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A hot wife shows off to tenants.

Inside the other room, several of the men who'd been stroking their cocks they too ejaculated on their pants.


Thaddeus lay on the bed weak and tired while the redhead and Asian chick fawned over him. Both women gushed at his manliness and told of how tonight had been special with him fucking them. One of them unearthed a business card and both women scribbled their phone numbers on the card, told him to give them each a call. They gave him a parting kiss before gathering up their clothes along with their face masks and left him in the room.

His eyes were closed though he couldn't tell for how long he remained there alone in the room before the door came open again. Hilda entered the room; she had a small handbag on her arm and she wasn't any longer wearing any face masks. Thaddeus raised himself on his elbows as she came up on the bed, her hand reaching for the flaccid black snake that was his cock.

"So glad I finally found you in here," she said before lowering her head on his cock. "I've been checking through most of the rooms looking out for you. I'll bet you've been keeping other wives satisfied all this time. It's my turn now." She stroked his cock and swirled her tongue over the cap of his prick, willing him to become once again erect.

"Come on, Hilda, let's leave that for later," he tried pushing her away from his cock. "You brought me here for a reason, what was it?"

"Constance is here," she said. "Right now."

That got Thad's attention. "Where?"

She looked at the wall mirror and Thaddeus followed where her eyes went. "I thought it would be nice having her watch us. Though she wasn't around to see you play with the other women. She's just as well intrigued at what you can do. I told her about our other escapade at my apartment and she wanted to see it to believe. Took some convincing but I managed to persuade her to come along." Her hand was still busy stroking his shaft to semi-erection; pre-cum oozed out of the tiny slit on the knobbed head.

"I don't believe you," he said. "Have her come over if she's really in there."

Hilda smiled at the wall mirror. "Did you hear that, Constance? He wants to see you in person.

Why don't you be a darling and come join us."

She resumed sucking his cock. Thad fought to stay erect for her but was doing a poor job of it. The door came open minutes later and a tall blonde figure stepped quietly into the room. She wore a leather skirt and blouse and a pair of high heels. The blouse looked tight on her figure, the way her breasts seemed to squeeze against each other pushing out her cleavage. Her hair was tied in a bun behind her head. She removed the mask that covered her eyes.

It was Constance.


Hilda was in charge of the situation. She motioned her sister to occupy one of the chairs and watch. Constance switched her eyes back and forth between her and Thaddeus. There was no emotion in her eyes; to Thad, she looked as though her mind was elsewhere whereas her body was in the room with them. There was listlessness to the way she moved.

"Is she high or something?" he asked Hillary.

Hilary pulled her mouth off from his cock to answer him. "No, she ain't. Probably just shocked at seeing you here with me after I'd shown her those photographs of you and me."

"What photographs?"

"The ones my former boy-toy Blondie took of us fucking at my apartment. I had him take snapshots of us so in case I could use them for leverage. Constance nearly freaked out when she saw that it was you, but when I told her how strong and vibrant you were in the sack, I guess she just had to see things for herself. Didn't you, Constance?"

Constance didn't say anything. She did rise from the chair however and approached the bed but made no inclination at coming to join Thad.

Hilda stood up from the bed and began hurriedly taking off her clothes.

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