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Viviane has a great day on the beach.

Danny and I, you know how much I love you and he and I are just friends. I needed the company, your not home. It was pleasant to get out after all this time with another man who actually likes me and won't hurt me. You understand, don't you? I love you Bowen. Please know how much I love you. Baby, there will never be another man I will love so much." I stared at the phone. Yes mom, I know and I understand.

Ron approached the table again, setting down two beers, and then himself. 'Shame on the Moon' played in the background.

"Mom loves that song." I smiled, thinking about the reasoning behind it. Yes, I understood now.

"I know, it was ours." I could almost make out the well of tears in his eyes as he smiled. "Is she married?"

"No." I sat up a bit straighter, not sure if I wanted to explain things to him but did so briefly, "she's had two very bad marriages, and to this day, she doesn't date anyone because of them. She keeps to herself and us kids."

"That's too bad, she was always such a sexual animal, so full of life." he cleared his throat when he saw the look I gave him. I'm not sure he knew what to say after that, he was quiet for sometime. "So, what about you, a wife, kids, ex's?" he finally asked.

"My career takes most of my time and the rest is spent with mom and my brother." it may have been cocky for me to say, but I added, "I am very dedicated to them both."

He leaned back against the seat, "I have so many questions to ask you about her, how things are with her, but I'm not so sure I should after your previous comment."

"I don't mean to sound vague, but this was totally unexpected. I know how much she still loves you, but I don't know how it would affect her if you were to 'pop' back into her life."

"I know there's no making up for the lost time between us, but seeing you, I know that she will always hold a bit of me in her heart."

"More than you realize." my phone rang, it was mom. I looked at him before I picked it up, excusing myself, "hi Angel."

"Hi baby. Did you get my message?"

"Yes. I'm not mad, I'm not hurt. I'm just..."

"Yes baby, I know. Look Dan and I, we had a great time, but..."

"Mom, you don't have to explain anything to me, trust me, I understand."

Ron was looking at me while I talked to her, it was as if he wished to speak to her, but wasn't sure about asking. "Mom, how would you feel about hearing a voice from your distant past?"

"Bowen? Are you talking with..." she trailed off.

"He's sitting right here across from me. I think we've been talking for the last two hours, after he lost a game of pool to me."

"Oh, you beat him?" she seemed a bit surprised, "He threw the game didn't he?" she commented as if she had been watching.

"Yes, I believe so. But said you taught me well." I smiled as she giggled.

"Baby, I'm not so sure I can find the words to say anything to him." I knew she was unsure about talking to him after all those years.

"Do you really want to? After all, it's up to you Angel." I glanced back to Ron, seeing anxiety in his expression.

"Yes, I suppose a few moments wouldn't hurt." She was hesitant.

"All right mom, hang on." I held the phone out to him, his hand was shaking when he took it.

"Hello Jeana," he smiled, "It's been a very long time baby."

I half-heartedly listened to the one-sided conversation, knowing only that whatever they were discussing was something that should have been said twenty-five years earlier. My only quandary was where it would lead after this. After thirty minutes, he handed the phone back to me, drying his tearstained cheeks, and dismissed himself.

Mom and I talked a bit longer, ending the call with her reassurance that she was fine, and was heading off to bed. Ron came back to the table a little later and asked if I would like to go somewhere that was quiet so we could talk. I didn't see where it would hurt.

We got up from the table, he walked to the bar, and I told Otto I was taking off.

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