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Joanna learns to love again.

Each time he drew my nipple into his mouth he would circle it with his tongue and then he would suck on it, hard.

After having had my nipples chewed on by my last kid this felt wonderful. My nipples were as erect as they had been in a long time and, as long as he didn't bite the nipple off, I was good.

He took a break from working my nipples and kissed his way down over my ribs and licked my navel and lower abdomen as he squeezed my ass. Light kisses and a swirling tongue. It felt great. My pussy was soaking wet with anticipation but my mind was still controlling the situation and I had yet to decide what I really wanted to do.

Joe was strong. He wasn't just squeezing my ass, he was massaging my ass, pulling my cheeks apart and forcing the material to rub against my now sopping wet pussy. I moaned every time the material pulled tight against my clit. I think I may have been able to cum had he kept it up. It seemed as if everything was aligning in that direction.

As he went to undo my belt I said, "No," and pulled him up. Instantly I knew how I wanted this to go. Joe was a few years younger than me, a fact about which he had often kidded me and, on more than one occasion, had suggested that maybe I should teach him something. Naturally, I had agreed that I could; however, I wasn't in the business of instructing young lads without reaping the benefits.

Joe gave me a slightly puzzled look as I pushed him back against the massage table. He said, "You're not changing your mind on me are you?"

I smiled at him and said, "Let me teach you something."

"What are you going to teach me?" his voice was a bit husky now and his antennae went up - just like his erection.

I kissed him, deeply. I then started sliding down his body, dragging my tongue down the side of his neck, making little circles much as he had. I sucked and nibbled on his nipples as I felt and squeezed his chest and upper arms. I couldn't believe how tight his body was. I let my hands trail down over his abdomen and I grabbed his erection through his pants with both hands. He was fully erect and he moaned as I took hold. I let go of his dick and undid the drawstring on his pants.

I now had my hands on his hips and I was holding his pants up. I left his nipples and slowly began the trek south. I stopped at his navel and played there for a moment with my tongue and then I continued down until I reached the top of his pants. I slowly began sliding them down, licking him as each new area of skin was exposed.

I said, "I'm going," as pubic hairs began to appear, "teach you," -- I lightly licked him from just inside his hair line to his navel, up and down and back and forth - his dick was fully erect and as I was licking him it was coming up under my chin and hitting me in the neck through his sweats - "how to," - I continued to slide my hands down bring the pants with me, now about half of his dick was exposed and because of the way I was holding his pants it was pinned down. I couldn't see the top of his dick, it was still pinned by the pants but his ass was exposed so as I kneaded his ass I lightly licked the top of his shaft from where it was covered by the pants into his hair. His dick tasted slightly salty and had that male-sex smell I love so much. Up and down I licked as I kneaded his ass. His ass was so tight I was getting almost as big of thrill out of squeezing that as I was licking what I could see of his dick.

Joe was moaning and I whisked his pants the rest of the way off and his hard-on popped up, hitting me in the face and bouncing a few times. He tried to reach for my head to pull me onto him but I said. "No. I'm going to teach you how to be patient and I'm going to teach you how to let someone else do what they want and get what they want from you instead of it always being about what you want. So just lay back."

He was semi-sitting on the very edge of the table with his feet on the floor and he laid back with me on my knees between his legs.

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