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Her back was flawless. Her straight golden hair came half way down to her round buttocks. Her butt crack showed through the small panties she was wearing. Frank and I followed her mesmerized to her bedroom.

"Now take your clothes off and sit on those chairs," she said as she turned to face us.

Her breasts were so heavenly gorgeous. Her rubbery pink nipples were long and stiff with excitement. Frank and I took all our clothes off and sat in the two chairs beside her queen size bed. I was happy to see that Frank had a hard on just like me. Our cocks were throbbing with anticipation.

"Frankie boy...stroke that beautiful cock for me," Sharon ordered her son as she knelt in front of his big hard cock.

She spat on the tip of Frank's throbbing cock as he grabbed it with his shaky hand. A thin film of saliva connected her pretty lips to the tip of her son's big cock. She was aware of the erotic image that this was providing and did not move her lips or try to disconnect the film of saliva.

Frank's hand started moving up and down his cock but he also was careful not to cut the film of saliva between his cock and his mother's lips. Sharon reached out for her son's heavy balls and started scratching them softly with her well-manicured fingernails. She reached out to my cock with her free hand and took the tip of it between two of her slender fingers.

"Oh fuck Sharon. Spit on my cock too...please," I begged her.

"Oh Erik, I have other plans for lubricating your gorgeous cock," she replied with a smile and got up to her feet, leaving Frank alone with his hard on.

She dropped her sexy panties to the floor revealing her luxurious blond bush to our greedy eyes. She then straddled my cock opening her pussy lips with two fingers and impaled her pussy slowly on my throbbing hard on. Her pussy was hot and wet. When my cock was all the way up her pussy she stopped moving.

She grabbed my face with her soft hands and kissed me deeply on my mouth with her tongue licking mine. I was breathless with excitement. Her large breasts were pressing against my bare chest. They were warm and soft. This was heaven on earth.

"Ok you naughty boy. I believe that's enough lubrication to last you a while," she said as she removed her pussy from my cock.

Sharon walked over to her bed leaving us watching her with our cocks in our hands. She pulled back the top sheet and the lower sheet as well, revealing a black rubber mattress cover. From her nightstand she removed a bottle of amber oil. She unscrewed the cap, and poured a small pool of it in the center of the bed.

A subtle and appealing fragrance drifted to us. It was an erotic scent of ginger, cinnamon and other exotic spices. Sharon rolled onto the big bed, straddling the puddle of oil. She anointed her hands and began working the amber essence into her flawless skin. For ten minutes her perfect hands moved erotically over every curve and plane of her gorgeous body.

The sight of her upon the glistening black rubber, her lush body all pink and gold slick with the amber oil was the most erotic thing that I had ever witnessed. I was not stroking my cock anymore, sure that one small touch would make me explode, and I did not want that yet.

Sharon's fingers where upon her wet pussy lips now. Her perfect body was writhing, thrashing and thrusting right before our hungry eyes. She looked directly at us with her fiery green eyes, so full of lust. Her hands were working harder and faster on her delicious looking pussy and clit. She was moaning loudly.

"Oh my fucking God," she exclaimed loudly, "I'm cumming boys! I'm cumming so fucking hard!"

She closed her eyes, her body thrusting up and down, her head thrashing from side to side and her golden hair covering her pretty face. Then she lay still. She opened her eyes and smiled at us.

"I hope that you enjoyed the show boys. Now come and join me. I want to watch you studs fuck each other's brains out!"

Both of us jumped on the bed at the same time.

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