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A submissive white couple seek out a dominate black man.

We stared and Amy finally turned towards us as a commercial interrupted the show. She looked at us and you could see the confusion in her face as she looked at Bradley.

The silence was broken when he said "Bad Brad" and her look of awe was replaced with the face of someone who has just seen a long lost friend.

"Hi Brad," Amy said and then asked, "What brings you to our humble abode?"

Brad moved about the den, soaking in the layout of the room, his eyes always glancing back to Amy. He came upon a recent family photo and asked about Sue. We quickly and eagerly told him about our daughter and what a wonderful kid she was.

Brad spoke in a slow and even voice, a voice that my conscious couldn't comprehend but made sense to the rest of my being. Brad sat on the couch, beside Amy.

"Sit over there, Dave," Brad demanded as he pointed and I rushed to my seat opposite the couch.

"Amy is a very beautiful woman." said Brad as he raised a hand to her face and let his fingers trace her cheek, her chin then her neck.

"Very beautiful, Amy, very, very beautiful" and his hand moved over her face.

Amy sat with a straight back, leaning a little towards Brad, her chest pressing against the fabric of her blouse, her breathing coming heavier as she didn't resist him.

"Dave, Amy will do just fine," he said and bent down so that his lips touched hers, ever so softly.

"You don't mind if I kiss your wife, do you Dave?" he asked but before I could answer his lips were on hers in a more passionate kiss this time.

Amy seemed to respond in kind and Brad added "Well Dave, do you mind?"

"No, No of course not Brad," I stammered as my brain raced. There was some deep part of me that was screaming to stop but I only looked on as Brad kissed Amy.

His thick lips on Amy's looked so right and his eyes strained to see my reaction as he moved his head away from Amy but it showed Amy was doing all she could to suck his tongue back into her mouth.

Brad moved a free hand to her chest. The back of his hand moved over the swell of her chest and then turned as he then opened his hand to capture her breast.

Amy kept her mouth glued to this large black man's mouth as he pawed at her chest.

Suddenly he leaned back and summoned me. "Dave, get over here".

I got up as fast as I could and stood in front of the two.

"Sit behind your wife," he said in a voice that demanded immediate action.

I did what I was told.

He then added "reach around and unbutton her blouse. I want to see more of your wife."

I must have paused for a second too long because in a more agitated voice he said "Amy, tell your husband to get busy. Tell him that I want to see your tits."

Amy turned her head and in a soft, loving voice she said "Come on baby, it's Brad, honey, he wants to see my breasts. Please hurry, honey."

She turned back to Brad and looked into his eyes as my hands snaked around her and clumsily began unbuttoning her blouse. Finished, I pulled the material to the side so that her bra clad chest was open to Brad's view. Amy's breasts swelled over the confines of her bra and Brad licked his lips.

"This bra shit has got to go, okay Dave, okay Amy?", Brad asked.

Both Amy and I nodded in agreement.

"No more bras, baby, your tits don't need it and I want to be able to get to you quickly, okay?"

It didn't need an answer but we agreed anyway.

"Now the bra, Dave, I shouldn't have to tell you. The bra has to go."

I unclasped the bra and Amy's beautiful, full breasts burst into view.

"Magnificent," commented Brad, "I'm really going to enjoy your wife, Dave. You should be proud of her."

Brad stared at the pink nipples that topped her breasts, breasts that despite her age needed no support, breasts that seemed to quiver all by themselves as if begging to be sucked.

"Has any other man ever touched your tits, Amy?"

To my relief she nodded no.

"Then this is quite an occasion, Dave, I'll be the first man other than you to enjoy your wif

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