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Beth has gone six months without sex, can Anna help?

I smiled up at her saying, "No, I am very, very good."

She stopped shampooing me a moment and looked down, "I bet you are." Her voice was low and husky.

"Do you work tomorrow?" I asked.

She nodded, "Yes, noon to six."

"I'll be on the bench in front of the salon at 6:10 then."

"I will need to change," she said.

"Let's worry about that tomorrow night. Bring a change of clothes with you."

She nodded her head and said, "Okay."

Apple dried my hair and brushed it until it shined. Her body was pressing against me every opportunity she had. I seriously considered throwing her over my shoulder for an afternoon of fun in the sun.

As it was, we walked to the counter and she squeezed my arm slightly, "Tomorrow at 6:00"

I nodded then paid for the haircut leaving a normal sized tip, suddenly leaving a large tip seemed not quite right anymore. Images of her and the smallest touch of my mouth to her tit filled my mind as I grabbed the books I had bought and strode through the mall heading out. I need some time to myself, a chance to breathe.

I suddenly felt harried and spread thin. I knew I had pulled the trigger on that all by myself, but there it was. Just too many fucking women, not enough time, and I did not have to prioritize them per se, but I knew if I were to keep my sanity, I would have to do just that. Tonight I knew was only going to add to that overwhelmed feeling.

I went to a park, sitting on a bench with the same book I started earlier on my lap. I decided I was going to finish it before I left the park, regardless of what may come. Fortunately or not, I read very quickly, it would only take a couple of hours to read the book cover to cover.

I did not look up, barely moved as the hot sun beat down on me. I flipped the pages in regular short intervals. Finishing the book, I set it aside thinking about it for a few minutes, digesting it. Picking it up I headed back to the car and looked at my phone, three calls from Ben and two from his wife. Of course, there were only two messages, each from Christine. The gist of the messages was that if I no-showed, not only would she send the goons after me, she would do unspeakable things to me the next time I saw her.

I laughed and considered what I wanted to do.

I had made Ginny and Bianca cancel their plans tonight to take them to the party, and I knew Ben really, really wanted me there for some reason. I could not think of a reason not to go that sounded plausible to me. With the decision to procrastinate more made, I headed back to the car and drove to the apartment.

Arriving, I let myself into the apartment then poured myself a drink. Turning on some classical music, I stood on the patio a few minutes watching everyone in the pool area. A handful of beauties were lying on the farther side, soaking the sun's rays. Kids in the shallow end of the pool were splashing each other and passersby that got too close.

My mind wandered back to Ginny and Bianca. Thinking of how beautiful they looked on their knees yesterday before the party as they gave themselves to me. I realized I had never formally answered them, in either acceptance or refusal.

Maybe tonight would be what I need to make up my mind. Accepting them was a commitment, and one I was unsure I wanted to make. Perhaps seeing how they react at Ben's soiree would give me an indicator. I was not terribly happy that they abandoned me last night, but sometimes we all get distracted. Two nights in a row though, would be more indicative that they were seeking thrills and not someone to obey.

Mind made up, I entered the apartment to shower again. I dressed in slacks and a dress shirt, foregoing the tie before heading downstairs to see the girls.

Bianca was on the phone crying when I walked into their apartment. Her eyes were red and puffy, she apparently had been crying for quite some time. "L-l-look, I will call you back," she said into the phone. She listened a moment and said in a rush, "Yes, I understand what you said; I said I will call you back. I'm sorry, but I have to go now."

She hung up the ph

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