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"I have no intention of doing so. Contrary to what you may believe, I am quite enamored with you and will leave you intact until after we are properly wed."

"Enamored?" Mary said, still struggling. "You have an odd way of showing it."

"Not at all." Jameson replied. "I simply wish to teach you manners." Without another word, he brought his free hand across her ass. The slap echoed throughout the house, causing Mary to jump in surprise. She hadn't been spanked since she was ten. The sting brought tears to her eyes, but she refused to give him the pleasure.

"Unhand me!" Mary screamed, twisting in his grasp.

Jameson said nothing and smacked her roughly across the ass, drawing forth another shriek. "Cry out all you like, when you've had enough, all you have to do is say 'please'."


"Have it your own way then." Jameson said, drawing his hand back. Mary shrieked and struggled as he spanked her mercilessly. Bright red welts formed across her pale buttocks as she cried and cursed. The red gave way to purple pinpricks as her delicate flesh began to bruise.

Breathless she lay limply across his lap, unable to move. The stinging in her backside was more than she could bear. Tears streaming down her face, she whispered through gritted teeth: "Please."

Jameson smacked her across the ass again, drawing a weak cry. "Did you say something?"

"Please!" Mary cried, giving in at last. "Please!"

Jameson nodded in approval and gently stroked her ass. He could feel the heat rising from her red and bruised flesh. It was sure to be remarkable tomorrow against her pale skin when the purple would turn to shades of orange and green.

"Now then, are you ready to listen?"

Still tearful, Mary nodded weakly. She refused to give in completely.

"Now." Jameson said, still stroking her backside. "You have a keen wit and intellect. I appreciate that and will continue to encourage it. Publicly, you are allowed to express yourself as you please. So long as you do not contradict me directly or embarrass me or yourself. Do you understand?"

Mary nodded, still too furious to speak. Her exposed backside was beginning to feel cold despite his ministrations. Gritting her teeth, she forced herself not to shiver.

"Now," Jameson continued, "in private I expect you to be obedient, especially for the duration of your education."

"Education?" Mary asked in spite of herself.

Jameson responded by slapping her smartly across the ass twice, once for each cheek. "Did I give you leave to speak?"

Biting back tears, Mary shook her head.

"Good girl." Jameson said as he resumed stroking her backside. "I am particular when it comes to relationships. You will learn to meet my needs. The quicker you manage to do this, the easier you will find my company. I am strict, but can be kind in my own way. If you please me, you will find my affection for you will become quite deep." He squeezed her buttocks, causing her to wince. "However, if you are determined to be stubborn, life will be difficult for you. Do we have an understanding?"

"Yes." Mary said, her voice quiet. Outwardly she was calm; inwardly she was a veritable tempest plotting a suitable recourse for this evening. Abuse me, will you? We shall see who makes life difficult for whom.

"Excellent." Jameson replied, lifting Mary from his lap. With surprising delicacy and efficiency, he re-arranged her clothing. Within moments she was restored, more or less to her state prior to his ministrations.

Mary stood meekly through this, biding her time. Under her skirt, her ass was still stinging hotly. "What now, sir?" She asked, her voice cool. The urge to slap him was strong, but she refrained. In time, she would have the upper hand.

"Now, shall enjoy dinner I think."

Mary curtsied politely. "As you say."

The rest of the evening transpired pleasantly, much to her surprise.

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