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It has been so long since they have been with anyone.

The thong hid hardly anything at all -- well, nothing -- and she pulled it to the side of her balls with a huff, letting the fabric press back up under her tail.

The palomino filly's eyes bulged as she was forced to look at a stallion's shaft, thick and throbbing yet still jutting from the crotch of an anthro who was in every other sense a mare. A smooth grey with a splotch of pink gracing the top, though the splash of colour did not reach beyond the medial ring, it drooled pre-cum, splattering down the front of her jodhpurs. Amethyst smirked and dragged the filly's lips to the head, smearing pre-cum over her pretty muzzle.

"Don't ask," Amethyst breathed. "Don't think. You don't need to know how. You're gonna feel every inch of it anyway tonight."

Fiddling with the leather attached to the bit, the mare skillfully unbuckled it and dropped it in the straw beneath the stand. The filly sighed and worked the stiffness from her jaw, chewing and licking her lips, but was not allowed much respite as that fat length was presented to her lips.

She could have paused. She could have thought about it. But she did nothing but part her lips willingly to take that flat tip into her mouth.

"There's a good filly," Amethyst murmured, running her fingers through her mane. "Such a good little filly whore. I told you a mare would have something better for you than the stallions."

She would never know if she agreed or disagreed as that shaft sank into her mouth, the tip probing down her throat. Of course, there was no stopping it with no gag reflex and the filly gulped for lost breath as Amethyst dug her fingers into the space behind her finely dished cheekbones. Only when the dominant mare withdrew was she able to gasp for air, but then the fat length drove deep again as her new mistress fucked her muzzle like a toy to be used and abused.

"Mmmph," she groaned, ears pinned back and shoulders tense. "That's it, you little bitch. Take every inch down that fucking throat of yours. I know you want it, whore."

The filly would not have objected, concentrating on pressing her fleshy tongue up to the underside of Amethyst's cock as she thrust, nostrils fluttering as she dragged in weak breaths whenever able. But breathing wasn't really on her mind, not when she had a hot mare dominating her and a shaft even bigger than the one that had been jammed into her cunt pounding her muzzle. Her eyes glazed over and she grunted around the pole straining her lips into a lewd 'O'.

Oh, yes, the mare was exactly what she'd come for and more.

Yet, as much fun as her muzzle was to use, Amethyst had other ideas. Leaning over the mare's back, she held onto her torso for leverage, giving her a few good long strokes that left the filly shuddering beneath her. Muscles rose lightly through the palomino's back, smaller than the chestnut mare's but still lightly and beautifully defined through her thin coat. Amethyst grinned and crammed every last inch of her shaft into the mare's throat, the flesh of her sheath tucked up beneath the filly's chin.

And there she stayed for a long moment, seconds stretching out, letting the filly shake as her body craved breath, screaming for what the mare denied her.

When Amethyst finally pulled back, the filly gasped and heaved for breath, though her eyes held nothing but adoration for the mare above her. Wrapping her fingers around the base of her own shaft, Amethyst rolled her shoulders back and strutted around the filly, tail flicking in a flirtatious circle. Panting, the mare tried to follow her motion, one ear swivelling to catch just what she was up to and failing to understand how far the boundaries of what she'd been expecting were about to be pushed.

The hermaphrodite mare let her massive cock slap onto the filly's backside, resting in the groove of her buttocks as she ground it back and forth lightly, letting her fe

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