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Dee gets a little rough.


"He doesn't have the best diet," I said, a little more accustomed to the smells that Chaz produced, "I try to fix that while he's here but he lives in Sydney and I can't supervise him all the time." I handed my box of pizza to him. "Can you put these in the fridge and I'll open the windows?"

We set about that as we heard Chaz finish up, wash his hands and come downstairs. He was built like a mountain. He was massive, solid and rugged but not all that pretty. His beak of a nose was crooked from being broken several times, there was a gap in one eyebrow from a scar and there was another scar on his jaw. He was dressed in nothing footy shorts.

When Chaz cleared the stairs he pulled me into a bear hug that would have been painfully crushing if I were human and I returned the hug, easily lifting Chaz off the ground. When we released each other, he grinned crookedly at Oliver.

"I'm Chaz," He said, sticking out a large, calloused hand. Oliver shook Chaz's offered hand and gave his name. Chaz looked us over. "Nice clothes. Was this a date? You didn't know I was coming?"

"If I had known, I would have told you to fuck off."

"I tried to call but I never got through," Chaz said with a shrug. He was one of those people that was never bothered by anything and just rolled with whatever came his way. "You know what the service is like around here. We had a storm back home and the site was flooded so I got the weekend off while it dried out. Anyone want a drink? I bought some beer on my way here."

Chaz got us drinks and we sat in the living room, chatting and sipping beer. We chatted for hours as Chaz caught me up on the trouble he had been up to, the antics of the apprentices he worked with and the big news of old friends. Everything was a joke to Chaz and the more beers he drank, the louder and dirtier those jokes got. I expected it but Oliver was in stitches, taken by Chaz's lurid descriptions and disarming smile. Eventually, Chaz was slurring his words and he had trouble sitting up straight.

"It's just not fair, Mase" he said, "How come I always end up drunk and you always end up out of focus?"

I stood up and pushed Chaz down until he was laying on the lounge, his feet sticking out over the end. "You've always been a light weight." I covered Chaz up with the blanket. "Get some sleep."

"You're good to me," Chaz mumbled as he wiggled around and made himself comfortable. "I get drunk e'ry time I come here and you never kick me out."

"That'd hurt your feelings, you'd be crying and it would be a whole mess. Easier to just tuck you in and make fun of your hangover in the morning. Shh, no more talking."

Chaz nodded and closed his eyes. I watched for a second then I held out my hand for Oliver. He took it and we went upstairs to my room. The second I closed the door, Oliver pushed me against the wall, grabbing my wrists and holding them above my head. The only place he touched me was where he held my arms in place but he was so close I could feel the heat coming from him, his breath like fire on my face. I closed my eyes and breathed him in, my cock starting to harden.

"We don't have to do this," I whispered, "If you're not up to it..."

He took one of my hands and moved it down to his crotch, rubbing my hand on his hard on. "I'm definitely up. This is all I could think about all night. When I was telling you about my past all I could think about was whether you wanted to touch me again after you knew. I need to know you're seeing me and not what I did."

I opened my eyes and looked at him, seeing a hunger in his eyes, seeing his defences but also seeing the vulnerability he chose to show me. "I see a man," I said, "I see a sexy, struggling artist and a powerful werewolf. I see what you did but that's not all I see. God, do I want you so much right now."

He pushed my hand back above my head and kissed me, pressing his body into mine so hard and hot I thought I would either go through the wall behind me or melt into him.

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