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A great birthday present from my gorgeous wife.

Everyone knew that I really liked him and he really liked me, and there was the distinct possibility of something long-term and ever-lasting between us. I was also with him my third and fifth day here, too. Truth be told, Devon should have respected that and decided to BACK OFF! I had sex with Jeremy before Devon even touched him for the first time. I had sex with him on three different occasions before Devon got to him a second time. I know it is a foreign concept on this island ... but to me, sex is still a sacred and special thing." [... ]

Perhaps I was analyzing things too much and being my usual paranoid self. A lot had transpired on the island over the past 48 hours, and because of that, I was hopeful that Pamela had since changed her tune on several of the previous remarks. Judging from her time with Kristanna yesterday, at the very least Pamela seemed willing to give the idea of a four-way relationship a try. That was a good sign.

What was a bad sign, however, was the simple fact that Pamela seemed to have no romantic feelings toward either Kristanna or Devon. Oh, she was friends with them. And despite her outburst concerning Devon from two nights ago, Pamela had always seemed to get along with her just fine.

But Pamela did not have that connection with either of them. Kristanna and Devon were totally wild and crazy for each other. The only special connection that Pamela had - at least in my mind - was the one that she shared with me. There was not a fraction of that emotion for Kristanna or Devon. Without even a tiny spark as a starting point, would it be possible for things to ever develop and grow? Could I honestly envision Pamela one day feeling as strongly for Kristanna and Devon as they did for each other?

Again, I could have been wrong on all of this. I sure hoped I was. If not, though, then Pamela would simply never fit into the scope of what Kristanna and I ultimately wanted. Our life was going to be together from now on.

Chapter 22: Quatern

"Let's start with the easy stuff," Camille commented to Trish, as both ladies lounged beside the infinity-edged pool out back. "How long have you known that you're a lesbian?"

Trish, like Camille, was decked out in a two-piece string bikini. The sight of these two ladies - as I eavesdropped on their discussion from the voyeur room - was total eye candy to me. Trish's bikini was a light blue with white dots speckled about, while Camille's had flower print designs with multiple, flashy colors. Trish and Camille, with their raw sexuality, were most definitely a pair of beautiful, bombshell divas. No one could ever argue that point.

"I'm not a lesbian," Trish responded, making a face.

Camille appeared amused. "Okay. Okay ... you're NOT a lesbian. How long have you been bi-sexual? Can you tell me that? How many women have you been with in your lifetime? That is, before you came to the island?"

Trish pouted and fidgeted about somewhat within the pool chair. "You are kind of forward with your words, Camille. I'm not used to people asking me these kind of questions. I am not quite sure why you are so curious about me, either."

The lovely, busty Mexican shrugged her shoulders. "You never get anywhere in this world unless you ask questions. I always believe in being up-front and straightforward with others. That way, there is no confusion."

"Very well," Trish said flatly. "Before coming to the island, I had been with two women. I had a wild, one night fling years ago while I was still attending university with a close friend of mine. Her name was Victoria."

"Victoria?" I scoffed inside the voyeur room, violently shaking my head. My ex-fiancee was named Victoria. The same ex-fiancee who left me standing at the altar in front of my friends and family for another woman nearly 20 years ago. Victoria. That was a bad name in my book. Ewwwww...

"Victoria and I had a little too much to drink, though, and the next morning, she blamed what happened between us the previous night on all of the alcohol," Tri

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