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John and I really loved each other, and second best, even for all the right reasons, wasn't enough."

"I never thought I'd have another relationship. I was getting really excited about using my house to help others. It was very lonely before Kate, but I thought having her and people like her would fill the gap. It did, but not the same way as I feel about you." I kissed her again. We just couldn't get enough of each other.

Ken rang me on Tuesday. Could he bring a friend to supper on Wednesday? There was never any doubt, and he knew he could have just turned up with him, but knowing means better preparation.

Broncs looked like a typical military man. Buzz haircut. Fit as a fiddle. When I asked Ken about him afterwards, it turned out he was ex-SAS. His job now was a PI and Ken had brought him round figuring it would be best if Kate heard it from the horse's mouth, so to speak. He had a nice habit of calling her Miss Kate, as if he couldn't bring himself to drop the military formality and had adapted it to civilian life.
"Broncs has been hunting down your ex-husband, and he's found him. I asked him for a plan based on what he knows, and he's come up with a few ideas that I hadn't thought about. I was intending to go for him in the courts, being a lawyer, but Broncs' ideas are a bit different." Ken said wryly.

"Well, Miss Kate, your husband .. er ..." he cleared his throat, obviously aware that the phrase wasn't right "... I mean ex-husband, is doing very nicely thank you. He's got himself a swanky house and has set himself up in business as a venture capitalist. He must have had some money of his own as well, because what you had would not have been enough. He's buried himself in a city, but hasn't changed his name, as he obviously felt it was common enough not to matter." Broncs laughed sarcastically.

Kate was incensed. "How can he have done that in such a short time?"

"Well, I'm afraid it wasn't a short time. He must have started it when you were pregnant. I'm sorry."

Kate was angry now. "The bastard. He must have planned it all. Oh what an idiot I am." She groaned in frustration, and her Gran took her hand to calm her down. I was jealous of even that little contact. How things had changed for me in such a short time.

"Er, Miss Kate? I think I've got a plan that might interest you."

Kate looked up. "OK. Shoot."

"I looked into his business a bit, and he's actually quite good at it. When it's technology or service related, he seems to have the right instincts and makes good investments. He seems to be good at reading people."

"How does this help?" Kate interrupted.

"Well, he's got a weakness. I'm not sure you want to hear this."

Liz held on to Kate's hand more tightly, and Estelle took her other hand supportively.

"His weakness is films. Again he's quite good at reading the producers and gauging whether the films they propose will make money, but if the actresses are involved in the presentations with the director, he's a sucker for a pretty face."

There were snorts of derision all round and Kate was muttering what sounded a lot like swear words and not very complimentary names under her breath.

"He's made a couple of small mistakes with films this way and lost a bit of money. But it's more than made up by his other investments. I think he's been dabbling in this for a long time, but turned it into his full time business when you became pregnant. As far as I can see he was doing it alongside his job, and using his work travel to take him where he needed to go for his side business."

"How come his previous work never noticed?" Ken asked.

"I don't know, but I think he had spare time at most of his destinations. Instead of eating and sightseeing, he made good use of it and his contacts."

"So we can't get him on that?" Ever the lawyer, Ken.


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