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A demon's rage is taken over by an unknow desire for a human.

They entered a trailhead that was less traveled and not as well maintained as the one the others were following. He was trying to hide it from her, but he thought she could sense the anticipation he felt as they separated from the rest of the group to travel alone into the wilderness.

As they got further away from the other hikers she got brattier. The trail was harder here and much more enclosed. Where the day before, the path was relatively clear and easy, this one had limbs to dodge and places where it was easy to trip and hurt oneself.

They hiked that way for hours. There were times she was screaming at him to stop being such of a fucking dick, but he stayed quiet and continued on.

Near mid-afternoon, they reached a small clearing. She was relieved to be off the hard trail for a few minutes and anxious to rest. This trip was not turning out the way she had anticipated. As she dropped her pack, she looked around and noticed some strange things about the clearing. It seemed to have been cleared for a purpose.

As she stood taking it all in, she heard his footsteps behind her. She turned and caught a glimpse of the snarl on his face and his arm moving forward right before she felt his open hand connect with her face in a hard slap.

He watched her crumple to the ground under the blow he had just given her. He had seen the surprise, fear, and something else appear in her facial expression as it had connected with her left cheek.

He dropped his pack as she was momentarily dazed on her hands and knees. Within seconds she hurled herself at him. She was completely pissed and came at him with her hands and feet. If he had not been prepared, she might have taken him down. Instead, he was able to get inside her blows making them largely ineffective and grappled her back down to the ground where his size would be to his advantage.

He slapped her again across the face and rolled her over on her stomach as she kicked and scratched at his face and arms. He felt like he was fighting a wildcat and she was giving it everything she had.

He straddled her ass and twisted her right arm up behind her back and grabbed a fistful of hair and pressed her face hard into the ground. That dazed her and he was able to get her left hand behind her back and secured her wrists together using a large zip tie. She continued squirming and fighting under him, but to no avail. He lifted her head off the ground by her hair and ran his tongue from her jaw to her cheek and whispered into her ear, "Is this better bitch?" He laughed cruelly as she tried to twist her head around to bite him. He changed positions and used another zip tie to bind her ankles together. He then grabbed the waistband of her shorts and dragged her over to a particular area in the clearing. "Do you like my play area, cunt?" he asked. "I made it just for you. Here, I can do anything I want to with your filthy little ass."

She watched him warily as he went to his pack and pulled out a bottle of water and a small bottle of unidentifiable pills. He drained 2/3 of the bottle, dropped two pills into it, recapped it, and then shook it up. She struggled to crawl away from him by only using her shoulders and upper legs, just like a snake would slither across the ground, but to no avail. He grabbed her face and used his left hand to force her mouth open and shoved the bottle into her mouth pouring the water in. She sputtered and tried to spit, but he pushed her mouth shut and held her nose until she swallowed.

It's not long before dizziness hits her. She never loses consciousness, but everything happens in a blur. She feels as if she is floating. The sensations indicate she is being untied and moved to another location. She watches in disinterest as a knife is flashed before her eyes. She feels the cool metal touch her skin and hears the sounds of material being cut with ease. She expects to see blood, but instead sees her clothes falling off of her body.

He tells her to hold her hands out in front of her and she complies.

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