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Our trio of abductees learns about the mess they're in.

He worked my breast out the top of my halter and sucked my hardened nipple into his warm wet mouth. I loved it. The silk fabric was tight across my boob, holding it in place for him, like an offering.

I couldn't believe I was doing this. The booth was in the darker back of the bar, but there were people all around. My pussy was all the wetter for the anxiety I felt that others might watch me fuck this stranger.

Four snaps later, I had the fly of his tight jeans open and his thick dark hard-on slid into my hand when I pushed his boxer briefs down. He was smoldering hot and I wasted no time. Who knew how long it might take for someone on staff to notice us. Getting thrown out, or worse, arrested only added to my excitement.

I grabbed my purse and pulled out a condom. One hand wrapped around his throbbing erection and I stroked him to full size while I bit off the corner of the wrapper. I spit the plastic out and flicked the neon pink rubber for some leeway. Setting the land speed record for applying a contraceptive, I rolled it over his cock.

"Holy shit," he cried as I mounted him. Lowering myself, he stretched my slippery pussy around his thickness and I mewed into his mouth. Our tongues slashed at each others as I drove myself down hard, taking his cock into me. Pleasure sparked through me, ignited more desire and vanquishing any lingering remnants of an inhibition.

Rolling my hips back and forth, I ground against him. "Fuck me." I growled. He starting thrusting upwards, pounding me as I rode him. Up and down I went, fucking his latex encased dick.

He felt so good and I realized I had needed it worse than I thought. His hands pushed my skirt up and gripped my ass, clutching my firm buttocks tight as he slid his cock in and out of me. His teeth clamped on my nipple and I felt a ripple surging up his cock and into me. His eyes squinted and then he muttered incoherent profanities as he came much too soon.

Damn it.

My pussy was aching, needful, desperate but he stopped thrusting and clung to me. Disappointed, I looked around to see five guys at the edge of the table, clapping their hands in appreciative applause as they watched. I hadn't counted on an audience, but they effectively shielded my debauchery from the rest of the club.

I don't know what possessed me, but I pointed at the closest one and then curled my finger, beckoning him. I wanted more and I didn't give a damn who it came from.

He moved forward and I lifted myself off the guy I just fucked. Grabbing my purse, I found another condom. It was my last one and handed it to the new guy. Swiveling around, I planted one knee into the circular cushioned booth and my other foot at the base of the table. I knelt, bending forward and curled my hand around the first guy's deflating dick.

With a yank, I pulled off the latex glove and took him into my mouth. He moaned, and his cock twitched and then began to swell back to his former hardened glory. I sucked hard, running my tongue up and down him until he was fully hard again. He didn't deserve it, but I wasn't myself. I was some maniacal cock crazy wench and that suited me just fine at the moment.

Behind me, I felt hands on my ass, followed by my pussy being invaded. I moaned deep, licking the cum from the cock I was sucking. I said I wasn't a slut, and that was true. But tonight was different. Whatever had taken over my senses, I really didn't care. I wanted sex and I was getting my fill.

I had the rest of my life to be the pathetic workaholic I'd become. I was that girl day in and day out. Tonight, I was getting my brains fucked out. And if it took two guys to get there, so be it.

I could barely hear the guy behind me, his hips slapping against my ass while he pumped his cock in and out of my pussy. God, it felt so good. I braced my arms as best I could and followed the rhythm so I could suck off the first guy. I'd never done two guys in the same day. I'd never done two guys at the same time. This night was bursting at the seams with firsts.

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