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A second hand heart knows both love and loss.

Desiree could actually see the first few jets of sperm arcing through the air and hit the floor.

"Oh, damn! That's quite a load you've been saving! Mmhm, that's it! Let it out, sweetie. Doesn't that feel good?" Desiree teased, her avid hand strokes slowing down to a much slower, but no less incendiary rhythm now that she had her son cumming.

"Ahhhh, yeah," Marcus panted; still shuddering as his spasms wracked him and his cum continued to pour out over his mother's pistoning hand. "Damn Ma!"

"You came so much, baby!" Desiree purred, looking over Marcus' shoulder and down at her handiwork.

Sensing he was nearly done she gave Marcus' cock a knead, forcing another stream of milky white nut from his aching plum-sized balls. Marcus' cheeks darkened at how much he'd cum. He had a hard time catching his breath too.

"Shh, calm down, baby." Desiree coaxed him, caressing his shoulders. "You came a lot, huh?"

"Yeah," Marcus laughed.

"There are groceries downstairs, so why don't you start putting them away while I clean up here?"

Without a word, Marcus put his clothes back on and headed downstairs while Desiree's mind wondered, "What did I just do?"

For the rest of the day, her making Marcus cum replayed in Desiree's head over and over. What kind of mother was she to do that to her son? Marcus may have liked it, but it was obvious he only let her do it because she was his mother. She'd taken advantage of him in that respect and she felt like the worst mother in the world, so why was she so turned on by it too?

Jerking Marcus' cock was one of the fantasies she'd been having. Desiree's urges had taken over her motherly thinking and being honest with herself, they'd been trying to take over for some time. She'd get wet around Marcus and lustful voice in her head told her to rock her baby's world. He knew nothing really about sex, so why couldn't she as his mother show him how it was done. She always shook those thoughts off because incest was nasty, but the forbidden thought of doing made her clit quiver and to her recollection; black people didn't do shit like this.

It was nine 'o clock at night and Rashaan hadn't come home, no doubt fucking around again. She and Marcus ordered Chinese and ate three bags of stuff, which was shrimp Lo Mien, pizza rolls, chicken fingers, French fries, and a two liter pineapple soda. It was a calm night, but after Marcus went to his room for the night, Desiree gathered that they had to talk about what happened earlier. There was no way around it and she prayed that she'd be able to control herself.

Hitting the second floor, she noticed Marcus' door open and she headed right for it.

"Hey sweetie," she cooed, entering the room to Marcus just lying on his bed.

"Hey," he replied sitting up.

"Can we talk?"


"I want to talk about what happened earlier, Marcus?"

Marcus blushed some. "Okay."

"Look, baby, I'm just going to be straightforward. What I did earlier to you was wrong. Family members don't touch each other like that and I advantage of you as your mother."

Marcus didn't reply, just looking around some. His mother wore her typical night attire of a robe with matching a bra and panty set. Tonight she had the color red on and after earlier he couldn't help, but get turned on. Marcus always hid it, but he'd being having incestuous thoughts about his mother just like she'd been having about him. His eyes scanned her body and looking down, he happened to catch a glimpse of his mom's pitch black pubic hair that just happened to be sticking out the bottom of her panties.

"Mom, you didn't take advantage of me. I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I wanted what happened earlier. I...I've been thinking about you for a minute now. I know that makes me a nasty nigga and I'm sorry." Marcus admitted than turned his face away ashamed of himself.

Desiree felt her son's emotions and turned his head back to face her. She hated to see him upset.

"No, don't be sorry.

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