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You could consider it a sweetener for all the work you're gonna do!"

Now she knew she had my full attention.

"What do you mean?"

"Well as it's getting nice again outside I was thinking how we could enjoy more time outside and so I decided to buy us a hot tub. I know some friends who have one and they speak very highly about it. Plus you might want to invite some of your friends over to try it sometime"

I couldn't believe it, it sounded so cool to have our own hot tub. Then I thought about Mum being in it and I felt my dick getting harder at the image that had entered into my head of my mum in the water wearing something revealing.

"That sounds great mum. Ok you, erm, have a deal. I'll start tomorrow."

Thanks to mum's job we lived in a nice 3 bed detached house in a village on the coast near Brighton which made it convenient having the beauty of the countryside and the sea while being close to the large town and the speedy rail links to London. The garden was enclosed and not really overlooked. It was a good size and mostly lawn with a small decked area. The first thing I did was cut the grass as it was the quickest and easiest job. I then set about getting rid of the weeds from the borders and clearing the rubbish and moss from the decking which went alongside the house and would be where the hot tub would sit.

After two weeks the garden looked great. I hadn't really bothered applying for any jobs in the village or nearby as I really wanted things to look good. Plus mum was paying me __30 a day and I was too greedy and lazy to change that.

It was now Tuesday and delivery day for the hot tub and I was very much looking forward to seeing it all in place and trying it out. The guys who delivered it were pretty quick and it didn't take long for it to be installed and ready to go.

We had dinner as usual and then mum went back to work in the armchair. It wasn't until around 8pm when mum had finally put her laptop away.

"So do you fancy testing it out then Mister?"

I'd been sitting on the sofa watching crap on TV and was taken aback.


"Do you fancy testing out the hot tub?"

I looked at mum and inside was thinking I couldn't wait.

"Yeh can do. Sounds good."

"Don't sound too enthusiastic! Go on then, why don't you get changed and get in?"


I went upstairs to my room, got changed into a pair of swimming shorts and managed to find a towel. I then headed back down and outside to the hot tub and turned it on. It didn't take long to start coming to life and soon I was getting in and relaxing in the hot bubbly water. I then noticed my mum coming out of the patio door and was stunned. She was wearing a purple bikini that seemed to mould itself onto her amazing body. Her breasts bounced happily in her bikini top and I thought they must have been easily a DD cup (I later found out they were 32E). Her blonde hair hung loose down over her shoulders falling just below and over her straps. She walked over holding her towel down by her side.

"Well it's nice to think I can make a young man's jaw drop still!"

"Erm, I, erm, sorry mum, you just took me by surprise! I didn't mean to stare."

"That's OK, how's the water?"

"It feels amazing! You should get in."

My mum then left her towel on the side of the hot tub and gracefully got in one leg at a time, slipping into the bubbly water directly opposite me. My cock was hard as steel but thankfully the bubbles created were managing to mask it fairly well. Once she was in our feet met and it sent a buzz through my body even though it only lasted a second as we moved our feet so we could stretch them alongside each other's legs. The water level was just below her boobs which seemed to jiggle on the surface.

"So what did you want to do?"

The question took me by surprise.

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