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Dad and Uncle Bill show off.

She was very annoyed that first time and told him that she didn't need a bigger penis and that she was perfectly satisfied with the status quo.

However over the last three months Rob had sensed a softening in Lisa's response when he brought up the subject. She no longer refused to discuss the probability that she would eventually give in and do what her doting husband had been begging her to do for almost a year now.

In fact he was beginning to think that maybe she already had someone in mind.

He was ten years older than Lisa and because of his small penis he also was a virgin when they married.

He was very proud of his beautiful wife and as an adoring husband he wanted her to have the best of everything.

That is why they had visited the BMW dealership earlier that day to take a look at the new model which had just been launched.

Maurice, the salesman was extremely handsome and Rob had noticed how he quite openly flirted with Lisa who certainly seemed to enjoy the attention.

Perhaps he might be the one to take her fancy.

Leaning forward again he whispered.

"Are you trying to tell me that I should expect to be surprised soon?"

Lisa stared into his eyes and leaning forward she kissed him gently on the lips.

"Let's just say that you are very persuasive and I do want to make you happy."

Rob was so surprised that he couldn't speak properly but he managed to mumble hoarsely

"Does that mean you have someone in mind?"

Raising her eyebrows questioningly, she whispered, "Would that please you darling, do you want to know if I have a little secret?"

Standing up, Rob called the waiter and paid the bill, then taking Lisa by the hand he almost dragged her out of the restaurant saying "Let's get home now, I can't wait to hear your little secret."

Later as they lay in bed Rob asked Lisa if she fancied the car salesman Maurice and she giggled as she shyly nodded her head before saying, "He is very good looking and I think he would have made a pass if you hadn't been there."

This admission thrilled Rob and taking Lisa into his arms he said lovingly "Thank you darling, I love you with all my heart. I think that we should maybe have another look at the new BMW model soon."

Perhaps they had finally found someone Lisa fancied.

The following day Rob had to be at the local Rotary Club luncheon as he was being considered as a future member. He was being proposed by his friend George Brown who was the local Chartered Surveyor and long time member of the club.

In the morning, as he left for his office he kissed Lisa on the cheek before saying "When I get back this evening we will talk about how we should develop your exciting little secret, bye, bye beautiful."

Around ten o'clock Lisa was just about to make herself a coffee when the front doorbell chimed.

She wondered who would be visiting her at this time of the morning.

When she opened the door she was astonished to see none other than the handsome Maurice.

He handed her a bouquet of flowers as he said, "Please forgive me Mrs Kay I hope you don't think I am out of order but I thought you might enjoy a spin in the new model which is waiting for you right now."

With that he turned with a flourish and pointed to the gleaming saloon car parked at the kerb.

There was silence for a few seconds before Lisa, her heart thumping, said "Give me five minutes."

Closing the door she almost ran to her bedroom as she tried to think what she would wear for her date!!!

Ten minutes later she emerged from the house looking radiant in a short summer dress, all ready for her spin in the new BMW with the dashingly handsome Maurice.

As he held the car door open for her he caught a glimpse of nylon stocking top as she settled herself into the passenger seat.

He knew that she had deliberately allowed him to catch a glimpse and he took it that this was her way of letting him know that she knew what it was that he really

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