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A new home brings new rules.

The song ended and we returned to our table. I was looking forward to saying good night, going upstairs, and making love to my husband. I was more than ready at this point. Jim mentioned he was not staying in this hotel earlier. Being a boutique hotel he asked what the rooms were like.

My husband being the nice guy he is said, "If you're curious, why don't you come up and see."

Jim said he would only come if he could bring us some drinks to thank us. My husband said sure, Jim ordered drinks, and we headed up the elevator. Jim put his arm around my waist to escort me into the elevator. When we got in his hands dropped a little lower but did not leave my body. I felt them on my ass. It felt good and I did not pull away but I hoped my husband did not notice.

We reached our room and Jim poured us all a drink. The room was nice. It had an older feel to it. It had a chair, Desk, and bed. The bed was a little higher off the ground and normal. My husband sat in the chair and put his drink on the desk. That left the bed for Jim and I to sit on. It felt a little surreal sitting here drinking in our room with a stranger who had been groping me.

He was sitting next to me while my husband was watching us from a chair. However the conversation flowed smoothly and Jim continue to make me laugh. He was obviously flirting with me but then again, so was my husband. The attention from both of them made me feel special and I flirted back.

I kicked off my heels and, to no one in particular, commented that my feet hurt.

Jim said, "I give a hell of a foot massage."

I said, "Well that sounds like like heaven."

Jim got off the bed knelt in front of me and started rubbing my feet. I had not meant for him to do that. I expected my husband to say something but he didn't. Jim was right he gave a hell of a foot massage. I ooed and moaned, and said it felt good. I looked at my husband for reaction, he just smiled at me.

Jim started to get brazen he started rubbing his hands up and down my calf. I admit it felt really good. I again looked at my husband but he continued talking, and Jim continue talking with him.

At one point Jim said to him, "You're wife has beautiful legs."

My husband said, "Thank you."

Jim looked in my eyes and slid his hands up a little higher. He was now at my thighs. I should have stopped him but I didn't. It felt good. Jim actually pulled my leg out straight from the bed and said to my husband, "Look at that, it's perfect."

I could not believe he was being so bold

My husband said, "I know, I always thought she had great legs."

Jim was now getting bolder. He put my leg on his shoulder and was rubbing my thigh. It felt wonderful and I moaned again. I then realized in this position my skirt had slid up and he had a perfect view up my skirt at my panties. The thought excited me. He then put that leg down and did the same with my other leg. This time as he stroked my leg he pushed my skirt higher and higher. It was pretty much as high as it could go. I knew Jim could see my panties, I was pretty sure my husband could too.

Jim boldly said to my husband, "What great thighs."

My husband just nodded. At this point he looked mesmerized watching Jim's hands. Jim moved his hands up a bit more. He was touching the crotch of my thong. My mind was racing. This strange man was touching my panties. Not only that, I realized that I was loving it.

I weakly said, "I think that's enough" and started to pull my skirt down.

In a very calm, but strong tone, Jim said, "Stop."

The tone of his voice stopped me. I looked at my husband he did not say a word. My hands dropped to my sides

My husband is not a small man. He is not in bad shape. I knew he was not afraid of Jim. He was letting this happen. So was I. I admit, I was getting turned on. My husband is a wonderful lover. I have no complaints, but this was different. I was being told what to do.

Jim then said, "How about a back rub."

He sat on the bed and scooted back.

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