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Solution; more deliveries into hot ladies' derrieres.

" He went on to mention that Brian was trying to get him to move out to Phoenix.

Aisha shared that she was on her second year of relationshiplessness, she giggled after she made up that word. At his raised eyebrows, she explained that being a resident didn't work well with relationships.

They sat in silence for another thirty minutes before deciding it was safe to go back into the house. They parted ways in the hallway and Ewan stood for a moment watching her walk, the soft sway of her curves and the mahogany sheen of her skin sending strong signals to him.

The next day the friends headed out to do some shopping and Aisha started working on stripping the kitchen cabinets. She was still at it when they arrived home six hours later. Moments after they arrived, so did Aisha's appetite. She asked about their day while washing dust from her hands.

She watched as Marnie pulled Brian from the living room towards the bedroom. Marnie glanced at Ewan, who shrugged his shoulders. She decided to run out and grab something for dinner at the local tacqueria. She excused herself and went to her bedroom, changing into form fitting jeans, a brown "nappy girls rock" t-shirt and sneakers. She walked back by the guest room and found Ewan sitting on the bed. Marnie and Brian had started their nightly performance and feeling generous, she invited Ewan with her.

Walking out to the car, she threw Ewan the car keys and told him he could drive and she'd navigate. Sliding into the leather seat, Ewan adjusted all the seat controls in order to fit comfortably in the car. Backing out the driveway, he watched as she scanned through the available radio stations and finally settled by popping a Los Lonely Boys cd into the cd player. When they arrived at the local shop, Ewan hesitated before getting out of the car. She grinned over at him "come on, you'll be fine". There was a line of people standing at the outdoor window, waiting to order, families sitting on cars eating fresh tacos and burritos, a group of young men spread out over the picnic tables slurping menudo and music blaring.

When they made it to the front of the line Aisha ordered two carne asada tacos for Ewan and two fish tacos for herself. They grabbed their order and Aisha led him across the street from the shop, to a narrow strip of earth populated with additional picnic tables. Looking around Ewan could see people at the tables and few didn't appear to be eating their food as much as making out. Aisha didn't appear to notice what was going on around her as she had already unwrapped the foil around her tacos and was busy liberally applying salsa and guacamole. Taking her cue Ewan started doing the same. They sat in relative silence, watching cars stream down the road, juices from their food dripping down their hands.

When they finished Aisha hopped down from the table, wiped her hands on a napkin and asked if he was ready to go. He popped the last bite of his food in his mouth and nodded.

As they started across the street, Ewan tripped in a hole at the edge of the sidewalk and twisted his knee. Aisha helped him up and helped him limp across the road. Driving home she asked if he was okay, he said he was but would probably be sore the next day. Pulling into the driveway Aisha asked if he wanted to use her tub to soak his knee. He thought about it a minute and then took her up on her offer. They entered the house to relative quiet and Ewan stopped off in his room to change into the swim trunks he'd brought with him.

Aisha went into her bedroom and started running water in the big deep whirlpool tub. She laid out fresh towels and dimmed the lights. She returned to her bedroom to find him standing there looking around. He thought that her bedroom suited her, shades of brown and blue created a soft welcoming haven.

"the bathroom is right through there, take as much time as need".

He entered the bathroom closing the door gently and looked around, the bathroom was spacious, with a laundry closet, dee

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