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Awkwardness, turning into...

Suzanne had removed her own as Raymonde was fumbling with the dress buttons and was now lifting the camisole over her head. Raymonde stopped dead as she saw the magnificently large bosoms of Suzanne Rouchelay appear before her, her creamy skin looking wonderful in the bright sun. Slipping her bloomers down her legs, Suzanne finished exposing her body and stood before Raymonde waiting for her to finish, if not allowing her a chance to look her up and down. Raymonde did just that, unable to avoid it. Suzanne was a lovely woman, from her chestnut curly hair to her large bust and full hips. Between those hips Raymonde's gaze froze, realizing that her friend's whole sex was on display, her thick brown pubic hair creating a lovely patch covering it. As she realized she was staring, she looked away quickly, causing Suzanne to snicker.

"Don't worry, Raymonde, it is quite natural to want to look upon the body of another, as soon I will to yours." This only cause Raymonde to blush further. "Hurry it up now and finish undressing so we can bathe before the sun goes down." Raymond at once undid her brasierre, letting out her own pair of lovely breasts, although not quite the same large set that sat upon Suzanne's chest. When she bent over to slide off her bloomers, Suzanne took the opportunity to have a glance at Raymonde's behind. Suzanne thought is was such a perfect bottom, nearly the shape of a heart when bent. Looking over Raymonde, she adored her whole body. The handfuls of breasts, the thin waist, the round bottom, shapely legs, and of course her dark bush to match the hair on top.

"So very lovely, " Suzanne said at Raymonde who maintained a solid blush across her face. "Come! Let's go in," she said and then sauntered slowly into the water. She stopped about waist deep before turning around to beckon Raymonde into the water. Raymonde looked upon the image of a beautiful woman's torso popping up out of the water, the chilly waters making her nipples quite hard. Slowly, she followed Suzanne's beckoning finger. The moment she was even in up to her knees, she felt her own nipples stiffen from the coolness of the water combined with the slight breeze blowing over them. As Raymonde reached the spot where Suzanne stood, she had to admit it felt very good to bathe in the nude on such a lovely day. She soon began to forget her own overexposure and laid back in the water, floating on her back on the surface as her legs dangled beneath her, only moving as the pond took her. She closed her eyes and felt the warmth of the sun on her bosom, a very relaxing feeling sweeping over her. If it had not been for Suzanne's interruption, she could have gone into a trance, leaving her alone and at peace in this world.

"You are like a goddess of the lake floating there," commented Suzanne, "very lovely indeed." Suzanne licked her lips looking over Raymonde's taunt body.

"Thank you very much, Suzanne," replied Raymonde, "You were quite right about taking this swim, it is quite lavish."

"Mmhmm, yes is is," Suzanne said as she laid her head back, standing upright in the water, feeling the sun once again. Her hands were beneath the surface now, on her abdomen. Slowly she pushed them upwards, feeling her own skin until she cupped her own large breasts. She moaned again, causing Raymonde to look over.

"You are looking quite beautiful like this yourself," said Raymonde.

"Do you like my body?" asked Suzanne. Raymonde could only nod a feeble "yes". Suzanne smirked, knowing she had Raymonde's full attention. Turning over, Suzanne stretched out on the surface to take a few long swimming strokes across the pond. Raymonde stood where she was, watching Suzanne's lovely naked body as she swam. She found herself enjoying Mme. Rouchelay's bubbly buttocks that stuck right out of the water as she swam. Raymonde herself didn't even notice that while watching Suzanne her hand had slid into the water against her lower stomach and her fingers were now stroking her pubic hair. Catching herself in the act, she quickly pulled her hand away.


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