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Two sisters find comfort away from home.

Your eyes go straight to my now throbbing dick as I pull your head back by your long hair. I kiss your neck, your collar bone, lower over your sticky breasts and take a nipple into my mouth. Sucking softly I can taste the saltiness of my cum on them.

You start to feel more and more aroused and I feel your hands find my ass, squeezing it hard, grinding my thick cock against you between us. I slowly push you back and you get the hint to get into the bath. I follow you in and sit opposite you. Slowly we clean each other off, you needing it more than me, but in the process my hands are all over you as much as yours are over me.

The large swell of your breasts is too alluring and I crawl up to you, my rock hard cock trailing up your stomach and between your breasts. You sit up slightly so they are out of the water, the thickness of my shaft filling your deep cleavage.

Grabbing your glorious orbs I mould them around my cock and slowly start to slide it up and down. Massaging your breasts, feeling your nipples harden in the palms of my hands I start to fuck your cleavage. Harder and harder, my balls running up and down your body with each thrust.

You bring your hands to replace mine on your breasts, squeezing the life out of my cock between them as I pull your head down. At this angle you can just about get the tip of my dick into your mouth with each thrust and I motion that this is the right decision.

The warm lather from the bubbles, mixed with the softness of your flesh and the sucking of the fat, purple head of my cock is almost too much. With a thrust forward I bury as much of my pulsating cock into your mouth as I can, letting you suck hard, then pulling it out and resuming the best titty fuck I can ever remember.

You can feel my balls swell as I get closer and closer to cumming and I take control again of your huge breasts. Faster and faster I fuck them until I groan out loud. You open your mouth just in time for it to catch the first spurt of my cum. I slide my cock down your deep cleavage and empty the rest of my warm semen there, filling it, watching it run down between your breasts and into to the water.

Leaning back I scoop some up in my hands and feed it to you. You hungrily accept it and lick my fingers clean. Spent, I motion for you to lay against me, your back to me. I surreptitiously start stroking your breasts once again as they bob in the water. My fingertips pinching your nipples, tugging on them gently.

I feel your ass grinding against my used penis as you mew softly to my touch. You lean back against me further, your neck exposed to my lips and teeth. I kiss and bite it softly as one of my hands trails down over your slippery body. Lower and lower until you jerk against me, my fingertips finding your clit.

Swirling them around it, rubbing harder I sense your already close to orgasm, but I do not let up. If you want a raise then you'll have to do as I want. Opening up your pussy with my fingers I slide two in easily, my thumb still massaging your throbbing clit. You arch yor back so that your crotch is out of the water as I continue working your pussy with my hand. My other is still groping, squeezing, pinching, massaging yor breasts as you get more and more worked up.

Biting yor neck as I thrust my fingers deep inside you I feel you clench them with your pussy as you cum for me. While you orgasm over my hand, panting heavily, you haven't noticed I've pulled the plug. All the water drains away as you cum for me, also not noticing that my cock has sprung to life once again. The feeling of your orgasming body pressed against mine just too much for me.

I grab your thighs with my strong hands and force them apart, hooking your knees over the edges of the bath. Your crotch is lifted slightly from the new position and I waste no time in sinking my thick cock deep inside you from under you. You squeal once again as yo feel your pussy opened up by my thrusting cock.

I revel in the feeling of your hot wet pussy surro

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