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" Mary added. "Braxton only had that Sessler person who was sucking up to her. She knows that nobody on the Neptune liked her, and she hadn't even had a man hold her hand in like five years. We're not saying that you should forgive and forget everything that she's done, but we are saying that everybody deserves a second chance. It would go a long way if you, the captain, reached out a helping hand to her. Braxton was the top person on her ship and you're the top person on this one."

"What do you think about all this, Barbie?"

"Like I said, I've never seen her dressed like that before."

"That's the second time you've mentioned her clothes." Cruz said, right before he took a sip of his tea. "What does she have on this morning?"

"My French maid costume." Mary revealed. "She woke me up early this morning, just to ask me if she could put it on."

Cruz spat tea onto the captain's feet, before he rolled off his stool laughing.

"Thank you so much for that." Washington complained. He turned to the two women. "Can either of you honestly say that you'd forgive Braxton, after knowing what she was like less than a week ago."

Mary nodded. "I would, but I'm just nicer than most people."

On the other hand, Barbie shrugged. "I'd keep a close eye on her. After the things I've seen her do, I can't really say I would ever trust her."

Cruz climbed back onto his stool, his face red from laughter and his cup held out tentatively. "I've got to go down there and take a look at her, as soon as I can. But on a serious note, you're asking the wrong people about how you should deal with Braxton. You see, we're all below her station in her eyes. I'm certain she still sees herself as an authority figure."

"She does." Mary nodded.

"So it stands to reason, that she needs the approval and confidence of an authority figure in order to feel as if she's heading in the right direction. Mary's very right about that part."

"What are you saying?" Washington asked.

"Well," Cruz looked a little squeamish. "You may have to trust her with a few responsibilities, just to boost her confidence."

"Braxton ran an entire starship before." Mary said. "And I just saw her downstairs sweeping the lounge with a duster."

"She's pathetic, isn't she?" Barbie asked.

"We don't want her to feel that way." Mary countered. "We want her to feel special, because she hasn't felt that way before in a very long time. She's one of us now."

Washington sighed. "I'll take everything you've said under advisement. Thank you, all of you."

He stretched out his fist, knuckles out. Cruz and Mary, both of whom knew what that meant, bumped knuckles with him.

Washington looked to Barbie. "Come on, you too. Everybody in my crew does it."

"What? Like this?" She copied the other's actions, hesitatingly.

"That's right. I guess I'd better go wash this tea off my feet now, and get back to my post to do some serious thinking."

"It looks like all this space debris is thinning out." Navigator Cummings studied his screen. "I guess it's safe to say that we're leaving the Kuiper Belt behind."

"You've done a commendable job of navigating." Washington praised the ensign. "And we are on steady course for Proxima Centauri?"
"Yes, we are." Cummings nodded back.

"Captain?" Ensign Braxton, who was manning the Systems Station in lieu of the absent Ensign Smith, raised her head in Washington's direction. Since the woman still didn't feel as if she was part of the crew, she was still observing protocol.

"Go ahead, ensign."

"I've hailed all Space Corps starships and satellites in the vicinity to our presence. They've all formally replied, except for one. The Edgeworth Observation Platform is simply not responding."

"How many times have you attempted to communicate with them?"

"I've been sending out a standard greeting every ten minutes for the past hour and half." Braxton replied. "If someone was manning their communications console, all the beeping from my messages must be driving them crazy by now."

"We've got ourselves a mystery to solve.

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