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Mother takes jilted son on cruise to mend his broken heart.

She runs a fingernail up his left inner thigh and he forces his legs rigid to maintain the requisite stillness. A becoming flush lights her cheeks as she brings out her final prize...a bottle of whipped cream...

She shakes it and in a husky voice "Now stay still -- this will be cold." And oh, it was!

He shivers as she creates a line of whipped cream up his inner thighs...leaving a round spot on his right testicle and following his cock up and then down as it bounces in appreciation to her erotic attention...the other ball gets the same treatment and then she abandons the bottle...with a sexy husky chuckle she straddles his legs once more...this time deliberately keeping her obviously aroused body just out of his reach...even if he managed to get that silk tie end more fully into his hand....just another inch or so and he could....oh, my God!

Her tongue began its sweet journey at the end of the trail of whipped cream...about six inches down his inner thigh...after mere seconds of this blissful torture, she reaches the apex of his thigh...thoroughly sweeping tongue making short work of the cream but returning and flicking back and forth and in tiny circles to make certain that she has eliminated every drop.

His breath came in short gasps. Uncertain whether he wanted to reach the tie ends fully and regain his freedom.

She raises her head, a tiny trace of whipped cream still visible at one corner of her lovely mouth. Carefully repositioning her flexible legs she rises with her legs still on either side of him, pushed up with knees and hands to lower her mouth to his...he can taste only the sweetness of the whipped cream...their tongues dancing...his arms involuntarily straining against the bonds...she lifts her mouth and while thought is still possible, he mentally curses that his movement has lost the tie ends to his palms again - - he would count on his own self discipline and control to - - oh, my God! She had returned to her creamy treasure....putting his entire ball into her mouth...licking with swirling curling motions of her tongue but never releasing with her whole mouth...her lips joined by her fingers which replaced her mouth on the now quite clean and very happy ball...Gently she kneads him as she continues licking off her tasty whipped cream dessert with obvious enjoyment.

She has positioned herself differently and he has to rely on his own interpretation of the cadence of her breathing - - her lusty pauses, the way she unconsciously tightens her own body in reaction to his own growing he wants to plunge into her - - taking them both instantly from teasing to wordless uninhibited the same time, that tongue should be a registered weapon!

Eons later...she has fully claimed her treat...stocking feet on either side of him...panting slightly as she assesses his readiness...his angle for a hands-free entry as she slowly lowers herself on him...Knowing that he would have one critical moment when she was totally distracted - - captured by the incredible sensations created every time he was fully inside her...he waits for his moment...the critical moment when she gasps his least by an instant, both silk scarves are loosed from the bedposts....he gives her half a beat to recognize the change in the game...then with a growl he reaches up to take command of her body - - flipping her abruptly over onto her back...moving with her so that they arrive at their new positioning with the tip of his cock still inside her now pulsing pussy...his hand tenderly cradling her head so that the violence of their move was symbolic only - -

His eyes met hers and when he spoke -- his voice still holding a growl "My turn".

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