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Rob and Beth go to the cabin for the week.


"Never say never," he says, pulling me into his arms. We stand there for a few minutes, each lost in our own thoughts.

"We need to get going. Brad's probably wondering where we're at." Vin comments.

We get into the jeep and head down to the hangar to find Brad doing his pre-flight inspection. Vin parks the jeep next to the one that Brad was using.

Brad comments, "Almost ready to go. I've got a few things to take care of, then we'll be in the air."

"Take your time," Vin replies, grabbing our bags from the jeep.

I head up the stairs into the cabin of the plane with Vin following. He sets our bags down next to the desk and pulls out a laptop computer that was stored in one of the drawers.

"What are you doing?" I ask.

"Checking my emails to see if Mike sent my schedule for the week. We need to finalize some things that came up in the meeting last week, and I was checking to see if he had anything lined up yet."

After reading his emails, he looked up and grinned. "Care to have a visitor for another week?"

"Why? What's going on?" I ask as he pulls me down into his lap.

"According to Mike's email, he's flying back in tonight because he has meetings set up for us all week." I scanned the email as he read it.

Teasingly I reply, "Hmmm. Do I want a visitor for the week? Stay at home alone or have a visitor? Alone or hot sex all week?" I repeat. Looking into those gorgeous dark eyes I reply, "Alone."

Vin busts out laughing. "You liar," he says, giving me a quick kiss.

Brad enters the plane and heads to the cockpit to prepare for takeoff. Walking by he comments, "Man, can't you guys get a room?"

"That's an excellent idea," Vin answers. He gets up out of the chair, walks over and opens a door that I thought went to a storage compartment. As it turns out, it's a bedroom. "Shall we?" Vin asks.


We walk into a room not quite the size of the main cabin, but yet big enough for a queen size bed. We're both trying to undress as quickly as possible, bumping into each other in the process. While Vin was trying to take his shoes off, he knocked me over and I fell on the bed. We both started laughing.

Brad's voice comes over the intercom, "We'll be taking off in a few minutes."

"Would you look at us? Acting like a couple of teenagers trying to grab a quickie before they get caught." I remark.

"As far as I'm concerned, quickies aren't all that bad. But we've got about 3 hours to kill, and I'm planning on putting that time to good use."

We finish undressing and as he slowly crawls up my body, the plane lifts off of the ground, taking us back to the real world. This time our loving is slow and hot. He is so in tune with my body that he knows what I need even before I do. We definitely make good use of our time together.

Sometime later, Brad announces, "We're about 30 minutes from the airport. The weather is clear, so we should have a smooth landing."

"I guess that's our wake-up call." Vin says, getting up to get dressed, with me doing the same.

We straightened the room up and went into the main cabin to finish out the flight. Brad was right about the weather, clear skies and a perfect landing. He taxied the plane to the private hangar where we had boarded it three days earlier, then shuts down the engines while Vin opens up the cabin door. We exit the plane, thanking Brad for the trip, and then throw our things in my truck.

Vin gets behind the wheel, and remembering the way back, takes us home. He takes our bags to the bedroom while I grab the paper and check my answering machine, which shows one message. I hit the play button to listen.

"First message - Sunday, 10:00 am - Hey Gwen, it's Jenn. I still crack up when I say that. Listen, I hope I'm the first one to call you about this, but when you get home, check out the "Seen and Heard" section of today's paper. Call me when you get in."

I have a puzzled look on my face as Vin walks over and opens up the paper.

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