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Mistress Amanda & friends prepare Mark to be a sissy maid.

His head began to cloud, what was she going to do to him? Attempt to mate with him?

He jumped as he felt the tip of her tail slither over his groin and squeeze his bulge gently, the stimulation encouraging a half erection despite himself. He noticed the gash on her tail, slightly towards the tip about half way down her body, it still leaked a slow trickle of crimson blood. She followed his gaze, her eyes lingering on the wound, then turned back to him, a sly look in her eyes.

She settled, leaning back against a tree, perched on one of her soft, fat coils as if it were a beanbag, she dragged him towards her across the ground through the leaves and twigs that littered the forest floor. She propped him upright, lounging as she examined him like a child might examine a new toy, turning him over in her tail. Seemingly satisfied she pulled him close to her, resting him on her long body so that his head was level with her wide, oddly feminine hips. She reached a clawed finger down and gently pulled apart the slit on her groin, puffy labia parted, linked by strings of viscous liquid to reveal pink flesh beneath. Moreau could feel the heat emanating from her lions on his face. He pulled his head back, but the tapered tip of her agile tail coiled up his back and around his skull, tugging it straight and forcing him down towards her.
She was really doing this? Forcing him to give her head? Were all Vipers like this, or was this some kind of rogue? He didn't dare bite her, there was no way she had orders to do this, who knew what she might do to him in revenge, alone in the forest. She crooned, a low rumbling emanating from her reptilian vocal cords, and pushed his mouth up against her vulva. It was warm and slippery, the familiar smell began to excite him. He struggled to keep himself under control, his life was still at risk, and a surge of guilt flooded his mind. This was an alien monster, his hated enemy, to even twitch under her touch was unacceptable. He kept his mouth closed defiantly, and the Viper squeezed him painfully in a gesture of impatience. He winced as she compressed his ribs in her strong tail, and glanced at the organ apprehensively.

She held the thick lips apart with her forefingers, clear juice oozed from the pink, fleshy interior, he blushed with the indignity of it, his face was an inch away from her. She squeezed again, and he grunted in pain. She hissed angrily, reaching a hand down and placing it on his head, pushing his face into her opening. He had no choice, and stuck out his tongue, pressing it into her. She shivered contentedly, seeming to enjoy the sensation as she watched him, her eyes low and sultry. She crushed him again, and he complied, beginning to lick obediently. He pushed her folds apart with his tongue, she tasted of salt and metal, and she smelled...too familiar. Her pheromones were overcoming his senses, she was practically steaming, he felt his erection growing and tried to suppress it, to think of something else, anything, but her scent was intoxicating. Her thick nectar ran down his chin as he pressed into her warm tunnel, her slick walls like damp silk against his organ. He mouthed her entrance with his lips, and she shuddered at the stimulation, her hand sneaking up her body to find one of her pert, heavy breasts, kneading and squeezing. His nose pressed against a hard protrusion that could only be her clitoris, and he felt her tense up around his tongue, smooth walls closing on him. Perhaps if he could satisfy her, she would let him go? It was worth a try, and who knew, he might even enjoy it. The thought of pleasuring an alien invader that had surely killed humans filled him with revulsion, but also an odd arousal he didn't understand, and did not wish to acknowledge.

He searched for the hard nub with his lips, and sucked it into his mouth, the alien squirmed, breathing hard and heavy as he pressed it between them and ran his tongue over its surface.

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