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Aunt Christina and her identical triplets enjoy their prize.


Linda stood up and in one quick motion she took of her shirt. She reached back to unhook her bra and there she was standing topless in our friends living room.

"OMG it looks so hot. Lisa jumped up and started fumbling my girlfriends nipple stud."

"Look at it George. Her nipple is so hard and the stud feels amazing."

They moved over to George and he as well fumbled my girlfriend's nipple and breast.

"Yeah looks great. I know what I'm getting you for your birthday now."

"Birthday? I want to get one tomorrow."

Lisa commented and started giggling. After some more touching and fumbling and I like to add that they also touched her other breast, which had no piercing, Linda finally sat down again.

"Now it's your turn honey. Stand up and take off your clothes."

Now my heart started racing again. It is one thing to be naked in front of strangers but to be naked in front of your friends who you've known for years is something different. Nevertheless, I stood up and first removed my shirt and then the jeans.

For about a minute nobody said anything. Lisa just kept looking me up and down and George just smiled and kept his gaze on my crotch.

"Dear god you really did it."

I was standing there in front of the couple wearing stockings and a garter belt with laces, had a purple belly-button piercing and on top of that was wearing black crotchless string panties. But the thing that captured their gazes the most was what was sticking out of the panties and that was my dick locked in a chastity cage that started twitching the moment my pants went down.

"Don't tell me you got him a tattoo where the bandage is?"

"I sure did. Are you ready to see it? Paul hasn't been allowed to see it himself and I want him to see your reactions before I finally show it to him."

With that being said Linda walked over to me, got on her knees and first removed my panties. Then in one quick motion she tore off the bandage. My skin was burning but I just kept my eyes on George and Lisa. They both had big smiles on their faces.

"Well what do you guys think?"

"Erm it's..."

"It fits I think. George would kill me if I did that to him but looking at Paul here and how you managed to let's say enslave him it is perfect. And he sure as hell is never going to leave you. No women would ever sleep with him again after seeing that."

"Well as things are going now I am pretty sure that no women will ever sleep with him anyhow so... that's just his bad luck."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I could never sleep with another woman ever again? We never talked about that. I never agreed to that. But after thinking about it... I think I thought about it at least at some point.

"Now turn around honey and look into the mirror."

I finally did and could see my entire body for the first time in a week again. I imagined a lot but never did I think that she would put THAT directly above my penis. I was thinking it would be some symbols or pattern but there it was directly above my penis in a curvy and elegant font it said: "PROPERTY OF LINDA". And next to it were three pink stars that made it look so girly I was about to cry.

"What is it honey? Don't you like it?"

I have to live with that for the rest of my life. If I wanted to be with another women again I would need to get it removed with a laser before I could ever hope that someone would ever touch me again. I can never leave nor lose her again. I am trapped and I had to admit it.

"It's great Linda. I was just surprised that's all."

"What do you mean Linda when you said he'll never sleep with another women again? Do you plan on keeping him locked up forever? What will you do? You want to forbid him from ever having sex again?"

"No it's not like that. And he will keep having sex. Just not with women and always on the receiving end I am afraid."

Now it was their turn to look surprised. I was embarrassed and was just looking at my locked dick afraid of raising my head again.

"And don't worry about me.

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