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Boys and girls go in and out to play.

It doesn't change a thing about who you really are and how I feel about you. It was with your husband, dad, not someone else. It is healthy for loving couples to do those things, not shameful."
"But in front of my son, that cannot be right."

"You didn't know I was there. It's not like you put on a show for me."

"I guess your right we didn't know you were there but it's still embarrassing."

"Don't be embarrassed mum it was beautiful and far sexier than the DVD. Talking of which, getting back to dad. Do you think he has a thing for prostitutes then?"

"What, where did that thought come from?" She said sitting back in her chair.

"I thought with you saying he liked you behaving like a whore meant being like a prostitute."

Mum burst out laughing, lightening the mood. "No not like being a whore, whore. Being a slutty whore. A bit tarty, he even wanted me to dress riskier even when we were out. I drew a line at that but in the bedroom, well you can imagine. He liked me playing with myself and talking really dirty."

"That's it then, dad likes slutty wives and girlfriends. No wonder he thought the DVD was rubbish it was too tame for him. It has to be riskier, sluttier. The couple were making love he wants to watch people FUCK!"

Mum nodded thinking about their other sessions.

"I'll set the laptop up and put in your bedroom, so that you can choose another video to put on DVD."

Mum lowered her head. Looking away from me. "I don't know about this John. I have no idea what makes a slutty video. I thought the one we did was filthy, she was quite vocal in it. How filthy is filthy? How does a slut wife behave? I don't think I can do this."

"But mum you have come this far. It would be a shame to give up now. I will help you look for one if you like. I think I know what he wants now."

Mum sat there shaking her head, she then started sobbing. "I love him so much. It destroys me that I have to do this to get our sex life back."

I went to her side taking hold of her hand. "Look mum, I will find the film for you, then all you have to do is approve it and I will burn it to DVD. Would that help?"

She wiped the tears running down her checks away. "I trust you John, would you just make the DVD, I wouldn't need to see it first as I'm sure you will choose that right one."

Squeezing her hand, I looked into her swollen eyes. "OK, I will make sure it's a good one. You can trust me."

She turned and gave me a hug "Thank you."

That night I set about my work. Although there were plenty of slut wife video's they all lacked something special. Most were staged using actors and not a real slut wife. Some that were, the couple weren't right. Either mostly made of plastic or simply too dam ugly. As I closed my laptop just after midnight, I was still no closer to finding the right one.

That's how it was for the next few days. Mum was right finding the right one was proving more difficult than I thought. Then I came across a series of videos from a couple in the UK. 'Training a slut wife'. I hoped this would be it as I set the first one playing. A very attractive woman appeared she said "Hi I'm Sue, I am a slut wife. I wasn't always a slut but with my husband's coaching, I am one now and I love it. In this series of video's, we will show you how to become a slut too. Follow our steps and you too will have the best sex of your life." With that she blew a kiss to the camera and it faded out."

I paused the video. This could be it, train mum to be a slut and dad will love it. Why watch a slut, when he could have one of his own?

I restarted the video.

'Episode 1 preparing to be a slut.' Flashed up on the screen.

Sue was now in her bedroom with a pile of clothes laying on her bed. "OK, step one. Your wardrobe probably has these sorts of clothes in it." She held up several items of full length skirts, nice blouses and baggy trousers. "These are fine for work and when you're not being a slut but when you are, they simply will not do."

She turned to her wardrobe and opened it.

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