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Michelle gets into more than she anticipated.

It was as if someone had turned the heater to max in the gym. His entire body glistened with sweat but looking down, Daisy wasn't breaking one at all, her ebony skin was cool to his touch.

It didn't take long until Daisy was able to swallow his whole length down her throat. Every time she retracted to the tip, she would take a deep inhale to smell his musk and aroma. He smelled manly, earthy and delicious! She couldn't get enough of this man! After overcoming her gag reflex and able to take his entire length in her, Daisy began to go slow then fast on his cock, this got Chris to piston his cock into her mouth along to rhythm she was doing.

Chris's groin boiled as he felt an incoming orgasm. His body shook, his thighs tensed, his grip on the handrail tightened as he shot a copious amount of his hot seed into her throat. Chris moaned in pleasure as the orgasm subsided, his cock was still being pumped by Daisy's tight, hot mouth. When she finally drained all she could off of the first orgasm, she pulled away, making a 'plop' sound. His cock glistened with her saliva, its head was red from the oral he had just received, it was sensitive and enticing. She smiled at him when their gazes met, he saw that his cock was still hard and his libido hasn't even drop, he was still horny and wanted to fuck.

What the hypnotized husband didn't know was the succubus had already casted her spell on his cock. It would never go soft unless she wanted it to... and why would she do that? She pondered on it for a brief moment. She realized, as his cum trickled down her throat, that it would be a shame if she were to take him right away. She thought that it would be best to have him around to pleasure her, feed her when she needed it. And besides, it was the best way to keep herself fed and full while she looked for the woman's bloodline that had trapped her inside that book. He would be a constant source of food for her.

She smiled wickedly as he rose up. "Let's go to your bedroom" she huskily said to him, their eyes meeting. She tugged at his cock and he followed. Up the stairs and into the second floor of the house. Two doors down the hall from where they came from was Angela's room, warded with magic to keep her asleep, Chris, his cock in Daisy's hand, followed her into the master bedroom where a large queen size bed waited for them. She stopped just at the foot of the bed.

"We're going to have fun all night" she whispered to him as she faced him and pushed him down against the soft mattress. Her eyes glowed with hunger as she brought her mouth on his cock once more.

--- o - o - o ---

Angela's eyes opened, a sudden feeling of dread had enveloped her body, sweat permeated on her skin. Why was it so hot all of a sudden? She asked herself as she looked around the room. An eerie silence enveloped the room, a chill run down her back. She looked around the room, a feeling of being watched had begun to trickle down her mind and made her entire body shiver in frightful thoughts. Her mind raced with images from the book she had been pouring over her hours on. It was when she heard the faint sounds of footsteps from outside her room did she realize that she was sweating heavily in such a cold winter night. It must be dad, she told herself as she got out of her bed and quietly tiptoed to her door. Opening it as slowly and quietly as she could, she peered out into the darkness, her eyes easily adjusting to the darkness. Her eyes widened in fear, a creature that stood on two legs-hooved legs, was standing in front of her father's open door. The creature, she realized was female, had large leathery wings that resembled a bat's. She wasn't sure but the creature's skin was purple in the faint moonlight coming out of her father's bedroom. Eu'entia, said an unfamiliar voice in her head. The creature looked down the hall, towards her door. Green cat's eyes seemed to stare at her, she gulped in fear, she was sure that the creature had seen her, but it didn't seem to mind her presence.

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