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It was heady stuff, believe me, and I was happy for my friend.

Once Irina was laying face down on the table with her face through the padded headrest, Kari began massaging her shoulders and upper back. She worked on the deltoids and triceps. When she moved on to forearms, Irina asked if forearms were necessary.

"Any exercise where you are gripping weights will work your forearms," Karina explained.

"It feels really good, but we mostly used machines. We did a lot of leg work."

"Oh, I'll get your lower back and legs next," Karina said, finishing up Irina's forearms quickly.

Irina moaned as Karina worked her strong hands over her lower back. "I don't know the name of the machine I was on, but I just know my butt is going to be sore," the blonde pouted. "Could you please pay special attention to me back there?"

Karina moved in with both hands, eliciting moans from Irina from every squeeze and caress. Hearing the sexy moans of encouragement, the fitness model continued kneading the blonde's buns and working the flesh deeply. After a few moments, Kari began to move further down.

"Wait," Irina said. "This doesn't feel right. Why are you massaging me through my clothes? Shouldn't I just wear a towel?"

Karina just stood there and I could have sworn I heard her let out a low, almost silent moan. Finally, she responded in a sultry voice, "That's up to you."

"Oh, too nice! Too awesome!" Irina enthused.

The scent of essential oils was everpresent, but not enough to mask the musk of our wet pussies. We were all getting so damn aroused I didn't know how much longer I could take it. Karina had to know what we wanted, and she had to want it too. We were all getting off on the fact that we were all pretending that the massage was still innocent, even as Irina stripped down and wagged her bare ass at Karina enticingly.
"Good, like this we can use massage oil," Karina said. She stooped and picked up a bottle that she had set under the table, and drizzled some oil over Irina's lower back and ass. Using her hands and her forearms, she quickly spread the oil over Irina's skin. Then she drizzled more oil and used her fingers to cover every milimeter of Irina's skin and even the crack of her ass.

Even after copious oil was applied, she spent an extra few minutes massaging Irina's ass, encouraged by moans and praise the entire time. The whole scene was getting me so aroused, I thought my cock would start poking up out of my jeans, if not tear them right open. Yet it was still tightly encased in my jeans, I only squirmed to keep the denim from cutting off my circulation. Each time I moved, I pushed blood into it by flexing and unflexing my PC muscles, which I found made it throb deliciously. It took a lot of willpower not to start beating off. I really tried, but within the first minute of watching the "nude massage," I just had to put a hand on my thigh, surreptitiously squeezing my frenulum through my jeans as I watched. I mostly stared at Karina's flexing rear end, mesmerized by the promise of what was encased in those tight little navy blue shorts.

In touching it, I realized with surprise that my cock wasn't nearly as long as I could have sworn it was. It still felt good though, so I continued to massage my tip in time to the way Karina was squeezing Irina's thighs.

Karina was explaining that this was a key area to watch out for soreness. She asked Irina to flip over so that she could do her quads. Irina did so, at the same time putting her bare breasts on display. Irina murmured something about tightness in her groin area, and before I knew it, Karina was standing there rubbing Irina's pussy with one hand, and her other hand was clasped with Irina's. The smell of arousal was unmistakable, as was the slick rhythmic sound of a pussy being fingered. Irina moaned and bucked her hips up against Karina's rapidly moving fingers.

I couldn't help but pull out my cock at that point.

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