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Sandy got caught, she's a very naughty girl.


"I don't say things like that to just anyone. Being your brother and all, I probably shouldn't be saying things like that to you. People would think I'm some kind of a pervert."

"I don't. And there's nobody here but you and me. Nobody says things about me like you have, it's nice. I'm not going to tell anyone about the things we talk about. Now, are you going to let me stay here and do something nice for you today or what?"

Mark wasn't doing a very good job at trying to keep something improper from happening between he and his sister. He should have stopped looking at her with lust in his eyes, should have stopped telling her how sexy that he thought she was. He should have taken her home. He just couldn't. "Sure. But you better do something really nice."

Heather may have been naive, but she could sense the sexual tension in the air. There was something about it, and about Mark, that was addictive. They way that he looked at her sometimes, and the way that it made her feel wasn't something that she was used to. She loved it and was indulging in it even though the intellectual side of her was telling her that she should be repulsed. She wasn't. She wanted more. And if anything did happen between them, well, like she said before, they were the only two people there. She had to learn somehow.

"I'll try my best."

They lounged around the apartment for a little while, talking about this and that when Mark got a call to go into work. He worked at a print shop and they were having a problem with one of the systems that he was familiar with. With a promise not to be gone too long and to take her to the grocery store when he got back, Mark left his sister alone in the apartment.

Heather decided to tidy the place up while Mark was gone and was working on that when there came a knocking on the door. She walked over and looked through the peep hole to see Amy standing on the other side. She took a breath and opened the door.

"Uh, Heather. I was looking for Mark." She was giving Heather a look like, 'What the hell are you doing here?' Heather took note.

"He's not here. He let me spend the night last night, he's helping me out with some stuff."

"Oh. I can't get him to return any of my messages or take any of my calls. I think that I made a big mistake and I just want to talk to him. Do you know when he'll be back?"

Heather surmised that this woman could totally throw a wrench into whatever plans that she and her brother had yet to make. At the very least she would cause him some kind of emotional distress. She could tell Amy to go away, but there was no way that she could keep her away from Mark forever. She clearly wanted to get back together with him, or she wouldn't be standing there talking about a big mistake that she made. Mark clearly had feelings for her or he wouldn't have been with her for years.

Amy looked miserable. The puffy eyes and unkempt hair suggested that she may have been up all night crying. Quite possibly getting ready to start again right there in the hallway. She looked at Heather expectantly.

"He won't be back until a little later. If you want, I could make sure that he gets a hold of you."

"Would you please? All he wanted me to do was to tell him that I love him, and I really love him. I just don't know why I couldn't do it. Will he listen to you if you ask him to? I need to talk to him so bad that I's just killing me," Amy whined.

Heather frowned. "He'll listen to me, I'm sure. You have to listen to me first, okay?"

"What is it?"

"I'm going through something of my own. I'm not going to tell you what it is. What I am going to tell you is that I absolutely need him tonight. I need you to trust me that he'll get in touch with you tomorrow sometime. I'm sure that he loves you, and he's not dating anyone else or anything like that. Can you just go home and get some rest and try and trust me?"

"Yeah, I guess so.

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