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Sunbathing releases a wife's inhibitions.

This is not for a beginner.

It feels like you are cumming and cumming but you're not. She will wiggle her fingers around and I will have spasm after spasm of heavenly bliss. It always makes her horny to fist fuck me. As she tells me what she is doing to me.

She will cum, without even touching her clit. She also allows me to fist her pussy, I have tried to fist her ass but I can only get three fingers in her ass, but where working on it.

She wants to be able to take one fist in her ass and one fist in her pussy. The other day a lover of hers came over to the house. And she had us kneel on the bed, side by side with our asses in the air.

She got out the Vaseline and the gloves. She lubed both of our ass's up and started fist fucking both of us at the same time. Then she made us lay down on the bed face to face, cock to cock. She still had her fist up both our assholes.

His cock was twice as large as mine We were both laying in the bed with our cocks Touching each other his cock was touching my stomach, and my cock was rubbing half way up the shaft of his cock.

But the thing that impressed me the most was that his cock was as big around as a beer can. Oh my God how big it was. The head on his monster cock was unbelievable.

Know wonders my wife loves this guy. I have seen smaller cocks on a horse. I was curious, I wanted to touch it, feel how big and hard it was.

I had a million thoughts running through my head. Like watching my wife, fuck that huge cock. And watch her suck on it. I wanted to try to fuck it. I wondered how much cum a cock that size could shoot.

I couldn't resist, I reached down and took his massive meat in my hand. It even got harder and I swear, you could feel his heartbeat. It was throbbing in my hand. I rubbed it up and down feeling the veins bulging out. Encircling the head of his cock with the tips of my fingers. I had both hands wrapped around it and still had 3" of cock sticking out.

He started moaning and pumping his ass up and down. Like he was trying to fuck me. About that time my wife started working her fist out of our ass's. I turned loose of his cock and started moaning with pleasure.

When her hand started slipping out of my ass. My body started having tremors of sexual bliss. It took about two minutes to work her hand out, and I felt like I was non-stop cumming, but no cum . Sometimes you do cum, you have no choice.

As soon as I stopped sweating and shaking, I dropped down on top of his giant cock and started licking and sucking. My wife got pissed off and reached down and squeezed my balls hard. Believe me I stopped sucking and got control of myself.

She slapped my face and called me a fucking cock loving faggot. I knew right then that she was in a dominating, aggressive mood. And that she was going to treat me like the Anal Slave I am.

She then made me go over and sit in a chair where she had a large dildo laying in the seat. When I picked it up she told me to insert it into my asshole. And to fuck myself for them to watch.

I picked it up and it was a 14" double-headed dildo, I started working it up my ass slowly. As I watched my wife lick all around the head of Mike's huge cock.

My wife weights about 95 pounds. She is very petite; Mike's cock was as big around as her arm. Watching her lick and suck on his giant member was about all I could stand.

I already had one end of the dildo in my ass and was now wedging the other end of it up my ass too. All of a sudden the other end slipped in. And there I was with two cocks in my ass at the same time.

Over the years she stretched my ass out so much, I could take two cocks in there. The sight of me with two fake cocks fucking myself was making my wife real horny.

She was trying to get the head of Mike's cock in her mouth while she was finger fucking her pussy.

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