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The pinnacle of pleasure is anticipation.

It was fairly crowded but there were still seats at the bar. My husband entered a few minutes later and without looking at me took a seat across the bar. He was not too close but he could see me easily.

I ordered a screwdriver and was shocked when the bartender told me it was already paid for by a man at the other end of the bar. I looked his way and smiled my thanks but immediately decided he was not much of a candidate for a lover. Luckily, he did not pursue the issue and was satisfied with buying the lady a drink. I tried not to look around too much but occasionally looked over at my husband who avoided my glances and seemed not to notice me. About that time I saw a man come through the door. I watched him as he confidently walked in and came toward the bar. He was about forty, with light hair, and beautiful eyes, about six feet two inches and built like he visited the gym on a regular basis. He did not even glance at me as he took the seat next to me. I looked away as he ordered his drink.

A few minutes passed and the barman asked me if I would like another. As he brought it back the stranger next to me spoke up, smiled, and said to please let him buy it for me. I was more than pleased. Although still undecided how far this would go, I thought that it would not hurt to flirt a little with this good looking man. I felt a slight tingle in my groin but I put it off as nerves. He was not only good looking but well spoken and educated. He told me his name was Dan and he was from out of town on business. I liked him immediately and thought to myself that I could learn to enjoy this. I stole a glance at my husband and he had a nice smile for me. Dan and I talked for awhile about many different things and the time flew. As the band began to play, Dan asked me to dance. I accepted and we walked onto the dance floor. The song was slightly fast so we did not get that close. As the song ended a slow one followed and Dan suggested that we try it. I thought to myself, "it's now or never," and said "fine" as he pulled me close to him. His body was hard and muscled. I could smell his cologne. He danced well and led me easily. We were as close as we could get. His arms felt delightful around me and as I felt him press against me I thought I detected a rising interest.

I was starting to feel a little breathless as a wave of sensuality rode over me. He told me I was beautiful, a wonderful dancer and wickedly sexy. I wanted to say a million things but I was speechless. Suddenly the dance was over and we walked back to our seats. I was a little wobbly, not from the alcohol but from the sensations of what was going on. He held my chair for me and as I sat down I felt his hand lightly brush over my back and arm. It sent a chill up and down my body. As we spoke he moved closer. He touched my arm and my leg. It was electric. He talked about the animal magnetism of one person for another. I could feel the passion rising inside me. I looked up at him and our eyes locked. Nothing was said but we both knew. I knew he wanted me and I knew I wanted him.

Suddenly like a bucket of cold water I looked up and saw my husband. I was terrified by what he might think but he quickly gave me a wink and a smile and I knew it was all right. Finally, Dan said, "I see you are married." I said I wondered when he would mention it. I immediately felt that this was the end and believed that I would have to let him go. I mulled it over for a minute thinking I could quit now and leave or I could go for it. My body was crying for me to have him. I told him not to worry about the ring. He asked if I had an open marriage. I said, "something like that." It was then that he asked me if I would like to have a drink in his room. I literally began to shake uncontrollably and stammered that I had to go to the ladies room. As I left him, I signaled my husband to meet me.

As we had planned, my husband met me outside the ladies room out of sight of the bar.

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