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Craig was a long way from being a virgin, going back to his senior year of high school in fact. Yet, as they continued to trade kisses, he suddenly felt like he was one again. In that moment, his mind flashed back to the first time he'd thought of Kay Parkes as a woman, and not just one of his friend's mother. Even after all these years, he could remember the exact day and hour of that change.

It had been a hot August afternoon, during which he, George, and a few girls they had invited over, were cooling off with a dip in the Parkes' backyard pool. Afterwards, they had been relaxing around the patio table, discussing the things teenage boys and girls discuss when Mrs. Parkes had appeared with some snacks and casually mentioned that if they were done with the pool she was going to make use of it and also cool off a little.

George just as casually said they were finished swimming; his attention focused more on Betty Arnold sitting to his right than his Mom. Craig remembered turning away from Jenny Miller on his left to see that Mrs. Parkes was wearing a blue terrycloth robe. He continued to watch her for the half a minute it took her to walk over to the pool and, before diving in, drop the robe over a lawn chair.

The bathing suit the thirty-eight year old wife and mother wore that afternoon had been a simple one piece, the kind one might expect of someone her age. True, the front displayed a good amount of cleavage, but compared to the tiny bikinis the girls at the table were wearing, or almost not wearing as the boys liked to think of them, the single piece might as well have been a nun's habit.

It wasn't until a short time later, after Mrs. Parkes reemerged from the pool, that Craig changed that opinion. Now totally soaked, the material of the suit clung to the brunette's body like a second skin, highlighting every curve and more noticeably, the thick erect nipples in the center of her breasts. Up until that moment, he had never noticed that any of the older women around him even had nipples, much less ones as large as Kay Parkes's.

It didn't matter that both of the teenage girls at the table had exhibited similar displays after their own time in the pool; on them it was a common and expected sight. On the older woman, Craig couldn't keep his eyes off them, especially not after she stretched out on the edge of the patio to dry off and enjoy the afternoon sun. The recliner she'd chosen to use was directly in Craig's line of sight. From that day on, Craig had never been able to look at his friend's mother and not remember what her nipples had looked like on that day.

As they continued to make out on the couch, their hands explored each other's bodies. It hadn't really been a conscious thought, merely a reflex action to do what came naturally. It was only when Craig realized that his open palm was pressed against those very same breasts he had long admired that he reacted, suddenly pulling back with enough force to startle Kay.

"Craig?" Kay said, not sure what had just happened. "Are you okay?"

At first, the young man didn't response, still trying to sort it out himself.

"Craig, I asked if you were all right." he finally heard Kay Parkes asking.

"I'm fine, just fine," he smiled, "I guess I just felt funny for a moment."

"Are you sure that you're okay?" she repeated, holding his hands in hers as she finally realizing what had happened. "Because we don't have to do this if you have the slightest hesitation or..."

"Oh no, I want to do this," Craig quickly interrupted. "You have no idea how much or how long I've wanted to do this."

"All right then," Kay smiled, holding his hands for a moment more before letting go. "Nevertheless, I want to make sure you understand that you don't have to be ashamed of putting your hands anywhere you want on my body. I want you to touch me, in all the ways that a man touches a woman. Because that's what you are now, a man."

Craig smiled as he slowly nodded his head in acknowledgement.

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