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Husband and wife meet a stranger on a business trip.

Ashley shivered all over thinking about seeing her Daddy jack his cock, and began pulling on him in earnest sliding her little fist up and down her father's cock, his big finger fucking up into her soft wet creamy little pussy, his pre-cum dribbling over her little fist making her hand slide on him so wet and slippery hot hard in her little hand. Ashley's mouth hung open her breathing ragged her so excited so hot for her Daddy.

"Yesss, lil baby," her father hissed out under his breath "pull on Daddy's cock, lil baby, jack Daddy's cock, Ashley, that's my good girl," his whispering voice like a spell as he sucked her other breast into his mouth, his finger gliding in and out of her hot wet little pussy making her little hips lift and roll, pressing her pelvis into her father's gentle hand. "Yessss, that's my good girl, let Daddy make you feel good. Mmm, lil baby yesss jack Daddy's cock. Your hand feels so good lil baby. Yesss, squeeze Daddy's cock. Just like that, Princess. Mmm, yesss, lil baby, pull on Daddy."

"Oh god, Daddy" Ashley rushed out on a whimpering breath, "nnnn Papa, nnn touch me," her father's words exciting her beyond measure, jacking on his cock, making her want it inside her, wanting, to make her Daddy feel good, wanting, to do it good for her Daddy, wanting to make him feel as good as he was making her feel, everything inside her quickening.

"Daddy wants to lick my little girl's lil cunny, baby," her father rushed back into her ear. "Daddy wants to taste you, little baby." Ashley gushed out a breath. "Daddy's wanted to taste my little girl, for so long, lil baby," the warmth of his breathing right on her dripping wet bald little pussy sending shivers all through her as she spread her legs, wanting his mouth between her legs.

Ashley felt her father's arm slide under her lower back, and turn her toward him kneeling next to her bed.

"That's my girl, mmm, yess lil baby, spread your legs for Daddy. Such a beautiful little pussy, mmm so creamy wet for Daddy, let Daddy taste you, lil baby. Let Daddy lick my little girl."

Ashley could barely breathe when she felt her father kiss her bare tummy, the insides of her soft bare thighs, right on her smooth bare shiny wet little mound. She couldn't help the way her body lifted toward his mouth, the way her pelvis pushed up at him, anticipating, hungry, needing her father's mouth wanting his mouth at last on her tingling wet little cunny. She moaned out loud when she felt her father's tongue snake through her pink wet little slit, slide through her sex, lap at her creamy slippery wet little pussy, his big strong hands surround her swollen hot breasts, his warm soft fingers pull on her aching hard nipples, his mouth, his lips, his tongue.

"Ohhh lil baby, you taste so good. You're so sweet and creamy, Ashley, mmmmm, so wet. Love my lil girl's taste. Nnnggghh, lil baby," he moaned into his daughter's swollen pink sex.

Ashley wondered if the night before had all been a dream. She no longer felt sore. It was as if her body, her father's mouth, his hands, his fingers, were being touched for the first time. Her little pussy so slippery wet, her excitement, something she'd never felt before.

She wanted to squeeze her father's cock again, to be sure she wasn't just dreaming. His tongue was making her writhe, quake. She pulled his head against her, his mouth, deep into her little cunt remembering Leo licking her, her father's tongue wide and long and lapping at her sex, flicking over her clit, his mouth and tongue all over her, her hot little cunt on fire. Spreading her legs wide, her cream gushing all over her father's mouth she lifted her little hips, pushed into her father's warm, wet licking sucking mouth, his lips, his tongue making her whole body quiver.

"Oh god Daddy, nnn Papa," she gushed as she jerked and twisted and gyrated her hips thrust into her father's lovely hot wet mouth, his tongue like magic.

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