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My MFM threesome gets even better when I add a teenage girl.

God that rope had to hurt like hell. I couldn't even imagine what the rough knot passing through your pussy and along your clit was like.

Tina finally made it over the nine knots and was nearing the last one. Tina stopped and wouldn't go on. Cat Woman again used the prod and Tina moved onto the knot with the IcyHot. The scream she let out was unbelievable when she slipped over the knot.

She had to move forward to the tree and touch her nipples with the clamps on them on the tree. Then she had to back all the way to where she started and do it again. Of course Cat Woman painted the knot again for the second trip. The video showed the other four experiencing the same torture. Just watching those women having their pussies abused brought back memories, and my poor pussy ached just thinking about it.

We took another break while the camera continued recording the video. We watched as the last blonde made her two trips on the rope. The screen went blank again and I thought it was over. Tina came back on the screen standing in front of the camera.

Tina started talking to the camera. "Kit, I'm sorry for what I did to you, and so are my pussy, tits, and asshole. I hope you'll accept my punishment as a token of how sorry I am. My father wanted me to let you punish me, but I was afraid you'd have killed me. The Dom who punished us is not one to let a person off easy. I think you can agree. I have a couple other people I have to apologize to, along with my girlfriends who also had to pay for our sins." The video ended with her standing there talking to us.
"Oh my God Kit, thank you for letting me watch this. I know it's not right, but I am so turned on by it. Being tied up and humiliated has always been a big fantasy of mine."

"Really, you would want to go through what those girls did?"

"Well no, maybe not that much, but you got to agree it was exciting to think about."

"So you want me to tie you up? I can think of a couple things to do."

"Would ya? It could be fun. But you can't leave me in the sun. I'm still peeling from that."

"When would you like to do it?"

"Now if you like. Tell me what to do."

"Go take every stitch off and leave it in your room. Meet me in the garage when you're ready."

In went to the garage and got a reclining camp chair I saw that Ty had on a shelf. In the middle of the garage floor where Jill usually parked her VW bug, I placed the chair. I went and got the duct tape off the shelf and sat it by the chair. Gina came out to the garage in her birthday suit.

Gina sat in the reclining chair. I took the duct tape and fastened each wrist to the chair arm. I then pulled each leg off to the side and back to the middle leg of the recliner fastening it there. Her pussy was spread very nicely in front of me. I went out to the clothes line and brought back a handful of clothes pins. I put two on each nipple and one on her clit. I made her stick her tongue out and put two on her tongue. "Enjoy, I'll be back in a bit, don't go anywhere," I said.

I went into the house and removed my clothes. I went to Ty and Jill's room and got one of Ty's razors and I noticed there was a can of menthol shaving gel there, so I got it. Ty's beard trimmer was on the shelf, so I got it, too. I went to Jill's drawer and got her fake cock I'd used it before, and took everything to the garage.

My camera and the tripod were still in front of the TV, so I went back inside and grabbed them and took them to the garage. I sat it all behind Gina so she couldn't see what I'd brought to the garage. I hurried back to my room and got the fake cock I'd bought for myself.

I went to the garage and located an extension cord and plugged it in. Gina was trying to twist around and see me, but she couldn't with me straight behind her. I grabbed the beard trimmer and plugged it in, then walked around in front of her. She noticed I was naked, and she noticed I had something in my hand with a cord attached. Gina had managed to remove the clothes pins I'd attached to her tongue.


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