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She wore her gray sweats and sandals, the top of the sweats rolled down a little to reveal her toned midsection. Her hair was pinned up and off her shoulders. Dave answered the door and made no effort to hide his pleasure in seeing her. His eyes fell to her tits and stayed there, despite his best efforts to maintain eye contact.

"Dave," she said, leaning against the doorway with her arms crossed, "My bedroom light bulb burned out, and I am not tall enough to reach it. Can you help me out?

"Sure," he smiled and went next door with her.

It was true she couldn't reach the bulb in the ceiling fixture, and at 5' 7" standing on the ottoman from her living room, she couldn't make up the difference. But at 6' 2", Dave would have no trouble. She briefly thought of the stepladder in the storage behind the office, but thought against it. Why bother with a step ladder when the whole point was to get Dave into her bedroom and do it himself? Dave again wore only his shorts and sandals as he walked into her bedroom, the thin material of his shorts revealing that he also was not wearing underwear. Joy thought it might be a sign as neither one of them was wearing anything under their clothes. She considered her going braless might seem sluttish, or even laughable at her age, but Dave wasn't complaining as his eyes continually rested on her full tits.

"Okay, give it to me," Dave said.

"Excuse me?"

"The bulb," he explained innocently, "I need the new bulb."

"Of course," she laughed, and thought about the bulb at the end of his cock, how big it must be and how she would polish it off until he came for her... if she ever got the chance. She handed him the bulb from a box on her bed, "Here you go."

She watched Dave as he stood up on the ottoman and replaced the bulb, entranced by the muscles in his arms as they flexed and maneuvered throughout the procedure. She had deliberately turned off the AC, and as a result, it was getting hot in the bedroom. She could see his body beginning to get shiny from sweat. As she felt herself getting more and more aroused, she looked at the thermometer on her window. It read one hundred and five degrees.

Beads of perspiration had formed on her forehead, lips and cleavage as she watched him. When he stepped down from the stool, she put her hands on his midsection, guiding him down. Dave didn't say anything as she held onto him for a lingering moment, and then let go. Dave flipped the switch and the light came, bright and powerful.

"Thank you," she smiled and hugged him, again making every effort to convey her need for him as the damp parts of their skin touched. He even smelled good.

"Hey, no sweat," Dave smiled and handed her back the bulb, "No pun intended."

Joy laughed. "How can I repay you?"

Dave shrugged. "I'll think of something, but you might want to have your wiring checked."

"Really, why?" she asked, anticipating his idea of repayment being a night of sex together.

"Well, it's just that the filament in your bulb isn't burnt out," he said casually, "There's nothing wrong with the bulb, but maybe you have a goofy wire."

Joy mentally slapped herself upside the head for not considering he might actually look at the bulb. "Oh, okay," she smiled, hiding her disappointment.

Dave hugged her again and kissed her on the cheek. Before their hug broke, she felt him rub himself against her, his cock thick in his shorts. "If I can help with anything else, let me know."

He left, and Joy stood there dumbfounded. He knew she was interested in him, and he had been interested right back. He was toying with her, flirting and playing it cool while she sweated it out. Joy laughed and put the bulb in the box. She replayed the hug and kiss over and over in her head the rest of that day and night, debating whether or not to just go over there and attack him. She decided to wait, and make him come to her. She was not going to fold so easily, and the game was becoming too much fun for her.

The next day, Joy decided to start tanning her

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