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Daren and Leo's story continue after they are almost caught.

A deadly accurate weapon engineered and built to the smallest tolerances. Most definitely an upgrade of their older bolt action rifles, and far superior to the USA AR-15 series rifles which are mass produced to sloppy tolerances and quality control and incapable of hitting a target bullseye at even fifty yards.

One report I read a few years ago just before I left government service, reported that during a recent skirmish with USA troops in western Kansas, only about half of their warriors possessed guns. The ones without weapons charged into battle with all of the rest and stooped to pick up the weapons of the fallen. This suggested that they didn't even have enough obsolete weapons to supply their front rank troops, let alone their reserves.

Since Deseret is landlocked and surrounded by very unfriendly nations, it is easy to maintain a trade embargo on them. There are smugglers everywhere, it's true, but the demand of for weapons there surely far outweighs the supply.

If our sneak thief was supplying Deseret, this was a major ring stealing nearly four thousand weapons a year. This was enough to stock a couple of Regiments or maybe even a Brigade. Now imagine that this thief wasn't alone and had buddies in the other Republics of the GWA also stockpiling weapons. Now we were talking about tens of thousands of stolen and smuggled weapons a year, enough for an Army Division or Corps.

That was exactly the sort of high end scheming we knew to expect from Deseret. Suddenly Walton's little problem didn't sound quite so little anymore.

I took a last spin around the dealer's exhibition hall before the show opened to gather a few last thoughts and I made a quick last minute phone call into the local BMA office. I didn't exactly bleat for help, but I did tell the Adept on duty to send a flash request to all of the other BMA field offices throughout the GWA asking if they had been getting reports of regular mysterious possibly magic related gun thefts, especially at gun shows. I didn't expect an answer back until Monday at the earliest, but I'd be extremely surprised if I didn't receive back several affirmative confirmations.


I walked the convention hall all day long and didn't see a thing to put my nose out of joint. Rifles and hand-guns disappeared like clockwork just about all day long and by closing time for the day I still didn't have the slightest clue how it was being done.

Walton wasn't too disappointed. He hadn't quite expected a miracle solution on the very first day and I wasn't the only Adept standing guard duty. The thief was really very, very smart.

They let me stay on for awhile with the crew of off-duty Austin Police Department that worked night security while I tested out several possible theories, none of them very probable. The possible solutions mulled, I retreated on home to think some more while I loaded up my precious Artifact with the new Arcana Stones. If I was even half right I was going to need every bit of advantage that I could scrape up.


Sunday morning, despite not getting much sleep the night before, I was up bright and early and equipped myself for trouble. My Christmas encounter with the Stalking had ruined my very best protective warded duster coat, suit jacket, pants and vest and still put me in the hospital for a week with over a dozen stitches. It had taken me months of my very limited free time since to even get their replacements even half prepared with new imbued protections.

My old suit would have laughed off bullets, with the new one I wasn't nearly so confident. It was better than nothing, but it made me feel like I was half naked... I was so used to walking around better armored than a tank.

The new bracers changed that.

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