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The maid discovers the secrets of the cellar.

"Sweet Aino," he breathed into her hair, his other hand sliding along her body in placid exploration, fingers trailing along her back, side, and arm. She rested her chin on his shoulder, happy for this gentle intimacy. After several minutes, he shifted around under her, and pressed at her side. She slid off him, laying next to him as he propped himself up on an elbow. Her back was to the fire, and she could see his face with the light that made its way over her head and shoulder.

He was a man of curious contrasts. Around his eyes, she could see laugh lines, and his gaze spoke of advanced age and deep wisdom. His long beard left no doubt as to his years. Yet his shoulders were broad, his stance tall, and his step nimble. His vigor easily outpaced men Joukahainen's age, and as he'd just proven to her, age had not affected his skills in bed.

She closed her eyes for several moments, simply savoring the caress of his hand on the curve of her hip before feeling his lips on her forehead. A moment later, she felt his renewed hardness against her thigh, and obligingly rolled over onto her back as he mounted her.

Her legs wrapped around him, and she pushed back against him as he thrust into her, moving from a measured pace to a much fiercer one.

"Vainamoinen!" she cried out in encouragement, her nails digging into his back. Each deep stab of his manhood sent frissons of pleasure through her body, and she tossed her head back, crying out as she neared orgasm and finally went over it.


Vainamoinen had not had a lover for a long time. It was something that had not concerned him, but with Aino's presence, it was as if spring had come to thaw his loins. What had lay dormant first stirred when he had waited for her in her father's woods in his guise.

Seeing Aino's pleasured expressions as he plowed into her, hearing her cries of encouragement, and feeling her welcoming touches, her supplicating caresses pulling him in deeper, was a truly pleasant part of the experience. Men who paid no attention to their lover's reactions and moods could never have full pleasure of intimacy.

Again, Aino received his passion, arching against him and clenching around him, his manhood spasming in delight as he offered her every last drop of his orgasm. She pushed her pelvis against him and wiggled as her tits swayed, clenching around him again and again, letting go slowly before constricting her inner muscles.

From the way her eyes glinted as she looked up at him, he could tell she was aware of the effect that she had on him.

"That's it..." he breathed, still rolling his hips as he slowed his pace, one of his hands sliding to the back of her neck and grabbing her hair, holding her head in place as he lowered his own head for a searing kiss.

He remained inside of her for a bit, reluctant to pull himself from the velvet heat.

"Rakkaani," He cupped her face, kissing along her jaw. Her nails slid along his back, leaving a pleasant tingle in their wake. To his mild surprise, she clenched around him again, before she wiggled against him. Already she was hungry for more? Well, he would not be one to deny her...

"Mmm... again?" he whispered, his willingness very apparent in his tone.

"And again, and again. Like you told me some time ago."

He chuckled softly. "Well, I am a man of my word." His hand slid from her hair to massage a breast. "In fact, I may leave you too tired for lessons or chores in the morning."

"I doubt that should be a problem as you'll be resting right alongside me."

He smirked at that. "I think it would be difficult to simply rest when I have this to gaze upon..." His gaze moved pointedly along her chest. Her response was to clench around him again, wiggling her hips firmly.

"You may be an old perkele, but at least you're my old perkele," she responded cheerfully, her description of him uttered with genuine affection.

"You will pay for calling me that," he responded in mock scolding, wagging his

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