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A mysterious voice said: set your cell to vibrate.

That was the signal. I focused, bringing my mind into an odd meditative state somewhere between complete calm and rampant, animal lust. I felt the power come to me. I nodded down and her, and she gave a muffled noise, telling me to go for it.

I came. The orgasm was instant, as though I'd been building to it for hours. I felt my knees shake at the sensation but I stood there and watched as Mel fought to keep her lips around my shaft. The first jet of cum powered down her throat, but the second made her cough, and from there it was a losing battle. Her mouth slipped, and my next spurt caught in her cheek, beginning to seep out of her mouth. She pulled back off my dick, and opened her mouth wide, taking the rest of my load onto her wet, pink tongue. Her mouth quickly filled with my jizz, trails of the sticky white mess trickling down her face and onto her large, tanned breasts. I grabbed my cock and pumped, aiming the last few squirts of cum at those awesome, full melons, glazing them in my seed, before falling backwards onto our bed.

Mel appeared beside me, lying down and stretching out her body next to mine, pressing her tits on either side of my arm so that I was trapped in her cleavage. She smiled, still wiping my cum off her face, and nuzzled her forehead against mine.

"I think that counts as a win for me?" she said.

I smiled. "Yes. Absolutely. You win. You win all the... everything."

Mel giggled, and hugged me tighter. Some of the cum that was still on her chest trickled onto my arm. "You can pretty much control it completely now, huh?" she asked.

"Mmm," I said. "I have to kind of... reach this mental state. But once I'm there, I can cum on command."

Mel arched her neck and kissed me on the nose. "You'd better be using that all the fucking time now, you hear me? I want cum showers every morning."

"I dunno if even my magically enhanced load could manage that," I said, though I smiled at the thought.

Mel tangled her naked, slightly sweaty legs in mine. "Well," she said. "You or Megan."

"You're so happy she's a squirter, aren't you?" I asked.

Mel just made a noise in her throat like a sexual growl. I laughed, and leaned over to kiss her, lightly, on the nose.

"Gooey," she said, softly.

There was a sudden, blinding light. I covered my eyes, and Mel shrieked, doing the same. When the light had cleared, and we dared to look, there were three figures standing at the foot of our bed.

One was Helena. The death goddess was radiant as ever, in a simple white tunic that hung loosely from her perky breasts, and hugged her slender figure. The man standing on her right was tall, relatively well-built, and wore a stylish three-piece suit. He was also bright red.

"Hey, man - aw, jeez, I didn't wanna see that. Cover up, bro," said Dhalsim. I hastily grabbed a fistful of the covers me and Mel were lying on and pulled them over us.

The third person in the room was indescribably beautiful. I felt Mel shuffle beside me as she saw this person, and I knew we both felt the same desire: to follow this person, to serve them and love them forever -

SHIT, said Lucifer. SORRY.

The effect left instantly, like it had been switched off.

Dhalsim wrinkled his nose. "Something in this place amplifies magic. Also amplifies sexual drive in humans. And..." he sniffed. "A whole bunch of other stuff. She certainly knows what she's doing."

Helena looked at me. She looked anxious, her elegant features pulled into a frown. "John. Where is Asta?"

I stared blankly at them for just a few seconds more. The sheer unexpectedness of the arrival of these people - particularly these people - had me stunned. "Um..." I managed. Now that I thought about it, where was Asta? When was the last time I'd seen her? "I don't know," I said.

"Damn it all to Hell!" said Helena. Quickly, she turned to Lucifer, an apologetic look on her face. "No offense."

NONE TAKEN, he replied, though I detected a note of reproach in that huge, bewildering voice.

"What's going on?" asked Melissa quietly, clutching the cove

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