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My busty sister lets me jerk off to her.

I want you bare. And you can never offend me by calling me 'Mother.' That describes this most sensuous, very precious love we have, and I am proud of it. I want others to know, and I don't care what anyone thinks."

He felt her tighten her vaginal muscles as she spoke. He also noted that they were extremely well-developed.

The hours passed and the night deepened. They whispered and caressed each other, becoming aroused anew with their softness, their sensuous phrases, the things each described to the other that they longed to do. Mark entered and reentered her several times, tenderly stroking her, bringing Lauren to successive orgasms, some thundering and wrenching, others tiny, sweet little buzzes that made her giggle. Finally he withdrew, giving her a chance to do something else.

Lauren slid down his body to his stem, fondling the sticky, lovely organ then closing her mouth over it, manipulating the ring with her tongue as she did so. She complimented him on the thick, ropy cum he lost in her mouth.

"Mark, I want us to be on a public beach when I make you come, and I want you to give me a long strip of cream that hangs from your cock. I want to put it in my mouth and devour it while others watch. I want to sit with you at some sidewalk caf__, spread my legs and have you stare at my bare pussy under one of my tiny skirts. I want you to spurt that luscious thick cum over my face so that it hangs from my mouth and chin. I want us to do indescribably sensuous things as others watch." she stared at him with an animal-like intensity. "Will you do that for me?

"Of course, I will, Lauren. Whatever you desire, I will do for you, and I will do it anywhere. I want to make love to you while we are sitting on a park bench. I want you to wear a tiny skirt that shows off your gorgeous pussy and that glossy black muff, I want you to bend over so that everyone nearby can see you. And I want to sit by you and put my hand inside your top on your breast. I want to bring you to an orgasm in public. Will you do these for me?"
"Our company makes just such microskirts, Darling. I brought several and a few other little things. I'll be overjoyed to show off what's between my legs with you right there. I know just the bench at South Beach and Haulover where I can sit on that monument of yours and go crazy. And you are free to reach inside my top anywhere we are and hold my breast. In a restaurant, while we are walking, at a friend's house, in a meeting. Mark, you own me, remember? All you have to do is do something to me; I am ready for you." He realized that she was panting very lightly after describing her intentions, and it aroused him once more.

"Do you realize that we are planning acts that will probably get us arrested or at least tossed out of someplace?" he grinned broadly at his mother.

"Marcus, our staff already knows that I am, shall we say, sensually oriented. For some time now the thoughts of you and several other things that have happened to me have given me the determination to be as uninhibited as I can be at work and elsewhere." She lay quietly and mused for a few moments. "I don't make a point of trying to call attention to myself. I simply wear attractive, suggestive clothing, and I do things without thinking, 'Is somebody watching me now?' My exposure is more natural that way, and it arouses me beyond expression. Will you be comfortable with this, Mark? I want to arouse you and make you proud of me, to make you long for me."

"Princess, I love just the woman you described. The thought of you allowing others to see you is perfectly delicious. That is you, and it's the woman with whom I'm in love. And long for you...lust for you? You can't make me desire you and need you any more than I do now."

"Mark, let me roll over on my stomach. I want you to brush my hair, and then I want you to mount me."

He moved back on the bed, allowing Lauren to reposition herself.

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