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A card game with interesting stakes.

I want you to stay with me for as long as you wish." His gray eyes met her hazel ones and he nodded. She smiled softly at him. "We will worry about the Gathering when we get there," she said. He returned her smile and nodded again. She sat back on the couch. Silence shifted until he was leaning against her in his accustomed place, her hand caressing his hair. She still felt tension in him. She tugged gently on his hair. He looked up at her, startled.

"Something is still bothering you," she said. He nodded slowly. "Tell me." He twitched slightly at the note of command in her voice. He twisted around for a notepad and pencil. Eileen let him write without looking over his shoulder, giving him a bit of privacy to put down his thoughts. Finally, he handed her the pad.

'Mistress,' she read, 'I have no wish to leave you. Why would you not keep me?" He had taken many minutes to write those two sentences. She felt his unease.

"Silence," she murmured, "you will stay with me as long as you wish. We will manage." She felt him relax further at her words. She sighed softly and continued caressing him, losing herself in the motion of her hand on his head. He was completely relaxed now, leaning against her, his head on her thigh.

She stirred finally. He sat up, turning to look up at her. "Bring me your cuffs, Silence." His eyes gleamed as he nodded and rose gracefully to do as she bade him. She watched his nude body as he returned to her, the leather bands and chains across his hands. She felt her own desire ignite as she noticed his large penis begin to swell. He went to one knee, bowed his head, and offered her his restrains. She took them and laid them over her lap. For a moment, she simply ran her hand over them.

Silence offered his wrists without hesitation, secure in the knowledge that she would not harm him. She smiled again at his trust and buckled on the wrist cuffs, fastening them together with a short length of chain. She heard his soft sigh as the cuffs were locked. His penis twitched and swelled larger.

"Stand." He immediately rose. "Ankle." Balancing carefully, he raised his right leg and lightly rested his toes on her knee. She buckled the cuff in place. "Ankle." He repeated the motion with his left foot, and she buckled that cuff in place. He now stood before her, hands manacled together, ankles adorned with leather. He stood, back straight, elbows slightly bent, legs apart.

"Yeesss," she murmured, her finger tips tracing his muscles, feeling him quiver. "Follow." She stood and led the way to her room. He stood beside the bed, waiting for her. He watched as she slowly undressed, his breathing becoming faster as his penis thickened and swelled. She approached him with something in her hands. She caressed his swelling penis, then fastened a ring around it. His breath caught as the sudden constriction at the base of his penis made him swell harder than ever. She caressed him again. He was becoming hot and steel hard. "Mmmm," she murmured. "Lie down."

Obediently, he got onto the bed on his back. Her fingers ran along his body, feeling his shivers of desire. She took his wrists and fastened the chain between them to a hook over his head. His eyes never left her, watching her expression as she restrained him. His ankles were next, one to each corner of the bed. His eyes were now silver with desire. She took her time, caressing him, running her hands over his flesh, kissing him here and there. Teasing his nipples with her tongue and teeth.

He wanted her to mount him. He wanted to bury himself deep into her hot, wet, tightness. She finally straddled his body. The heat of her sex, the scent of her arousal making him writhe under her, trying to impale her. Her hands caressed his face, her fingers tracing his lips. Then she leaned down to kiss him, her lips just brushing his, her tongue teasing him. Slowly, the kiss deepened until she was devouring him and he, her. She broke the kiss to look deep into his eyes.

"Pleasure me," she whispered hoarsely, raising up so

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