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Wife provided half-time show.

If you agree, Sheila has the contract to sign and I'll have two operatives get on it by Wednesday.

Ten thousand dollars sounded steep; but all things considered, maybe cheap in the long run. I agreed, shook Jake's hand and signed the contract at his receptionist's desk.

Friday evening, I was back at the Sullivan Investigations office holding my breath.

"Greg, I've got good news and bad news."


"The good news is - your wife hasn't gone to bed with the asshole - yet. The asshole's name is Derek Turner, by the way."

Derek Turner is Holly's boss. I'd met him three or four times at Holly's work functions. I never thought much of the guy and had the feeling he thought even less of me; always talked to me in a condescending way. I had to admit he was a handsome man, about our age and kept himself in shape. As this ran through my head I noticed Jake watching me - waiting. Damn, this guy was in the right business; perceptive, waiting until I was ready to hear the next bit. I nodded my head and he continued.

"The bad news is - she may be planning to fuck him soon. He asked her to join him on an out-of-town work-related conference in three weeks. She hasn't committed to it, but she's definitely on the fence.

"My two operators followed the two of them on Wednesday and Thursday. One sat near them Wednesday at the diner, a different operator on Thursday. Neither operator was spotted, I can assure you.

"There were no outward signs of affection either day; no hand holding, kissing, anything physical. And we were able to record the conversations both days. The operators carry special purses with parabolic microphones. I'll give you both tapes so you can listen for yourself. There's some background noise; you may have to listen more than once to get used to that and hear everything that was said."

I took the tapes, actually two CDs, from Jake; handling them as if they were poison.

"There's more. Based on what we heard Wednesday, I followed Turner after work both Wednesday and Thursday nights. Wednesday, he went straight to his home; Thursday he left work and met another man in the bar at the Metropolitan Grill. They didn't seem to care they were in a public place. I couldn't hear the entire conversation; but I caught enough to know your wife isn't their first target. Given what I heard, I confirmed this morning the other man is James Young; Turner reports to Young.

"It appears one of the previous victims was a Karen Johnson; your wife is a replacement for this Ms. Johnson. Young asked Turner how the seduction was proceeding; gave him some shit when Turner told him she was resisting. Turner said he felt he'd succeed as soon as she went with him on this business trip. Thought a little liquor and dancing would overcome her inhibitions. He even confirmed something we have on one of the lunch hour tapes; that Turner was tempting your wife with a chance of future promotional opportunities if she gets with the program."

Jake waited another few seconds while I absorbed all this. He offered me a cup of coffee from the carafe behind his desk. I refused, already too wired; Jake continued.

"I can't stand assholes like this. I wrote my notes immediately after their conversation. The conversation was held in a public place, no expectation of privacy; my notes can be used in a civil suit against these two and the company. If I need to, I'll testify on record in a disposition and in court. I'll charge you less than my going rate; just to nail these assholes.

"The charges to date are almost half of my original estimate. If you need to have your wife followed this weekend, that will probably eat up the rest of your deposit."

I thought about it for only a second.

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