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Sometimes nothing goes the way you planned.

"That's the wonderful thing about women," I said. "They can all be completely and utterly different and at the same time every one is perfect. It's impossible to compare."

Bel was jinking from side to side as she walked, getting further ahead. I guess Katie and I had slowed as we talked. It looked like Bel was trying to walk on the ridges of sand made by the tide.

"So my ass isn't so bad then?"

"You've got a great ass."

"Even for a sister?"

I shrugged, though it was too dark for Katie to see. "A great ass is a great ass. What's being related got to do with it?"

"I thought you weren't meant to look at me that way."

"Because you're my sister?"

Katie nodded and I only caught the movement because her hair was so light against the sky. More lightning flashed, still far out, the storm sitting beyond the horizon.

"Even sisters can have beautiful asses."

Katie giggled. I liked the sound. She was usually so serious.

"You think?"

"I know. The evidence is incontrovertible, your honor."

She giggled again and knocked against me, then her arm was around my waist and she kissed my cheek.

"Thanks, Joe. I love you to pieces."

Luckily she ran to join Bel, grabbed her hand and they both sprinted toward the water. I watched the asses and honestly couldn't choose between them, wondered if I needed to. Bel's hair-brained notion was getting closer to coming true, and the idea lodged in my mind like a pebble, smooth and round and enticing.

The girls hit the water and dove in, moving like dolphins as they stroked out. I walked, thinking, waded in until the water covered my obvious arousal then swam out to them. They were standing on the sandy bottom, the water rising and falling over their breasts, lifting the weight of Bel's, kissing the curves of Katie's. Once more they had their arms around each other. The water was almost blood heat and any hope I had of the cold killing my erection was gone. Bel waved me closer, pulled me into their arms as if they'd been planning the move. Bel moved against me, rubbing her belly against my cock. Her hand slid along my back and down to my ass. I was surprised when Katie's arm went around me too, pulling me tight against her. Her weight changed as she lifted her feet from the sand and wrapped her legs around my waist. Her soft pubic bush pressed against my hip and she briefly ground against me, her head resting against my shoulder.

We clung there as waves moved past, increasing the arousal of us all. I kissed Bel, lightly at first and then harder. She lifted her hand from my ass and held my chin, tilting my head. Bel drew back, turned my head toward Katie and I knew what she wanted. Katie still pressed against my waist. I placed a hand in the small of her back, encouraged her movement. Bel combed her fingers through Katie's hair, using the move to turn her head. Our mouths were inches apart. Thunder sounder, a sudden, deep rumble. I saw beyond Katie's shoulder the storm had moved inland. Lighting split and cracked onto the ocean, each flash followed half a minute later by thunder.
"We need to go in," I said.

Bel nodded. Her breathing was labored. "Yes."

"The storm," I said. "A storm's coming."

She kissed my earlobe and said, "Yes," again.

She wasn't listening. "A storm is coming right at us."

Lightning arced down, closer, the thunder pursuing it fast. I knew the danger of being in the ocean during a storm and pulled back, holding onto a hand of each of them, dragging them after me. Katie recognized the danger first and looked back. Dark clouds blotted out the stars, their bellies illumined in patches from town lights along the Keys. As we splashed through the shallows the wind picked up and a first pattering of rain hustled past.

Katie went around the side of the cabin to use the outside shower. Bel knelt in front of me as I sat on the lounger.

"She wants you, Joe," she whispered, although Katie couldn't hear us. The wind rattled against the cabin but the porch sheltered us from the worst. Bel didn't seem to want to go in yet.

"I can't.

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