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Eric buys Arina, but with ulterior motives.

It had rope lights and small romantic tables on the sides with candles and flowers.

Sarah liked the club floor, some of her friends liked the disco, I was the only one who went outside. As I approached, I saw several men stop and stare at me. I knew I had my pick tonight. I chose a tall dark haired man who was obviously had more exotic blood than the average Gotham citizen. I liked that.

He took my hand and kissed it, begging me softly to dance with him. I accepted. Then, while knowing he was watching I bent down and grasped a small gold zipper on the side of my dress and pulled it up to become a leg freeing slit on the side of my very tight dress. I was now able to do the salsa like I wanted. I told him so.

The wolfish smile it brought to his face was what I had wanted to see all night and my body began to warm up as he pulled mine to his. His hand burning hot on the small of my back while we danced. Which we did for a while. After three sets he asked me if I would like a drink and I accepted again. I ordered a vodka cranberry.

I was almost done with it when Sarah came out to get me. "Harleen! Harleen! There you are!" She pranced up to me and completely ignored my tall dark companion. "I am ready to move out of here. How about the Zoo?"

That was an african jungle themed bar nearby, another one of my favorites. I nodded. Even while I didn't really want to leave, I figured that this night was more about her than me so I let her drag me away. My dancing partner was quite disappointed and he made sure to kiss my cheek and slide me his number before she could drag me away.

While sipping a giant pina colada at our new destination, I noticed someone familiar. I realized that I had seen him at Gonzie's and at Treble, and now he was sitting here at the Zoo. We were being followed. I had a feeling though, that it must just be me. I talked and chatted with Sarah and her friends for a while more. I kept our follower in the corner of my eye, it only took a little while to realize that he was using his phone to take picture of us, and me.

It was almost one in the morning now, and while I knew that Sarah would stay up most of the night I couldn't relax anymore when I knew I was being watched and followed. So I feigned being tired and apologized and said goodnight to Sarah. She hugged me a dozen times and let me go.

I called a cab and went home. After locking my door I realized that I really had been tired. I stripped out of my dress and jewelry and passed out in my bed.

Sunday morning I took slow and easy, and didn't leave my house at all.

--- --- ---

Monday morning I got to work, and only remembering my auspicious new patient when I stepped into my tiny office and saw the file boxes on my desk. I had meant to read the rest of his files over the weekend, but I was suddenly glad I hadn't. My mind flashed to my gun at home and wished I had it here, which was ridiculous of course, I wasn't allowed to have a gun in the hospital. Even though the new security detail did.

I read a little more of his files before walking down the long halls to the other side of the building where his cell was in high security and padded room section of Arkham. This time it was Robert, our oldest security guard who was standing in front of the Joker's cell.

"Robby! Hey Robby! Robby! Robby! Hey! When is my lady gonna see me again? What kinda hospital is this?" The Joker was yelling through his cell again. I wondered how long he could keep up his energy levels.

Upon seeing me Robert turned and opened the window slider to look in on the Joker, "She's here, now shut the fuck up!" He said to my patient. I couldn't blame him one bit. He slid the window cover closed again and grabbed his walkie talkie, requesting the usual detail for the move of the Joker to the interrogation room.

"Robert?" I asked him politely.

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