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A mother takes an interest in her daughter's boyfriend.

They were shiny and wet and inviting.

Julie sat down quickly on the edge of the bed and tugged Joe down onto his knees in front of her.

"Lick me clean," she invited, half-questioningly, half-demandingly.

Joe's hands swiftly reached for her sticky breasts and his lips went hungrily to the right one. He attempted to engulf the entire breast in his mouth. Julie gently pulled back his head, shaking hers in a sideways motion. She murmured the word "nipple" and directed his head back to her breast hoping that the one-word instruction would be enough to get him to focus on the sensitive part of her breast.

Joe's lips went around Julie's right nipple and he sucked lightly, tasting, not for the first time, his own cum. "Harder" was the next word Joe heard Julie utter. He sucked harder, and suddenly an unbidden image came to his mind - his mother. Had he suckled her as an infant? He didn't know, but the image was there anyway. Just as quickly, it faded and he focused again on Julie.

"Here. Let me show you." And Julie lightly pushed Joe from her and grasped the collar of his shirt, pulling it down his arms and back and tossing it to the floor, wrong-side-out. In a swift move, Julie exchanged places with Joe - her on her knees on the floor and Joe seated on the edge of the bed. She reached up with both hands and took his nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. She rubbed his stiff nipples, pinching them with increasing pressure, gauging his eyes and facial expressions to determine his reaction.

Out of Joe's slightly parted lips came a moan. Evidently, Julie had hit upon something he enjoyed. She continued massaging his right nipple with her fingers but moved her mouth to his left. She took it between her teeth and lightly grazed it. Joe's arms clamped tightly around Julie's shoulders. She then sucked on the left nipple, fastening tightly on it and moving her lips quickly. The smacking noises she made heightened Joe's pleasure and he moaned even more loudly than before. He'd started to move his torso forward and back, feeling himself becoming aroused again.

Julie switched positions of her mouth and fingers, moving her eager lips and tongue to the right nipple now. She began to pinch the left nipple with more fervor than before. Joe responded in the manner she'd hoped. He suddenly lifted her off the floor and tossed her onto her back on the bed. He shifted his body to her side and eagerly encircled her right nipple with his mouth. He sucked hard and noisily, smacking and licking and driving Julie wild. His right hand manipulated her left nipple, pinching and pulling. Her body rocked in anticipation.

Finally, eager to move along, Julie took Joe's head in her hands and moved it down toward her navel. He kissed and licked his way south, heading to the rosy-pink panties. When he finally reached the edge, he slid his tongue between her warm skin and the fabric. It was Julie's turn to gasp. She wanted him in her, but was enjoying the buildup as well.

Joe hooked his fingers into the panties and pulled them down, Julie's legs bending at the knees to shorten the arc of removal. Joe rose to his knees, savoring this position to view his love's most private parts. He stared at her shaved lips. Smooth, inviting. Wet with anticipation. Joe needed no lesson for his next move. He had dreamed of it often. He leaned over and began gently kissing her mound, allowing his lips and tongue to travel in circles as his hands rested on her hips. Julie's legs parted, outer thighs bent down to the sheets, knees slightly crooked.

Joe again came to his knees, and he smiled at what he continued to look at - the neatly trimmed little V-shape patch of hair on her mons veneris and the slick vulva below. Moisture glistened between her legs, accentuated by the light from the bedside lamps. Julie reached for his hands, directing them between her legs.

Joe needed little encouragement and his hands quickly reached her inner thighs to pull them wider and provide an even better view.

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