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cock to her opening and then in a single fluid motion impaled herself upon it!

"Ahhh!" She cried out. Thankfully, within the walls of the brothel, it was a common sound and one which would pass unnoticed.

The angle she had taken him at and his odd shape made this one hurt just a little more and Elissa could feel the blood-tears as they leaked down her cheeks. Still, such was not going to stop her release and thus she began to move her body. Short strokes at first - raising her body just enough to feel the friction within her - before burying Anton deep inside of herself again. Her nails lengthened and hardened into blackened talons and she raked them down Anton's chest as, indeed, her own pleasure began to build.

The blackened down covering her sex was soon dampened from her exertions, her sex was hungrily devouring Anton as she rode him! Reaching behind and beneath her own bucking ass, Elissa's hand encountered Anton's testicles. They were heavy and drawn close to his body. His time was near indeed! Such surprised her. Most creatures in the grip of The Master were unconcerned with their own pleasures and were, verily, unable to come to their own release. Still, she kept her motions even and consistent until her womb and sex tightened around his manhood and her mind was awash with pleasure!

Elissa was barely aware of her mouth hanging open in silent exclamation of her pleasure as she ground herself against Anton and convulsed atop of him. Before the blackness consumed her though she was vaguely aware of an added wetness between her legs and knew without doubt that her slave had, miraculously, achieved his own release!

Upon unsteady legs, Elissa exited the brothel into the weak, late morning, sunlight over the capitol. The old pimp smiled at her as she tried to walk and laughed aloud at her comical success. He would not be so pleased once he found what was left of young Anton. Still, her desires satiated, and her sex and thighs sticky from the effort, she could return to her Caew pleased and ready to resume the work of The Master.

Anton's seed was running out of her and soaking her small clothes. Elissa was only too pleased that home was not so far off that calling for one of the hacks that plied the streets of the Olde Quarter was going to be required. She had good reason to believe that The Master would have need of her again tonight . . .

The Third Task

Her trepidation at again allowing The Master to wear her was off putting and Elissa found that she was having difficulty arousing herself enough to pass the philter into her sex that He might come upon her wholly! She blamed her foolish behaviors from this morning.

Had she been possessed of sufficient strength to refuse her own lusts and take pleasure from only her own fingers - as The Master seemed to prefer - then performing the ritual needed by Him would not now be such a challenge! Also, her sex still ached from the unaccustomed and vigorous use to which she had put it. Even the idea of placing something foreign within herself was enough to cause her to wince with pain.

Still, he had called, and she had no real choice. Her path had been set before her long ago. The egg shaped device set with the darkest of runes was wetted by her sex - though Elissa had been forced to rub at herself until she was certain that she was going to climax without first placing the arcane device - and passed between her folds only with the utmost difficulties!

She groaned with pain, not pleasure, as it seated within her and she resumed her attempts to bring on her own orgasm. Her fingers teasing and rubbing through the folds of flesh between her legs as her heart beat increased and she sweat through the thin cotton shift that she was wearing. Finally! Her body convulsed and as she lost herself in pleasure The Master came into her and her form began to change.


Gostig hummed a jaunty tune that he was certain he had heard somewhere before as he worked on his latest creation.

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