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And the game begins.....

She attended to each of the machines and her notes for about ten minutes before returning to Arnold, who jumped to attention as she approached.

"Well, Private, time for your second sample," she offered an identical cup to him.

"My... uh I..." He stuttered. "Ma'am I... uh." She pushed the cup toward him, which he reluctantly took. She took a step back and stood, one hand on her jutting hip, the other holding her metal folder. She looked him up and down critically.

"Perhaps under the circumstances you'll require some aid..." she threw the folder on the metal bench with a clang, and in one smooth motion brought her hand up to her neck and grasped the zip of her dress. Slowly she began to pull it down, past her breasts. The noise of the zip was deafening in the otherwise silent room and Arnold stood transfixed as the Doctor revealed her cleavage. Finally the zip reached the end of its track at her navel and Arnold had a view of the wonderful strip of flesh between there and her neck, the sides of her breasts round and inviting. She straightened up and brought her hands to her collar, hooking her index fingers under each side. She stared at his boxers as his cock rose beneath them and without breaking her gaze peeled back her dress from her beautiful breasts. They were round and high the size of large oranges, with small dark nipples that stood proudly erect. She stepped forward and grasped his cock firmly through his boxers. Standing over him like this she breathed:

"Would you like me to collect this sample, Private Williams?" She said, and squeezed the head of his member in the ring of her thumb and forefinger. Arnold shuddered slightly and gasped.

"Yes, Ma'am!" He replied.

She smiled and released his cock. "Lie back then," she gestured to the examiner's chair. Arnold hopped up and laid back, his cock pointing straight up into the air. The chair had two separate limbs for each leg, and Doctor Shapiro separated them, spreading his legs wide. She placed the stool between them and sat. She paused and cupped her breasts, squeezing them outward towards the dumbstruck Arnold.

"Ready, Private?" She cooed, looking down at the tepee in his boxers.

"Oh, yes, Ma'am," Arnold replied eagerly. She reached down and unbuttoned his boxers, watching as his member sprang out.

"They certainly provided me with a well equipped soldier," she murmured to him, before gripping it firmly. Her slender hands were cool and soft on the sensitive skin of his member. Arnold shivered gently, the muscles across his stomach and chest rippling slightly. With one hand she gripped his base, and with other ran her thumb up his underside until she pressed against the spot where his head met the shaft. She lingered there, giving short little upward strokes with her thumb whilst pressing downward with her fingers on the other side.

The intensity of her massaging sent waves of pleasure rolling down Arnold's cock to break against the rest of his body. He gazed down at the Doctor as she worked on his member. She was intently concentrated on her labor, leaning forward over his cock, so close that he could feel her breath along his head and shaft, and her silky black hair fell down on either side. As her hands worked her beautiful breasts swayed slightly in time with her stokes.

Just as he felt his orgasm gathering, the Doctor stopped and changed her stroke. She pushed his cock flat against his stomach and stroked its underside slowly and firmly with the palm of one hand while gently pulling his balls down with the other. She looked up into his eyes from her work and without pausing said:

"You'd better be ready with cup when you come, Private, or I'll be *very* upset..." Arnold's breathing was shallow, his muscles tense and he nodded down at her. "Hmm, about time for some lube don't you think Private Williams?"

"Yes, Ma'am," Arnold gasped out between breaths.

"I'm glad we agree, Private," the Doctor said, and with that, she lifted his cock from his stomach and engulfed it in her warm mouth without hesitation.

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