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Alema Rar makes a deal with a slaver.


The silvery peal of giggles just ripping his heart out!

Now, Stubby was rubbing his penis, almost involuntarily. He was thinking of Mother's snug floral pencil dress, and how his hard cock had fallen between her long legs as she'd thrashed him...

And Mother had quite a bosom, and it had swelled considerably against the scoop neck.

He had such shame thinking about Haylen's witnessing this humiliation!

She was a beautiful ash blonde. He'd never be able to flirt with her as she peeped over the fence when he was awaiting the bus to work.

No, she'd never look at him as an equal again, really.

But as Stubby thought of Haylen's future contempt for him, the pink lipstick staining her constant Marlboro Light that hung on the end of her mouth...

Those heaving breasts in the tube top. She'd laugh at him now, there would be no more kidding or double entendres.

But thinking of his humiliation in front of Haylen, and their reduced friendship...

It seemed to make Stubby's cock even harder, almost doubling in size!

She was so oppressive, Mother was.

Stubby couldn't leave the house after dark. He lived there voluntarily and gave Momma all his salary, and had the same allowance he'd had in high school.

Momma found a way to chase off any female interest. She must've known about Haylen and the bus stop conversations.

Stubby would spend his life jerking off in his room, and stealing Momma' s panties from the laundry bag. (Which he'd gotten about a thousand whacks for over the past ten years.)

Once, Momma had given Stubby a blistering in front of his cousin, a guy about Stubby's age or a little younger, and Cousin Zohn had told Momma...

...That when she was too old to "take care of things" he would administer Stubby's discipline!

When Momma and the girls went to Atlantic City for the week, they left Stubby with Zohn, and when they returned they found poor Stubby in full makeup, bright red lipstick, and wearing a pink nightie...

Zohn had transformed the poor guy!

And Mother's contempt had just grown...

What was he to do?

This was hopeless!

But, oh, how it so turned him on.

Suddenly, as Stubby's hand ran down his shaft for the final time, and he was about to cum...the door burst open.

Momma ran in, waving her belt. "I caught you!" she shouted triumphantly.

Stubby's eyes grew wide as he lay there, still jacking his dick with his pants clogging his ankles.

"Touching yourself. While we have company downstairs. Put your hands behind your back, young man."

"But Momma-"


Stubby gasped, and put his hands under his back. Now he was lying on his bed, his dick sprouting up and waving insolently.

Momma smiled grimly and raised the strop and landed it hard on Stubby's proud penis. She swung it again, this time letting the buckle slam Stubby's testicles.

Stubby's hands rushed out to stop the belt's assault.

"Put your hands back behind your back" Mother told Stubby with clenched teeth..

"Or I will handcuff them. I still have your father's old police handcuffs."

Dad had been a Buttermilk Falls constable, about as much in fear of his wife as Stubby was.


Stubby screamed as the belt vanquished his insolent erection.

"You like toying with your little dinkie, don't you?" Mother demanded, and she grabbed Stubby's now small penis and rubbed it back to a full erection.

"We'll discourage that grotesque behavior. Your friend Haylen was horrified by all this. Anise told her what nasty things you do up here after I punish you."


Mother put down the strap and sat down on the bed, and began stroking Stubby's penis.

"Why do you touch yourself so inappropriately, Stubby, dear?"

Stubby was weeping now, but his penis was growing again, despite the marks and considerable pain.

"Momma wants you to learn to be a nice boy. And to think about how much Our Lord cares for you, dear."

"Yes, Momma." Stubby said sobbing. Momma pulled Stubby up and rubbed his head.

"Be a good boy. Think about how to please Momma. Bring home the check in a sealed envelope."

Then her voice

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