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After taking a pull from her bottle, she reached behind her head and released her pony-tail. Beautiful auburn hair with reddish highlights cascaded on her shoulders framing her face. That's when I really noticed her beautiful hazel eyes. Her face was anything but plain. It was flawless.

We talked about everything under the sun. Late night slowly turned into early morning.

"You'll never find your way back to your motel. We are in the middle of nowhere," she began. "I'm hoping you would consider staying with me, tonight."

Before I could answer her, she began undoing the buttons on her blouse. Lynn let the blouse slip off her shoulders. She was wearing some sort of body wrap that compressed her chest. When she removed it, I couldn't help but stare. She was anything but flat-chested. Her tits were two perfectly shaped orbs, with eraser size pink nipples. She wiggled out of her jeans and stepped out of her panties.

Standing in front of me was Venus with arms, but without the shell. Her alabaster skin was smooth and blemish free. A sculptor could have used her as a model, to make the perfect woman chiseled out of marble.

She threw a long graceful leg over my lap and kissed me firmly on the lips. Our tongues met, our breathing increased and I felt a swelling in my loins. She offered me a nipple. I slowly circled it with my tongue. My hands were slowly rubbing her sides. She pulled back and I repeated was I was doing on her other tit. Her moans of pleasure got louder with each lick. She shuddered with her first climax when I began sucking the nipple that was in my mouth. I quickly switched nipples, sucking them both keeping her bucking on my lap. Her nipples grew in both size and hardness.

Lynn threw her head back and yelled, "Yes! That's it, That's it."

She stood and pulled me up off the couch. With lightening fast hands she undid by belt. Next she unzipped my pants, and pulled them down to my ankles. My stiff dick was pulsating in my underpants. Lynn yanked my underwear down. My average size dick, harder than Chinese arithmetic, sprang up pointing to the ceiling.

I removed my golf shirt and sat back on the couch. Once again, Lynn threw a leg over my lap, but this time she reach for my hard member and positioned herself on top of it. She placed the head of my dick at the opening of her vagina and inserted me inside her.

She was extremely wet and tight. My dick felt like it was in a warm moist tunnel. We stayed connected like that for the longest of time. No one moved a muscle. We were kissing like a couple of teenagers. Then she began to ride me.

"Oh, this feels amazing," she cooed. "Go slow, let's make this last as long as possible."

"I'll do my best. You are amazing," I responded through halting breaths.

I grabbed an ass cheek with each hand and gently kneaded the firm flesh. Lynn's movements quickened. Riding me like there was no tomorrow, Lynn screamed, "It's happening!"

Her body began shuddering. She was literally jumping up and down on my stiff unit. Then something amazing happened. Her pussy began to contract, putting a strangle hold on my dick. Then it would relax its hold on me before contracting again. I lost all control and enjoyed the feeling of my balls being emptied. I sent spurt after spurt of warm cum up inside my lover. All the while her vagina kept contracting.

Lynn collapsed on my chest and nestled her face on my neck. I could feel both the warmth of my seed and the heat of her vagina on my still stiff blood engorged member. Lynn kissed me hard forcing my lips open and jammed her tongue inside my mouth. Our tongues circled one another and our breathing began to increase. As quickly as our love making started, it ended.

Lynn raised herself off of me and placed a hand between her legs. She walked away from me into the nearby bathroom. The site of her firm round ass temporarily stopped the shriveling of my dick. She returned with a face cloth and proceeded to wipe my glistening member clean.

She reached for my hand and said, "I think we

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