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Trying to save a marriage worth saving.

"WAIT!" I said aloud. Richard pulled away, beating my shaft vigorously. He smiled wide as a massive load of semen shot from me. I jolted from the intensity, left in straight euphoria.

"You my friend, just had your first orgasm." He said, keeping the bright smile.

"That...was an orgasm?" I asked panting. He nodded, "This is what I've been missing out on for years?"

"Yes." He laughed, "I'm no pro like my brother, but he's explained to me a few tricks...some I'd love to try."

"Do whatever you feel." I said.

"Whatever?" He asked, startled by my response.

"You don't understand. I need this!" I explained. He bit his lip contemplating his next move. His concern began to set in, the lust dissipating. He leaned in to kiss me, once again. Even though this was all I needed, I wanted more. He rolled off his tights while we kissed, climbing on top of me.

"How memorable do you want this night to be?" He asked, looking on daringly with smoky intent.

"I think it's already memorable..." I chuckled.

"Well," he said flipping me onto my belly, "I hope you're ready for this." I knew what was going to happen. He was going to shove his manhood up my rectum. I tried to imagine what the sensation was going to be like, but truth be told, I had no preparation. All I knew was that sodomy was something I viewed as extremely taboo. As a result, I wanted it so bad...

He parted my cheeks and I felt his lips and tongue. It was so gentle and tickled just right. I moaned out, as he continued. He went down to the back of my scrotum then back up to my rectum.

"You got a fat ass..." He chuckled before diving back in. I wondered what it looked like. I wondered was the view as good as the feeling.

He then stopped. I figured he was going to stick his shaft in me but again, I was wrong. I felt a bony finger slide up my anus and it burned. I jolted, innately crawling away. With his free hand, Richard seized me before I could get too far away.

"It hurts?" He asked. It was a while before I nodded.

"...Yeah." I finally responded.

"You can't run from me..." He teased. I turned, finally to see what he had between his legs. His size was nearly unfathomable. It was semi erect, hanging two thirds the length of his knee.

"And that's going inside me?" I asked, utterly terrified.

"It's probably why I'm still a virgin. People flip out when they see this thing." He said, scratching the back of his head.

"I'm always up for a challenge." I teased back daringly. He laughed, crawling on top of me. He grabbed me by my lower thighs and pushed my knees up to my chest. We were now face to face.

He grabbed his humungous shaft and placed it on my entry point. He looked down, somewhat unsure what he was doing. He pressed forward, sliding his glans into my anus. It was extremely broad and spread me open swiftly. The severe burning and the unavoidable feeling of separation was so incredibly painful, I screamed out.

"I'm hurting you?" He asked, stopping. I couldn't even come to words, just held my eyes and jaw clenched. He continued to wait until I gave him a response.

"More..." I managed to say. He continued to slide his shaft into my walls, making sure he was extra gentle. My hands clenched the bedding as I endured the burning, ripping feeling.

He pumped a few times, eventually settling his entire rogo deep inside of me. I could feel his pubic hair tickling my scrotum. He was waiting for me to relax. My grip on the bedding slacked, and my balled up face went back to the euphoric and spacey grin. He repositioned himself, leaning very far forward, supporting his mass with his arms. My left leg slowly went down to the bedding as my right leg was pushed as far forward as my softened ligaments could muster.


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