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Easter camping trip fulfills a fantasy.

We agreed to keep it a secret except to a very few people, Robbie being one of them.

We snacked on some leftovers from the day before when the house had been full of people. The women had come back about two-thirty looking beautiful and very pampered. Each had also had her hair done professionally. The women all went off to the master suite about four o'clock to start to dress and do hairstyles and all. Nick and I sat out on the patio drinking. I did enjoy his company.

"Jim," he started, "I have been thinking about the relationships you have with all these women. In one sense I am envious. I can see you give a lot of love and get a lot in return, and I don't mean just physical lovemaking."

He went on, "I have thought a long time about what I am about to say to you." He paused and looked me straight in the eye, "I know you and Beverly love each other. I also love Beverly and I know she loves me. She told me this just this morning and I believe her."

He hemmed and hawed a bit, looking for the right words to express his thoughts; "I do not want to deprive Beverly of the love she receives from you by making her a chattel of mine. I do not want to form a break between the two of you for I know you love her and that she loves you as well as me. She is her own woman. I plan to tell her today that it is all right with me and that I will not be jealous if she continues to have a relationship with you." After a long pause he continued, "In fact, I find it highly erotic to think that the two of you from time to time might make love to one another -- that you also find her attractive and loving."

I waited to be sure Nick was through then spoke; "Nick. Thank you for your thoughts. I like you a lot and you know I love Bev. I don't want to do anything -- and I mean anything -- that would result in her unhappiness -- or yours. I worry that if we were to continue with the sexual side of our relationship, it might eventually harm the relationship the two of you are just now building." He nodded and I went on, "Thus, I think for a while I will let her feel the freedom you are about to grant her but I will be cautious about doing anything to jeopardize the love you are growing between the two of you."

I went on, "Sometime you may personally feel comfortable joining our family. I know you are loved and respected by everyone. That would make a big difference to me -- and to Bev, I know. No pressure. Just think about it."

I put my hand forward and we shook hands warmly. I think my response had relieved a large amount of tension he was carrying.


Two stretch limousines appeared at the house at a quarter to six. By now Mel, Lynn, Karen, Chris and Bev were each dolled up to the max. I quickly took more of photographs of the group. I'd been taking candid shots all day long so these added to what I hoped would be a special album of candid shots for Mel and Robbie. Mel looked especially radiant in her bridal gown and veil. I urged them all out to the limos. Mel herded Lynn, Karen, Chris and Bev into the first limo and launched it towards the beach where the service would take place. Mel and I got in the second limo. By plan, we were to arrive about ten minutes later so that everyone else would have time to take up their positions for the ceremony. Nick had driven ahead in his rental car.
Mel spoke to our limo driver and then pulled me into the long car. The driver looked back and grinned, then shut the blackened interior window between us. He pulled away slowly. The darkened windows prevented anyone on the outside from seeing in. Mel and I were in our own private compartment.

Mel melted into my arms. "Hold me tight," she said. I did.

She went further, "I'm going to do something very naughty that I've wanted to do for years." With that she reached down and unzipped me and pulled my cock from its resting place. In seconds she had me hard and was mouth fucking me with all her consummate skill. I rapidly undid my pants and slid them down my legs.

When she judged me ready, she pulled up her wedding dress.

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