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Norm arrives at the basement and meets his genemod roommates.

I heard her say something that did not quite sound like an, "Okay," but I took it as such. She was relaxed, but her lips just inches from my stroking hands were swollen and wet. She had no pubic hair and her lips were smooth and pink. I ran my hands slowly and fairly firmly up and down her left thigh from her knee to just a hair's breadth of her vulva as slowly and as smoothly as I could.

She quivered.

I took my left hand and pressed it firmly at the base of her back and gently rode the oil up to the middle and stopped. Her heart was pounding. She was ready.

"Turn over, Please," I told her. She obeyed smiling up at me. Her nipples were hard and rosy. She looked at me with pure want. I stepped to the head of the table and took her face in my hands. My thumbs gently brushed her lids shut. Softly I rubbed her cheeks in opposite directions; up on her right side, down on her left alternating smoothly. Then I stopped and stroked her brow outlining her eyebrows with my thumbs, my palms pressed firmly against her temples. I let my thumbs gently slide down both sides of the bridge of her nose. Then I softly ran them along her lips. She puckered a bit and kissed my fingertips.

Her breasts rose and fell in a most beautiful and enticing way. I tried hard not to pay too much attention. Her hair was shoulder length. I paused to warm some more oil in my hands. I slipped my hands under her neck and grasped and gently pulled to the top of her scalp bringing the strands of her hair as I did and let them hang off the top of the table. I repeated this step several times and then slid my hands under her back palms up and pulled them slowly up and out. I did this ten times. I knew it felt good to her. It felt good to me. Her smooth skin on my hands and arms was beginning to arouse me.

Then I went to her right side and placed my left hand on her forehead and my right hand on her stomach and left them there for a few moments. Then I placed my left hand no her solar plexus just beneath her breasts, although the ouster side of my hand rested against the bottom of both of them. I added some more oil to my hands and rubbed them together to warm it and then placed my hands on her stomach and slid them up and over her left breast in a circular motion in a very soft and caressing way moving both hands around her breast twice and sliding back down to her stomach. Then I ran the oil up to her right breast and circled it with my hands twice as well. I went back down to her tummy and then very, very slowly slid my hands up her center between her breasts to her neck and slowly I let them slide down to just above her mons veneris. I took a peek and there was a small wet spot on the sheet below between her thighs.

I went back to her breasts, but this time I lingered. I opened my hands and ran my palms in a circular motion on the tips of her nipples. Her lips parted and a sigh emerged. Then I took my left hand and pressed down from the top of her left breast toward her nipple while my right hand pressed from the opposite direction. I brought my palms together with her nipple in between and pulled straight up. Her nipple and her breast with it came up toward me as far as the oil would allow it. A small groan escaped her lips. Her cheeks had reddened a bit. Liking the results I did this again and then I did it from the sides. Then I did the same for her right breast. Her nipples looked even longer than they had before.

Then I stroked her arms. Then I grasped them and held them tightly while I pulled my hands down the length of them. Next I massaged her hands taking special care of the meat in her palms and between her thumbs and forefingers.

Now it was time for her legs. I brought her right leg up, bending her knee and pressed her thigh toward her chest as far as I felt her muscles would allow it and held it there for a few moments and gently laid her leg back down on the table.

Then I went to the other side of the table and did the same for her left leg.

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