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Nancy and Felecia get ready for college like only THEY can!

She looked back at me through her legs for a moment and then her hand appeared between her legs and three of her gloved fingers delved into her sopping twat.

"Mmmm, look at it slave, isn't that the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?"

"Yes Mistress." I said, trying not to let her hear the tremor in my voice.

Her wriggling fingers reached back towards me, sticky with her juices.

"Lick my fingers slave."

I didn't need telling twice and instantly opened my mouth to lick the beautiful juices from her outstretched digits. It tasted so good that I didn't want to stop, but Mistress soon pulled them away again and returned them to her glistening pink slit. Then she pulled them out and pulled her arm out from between her legs and laid it down her back, her first and third fingers prizing her ass cheeks apart leaving the middle one free to press into her tight hole. I watched in awe as for the fist time ever I saw my Mistress' ass being intruded. Slowly she fed her finger inside and then just as slowly she pulled it out again, before holding it out towards me.

"Suck it."

My pulse raced and all thoughts of my aching knees deserted me as I took her finger between my lips, my tongue swirled around her finger and I felt my cock rise until it was rubbing against my stomach. She started to fuck my mouth with her finger and I let out a deep groan of pleasure. Instantly her finger was pulled away and I felt her hand slap lightly across my face.

"Don't get excited." She said sternly. "You have too much else on your plate."

Then she turned over again and moved closer to the edge of the bed, wrapping her calves around my shoulders and pulling me close into her groin. She raised herself up on her arms and pushed her beautiful wet cunt into my face. With all her weight on my shoulders I struggled to keep still, but she didn't seem to care.

"Stick out your tongue." She said as she raised her body slowly upwards until my tongue slid off the back of her pussy and between her asscheeks. My cock pulsed again as I felt her forbidden hole and then she was lowering herself again and my tongue was between her wet lips once more. She did this three times before finally lowering herself back onto the bed.

"There, that was a nice little treat for you wasn't it slave?"

"Yes, thank you Mistress."

Mistress pulled herself away from me and climbed off the far side of the bed.

"Get up here." She said impatiently. "On all fours, facing the head of the bed."

"Yes Mistress."

I clambered onto the bed and assumed the position she had commanded. I saw her bend down to pick something up and then move around behind me.

"Today slave, you are going to learn what it means to be humbled."

She reached between my legs and grabbed my balls, pulling them backwards between my legs as she pressed them into the hole between the two lengths of wood that were now wedged behind my thighs.

"Perfect. Can you move slave?"

"Hardly Mistress."

It was true, even though my ball sack had stretched a little it was still pulled tight when I was put into this hellish contraption. She laughed as she flicked a nail into my balls and I first flinched and then winced as the humbler pulled on my nuts.

"Now you see how it gets it's name slave, I bet you feel pretty humble right now don't you?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Good. You've brought all this on yourself and you deserve to feel humbled."

Then she walked back up the side of the bed and picked up the hairbrush and the cock whip, before drifting back down to the end of the bed and my tightly held balls. She started to whip my nuts, gradually hitting harder and harder and then stopping abruptly to change tack, the hairbrush coming up to torment my taught skin. This went on for maybe ten minutes until Mistress was satisfied with the colour of my tormented balls. Then she told me that she was going to remove the humbler, but that if I misbehaved in any way she would not hesitate to replace it.

"Thank you Mistress.

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