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Husband and wife seek reconciliation after her seduction.

"He's such a little perv," Kim said breathlessly. "Look at his cock. You love them seeing you, don't you, Trev?"

I mumbled an affirmative.

Kim's scents filled the air. In fairly short order, she came again, hard. This time it was Karen who reached out to steady her.

Everyone was still and quiet, except for Kim's panting.

"Come stand where I was," Kim instructed Karen, handing her the wand.

Karen slipped off her robe and stood. After some small kisses and licks to her cheeks, I slowly made my way to the crack of her ass. She was moaning the whole time.

Annie finally spoke, "I'm can't stand this. I'm leaving." Her words were tinged with disgust, but it was Kim, who had been watching her reactions, that guessed her underlying motive: Annie couldn't stand to see someone else please Karen. I'm not even sure Annie fully realized herself what she was feeling.

Kim turned around and pushed Annie back into her chair.

"You're not going anywhere yet, Annie."

"Stop it!" Annie protested. "You can't bully me."

Kim helped her up, much to Annie's surprise. She was positively shocked by what Kim did next, she guided her to Karen and pushed her to her knees. When Annie realized what Kim wanted her to do, she became as pliant as a rag doll. Karen had been so intent on feeling my tongue in her salty ass that she had never turned the wand back on or used it at all. Kim took the wand from her and pushed Annie's face right into Karen's trimmed but hairy cunt. With a moan, Annie started licking. She had been wanting to smell and eat Karen's pussy for months but had been too shy to make a play. Now with Bobby out of the way and Kim pushing her to do it, she was eager and able.

Together, our two mouths, front and back, drove Karen insane. Her ass had a different flavor and smell than Kim's, more salty than bitter, but it was the humiliating aspect of it that was erotic to me. My cock was dripping with precum. My hardness was made all the harder by the mutual moans and gasps of Karen and Annie both. Annie's came from a hunger being long satisfied. I knew what it was to revel in pussy, worship it, to smell its fertility and fecundity. Don't we all harken back to where we started, that dark, powerful crevice that shelters and grows life? It was a holy, carnal moment for all of us. In subspace, I was showing Karen that all parts of her womanly body are sacred and worthy of worship as I also worked to satisfy our shared, animal lusts. The scents of pussy and ass were filling the room like the haze of smoke from a fire. As I pulled away to catch my breath, I glanced to the side to see Kim fingering herself and watching. She winked at me,and I returned to my analingual task.

With both mouths working Karen to a peak, it wasn't long before she climaxed. Her orgasm was different, a cluster of three, at least by my count. She peaked, her legs jerking and she squirted a bit onto Annie's face, causing Annie to orgasm. She'd been diddling herself as she licked. It was the second orgasm, 30 seconds later, that was the most powerful. I felt her ass cheeks squeeze my face and chin in vise of flesh. Her legs seemed to lock up, and she pitched slightly forward but Annie and I managed to steady her. Still, Karen did not push us away so we resumed licking, giving her a stairstep orgasm downward, finally prompting her to push us away. Annie and I both were gasping for air. Karen collapsed into one of the dining table chairs seconds before Kim got herself off with a scream. It was Annie, her head resting in Karen's lap who started giggling first. Soon, all of us were smiling and laughing at ourselves.

Some postgame commentary followed, and about 10 minutes after Kim's orgasm, she got up and pulled Karen aside into a whispering conversation.

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