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Elaine is the entertainment at Roy's business party.


"Yeah, you cum for us, slut, we want to see that!"

His words sunk into my brain, and I began to work my hips over his hands. The other fingers were toying with my nipples, and my body felt hot. I felt my orgasm build. As his fingers continued to press against my clit, I raised my hips to meet him and felt my body tense. Then, suddenly I was thrown over the edge into a sea of complete pleasure. My mind exploded as my body spasmed under his touch. I shook and quivered even as I cried out my pleasure. I could feel my pussy gush wetness over his fingers and knew it must be soaking into the towel beneath me. I heard, vaguely, the stranger urging me on, encouraging me, but I needed none of it. I was cumming harder than I had in a long time, and finally when my pleasure began to subside, I began to realize that I was sitting in my husband's car and a complete stranger had just plunged me into the depths of pleasure.

"Damn, you are so fucking hot! Look at this, Steve, look how wet this whore got!" I felt the fingers leave my cunt, then felt them pressed against my lips. "Lick them, whore. Show me how much you like the taste of yourself." Eagerly, I slurped the fingers between my lips and sucked down hard, enjoying the taste of my juices.

"After this, I gotta go get laid," I heard the owner of the other voice say. "Shit, I am so fucking hard now I'm ready to pop my jeans!"

I felt a hand stroke my cheek. "You are fine, so fine. I hope you're still here when I get out, cause I would love to have more of you."

I heard their footsteps fade away, and then heard their voices talking to other people. I heard laughter and then the approach of footsteps once again. Over and over, a steady stream of men gathered at the window of the Impala, their fingers searching and probing and plunging deep within me. I had lost count of how many men approached, but my pussy was dripping and my nipples tender and sore. I knew I was on display as if I were some whore, yet I could not deny the fact that I was completely aroused and needed more. Oh so much more. I needed to have my pussy filled and stretched by cock, the feel of a man pounding his hips into mine as I moved and squirmed beneath him.

It took a while before I realized there had been a lull in men coming to the window of the car. I didn't know how much time had passed, but it seemed hours. Then I heard the footsteps of yet another person approach. My body began to ready itself in anticipation of the touch of another stranger's fingers. Instead, I heard a noise against the windshield, and my mind became suddenly alert. Had some one called the authorities? I heard the footsteps fade, and then come around the other side of the car. I heard the driver side door open, heard a body slide onto the seat, and I was about to remove the blindfold and start screaming, when a familiar voice came to me from that side of the car.

"Well, did you enjoy yourself, babe? You know, I watched it all. I watched every single man who walked up to that window. Are you hot and ready for me now?" Jim reached over, sliding his hand down over my stomach to my pussy. His fingers glided easily along the slick lips. "What is this? Do you realize how wet you are? Even the towel under you is soaked. Did you enjoy those men touching you, feeling you, enjoying you? Did you enjoy playing the slut for them and for me?"

I could only whimper at his touch, my body pressing against his fingers. I wanted him, I needed him, and right now.

"What is it? Are you still horny? Do you want to feel my cock in that wet snatch of yours? Filling you, fucking you, giving you what all those men were not allowed to? Is that what my whore wants and needs? Tell me!"

"Yes, Jim. Please, I need you to fuck me. I need to be fucked hard and fast and now!"

I felt his fingers leave my pussy, and then felt them against my face as he lifted the blindfold from my eyes.

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