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The old gardener shows the girls how to make things grow big.

What she doesn't know though is the whole fiasco has been planned. There is a video camera taping every move. Getting in close and personal with their bodies.

He takes her shirt off. Unbuttoning the blouse. Pulling it off of her shoulders. She is standing there in her bra, pants and shoes. He starts licking her shoulder. Kissing his way up her neck. He reaches around and undoes her bra. Pulling the straps off of her shoulders. Letting it fall to the ground. He cups her breast and starts caressing it. Pinching the nipple. He lowers his head and starts sucking on one. Making her breath deeper. When a man sucks her breasts like that, it sends her into instant orgasm. As he keeps sucking, his other hand goes down to her pants. Undoing the button, and unzipping the zipper. Pushing them off the best he can with one hand.

He rubs her crotch. It's slightly wet. Which turns him on more. His cock growing in his pants. He bends down and with his teeth he pulls her panties down. Right off of her feet.

She is excited but still wondering what he is going to do next. He lays her down on her back. As the camera is still rolling, he opens the basket. Inside is a bottle of wine, two wine glasses and a vibrator. He gets the vibrator out.

Turning it on, he crawls in between her legs. Spreading her pussy lips apart with his fingers and starts teasing my clit with the vibrator. Making it hard. She starts to quiver. He moves down her pussy slowly. She feels the sensation of the vibrator.

Finally, he goes to her hole and slowly lets it enter her. Pushing just the head in. He loves teasing me. She tries to moves her body down so it goes in but he wont let it.

With his thumb, Ian circles her clit. Catherine's pussy is getting wetter and wetter every minute. He pushes the vibrator in deep and turns it on. She lays there in total ecstasy.

He pulls it out and then rams it in, making her shiver with passion. The orgasms building up. He pulls it out and moves his head down. Kissing her inner thigh and licking his way up to her moist pussy. Juices still running as he does this.

With his tongue he licks every bit of her pussy, sending her into instant shock. Moaning louder, needing more, wanting more. His tongue going deeper inside. She screams out as he goes the deepest he can go. He senses that she needs more.

So he stands and starts stripping. But Ian being the tease he is, he doesn't immediately go to her pussy. When he is naked, he comes up to her stomach and sits down. Moving his cock in between her breasts. He squeezes around his cock and starts tit fucking her. The head of his cock touching her mouth as he thrusts.

Catherine opens her mouth and licks it as it hits her. She tilts her head as he continues. His cock going closer and closer to her mouth. It's so hard and throbbing.

She reaches up and grabs it gently, and starts pumping it as he lets go of her breasts. He moves off of her, and pulls her closer. Kissing his lips. Almost biting the bottom one. She turns and gets on her hands and knees.

Finding his cock. She kisses the head. Circling her tongue around it. It dances as she does this. She opens her mouth and lets it slide inside.

She takes it deep and then up again. Going down the shaft and enjoying its taste. She lets go of it. And savagely she goes at its long shaft again. Sucking harder and faster. Then she sucks on one of his balls. Switching back and forth.

As her pussy drips, and needs his cock she stops sucking. She is still on her hands and knees. Ian goes to her ass. Rubbing it. Spreading her legs, he takes his cock in his hand and guides it to her hole.

Pushing slowly forward, his cock enters her pussy. Sliding it in with ease as it is very wet. He pumps it in and out. Grinding deeper and deeper with each thrust. She screams out as she feels another orgasm coming.

He keeps thrusting into her.

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