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Gregg finds new complications when he rents a room.

She leans down to touch my lips with her tongue and slips it into my mouth. Her hands are behind my head and she pushes her tongue deeper into me as if to taste every inch. She slides her tongue out, licking my lips as she backs her head away from mine.

She reaches down and pulls her shirt over her head, exposing all of her to me. I reach with both hands and caress her breasts. Her response to my touch is electric. She turns her head to the side and licks her lips. I bend down and bring one of her breasts to my lips and start to lick and play with her nipple. I work my way to other nipple and then back and forth between the two. She starts rocking her hips against me to the beat of each lick of my tongue.

She now places both of her hands on my chest, moving them to the rhythm of my licks. I had been so caught up in the moment I was unaware of how she now had my shirt open. She leans down and places one of my breasts in her mouth. The touch of her tongue on my nipple almost makes me lose control and I feel the wetness of myself run into my pants. If I'm feeling this wet how wet is she?

I need to know if she is as wet as I am. I reach down and place my hand between her legs. Her jeans are so wet I can hardly contain myself. She places her hand over mine and starts to rock back and forth on my hand. Just as I feel her body shiver, she moves my hand away and, before I know it, she's standing up looking down at me.

I'm so surprised and start to wonder what I did to make her want to leave.

At that moment, she reaches down and pulls me up. She has me against the tree and pushes her body into mine. She places her hand behind my head and kisses me like I have never been kissed before. Our arms wrap around each other so tight.

She moves so she's leaning against the tree, never letting go of this kissed. I slide my tongue in between her lips and run it across her lips to the roof of her mouth. Her body responds by moving in closer and pushing me up against her until there's no room between us. My breasts touch hers. I can feel how hard her nipples are as they shift with the movement of our kiss.

As she pulls away from our kiss, I look into her eyes - and the look of her eyes begs me to continue. She pulls my head down to her breast, begging me to taste them. As I leans down to place one of them in my mouth, she pulls it away, teasing me with her giggle again.

"If you want them," she says, "you will need to work for them."

I look up at her and she has a sparkle in her eyes and her eyebrow rolls up. Every feeling I have in my body shocks with desire. My legs become weak and I'm unsure if I can keep standing. This is until I see her reach and touch her nipples with her own hands. I feel my wetness run down my leg, my lust for her so strong. I fear she's not going to allow me to continue this ecstasy. I feel I can't stop if she says no. But I would stop.

With that smile on her lips I know she's just teasing me just to see how far I will go.

Only if she knew.

I need to taste her wetness. I move in closer and this time I grip her nipple with my mouth and gave it a little nibble. Her body falls into my arms and her knees become as weak as mine. I catch her and I can't help but give a little evil laugh. She giggles and tries to hit me. I catch her wrist and pin it to the tree. The look in her eyes is of surprise, but I start to see a small smile come across her lips.

She keeps trying to kiss me but this time the game is mine.

She becomes frustrated because I will not let go of her wrist. I didn't allow her kiss me. I lean in and give her a quick kiss and then back away. She tries to lean in for another, but I'm not about to let her kiss me. I want her to see how it feels to be teased.

Her lips start to pout and turn down after three kisses of this type.

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