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She gets two boy toys to play with.

Skylight open a crack, binoculars at the ready. Alex and a man were sitting at the small table on their patio, each with a glass of what looked like white wine. They seemed to be talking animatedly and laughing a lot. Alex was in her usual sundress, which Adrian took to mean she was wearing a bikini under it. The man was in shorts and t-shirt. Both wore sunglasses. He seemed to be about the same age as her, tall and slim with close cropped fair hair. Adrian was about to abandon his vigil when Alex leaned over to the man and kissed him, very fully and passionately. Slightly to Adrian's consternation he felt his cock harden immediately. This was something new. He carried on watching. The two of them stood up, embraced, kissed again, long and deep. The man's hands went down to Alex's bum, grabbed her buttocks, pulled her hips in hard against him. Adrian felt an absurd jolt of jealousy, as if he somehow had more of a claim on a woman who did not know him than her own life partner did. Alex was grinding her pelvis against her lover, the same movement Adrian had seen when she was alone on the sunbed. She went up on tiptoe to say something in his ear. He pulled his head back slightly so he could look her in the eyes. Said something. Adrian thought it might have been "Are you sure?" Furtive, excited smiles from both of them. Quick looks round. Did they look up at him? Impossible to tell.

Then Alex stepped back slightly and took off her sundress. And then immediately her bikini top. Fucking hell. She sat down on the sunbed, beckoned the man to stand close in front of her. Adrian was loosening his jeans. The man was looking round again, seemingly wary of being seen. Don't worry, mate, thought Adrian. You could get up to all sorts out here and nobody would know. And Alex seems to have shed some of the reservations she expressed last weekend, doesn't she, young man?

Adrian pulled his own jeans and underpants down at exactly the same time as Alex was fumbling at her lover's shorts. The man helped her to work them down over his jutting cock. Adrian realised he had never seen another man's erection in real life. He felt an odd sense of relief when he saw that this guy's penis was probably about the same size as his own - about which, to be fair, Stephanie had always been complimentary. That, at least, had never been an issue. Now: one hand on the binoculars, one on his cock - how was Adrian going to make use of the tissues? With his wanking hand, he quickly grabbed a large handful from the box and dropped them onto the floor between and in front of his feet, to form a landing area for any eventual ejaculation, and protect the laminated wood floor. That taken care of, he resumed his pose. When he looked up, Alex's boyfriend was naked from the waist down.

Adrian watched intently as Alex took the swollen head of her lover's prick into her mouth.

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