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What happens in toy land stays in toy land.

into trouble!"

"Oh I will, will I?" I said, giving him an evil grin.

What was I thinking?

"Let's see what else we have in this kitchen," Jeff said, bending over to open a cabinet. I could feel him looking up my skirt, but I stayed perfectly still.

A handful of people walked into the kitchen and I started giggling. They gave me puzzling looks as they passed by, heading for the pool table in the next room.

I felt his fingers along the hem of my dress - he was being blatant now.

"Jeff! What are you doing?" I cried in mock disgust.

"Ohh.. look at you - how cute! You're blushing!"

He stood up and walked behind me. Grabbing my hips, he looked over my shoulder saying, "Look at all this crazy alcohol this guy has in here!" He pushed me against the counter as he feigned interest in the bottles. I was pressed between his crotch and the counter. I could feel him growing hard against my ass.

"We've got Maker's Mark... Cuervo 1800..."

I pushed my ass back against his growing hard-on.

"Oh... you like that, hm?"

I couldn't tell if our conversation sounded suspicious to anyone within earshot....I was too drunk to care.

"Let's go back outside and get another drink," he suggested, running his hands up along my sides.

"Oh... I don't think I can drink anymore, Jeff"

"Sure you can!! Come on, girl!"

He slipped his arm around my waist and we snuck out the side door to the open bar.

"What are you going to get?"

"I can't drink anymore, Jeff. I really can't!

"Sure you can! Come on... tell the lady whatcha want."

"Oh, fine. Gin and tonic, please."

Drinks in hand, we walked around the edge of the property, past the tire swings (which were now empty as the night was growing late), down towards the lake.

Jeff grabbed my arm and pulled me around to the back of the bushes.

"Over here... where it's quiet," he said.

We stood there, his arm around my waist, sipping on our drinks. The moon was high over the lake, illuminating everything.

I felt his hand slide down to my ass, giving it a squeeze. A moan slipped from my lips before I could repress it.

That was all he needed. He stood between me and the water and the next thing I knew, he had me walking backwards. Farther, farther, farther... until I backed into a tree. He pressed me against the tree, pushing himself against me, his cock straining through his pants. We were the perfect height for each other, and his cock was pushing right up against my slit through my dress.

"Do you like that?" His hot breath was on my neck as he whispered in my ear.

"Mmmm...Yes," I sighed.

"I thought so."

His free hand went up to my right breast, squeezing it, kneading it. He leaned in and kissed me, his tongue cold from the drink. He sucked on my lips and his bristly beard scratched against my soft skin. Each time he pushed his tongue into my mouth, he shoved his hard cock against me.

I dropped my drink and my hands went to his chest, down his back, grabbing his ass. I pulled him towards me even as he roughly mimicked fucking me.

I felt his hand leave my breast and reach down to my thighs. He teased me, rubbing his fingers in an arch between my two legs, each time rising higher and higher. Finally, he reached my panties and cupped my pussy in his hand.

"You are so sweet and pretty and young. I just want to fuck you - show you what it's like to be with a real man. I'd have you begging for more," he breathed into my ear.

He pushed a finger up through my panties, against my opening.

"You're so wet."

He pressed himself against me as he pushed my panties aside, running a finger along the length of my pussy.

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