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Cinnamon has her first MFM threesome.


I began unbuttoning her blouse and gave her a smile, "I think we should take our clothes off, take a nice shower together, then go to bed. Then after some more hot sex, we'll get up, fix a little dinner, and then go back to bed. Does that sound nice?" I unfastened her bra and pulled it away to reveal pretty white cone shaped breasts that were very firm and decorated with lovely sugar pink nipples. Of course, I had to suckle each one as she answered, idly toying with my hair with her fingers.

"That sounds like a wonderful plan, Betty. And I have to confess; I am really looking forward to some of this ass licking you talked about with your girl Lisa. That's one thing my husband has never done for me."

"Just roll over on your side, sweetie," I said. Denise looked puzzled but laid on her side on the couch. "Now raise your knees to your chest, yes like that, kind of a fetal position."

Denise giggled, "Ooo, this fetal position is supposed to feel safe, but since I know what you're going to do, my ass feels really vulnerable right, now."

"I know," I murmured, "It's become one of my favorite positions for anal sex. So this is how I'm going to feel later when you do it to me." I knelt on the floor near her rear end and pushed her skirt up to bare her bottom, which was slightly spread by her position. She giggled again as my face drew close. Her little pink pucker was still wet with pussy juice when I gave her a light lick across the tender pink skin. She gave a sigh of contentment as I continued licking and kissing all over her bottom, then when I returned to her asshole, I began with little licks that led to broad lapping and then little pokes with the tip of my tongue. At this point she was beginning to breath more heavily.

She wriggled her ass a bit as I began probing deeper, and actually moaned, "Oh, yes!" the first time I eased my tongue in deep. She was beginning to moan, wriggle and grunt with my thrusts as I fucked her bottom with my tongue, so I slipped a fore finger into her vagina and a middle finger to diddle her clit. "OH FUCK!" she cried as she began to orgasm. Even though my tongue was quickly tiring, I managed to keep it up until she was whimpering as her orgasm subsided. I gave her many more kisses on the bottom, mostly her cheeks, until she sat up. "Damn, Betty! That was just out of this world! You can bet my husband is going to do that to me before ever fucking me in the ass again, in fact every time he fucks me anywhere, I think I'll make him do that to me first."

I grinned, "Now back to that plan about a shower, sex, dinner and then more sex?"

The plan was wonderful and aside from being a little short of sleep, the next day was pretty good too, since Denise and I spent most of our lunch time in the basement taking turns going down on each other. After lunch I started working for Sara, and by applying myself I managed to get nearly all the research done, with only a few folders left to finish at Sara's place - maybe twenty minutes work, tops. That would give me more time for my nefarious scheme to seduce Sara after supper.

I had dressed as sexy as I dared that day. It was a brown two-piece business suit, pretty severely cut square, but with a hem that was just a little too short on the skirt, about four inches above the knee. Not a mini-skirt but it made me look pretty leggy and with the top button of the jacket unbuttoned the v was just deep enough to show a little of my white bra. It was snug, too - basically it was a dress that was a little small on me, but comfortable enough and very sexy, at least that's what my friends tell me - and that it brings out the warmer browns in my eyes. Of course I was wearing black, spiked heels. I've been known to joke that the dress made me look like some kind of militant hooker.

It was difficult to sit down in the dress without showing my panties, so I wore white cotton for innocence.

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