the sight. It was a hangar-sized space with hundreds of room-sized black cubes grouped into larger blocks, stacked on multiple levels with walkways between them. Large cables as thick as tree trunks wound between the cubes and here and there status lights blinked. A few of the cubes made a low humming.

"Wow," said Yana.

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