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Black Guy becomes obsessed with getting another BBW assjob..

"OH god, mom. You are so beautiful. You definitely are a MILF."

He slowly walks toward her. His cock is tenting his boxers. She meets him halfway and puts her arms around him. He pulls her naked body to his. He groans.

"Mom, I love you so much. I've wanted this for so long."

She stands on tiptoe and kisses him.

"I love you too, baby."

She slides her tongue in his mouth. Their tongues meet and wrestle. She slowly pulls his boxers down and takes his cock in her hand.

"Oh my god. Where did you get that big cock. It's so huge. You grew up a lot."

"It's on loan, mom. I have to take it back tomorrow."

They both laugh and it breaks the tension.

"Oh god, baby. That is going to feel so good in me. I've never had one that big."

"Mom, there is something you should know. I'm a virgin. I've never had a woman."

"Don't worry, baby. I'll teach you everything you need to know. First I want to suck that big cock. You'll love that when I take your cum down my throat. Then you're going to learn to eat pussy, and the grand finale is when I fuck you."

"Wow. Mom. You are real nasty in the bedroom. It's a real turn on. I like you to talk dirty to me."

"I finally get to feel like a woman again. I miss sex so much. Now I have a man to take care of me."

She pulls him to the bed and sits down. She takes his cock in both hands.

"Oh god. Your cock is so pretty."

She kisses it on the head and he moans. She takes the head in and sucks and licks it. His knees start to wobble. She pulls him to her and pushes him on the bed. She rolls him on his back and gets between his legs.

"Hang on, baby. I'm about to take you to heaven."

She takes half of it down her throat and he humps up to her. She pulls out and takes it again.

"You're too big for me to take all the way. I'll have to practice for that."

She sucks and licks and she feels it coming. His cock swells in her mouth and he cums for her.

"Oh god. Mom, that is so good. My cock exploded. That is amazing."

"Yes it was, baby. Your cum tastes so good, It's been way too long since I tasted it. I will be on a steady diet of you cum from now on."

"Now it's pussy eating time. Get down here between my legs."

He moves down and she spreads her legs.

"See those lips? The like to be kissed and sucked. See right there at the top of my slit. That's my clit. It's the most sensitive part. That likes to be licked and sucked too. Your fingers go in my hole and there is a G spot in there I want you to find."

He kisses her pussy lips and she gasps. He sticks one finger in her and she gasps again.

"Oh yes. Baby. That's so good. You're learning fast. Move your fingers in and out and kiss and lick my lips some more.

He follows her instructions and sees pussy juice start running down her ass crack. He licks it up as fast as he can. She is moaning and groaning.

"Yes, baby. That's so good."

He moves up and sucks on her clit. She screams and cums. He sucks it up again and she cums again.

"Oh yes. Cumming on your mouth. So good. Yes. Yes. Yes. Cumming and cumming."

He tries to find her G spot. He curls his finger up and she cries out. He smiles. 'I found it'. He sucks her clit and massages her G spot. He screams and cums again. He keeps her going. She is screaming with each orgasm.

"OH god. Stop. It's too sensitive. Come up here and fuck me. I want that big cock in me."

He moves up and kisses her nipples. She moans and pulls him to her. He gently bites one as he twists the other. She cries out.

"Oh yes. Kiss and suck them. Bite them too. It feels so good."

She feels her pussy juice running down her ass crack.

He lifts up and places his cock head on her pussy lips. She holds it and guides it in.

"Oh god. It's so big. Go easy. You are so big."

He slowly pushes in. She cries out as he stretches her out. She cums twice just getting it in. He pushes the last of it in and she cums again as he hits her cervix.

"Oh my god.

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