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Two people become lovers from the oddest circumstances.

The tension was broken by Gary handing her an envelope, foolscap size. She opened it slowly, expecting one of those photocopied joke sheets that every office has shared since the invention of the photocopier. Thirty reasons why a cucumber is better than a man? She'd seen that one a hundred times, and always wondered why none of the women in the office had added on the bottom' because you can't find a cock the size of a cucumber in Sainsbury's vegetable section' or 'because feeling utterly stuffed as if you're going to burst while frigging your clit is the best feeling in the world...'

The envelope didn't contain a photocopied joke. It contained one of her photographs, the one of her fastening a handcuff to her left wrist, naked, her breasts towards the camera, her crotch slightly shaded. When she'd left the picture in a car park she'd written on the bottom 'want to finish the job?' along with her email address.

She turned the letter over in her hands. It was handwritten in block capitals.

"This is Christine Smith. She works for the Builders and Plumbers Training Association. She lives at Martins Lee, and she is a member of the school PTA there. Do you think this kind of woman is what you want as a neighbour?'

She looked from the picture to Gary's face, then to the other men. They looked expectant, eager, but also implacable. They were waiting for Gary to deliver the final blow, and even ass he thought crossed her mind she realised that this was the moment she had always feared and wanted.

"You see Christine, we've known all week what you are really like. We've seen the picture, and we've had time to make copies..." She'd listened to Gary talk like this before, his voice gentle as he told a tale or led her into a shaggy dog story.

"But it couldn't have been a worse group of builders to find this pic Chrissy... Guess what we do at weekends...." Christine looked up at him.

"Should I be interested in what you do at weekends?"

"You should be. We run a little video business. Mainly what we set up is gangbang videos. Sometimes we pay the women involved and sell the videos on the net, but to tell you the truth I don't think a lot of the women do the videos for the money." Christine tried to keep her voice light and gentle.

"So why do they do it then?"

Gary replied in a similar tone.

"Some do it because I'm a cruel and heartless bastard who loves S&M and making women come and cry at the same time, and some do it because young Phillip here is hung like a horse... Which would you prefer Chrissy? The heartless S& M or being fucked till you're stretched by the stallion here?" Christine shook her head; she knew it was a clich__d response, but she couldn't believe what she was hearing. Still they were waiting for her answer.

"I don't answer hypothetical questions Gary." He shook his head in turn, slow sad shakes like a teacher disappointed with the pupil's answer.

"It isn't hypothetical. You have three choices Chrissy. The first is that you ask us to leave your office, and we distribute 100 of these around your neighbours. The second is that we gangbang you; it'll be fun for all of us; we never leave a woman unsatisfied. The third is that we have a little S&M session with you. Take your pick." Chrissy now felt light headed and shaken. Could he be serious?

"Gary, you can't be serious... I mean, you wouldn't deliver those leaflets...." Gary laughed out loud, mocking here.

"We would and we will Chrissy. Now since you don't want the leaflets delivered why don't you show us that you're going to give in eventually. Stand up and take your skirt off, and then we can discuss what you're going to agree to..."

She didn't know why she decided to give in, or what had made her act, but she stood up, unzipped her skirt, and stepped out of it as it fell around her ankles.

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