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A continuation of Nina, Amy, Amanda and Carlos FFFM fantasy

11 loads! I really wanted Kate to suffer. She was looking as though she would be sick at any moment and my boyfriend was really getting into his stride - I think in his drunken state he thought he was either a porn star or a cowboy. He was holding my pigtails and literally fucking my mouth.

The taste of pre-come was filling my mouth. The smell of come was filling my nose. I could feel my boyfriends cock pulsing in my throat...... not long. Any moment, and I would feel a hot jet of thick cum flooding into my mouth. Any second now. A second, and Kate would me wiping more than a smile from her face.

My boyfriends thrust became shallower and shallower. His breathing heavier and heavier. He suddenly slowed. Grunted. And grabbed my head. Holding my almost pursed lips around the very tip of his dick. Then the first wave covered my tongue. The taste was amazing. I'd always swallowed as he came. Kate's advice:

"If you won't spit, swallow quickly - don't let the taste hit you."

All of a sudden I was tasting cum. Hot, thick, salty, creamy. Full of texture. As thick jet after jet overwhelmed my tongue, I started to find different textures - some bits were really, really thick. Like custard. Other bits were almost watery. All of it fantastic. More cum. The jet had become thick ooze from the tip of my boyfriends cock. But he continued to cum. And cum. And cum......

I'd not seen him other than at college for a week, and this was the resulting backlog I guess.

It slowed to a dribble, but cum he continued to do. With my eyes firmly fixed on his eyes, I was mentally picturing him wasting away below the neck, as his body was filled with cum, and I was sucking all of it out of him. I couldn't wait to see Kate's eyes. I wanted to stand over her. Lean in. almost nose to nose. Look straight into hers eyes, then slowly open my mouth, Just a little. Just enough to let the cum run slowly, rather then dribble, from my mouth to hers.

Still more cum. My mouth was filling. And more come...

Her rules. No swallowing until all the come was in at the same time. Her rules. She'd been so smug. So confident of her abilities. Rightly so. She finished first. But she swallowed to early. The taste of come had gotten to her and she almost choked, almost vomited. But she'd swallowed. And had to blow again. Her rules. I couldn't wait to see those eyes. Those pretty blue eyes as the taste of all those loads of cum hit her senses. And I wanted to add mine last.

And more cum...

I started to fantasize.....Kate was my best friend. My first proper kiss. Not done out of attraction. Or drunkenness. Just to practice. There s only so much you can learn kissing your arm. Now I really wanted to kiss Kate again. And now it was sexual. With all the cum in my mouth. The smell of come in the hair. I was horny. Actually I was HORNY. Really fucking horny. The thought of looking into the pretty blues as the last of the come left my mouth...cupping her face in my hands, then leaning in closer....smelling the cum In her mouth....and closer.....kissing cum covered lips....and closer....dipping my outstretched tongue into her cum filled mouth....and closer.....using my tongue to wipe any stray cum across her face and into her waiting mouth .....and closer.....planting my open, cum covered lips around hers and French kissing her whilst she swallowed all that cum.

Finally. After what seemed like an eternity. He stopped. The last couple of droplets fell into my mouth and he collapsed back into my dads favourite armchair. I turned smugly to return Kate's earlier boastful gestures. But she was already facing me. The Bitch. Whilst my boyfriend had produced the cum load of his life, her bloke, having already produced one load, had produced a perfectly respectable second load. But, even though my man started his load first, Kate s man had finished his load first.

Her rules.

And behind Kate stood everybody else.

I took my punishment like the true cum slut it made me.

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