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Two first times.

She took his cock just a few inches into her mouth, tightening her lips around it, her hand continuing to stroke him as she began sucking on him. The taste of his salty pre-cum in her mouth turned her on more and she began stroking him harder, her mouth going further and further down on his cock until she felt it begin to hit the back of her throat. He reached down and grabbed her hair, tightening his grip on it as he pulled it out of her face to watch her suck him.

Abby looked up at him as she slid his cock out of her mouth and ran her tongue around the head again, watching his face as he looked down watching her. She smiled when he groaned in pleasure at the way she knew just how to suck him, just the way he liked it. She slid his cock back into her mouth, pulling his hips towards her, as she let his cock tap the back of her throat. She kept this up, sucking his cock, licking the head, stroking him, deriving pleasure from his pleasure. She knew he would cum soon if she kept this up and part of her wanted to feel him blow in her mouth. It had been so long since she'd let him, that she wanted him to have that pleasure.

Nick sensed what Abby was trying to do and pulled back from her, stepping back as he pulled her head off his cock. She let out a whimper of displeasure, but before she could really protest, he grabbed her and pushed her back onto the bed. Nick leaned over and got onto the bed with her, placing his body between her legs. He sat on his knees, looking down at her for a moment before his hands slid up her stomach to her rock hard nipples, his fingers tightening around them, pulling and twisting just enough to cause her back to arch in a combination of pleasure and pain.

He let go of them and looked down at her, looking into her eyes, as if searching for a moment. He had always done that; he could look into her eyes and know what she wanted. A coy grin spread across her face as he slipped one finger into her tight, wet pussy, gently penetrating her, slowly at first, and then sliding a second finger into her, then a third. Her body responded to him with undeniable pleasure. The harder he finger fucked her, the more turned on she got. He forced his 4th finger into her and began aggressively slamming his fingers into her, his thumb hitting her sensitive clit over and over. In a matter of moments, her whole body shook and she squirted on his fingers. He kept his fingers buried deep inside her as he leaned down and kissed her, his tongue pressing hard against hers, his fingers still working her tight hole. Her hips rose up to meet each thrust of his fingers. She knew what he was working on doing and she let him know she wanted it by raising her hips and grinding against his fingers.

He knew her so well, he reached into her side table drawer and found the bottle of lube he knew she would have next to the bed. He pulled his fingers out of her pussy, and she whimpered in protest. Nick opened the bottle and squirted some onto his fingers and jammed them back into her pussy. She gasped in surprise as he began pumping her again, thrusting deep and hard into her pussy, causing her to squirt again. His groans of pleasure at her pleasure were sending lightning bolts of pleasure through her entire body as he began working his thumb into her. Nick folded his thumb in in an effort to stretch her pussy wide enough to take his entire hand. She cried out in pain as he pushed too far too fast, but whimpered in disgust when he pulled back.

She reached down and grabbed his wrist, pulling it towards her, letting her hips grind against his hand.

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