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.." She buried her face in a pillow, acknowledging defeat.

Amanda saw the acknowledgement as well and taking it as an OK TO DO sign from my daughter, with one final move lifted the blanket completely off of Jenny, exposing her ass to me.

What I saw shocked me completely. Amanda was holding on to the base of an anal plug, driving it in and out of my daughter's asshole. The plug must have been at least 2" in girth at the widest point, stretching my daughter's asshole as Amanda drove it completely in and out.

I was so shocked to see that that I leaned forward to get a better look.

"Oh Noooooo..."

Jenny sensed that everything was now out in the open and was clawing with her handcuffed hands onto the back of the couch, as her ass was being stretched open. I watched Amanda's hands drive the big plug in and out of my daughter's ass. I was amazed that Jenny, who was only 18, could take such a big thing up her asshole. Amanda was looking at me smiling, enjoying the total degradation of my daughter.


Jenny looked back at me and saw me leaning forward only a couple of feet away from her ass. Her lips were dry and her face was red, she was breathing hard. She didn't look away any longer; she watched me watch her ass and then switched her gaze to Amanda. Amanda looked at her.

"Oh's know you like it..."

She leaned forward and kissed my daughter on the lips again. They were making out and I saw their tongues twist in and out of each others mouths. They broke their kiss and Amanda concentrated on fucking Jenny's ass with that plug. Jenny looked back at me, our eyes met for a few seconds but than I had to look back to her beautiful young ass.

"Ohhhhh...Amanda please put some lube on it," My daughter begged.

Amanda's mischievous smile appeared again. She pulled the plug completely out of my daughter's asshole as I watched it gape open. Never before have I seen a girl's asshole that big, it was gaping, dark, with some juice starting to ooze out of it. Amanda grabbed my daughter's neck and brought the plug up to Jenny's lips.

"Why don't you show your Daddy how you lubricate that thing."

Jenny couldn't say anything. She looked at me and shook her head from side to side but knew that resistance was futile. All her little secrets were out, she already showed me too much. Amanda did not force the plug into Jenny mouth. She let go of her neck and held the thing in front of her lips, wanting her to do it on her own. She wanted me to see how much of a perverted slut my daughter was.

I think Jenny realized there was no way out of this, she gave up her resistance a while ago. She opened her mouth and moved her head forward, the anal plug entering her mouth. She closed her lips around it to where only the base of it was sticking out of her mouth.

She looked at me at that moment, the tough of her father watching her do it driving her wild. Small dimples appeared on her cheeks as she sucked the plug that was fucking her ass.

"Oh yeah, good slut. Make it nice and wet so I can shove it back into your ass," Amanda was saying watching Jenny.

I was watching my daughter with fascination, like a young beautiful slut performing for me. Jenny seemed to be getting hotter, as if she was getting off on the fact that she had an audience.

Amanda pulled the plug from Jenny's mouth and brought it down to her ass. She rested the tip of it lightly at the entrance to her anal canal.

"Now, why don't you tell your daddy what you want me to do with that plug," Amanda teased her.

Jenny looked at me and than at Amanda.

"Ohhh...Amanda please just do it."

"Noooo...not until you tell your father how much you want it in your asshole...come on bitch..."

Amanda brought her hand way up in the air and smacked Jenny ass with full force. It startled me and it brought tears to my daughter's eyes. Amanda's hand left a big red imprint of her palm on my daughter's ass.

Jenny's handcuffed hands grabbed on to the back of the couch but she didn't move away, she kept her ass right there sticking out.

"No please.

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