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They wanted each other.

I awoke on the morning of May 10 to find that Boston had suffered a freak snow storm overnight! There looked like there was at least 6 inches of snow on the ground. I got out of bed, showered and dressed and headed to Eve's apartment.

The ladies met me at the door and welcomed me with a cup of coffee. Eve had a two bedroom apartment and the second bedroom was where we would do the photography. After a few minutes of chit chat we headed into the room. They had lights set up and cameras on tri-pods, it looked like the whole thing was on the up and up. A little nervously I disrobed and headed over to the bed.

For the next half hour the women told me how they wanted me posed and I did my best to please them. I was 6' tall and about 175 pounds of muscle then so I wasn't ashamed of my body. Finally they told me that it was time for a break.

During the break they talked about various things that were Greek to me. F-Stop settings? Finally Eve came over to me and told me that they really appreciated me modeling for them and that I was doing great. "There's only one tiny thing we'd like to change for the next set." She said.

She paused and continued, "We'd um, like to um, see if we can um, get some shots with um you er, um, erect." She looked down at the floor the whole time and was obviously very embarrassed. I was a little embarrassed too but then an idea popped into my mind.

"I can do that ladies," I said helpfully, "But I would need a little help."

There were several moments of silence before Eve mumbled, "What er, um kind of help?"

I looked her in the eyes and told her that it was very intimidating being the only naked person in that room and that I would really be uncomfortable trying to get and maintain and erection with them fully clothed. "Fair is fair ladies." I continued "If I can get naked in front of you two I don't see any reason why you can't get naked in front of me."

The two of them huddled together in whispered conversation and then came back. Eve agreed that they would take their clothes off but at the same time reminded me that this was art and not some "sick fantasy." I told her that I understood. She nodded and then reached to pull her sweater over her head.

In just a few minutes they were both as nude as I was. Naked Eve wasn't much more attractive to me than she was with clothes on. She had small uneven breasts with tiny nipples, slim hips and a big brown bush. Although I usually like small breasted women I didn't feel much attraction to her.

Gretta on the other hand was really beautiful to behold. Her blonde hair was loosed and felt just below her shoulders. Her full heavy breasts hung proudly and fully. Her pink areolas were the size of silver dollars and were capped with nipples that looked like pencil erasers. Her waist pulled sharply in and then flared to display true woman hips. She had trimmed her bush back so that I could see that she wasn't a true blonde, light brown was the color, and that she had a very nice set of pussy lips peeking through the rough. Looking at her I started to get hard.

The ladies encouraged me to get back up on the bed and start posing again. As they moved around me I got glimpses of their pussies and bouncing breasts but my main focus was on Gretta's body. Before long I had a respectable but not raging erection.

After a few shots Eve once again spoke up. "Can you get it bigger/"

I reached down and began to stroke myself to greater hardness and once I achieved my full growth they clicked more pictures. But I was finding it hard to concentrate and before too long I had softened.

I could tell that Eve was getting ready to pipe up again so this time I looked at them and then at my softened cock and simply said, "I could use a little help here!"

They both looked at each other and I heard Eve whisper, "you know I can't!' Gretta finally moved away from Eve and came over to the bed. I was standing there on the bed and Gretta's head was right about at the level of my crotch.

She reached up with her left hand and carefully wrapped it ar

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