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A lonely expat learns about sex from her neighbor.

I pushed the thought from my mind. It was absurd, but I wanted it so badly. She reached the door and locked the bolt, then pulled down the small shade that covered the glass window near the top of the door.

"I think we'll keep this just between us, though, don't you agree?" she asked, and the way she stood with one hand coyly on her hip and the other on the little string holding the shade simply left me speechless. She took off her glasses and let them dangle between her fingers. I felt like the biggest, horniest fool in the world, but I was going to score with this woman if it was the last thing I did.

She walked back towards me and took a seat on her desk again. "It'd be a lot easier if you came closer," she said.

I still sat there, unable to move. Wanting to, but unable.

"It's okay," she said, patting the desk as an invitation for me to move forward.

I stood up, a bit awkwardly with the huge bulge in my pants, and walked towards her. She put her hands on my face, and kissed me long, hard and deep. Her hands felt cold on my face, but her lips were wonderfully warm. I pressed my tongue in her mouth, and heard her moan softly. I'd kissed plenty of girls before, but never a woman. I don't know how long we kissed like that, with me standing and her sitting on the desk, but I do know she had enough time to unbutton my jeans and slide them down below my knees. Now she was running her hands up and down my legs, and still we kissed, our tongues exploring each other's mouths, my hands massaging the firmness of her breasts beneath the silk blouse.

Suddenly she pulled back. "I'm sorry, we shouldn't do this here."


"No, it's too risky. My office would be better. Besides," she said with a wry grin, "I have a couch there. I think it'll be more comfortable. Zip yourself up. Let's go."

I started pulling my jeans back up, and she playfully reached for penis. "You're about to have a great time," she said to it as though she were talking to a puppy. I finished zipping up, and she led me out of the room and to the stairwell leading up to her office.

"You know this is crazy," she said as we climbed the stairs. I stayed a step behind her, mainly so I admire the shape of her ass beneath the dress.

"Yeah," I said stupidly.

"It'll be your first time won't it?"

I started to deny it because, well, because I'm a guy, but she stopped me. "I know it will be," she said, "I can tell. I think that's pretty cool. I'd better be good though, because I'll be the one you'll remember forever."

Somehow, I didn't think she had to worry about not being good.

We reached her office. There were a few other professors milling about in the hall, and I had to force myself not to look guilty. I reminded myself that as far as they were concerned, we were just about to have a student-teacher conference. And, in a way, I guess that was true. She opened the door, let me in, flicked on the light, and shut the door behind us.

"Now," she said, backing me against the door and pressing up against me, "where were we? Hmmm?"

She kissed me again, pressing her tongue deep inside my mouth while her hand worked on my crotch. This time she didn't undo my jeans, she just worked through them, rubbing the base of her palm against the fabric which pushed on my already hard cock. I grabbed her breasts and hoisted them up, loving the feel of their plump weight in my hands. I drove her backwards towards her desk and unbuttoned her blouse.

She lay back on the desk and swung her legs up on my shoulders. She had such long beautiful legs. "Just do whatever comes natural," she whispered, tilting back her head and closing her eyes.

I pushed her skirt up and saw she was wearing red panties.

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