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An afternoon between two fine people.

Anna loved it when Beth's hornyness got the better of her and she was all over Anna. The fact that Beth so desperately needed her was turning Anna on as well as the teasing touches over her sensitive areas. Beth's hands were everywhere, her calves, her back, her neck, her hair, the sides of her breasts, her ass, her hips. Anna groaned a little and Beth nudged her thighs open and ran a finger down her wet slit, tickling her clit just enough to make her moan for more.

"I seem to be getting somewhere here." Beth said climbing off her. "But you're not quite as wet as I am yet, roll over." Anna chuckled

"Oh I'm not?" she said taking her sweet time to roll over, earning a heavy smack to her ass.

"I mean, you never are." Beth grinned at her crawling up the front of her body, pressing their lips together with harsh urgency.

Beth's hands sought out Anna's breasts while their tongues wrestled and her brushed her thumbs over her soft nipples. Beth took one of Anna's breasts in each hand and squeezed the nipple between her fingers. Ripping her lips away from Anna's to suck sloppily on one of them.

"I love watching your nipples get hard." Beth whispered into her skin, listening to Anna moan and pant above her. "It takes so long to make them that way but you look so sexy with them red and swollen. It's like having little handles to steer my slut with."

Beth pinched her nipples hard; so hard Anna had to sit up to relieve some of the pressure on them. Beth crouched over her lap still playing with one nipple but shoving her other hand between Anna's tights and rubbing her dripping pussy, staring into her eyes the whole time. Beth brought her hand away from Anna and sucked a finger into her mouth, moaning at Anna's intense taste, she was always more flavorful when she was really horny. Anna's face flushed with arousal as she watched Beth tasting her juices and sucking off her fingers, making a show of it for Anna. Anna's eyes drifted down to Beth's pussy, staring at her soaked panties that still covered it, the silky fabric plastered to her lips. Beth grinned and took her hand out of her mouth and pulled her panties down, holding them off a finger and letting Anna get a look at her open, red cunt. She straddled Anna over her hips and rubbed her pussy on Anna's stomach, her breasts right in Anna's face.

"Come on little bitch, they're right there I think it's obvious what I want you to do. You're going to suck on my breasts for a long time, I want them paid decent attention too." Anna immediately sucked Beth's hard nipple into her mouth and Beth groaned adjusting her legs and patting open Anna's thighs so she could see her pussy.

"Come on." Beth coaxed her breathlessly "How many times have I worshiped your ungrateful tits bitch, show some appreciation." Beth was getting hotter by the second; the power play and Anna's tongue were getting to her. She took her panties, which were still in her hand and rubbed the wet crotch on Anna's clit mixing their juices together and lightly fingering the entrance to her pussy over the fabric. Anna moaned into Beth's chest and rocked her hips against the pressure.

"Are you enjoying yourself?" Beth asked applying a little more pressure and flicking her clit through the drenched fabric. "It's the closest you'll get to having my cum inside you." She said pressing the panties up into her pussy with a finger and fucking her very slowly. Anna took her mouth off of Beth and groaned grabbing Beth's hips and pulling her closer to her.

"Bethy, oh, that feels good."

Beth wrenched her fingers out of her. "What happened to my breasts, hm? I'd like some pleasure to seeing as I've been waiting for you for the better part of a year. Selfish little skank."

Beth pulled the panties out of Anna and grabbed her hair pulling her head back and pushing them into her mouth as a gag.

"How's that taste?" Beth asked pulling Anna's face close to hers.

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