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She needs a baby.

His dark eyes were playful as they danced over her rigid frame. "Relax," he said as he causally strolled over to another chair. "It was just a compliment."

"Do I know you?" she asked, her voice as stern as her face.

He did a mock bow. "Damien Cross, at your service."

"The only service you could do me is to leave me alone," she said. She was still on edge because of what happened with Xavier.

Luckily, or unluckily, for her Damien seemed to know that. "Young Xavier has not yet learned how to deal with the fairer sex."

Her eyebrow raised. Was that a sexist remark?

He smiled. He liked her already. "Of course I couldn't say you were weaker, now could I? You seemed to dispatch young Mr. Luna quite efficiently. Well done."

"Thank you," she finally managed.

"Wise, that," he went on, her participation in the conversation seemingly irrelevant. "Being a human in a nest full of blood suckers, it's a good idea to have a few moves like that up your sleeve."

It was her turn to smile. "I'm not afraid of vampires," she assured him.

"Then you are a rare human being," he praised. Whether he believed her or not she couldn't really be sure. "My I ask the lady's name?"

"Rambo," she quipped. He gave her a hearty laugh. This eased her nerves a bit. Generally joyous vampires weren't out to kill you.

He vaulted to his feet. "You are amusing, love," he said as he gave her another bow. "And therefore I will leave you to your solitude. Good night. Rambo," he added with a wink and then left her alone.

Out in the club Sebastian sat with Abigail, who drilled him on information about Sonja and Tracy Lynn.

"People come and go here every day," he assured her. "This is a community of vagabonds and gypsies. Some stay for a while, some stay for a moment. It's not up to me to keep track."

"Then why call the police?" she countered.

"I was worried about Sonja. I'd grown very fond of her." He gestured to the dance floor. Sonja stood close to yet another young woman in an intimate dance. "But as you can see, she's returned."

"As a vampire?" Abi pressed.

He chuckled softly and leaned in towards her. She felt herself swoon slightly from the force that surrounded him. "Undead is still not dead, Abigail. I'm afraid to tell you that without a corpse, there is no murder mystery."

"But..." she tried to continue but he put his hands over hers.

"Our culture is not your culture, Abi. The minute you try to bring human sensibilities into it, you've already lost. We are all thieves and murderers in our own way. My advice to any human who cannot accept that is to stay far away from us."

But even as he said it, she felt herself lean in towards him.

"That's what Raven wants for you, Abi," he told her as she toppled into his amber eyes.

"Raven doesn't own me," she managed. This made him smile as he touched her hand and led her onto the dance floor, he never once broke their gaze.

She melted against him as she felt the warmth of his taunt body spread over the coolness of her own. She couldn't look away from him if she tried. His eyes bore down into hers. His full lips were slightly parted, and she could almost feel a kiss he hadn't yet decided if he wanted to deliver. It wasn't that vampires were faithful creatures, necessarily. They were lustful. Sinful. They coveted, they stole. But the man Sebastian had always been had been loyal, and it was Raven he thought of in that moment, rather than his lovely Sonja.

His resolve grew weaker as he watched her own lovely lips part in anticipation of a kiss. There was nothing wrong in holding her, he decided. They swayed to the music and she could imagine them together in an ornate ball room centuries ago. Her imagination came alive with satin gowns, lovely jewels and a mysterious stranger with bright amber eyes.

The more she gave her spirit to him to render to his will, the stronger his aura became. He drank from her energy without reserve until she finally fainted against him just as he began to grow against her. She was not ready for him yet, he realized. He hoped she never would be.


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