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She shows John a bit of her wild side.

Soon Brett did start kissing, as it seemed to please S__neca, who was still caressing Brett's hair. Brett realized S__neca's cock was getting hard, and the head was getting closer to where he was kissing S__neca's chest and stomach. S__neca started pushing Brett's head lower. Soon the cock head came against his lips. At first he kept kissing S__neca's stomach even though the cock head was starting to rub against his face and lips.

Precum was forming at the head and started to wet Brett's lips. "Lick the nectar Brett," said S__neca in poetic soothing syllables. His voice was romantic and compelling.

Brett never even thought that he was sitting in the nude, licking another man's cock for the first time. He wasn't gay and the thought never occurred to him.

Brett licked up the precum. It tasted good. It was his first time tasting precum.

S__neca pushed his cockhead around Brett's lips and a little deeper until the flange of his cock was starting to go in. "Lick it," S__neca said.

Brett had never done such a thing but it was an enjoyable experience, and he licked the head that was in the front of his mouth. It was addicting, and Brett was fascinated by the feel on his tongue and lips, and the taste. The cock in his mouth was alluring. "Suck it," S__neca said gently. Brett started sucking the cockhead with no real purpose other than it felt natural. Brett realized his own cock had gotten hard, he was turned on.

Starting to suck it he tasted the shaft, felt the velvety cum vein, and felt the pulse with his lips enclosed around it. Brett had never been so close to another man. It was comforting to be in the embrace of another person willing to share himself. S__neca had a romantic and hypnotic effect on him. Without saying so he felt a romance developing. The thought of gay action did not occur to him. Mesmerized by the cock in his mouth he fondled the ass while he sucked the cock. It was his first time interracial oral.

Soon Brett was rewarded by streams of dick nectar. He slavered his tongue around the head, let the cum pool and spread on his tongue. Then he spread it all around the inside of his mouth and cheeks with his tongue. He savored the taste and suck massaged the cock as it began to shrivel. As it shriveled he was able to keep the whole cock in his mouth, savoring the feel and taste. It gave him a secure sense of feeling.

After a while all the cum dissolved, melted in his mouth, and he had a sense of satisfaction of feeling natural and of pleasing another. This was his first time tasting cum, of swallowing cum, and to his surprise he felt good about it. With a sense of happiness, he slipped the cock out of his mouth and kissed the head feeling the softness on his lips. Brett licked up and down the shaft, and all the way down between the balls. He savored the different feel and taste of the ball sack. He kissed the skin, and started to suck the balls, gently pulling some of the skin into his mouth to suck, and finally taking the whole ball in his mouth, one at a time and sensuously sucking them. He had never even thought of sucking balls, but now he enjoyed it, giving him a sense of closeness. He felt the pubic hair tickling the inside of his mouth, and his face. Brett licked down the edge of the pubic hair below the nut sack, and reached as far back as he could licking the perineum, and kissing as if to find the end of the cock root and the prostate.

S__neca turned and let Brett lick the side of his hip, and turned more until he could kiss and lick the side of his firm butt cheek. Brett was amazed by the firm feeling, and the good clean taste of the butt skin. Taking his time, S__neca turned some more and Brett was licking up and down his ass crack. He never realized licking a butt crack could be so fulfilling, and erotic. He could develop a fetish for it.

S__neca bent over such that his cheeks spread some, and exposed his asshole to the delight of Brett.

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