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Husband leaves, so what are friends for?

She licked the tip and ran her hand up and down the shaft of him. He groaned and laid back. Sucking on the tip of him, she slipped her hands in his pants and caressed and played with his balls. As Grogek buried his face in her crotch, she took the full of Jordan into her mouth. His hands gripped the soft grass.

Grogek moved back and got up on his knees before plowing himself deep inside of Elunara. With a groan he began to move in and out, slapping his balls against her front.

Elunara groaned on Jordan's cock, adjusting her jaw and wrapping her tongue around him. He grabbed at her hair, her ears, and her head. The motion of Grogek pounding into her caused her to rock back and forth, still clenching Jordan. He had a fistful of her hair, but couldn't stop.

Grogek's fingers dug into her ass, and he pumped her hips on and off of him. Finally, he pulled back so only the tip of him had slid between those soft lips, and he rammed himself in completely. Elunara gasped and clenched, causing Jordan to grab wildly as he came in her mouth. Grogek gave a low chuckle as he continued to pump himself at a lazy pace.

Elunara let go and gasped for air. She swallowed a little and looked back at Grogek. He reached forward and pulled her up. With one hand, he turned her head slowly to his and kissed her. His tongue mated with hers as her hands came up and wrapped around Grogek's neck and head.

"Only him." Grogek murmured. "He is the only other I will allow." He moved his hands down to her breasts.

Jordan pulled himself up and knelt in front of her moving his hands across her chest, as he waited for Grogek to move his hands. Grogek nodded and moved his hands to Elunara's hips and gently, he bucked against her, sliding in and out. Jordan cupped her breasts and played with the nipples. He tugged and teased at one, while sucking on the other. Elunara shuddered against them. Jordan moved his hand down and played with the lips wrapped around Grogek's dick. Somehow, this didn't bother him. It wasn't him touching another man; it was him teasing Elunara while she had another man.

Grogek slipped himself out of Elunara and laid her on the ground. She grinned up at him. Jordan moved down, kissing and licking at Elunara's belly, shifting his way through her soft hairs, and finally finding those slick wet folds. He didn't mind the mess in the way, and instead used the wet mess as lubrication of his fingers into her folds. He was content to just play with those beautiful inner lips, kissing and teasing as she wiggled and moaned.

Grogek was still kneeling above her, so she reached up and grabbed his leg. She began to play with his balls, tempting and teasing, sucking on him and feeling his testicles in her mouth. He groaned and leaned forward. She tugged at his dick, rubbing and massaging where she saw fit. His hands came down and held him up as she slipped her mouth over his dick. He groaned and began to play with her tits with his free hand.

Jordan was quite enjoying sucking the lips and folds of her. He pushed in one finger, and then the second. His own erection was working its way back, seeing Elunara sucking on Grogek. Jordan sifted and cupped Elunara's ass and after a bit of wiggling, was able to bury himself into her. He rocked and bucked his hips against her. At Grogek's telling grunt, Jordan shifted Elunara up, her head still pressed to the ground as Grogek filled her mouth. Jordan bounced Elunara against him and he was able to release himself once more. Jordan let go of her with a little gasp.

Elunara laughed and swallowed, and after sitting up, pulling out the little towel she brought. She cleaned her face off. Jordan laughed and wrapped his arms around her and kissed her, smearing sticky wetness all over her again. Grogek laughed and did the same.

"Ack! The both of you!" She wiped her face again and tossed them both a towel.

"Aw. Are we done?" Jordan asked.

"Oh, hell no.

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