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Young couple's first time with anal sex.


I relaxed just a little bit.

"However," Mengxia said, her voice growing a little more stern, "it won't do at all. The core of your submission is redirecting your sexual energy towards serving a dominant woman. I understand that you will occasionally be very turned on by our experience together, and that's OK. But you can't come. I won't be able to get the best out of you if you do. You will be cheating yourself, too. You won't be able to submit as deeply as you could.

"I'm sorry, Mengxia," I said, honestly, "I promise it won't happen again."

Mengxia's eyes softened, and she took a step towards me, placing her hand on my shoulder. "See?" she said, her eyes scanning my face, "already you have forgotten how to address me, and I told you what was expected just yesterday! All that jerking off has drained off your submissive energy."

I realized with a shock that she was right. How had I forgotten? "I'm sorry, Miss Li. I will not jerk off in the future unless you allow me too."

Miss Li smiled. "slave," she said, in a voice that indicated she thought I was being silly, "after what you did last night, do you really think I am going to take your word for it?" She reached into her bag as she spoke these words, leaving me to contemplate what she'd said.

Miss Li withdrew the package, and unwrapped it with a flourish. "What I'm proposing may seem extreme, slave boy," she said, as she finished tearing off the wrapping paper, "but I am convinced that it is the only way to make a true slave out of you."

She set the object down onto the desk, and motioned for me to take a look. It was a chastity device, so familiar to me from the porn videos that I watched. She opened up the box, revealing a translucent pink cage and ring. "I anticipated that we might need something like this yesterday, right after I sent you those videos. I had to place a custom order at the toy store downtown, they don't usually make cages small enough for you but they were able to get me a special prototype this morning. I billed it to the corporate card." She grinned. "I believe that, as my manager, you're going to need to approve that expense!" She must have seen the shock on my face, because she quickly added, "Don't worry, the expense is going to show up as a visa application expense. I don't want to ruin your career"

"Mengxia, I -"

"Miss Li!" It was the first time she was raising her voice, even slightly. "I can see that this period of chastity is much needed. I am willing to bet that you will remember much better once you've spent some time in this."

"Now, it's time to change into slave attire," she said. "That means get naked!" she said laughing in response to my blank expression.

Hesitating slightly again, but more naturally than I had yesterday, I quickly stripped out of my clothes. I had that feeling again -- the feeling of being naked in a place that wasn't home or a locker room. It felt really odd to be nude at work. Soon, I was down to her panties, rewashed so many times the previous day that they had lost a bit of their colour.

Miss Li nodded appreciatively. "I'm glad that you followed my instructions, at any rate. I was worried that all that jerking off had deprived you of the will to do even the most basic things. Take them off." I pulled them down, holding my breath for her reaction.

Miss Li started giggling again. "Awwwwww," she said in mock sympathy, pouting slightly as she did do. "I think he's even smaller than he was yesterday! Look! He's all shrunken again." I looked down and realized that she was not completely joking, it did look smaller today. "All your cummies yesterday made him shrink! Look at him trying to hide in your bush!" She flicked her finger at my cock as she did so, as she would a fly, and I yelped. Another flick, this time at my balls, and I yelled out louder and almost fell over.

Miss Li picked up the chastity device.

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