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Nicole gets invited below deck.

A thick cuff was strapped around it. He made her spread out her legs before strapping another cuff to the other ankle. A spreader bar. Her toes just barely touched the rough floor now, allowing her to feel the strain in her wrists.

An arm circled round her waist to caress her tummy gently.

"Too much?" his velvety deep voice crooned in her ear.

Rayne shook her head. He stepped away from her.

Heart racing, she wondered what he'd do to her now. Would he flog her? Use a whip or cane? Would he penetrate her? Use her ass or pussy? She'd never been used before, was still a virgin even though she'd been holografically trained to please a man every way possible. Her skin prickled with anticipation, finally feeling her prior panic dissipating. She wondered about her hair. It tumbled down her back and would surely be in the way.

As if in answer, fingers slipped within the heavy mass. She sighed in contentment when it was gripped tightly, bringing her head back slowly. A sharp tug on the chain connected to her nipples made her cry out in surprise again. She grew wetter. She only wished Master Zak hadn't covered her eyes. She felt so guilty trying to picture him, but kept seeing her beautiful Master Lucien instead.

The hand that had jerked the chain smoothed across her belly and ribs until she felt it release her body to stroke through her hair.

Her scalp tingled as she felt him braid her hair. When done, he gripped the long braid and hit her hip with it. Rayne contorted her body in a way she hoped pleased him. He was so quiet now.

Her braid was tugged, arching her neck as he stepped into her from behind. Rayne's throat was gripped hard, not enough to hurt her or keep her from being able to breathe, but hard enough to make her shiver and feel helpless.

Strong hips pushed against her ass, letting her feel an impressive erection. Even though she was blindfolded, she squeezed her eyes tight, thinking only of Master Lucien as she tried to tilt her ass into the cock pressing against the seam of her ass.

His breath was heavy near her ear as he continued to rub against her.

Rayne moaned around the ball in her mouth. He left her shaking and suddenly cold when he released her. She could hear him walking around to stand in front of her. He took the chain connected to her nipple clamps and she tensed when he tugged more gently on it this time. Hands cupped her hips and a hot, wet mouth engulfed one clamped nipple.

The chains rattled over her head as she whimpered and trembled while he devoured her nipple, clamp and all. He used his teeth and tongue to drive her wild. He gave the other one the same treatment. When done, he pulled on the chain, short little tugs that had her crying out in pleasure.

But it was Master Zak. He had his own slave, even though he called her his mate. Rayne wasn't sure what that meant, but it was clear she was the only female he wanted. She slept with him, ate, and bathed with him too.

She wasn't jealous of Alluna over Master Zak. She desperately wanted...Master Lucien.

The flogger's sharp sting made her scream in surprise.

A few seconds passed, the sound of her agitated breathing the only thing she could hear in the room.

Why was he so quiet now?

The second strike also caught her unprepared, but she didn't scream. He struck her again, first one buttock then the other.

She pushed out her ass, arching her back and relaxed her muscles, allowing her buttocks to absorb the blows. The flogging was gentle, really, only warming her flesh after the initial sting subsided. It was rhythmic, the sound loud, sharp. Slowly the intensity grew. The fiery sting became hot. She relaxed into it, let it roll through her body. He changed positions almost imperceptibly, the sharp strikes of the flogger going higher sometimes, other times lower, until her entire backside was hot and throbbing.

By now, each strike was delivered hard, making her pant and moan wildly around the ball gag.

He stopped.

Her heart pounded and she whimpered when s

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