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Sister and Mom share a family curse.

But the supreme reason for his descent into such a shocking state had of course been his incestuous coupling with his sister. He had arrived home with a cauldron of emotion boiling within him. He had loved his sister innocently, as a brother should, but now that love had been supplanted by something beyond comprehension. The innocence was gone, replaced with burgeoning lust beyond description. Then, there was the guilt, and this guilt was equally as powerful as the love he felt for Angelique, his sister. Could he have been the cause of this?

Lawrence had trouble sleeping. It was this clash of emotions that gave rise to the battle fatigue symptoms he displayed immediately after leaving Angelique in her house following the outset of their affair. He couldn't seriously concentrate on anything, thinking of his sister and of how she had looked and tasted when they had shared intimacies in the drawing room of her home. He couldn't shake the images, from the look in her eyes when she laid spread before him, to her legs straddling the arms of the chair, and finally the syrupy pink of her sex so candidly offered. His heart thumped and his cock stiffened whenever he recalled Angelique's soft moans and sighs of pleasure, which turned suddenly to a torrent of language more befitting a practiced whore as she urged him to fuck her hard and deep. Then, afterwards, her words of forbidden love, that were spoken with such feeling it speared his heart. She wanted him again, wanted him forever, and Lawrence realised that he felt the same.

Another reason for Lawrence's confusion was his sister's attitude towards their mother. She not only wanted to continue the incestuous affair with him, but Angelique had stated that to seduce Elisabeth together would be something very desirable indeed. This, after wading up to his waist in the waters of incest, excited Lawrence beyond comparison, and he prepared to plunge head first into that pool once he had reconciled himself to the guilt.

The damnable guilt.

Lawrence was on a precipice. He looked at his beautiful mother across the table and recalled her naked form in his mind's eye. 'Yes,' he decided, 'I want her as well. I want her and my sister.' But how could he make it happen?

'What have you got planned for the day, darling?' Elisabeth asked, breaking Lawrence's reverie.

'Today?' he replied, at a real loss to answer. He hadn't considered how to spend his day. He again looked across the table at his mother. She stood and appeared to be taking her leave. Lawrence felt an enormous flood of love for his mother when he saw the concern on her face. She really was worried for him. Then he had a flash of inspiration. 'I know,' he said brightly. 'Why don't you and I have a little picnic together?' He saw his mother's face lighten immediately at this suggestion. 'Cook could prepare us a little hamper. I'm sure she wouldn't mind.'

Elisabeth smiled: 'Yes,' she nodded enthusiastically, relieved that her lovely Lawrence was back. 'That would be marvellous. Shall we say o'clock?'

An animated grin from Lawrence: 'Agreed. I'll meet you by the old copse. I'll bring the hamper and a blanket.'

It was arranged, a pleasant picnic in a secluded spot in the grounds. Although Lawrence had decided to pursue the seduction of his mother, he didn't have any idea how to proceed. Perhaps he would just see how things progressed and take his opportunities as they arose.

After a word with the cook, Lawrence - with a spring in his step to match the season - virtually danced up the staircase and into his bedroom. He was already looking forward to having his mother all to himself that afternoon.

Elisabeth arrived at the copse early, before her son.

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