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He got up quietly, and headed to the bathroom for a morning pee, not quite believing how hard he was this morning. He was wondering, is this just morning wood, or is he turned on? He had a hard time, pushing his erection down far enough to pee, then he grabbed some paper towels and went back to his bed.

Adam and Nate were really into it, oblivious that Kurt was even awake. Kurt knew he needed to drop a load, so he lay back on his bed, and started to jack off. Adam was pumping a steady rhythm into his boyfriend's rear.

Nate, feeling his orgasm rising, "Babe, I'm gonna lose it, shit, I'm cuuummmmiiiinnnngggg!" Both Adam and Nate felt Nate's man juice spurting between their stomachs, and all over Nate's chest.

Just the trigger Adam needed, "I'm cumming too!" Adam exclaimed. "Baby, did you feel me cum, with the condom on?"

"Yeah, Babe, and it felt so hot, and still felt great!"

"I'm about ready to shoot too," Kurt stated, "Like, right now!" as Kurt ejaculated into the paper towels he had brought back.

"We didn't know you were even awake!" Adam said, his cock still in Nate's ass.

"How is anyone supposed to sleep," Kurt said, laughing, "with you two fucking so close by! Made me so horny I had to jack off!"

"Got any extra towels?" Adam asked Kurt, who in turn handed Adam a couple of them.

Adam used one of them to clean himself off, slid the filled condom off and wrapped it in a paper towel, and set it on the floor. He then proceeded to lick the cum off Nate's stomach and chest, swallowing it.

"That's disgusting!" Kurt exclaimed, shaking his head, "But hot at the same time!"

"Kurt," Nate said, "Have you ever tasted cum?"

"Hell no!"

"Have you ever butt fucked anyone?"

"No, but I have thought about it." Kurt answered, "I'd never let anybody fuck me, though."

"That's what I thought too." Adam said, smiling, "Funny how things can change! Don't knock it till you've tried it."

Kurt, starting to dress, "How bout some chow? It's getting late, and they shut down at noon."

Adam and Nate both got dressed, and all three headed to the cafeteria. Zach came in right behind them, and all four men filled their trays. Kurt, Adam and Nate sat at a table together.

Zach, approaching the same table, "Okay if I sit with you guys?"

"Sure, Zach," Adam replied, "Zach, this is Kurt, he is one the guys I came here with. Kurt, Zach is one of the guys Nate worked with in the GM crew."

Zach asked, "What are you all doing after brunch?"

All three men shrugged their shoulders. "Adam and I have no particular plans," Nate responded. "Kurt?"

"I'm open. Any suggestions?" Kurt added.

"How about some horseshoes?" Zach said, "Girls against the Guys. Adam and Nate against Kurt and me."

"Now wait just a damn minute!" Nate exclaimed. "I know you like cock just as well as we do!" Zach grinned.

"Okay," Kurt said, "I'll play with you three ladies -- horseshoes, that is."

The four men finished brunch about noon, and headed for the horseshoe pits.

* * * * * * * * * *

Eric is sitting in the rec room, watching who is coming and going. This is one of the rare times, he is actually fully dressed in the dorm. About 1:00 PM Stephen walks in, and over to where Eric is sitting.

"Are we still on?" Stephen asked.

"You bet. What time you got to be back?"

"3:00." Stephen answered.

"We only got 2 hours, let's take a walk. Has anyone shown you the woods?"

Stephen shook his head. Eric got up and headed toward the door and Stephen followed. Eric showed Stephen the new horseshoe pits, where Kurt, Adam, Nate and Zach were currently playing. He also pointed out the Gym and the Poolroom.

"Are you a swimmer, Stephen?"

"Sometimes, when I have the right kind of trunks. Some of them don't hold me very well."

"You're lucky here, the pool is the only public place here where we can be naked, outside the dorm, and the woods. Just about everyone swims nude."

"Eric," Stephen explained, "I'm kind of self conscious, being that I have a bigger than normal dick. It's embarrassing to find guys staring at it."

Eric, smiling, "I always say, if

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