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Playing with a girlfriend.

I've found two nice ladies, both bbw's to play with and felt pretty satisfied, until I happened to stumble across that video.

I placed an ad on a popular "connection" website that basically said, "recently divorced guy looking to explore his Bi-Side with big-bellied man. The Bigger the better, cock size is unimportant..." Within minutes, my email was getting pinged with guys from my area.

I found out that I really had to weed through these as some of the emails were simply guys wanting me to fuck them (not interested). Then I received an email from Garry. He is a 60's something guy, 5'10" and 275 lbs. He said he owned a business and was often there alone in the mornings and wondered if I would like to drop by to meet (no expectations).

After sending "yes I'd like to meet" replies to a couple of guys who sent awesome pictures of their smaller sized cocks hiding under their large bellies, I went ahead and texted Garry. We decided to meet the next morning at 8am in his shop.

He's located one town over, so I thought that if this became a regular thing, I could pop over in about 15 minutes, pleasure him, and be on with my day.

Before bed, I took a shower and shaved everything except for my head, arms and legs. I was entering "pleasuring mode" and always like to feel submissive when I do this. My cock, ass, pits, chest and stomach were free from hair and I was ready to "provide".

The next morning, after a quick shower, I headed over to Garry's business, which is a window tinting business in an old gas station. As I pulled in, and older gentleman opened the door to one of the work bays and motioned me in.

Although fully clothed and wearing a light jacket, I could easily see that he had the body type that I was looking for. Big belly and chest, but not so big everywhere else.

After I pulled in, we exchanged some small talk and got to know each other. Since the bay doors were glass, I finally asked him if he wanted to play here (the "office" was the fully windowed payment area for the old gas station). He said that there was a large bath room on the side of the building and that he could go unlock it if I still wanted to provide the pleasure I had advertised. I said "yes" and he told me he would unlock it and then come back. Then, I would go over and wait for him. He told me to sit on the toilet and that he would stand in front of me.

When he returned, I walked out into the cold morning and went into the men's room. Inside, it was pretty big and very clean. I took off my coat and shirt, sat on the toilet seat lid, and waited for him to return. My heart skipped a beat when the door opened as I knew that he knew my only reason for being there was to give him head. The anticipation and nervousness were at a peak.

He stepped in front of me, unzipped his pants and let them drop to his knees. Staring me in the face was a beautiful shaved 5 inch cock, hard at the ready, and a wonderful wrinkled ball sack (it was cold) that was also hairless. I decided to start there.

I leaned in and moved his cock over with the side of my face so I could tongue his sack. He groaned as I did so and I felt his cock throb against my forehead. Then, I slowly ran my tongue from the balls, along the underside of his cock, and licked a tiny drip of pre cum from the tip. I love the taste of pre cum and this spurred me on to opening my mouth and letting him thrust slowly into my mouth.

It had been years since I sucked a cock and I am always surprised how that wonderful pleasure tube can be both hard and soft at the same time. I was determined to provide him with maximum pleasure.

My hands were warm by now and I reached up under his shirt and fingered his nipples. His big belly was bouncing off of my forehead as he slowly thrust in and out of my mouth, from the tip to the root, with my tongue lashing the underside that way that I like it done to me.

After only about two minutes of me playing with his nipples while he slowly face fucked me, I let my hands leave his ample tits and trace along the sides of his

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