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Clover is sucking the football team, it's Chad's turn.

I look up at him as he pushes it into my mouth. I take it in and taste my juices, never really before ever tasting myself. He then moves standing above me facing the other men as he grabs my ass cheeks and pulls them apart, revealing my wet pussy and tight asshole for the group of men. He rubs my ass cheeks and makes them jiggle as he lightly spanks me a couple times. He then takes the oil and pours it over my ass cheeks and down my ass crack. It pours down my thighs soaking my stockings even more as it drips over my pussy lips and over my asshole leaving me a mess of slick oil. The strange man rubs it over my ass cheeks as I look over my shoulder unable to see much, his ass blocking my view. The other men touching themselves as they soak in the view of my oily rear end.

Then suddenly I feel as one of the men digs their face right, eating my wet pussy from behind. His nose nuzzled in my asshole as he buries his face right in, the other man still holding my ass open for him. The other three come back around before me as one grabs the back of my head and pulls my thong out of my mouth. He lets it hang from his hard cock as he forcefully brings my mouth to his cock. I open up and take him right in. Bobbing my head back and forth along his length, my mouth making muffled noises around his cock as my pussy gets devoured from behind. The man in my mouth quickly pulls out giving me a quick breathe of air as another grabs my head and brings my mouth to their cock as they proceed to fuck my mouth.

The man eating my pussy licks his way up to my asshole and starts licking my asshole, poking his tongue in and out as deep as he can. The third man before me taking his turn with my mouth as he grabs my head bringing my mouth to his cock. The man eating my holes from behind stops as I feel as one of them starts to slide their finger in my asshole. Slipping it in nice and easily from all of the oil all over my body, he slides it in and out with ease as he hear them both voicing their approval as he finger fucks my asshole. Then I feel another finger slowly slip its way in my ass along with the first, feeling like their both fingering my ass at the same time as they slide their fingers in and out, stretching it slightly. My ass only taking a cock once before, and something I didn't allow to go on too long. Never being into anal before, always thinking it to be gross but wanting nothing more than for my ass to be violated by these strange men.

They continue to finger fuck my asshole together for a little bit while I take turns sucking the cocks before me. Pulling their fingers out slowly he then spreads my cheeks apart wide as the other man lines up his hard cock with my wet pussy. he rubs the head on my slick lips as I take a cock in my mouth before me. He then slides forth in one swift motion all the way as my moans of pleasure are muffled by the cock in my mouth. He slides almost all the way out and slams forth again doing this a few times as he moans loud getting my wet pussy nice and ready for the coming treatment. The man spreading my cheeks apart spanks me as the other man fucks me, picking up his pace sliding his hard cock back and forth.
All three men before me back off and step back, taking in the view of their fellow mates enjoying me. I moan out loud throwing my head back, my eyes rolling in ecstasy as I get fucked hard from behind. I stare at the three men as they stare at me, wicked grins on their faces as they stroke their cocks taking in the view before them. I look over my shoulder as I continue moaning in pleasure, unable to see much just the other mans ass and a little bit of the man fucking me. My big tits bouncing back and forth as he fucks me harder and faster.

He suddenly pulls out as the man holding my ass cheeks apart spanks my ass hard.

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