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A shadow rises.

"Oh, hell yes" Crystal growled as I felt her pulling my cock towards her and semi painfully straight up in the air. Then her whole upper body collapsed onto my crotch.

Just as her thick and wavy black hair splashed into my stomach and erected a visual blockade I felt her warm mouth swallowing my cock whole.

The warmth of her mouth flooded my whole body with heat as I moaned loudly and clutched the top of her head with one hand while the other clawed at the carpet. Crystal swayed her neck side to side as she loudly and sloppily devoured my throbbing cock over and over leaving me in awe from the sensations and the sight of her beautiful black hair gliding back and forth across my stomach. I wanted to see more but I didn't even contemplate complaining.

I heard the beautiful sound of her thick lips popping my cock out of her mouth before feeling my cock snap back down against my stomach.

"You wanna see it don't you, baby" Crystal cooed to me looking up and whipping her hair back behind her.

I told you this fucking girl had ESP.

"I got something I wanna see too" She hissed at me hungrily.

Crystal sat up slightly and leaned forward grabbing my white cock as her 36C ebony breasts towered over my crotch. She took my saliva drenched cock and ran it over her thick nipples poking and grinding them together smearing her saliva from my cock all over her tits. I watched in total awe as Crystal raked my cock over her glistening areolas and rock hard nipples again and again.

In one swift move she then pushed my white shaft into her brown cleavage and used her hands to wrap her firm ebony breasts around my cock. She then snugly pressed her breasts together smothering my white cock with her warm chocolate skin.

"Yeah, baby, that's what I'm talking bout" Crystal purred transfixed at the sight of my white cock surrounded by her dark skin.

"Gotta keep my baby's cock warm" she moaned as she began rocking her upper body front to back fucking my cock with her hot breasts.

The contrast alone was enough to paralyze me but coupled with the warmth of her skin and the look in her eyes it damn near killed me. If she didn't fuck me soon I would be doing 10-15 hard time for rape.

"I used to think" Crystal said looking down and watching the head of my cock appear then disappear into her brown mounds as her tongue licked my stomach hungrily "that I wanted you to fuck me more than anything in the world."

"But now that I am finally with you" she said releasing her breasts and rising up as my now unwrapped cock slapped back into my stomach and her flaming brown eyes met mine head on.

"I know I want to fuck you more than anything else in the world."

I was numb with....hell I don't know what I was numb with. All I know was I felt like I was in a dream and I thanked God for giving me life and this moment.

Crystal was straddling my thighs but moved herself forward until her head was completely over mine. Her hair hung over me like a cocoon. She began kissing me deeply and I grabbed two handfuls of ebony ass and squeezed them with every bit of strength I had.

I expected her to reach back, grab my cock, place it in her slit, and then get to work. But that was just too damn routine and simple for Crystal.

Instead, she leaned forward and dropped her entire upper body on top of me pushing her pelvis into mine while her now extended legs locked onto my hips. She was now laying on me and I could feel her juicy slit leaking all over my throbbing shaft as she worked her way forward in order to get her pussy above my cock.

Crystal was driving her tongue deep into my throat and heaving her heavy breasts into my chest when I felt the stubble of her shaved mound rake against my stomach as it cleared my cock leaving my member throbbing, wet, and isolated.

Then she pushed her pelvis hard into my stomach and began probing backwards as her pussy hunted for my cock.

Crystal slowly started moving her hips backwards and I could feel the heat of her pussy all over me as the head of

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