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Is Sean okay? The downside of injuries, a fight.

He nervously complied. Every time I saw his dick dip, I shook it a few times and made it stand tall again. The few people who saw him just nodded and laughed. I felt so guilt free, I spun and skipped several times, aware and unconcerned, maybe even a little proud, that my invisible dress exposed all of me to everyone.

At the hotel, I tore his clothes off, but he carefully unzipped my expensive, sheer frock, and we fucked savagely until we fell asleep, exhausted. The next morning, we dug deep into JFK and his 1962 crisis.

The news of the day said, on the Joint Chiefs' urging, he ordered sinking every Russian sub hounding the blockade. That's not what I recalled of the crisis! How did we avoid WW3 after that reckless decision? We agreed that I should somehow help him get thru the Cuban missile crisis, so we looked for a hole in his schedule so I could put him back on the course we remembered. There were hundreds of pages and articles to review. As it was in our memory, we were within minutes of WW3, not seconds as his order escalated the tensions.

Since diaries of his friends and court testimonies were declassified and released recently, they were on the internet. I also visited his and Jackie's online library and news stories. The FBI and NSA had recently declassified hundreds of memos. After four hours we realized there was too much info to digest and we were missing out on our limited vacation time. After sending myself an email with all the links I'd found, I shutdown the PC.

"We agree we can not extend our time in France. I wish we had more time to . . . oh, wait, I guess I do have all the time I need. With my ability, we can still enjoy our vacation and yet I can go back to any when. I'm going to pop back home to the day we left and take my time with this data. Since I can't bring it back with me, I'll setup the PC for remote access so we can review it together. Be a dear and call down to the desk to learn how we can use their printer? I'll be right back . . ." Squeeze, sneeze, pop, I'm home. Ha! This is fun! I better close the drapes before a neighbor calls the cops on this naked intruder.

I brought up the desktop PC, remote access software and my email to dig out the JFK data again. It occurred to me that Daria, our house sitter, will want to turn off the PC on her next visit. Hmm, I'll leave the monitor off and leave a small note by the power switch that tells her not to turn it off so I can access it from France. Yes! After a few hours I prepared lunch and realized Ted and I were just settling in at the Paris hotel at that instant. I wonder if I can prank myself . . . No, I'll wait until future me returns to Paris from Canada! Back to the data - after lunch.

Wait! Since I didn't already visit me, that means I shouldn't do it now. I'll have to wait until after I return from this trip. But I don't know where future me will be after that! Oye, this time travel gives me such a headache! I'm becoming a total scatter brain. Hell, I'm even talking to myself. I better keep a log of everything. Yes! A journal of my thoughts and lusty behavior might make an interesting book one day.

I organized and reduced the data, made a time line and finally decided on when and where to meet Jack for his first time. I realized I needed a photo of Peter Lawson's and Bing Crosby's houses in Palm Springs CA. Found the right one by Googling "bing-crosbys-palm-desert-house-where-jfk-and-marilyn-monroe-trysted/" This is soooooo exciting! What should I wear when I meet them? Oops, I guess it doesn't matter. The party and that pool will mask my naked entry!

OK, now I have to convince JFK that I'm legit.

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