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A son learns more about his mother.


Nodding at my reply, she wet her pink lips as she continued to stare down between my legs.

"I asked if you were wearing clothes. This contraption you have on doesn't cover anything."

"It's not supposed to cover me. It's a display suit."

Her hand drifted up to her neck and she began to finger the top button of her blouse.

"I see. And presumably, it is designed to display your ah -, your male appendage."

Her eyes had yet to rise above my waist, studying the way my thickened cock twitched inside the metal rings, struggling to lift higher. Clasping my hands, I rested them on top of my head and angled my hips higher still, up toward her pretty face, causing my nearly erect cock to bounce up and down.

"Yes Ma'am. It is intended to exhibit my uh, - my penis."

Licking her lips, she leaned over to get a closer look. I realized that since she had unreleased the top button of her blouse, the cotton gaped open enough so that I caught a glimpse of the deep valley between her breasts.

"Yes, well, it certainly does that."

I could feel her warm breath wash over the exposed cockhead as she continued to examine my throbbing pole.

"These instructions you received, what were they?"

The blonde librarian was so close that with a thrust of my hips, I probably could jab her in the face with the trembling knob.

"I'm supposed to walk back to Study Carrel #159."

"Wearing this display suit?"

"Yes Ma'am."

I took a deep breath, causing my swollen cock to twitch upward.

"And I'm supposed to allow anyone wants to examine me, uh. Examine my penis."

"I see."

She paused and then suddenly knelt on the tile floor, my stiffened cock quivering in her face.

"Those rings look quite heavy. Are they uncomfortable around your ah -, your member?"

"No Ma'am. They actually feel good."

"Really? Do they arouse you then? Do they make you excited?"

I began to blush, but my cock continued to throb and tremble.

"Yes Ma'am. I guess they do."

Silently, she stared down my jutting cock, closely inspecting the bare bulb. I cleared my throat.

"You can touch it, if you want to."

At first, I thought she didn't hear me, as she remained completely motionless. Then, slowly, she reached up and slid her hand under the shaft, lifting it in her palm. I held my breath as her fingers curled around the metal laden stalk, weighing it in her hand.

"It is heavy."

Exploring my exposed cockhead, she ran her fingertips around the rim, teasing the tender skin, lightly rubbing her thumb back and forth across the slit at the very end.

"It's very large, this penis of yours."

"Yes Ma'am."

My breath grew ragged as she continued to caress my swelling bulb, teasing the single eye until it gaped open.

"You do know that I have to punish you. We can't have young men parading their erect penises through the library, even one as extraordinary as yours."

Releasing her grip, she stared down at my throbbing cock as it swung freely, throbbing urgently inside the restraining rings.

"Turn around and place your hands against the wall."

I obeyed, spreading my feet wide as I leaned over the section next to the door. Shadows of the girls hovering nearby loomed through the opaque glass.

"Feet farther apart, and stick your butt out."

Again, I followed her directions, my bare ass cheeks slightly parted as I pushed them back toward her, my heavily weighted cock hanging down toward the floor. Before she began, she abruptly yanked the yellow straps high up on my hips, forcing the one between my buttocks deeper into the valley until it threatened to split open my sphincter. And then she paused, making me wait. Despite anticipating the blow, I was surprised at the ferocity of her open-handed spank. I yelped and thrust my hips forward in an involuntary reaction, almost banging the wall with my protruding cockhead.

"That was number one. There will be nine more."

"Yes Ma'am."

They didn't get any easier, and the last one was a blistering smack.

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