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Charlie moved up to her side.

I looked back at Helena, she had a strange expression on her face. Then I realised just what she was hoping I would do. Despite doing so very briefly earlier that evening I hadn't kissed Charlie. And I realised from her expression she wanted me to, and wondered if she was giving me a bit of a licence to do so. I hesitated. Helena moved towards me.

"Come on Bethany" she whispered. "Charlie is desperate -- for a snog and a grope. Make the most of this!"

I moved up to him -- to Helena's husband - and reached up to his lapels.

Charlie then realised who was facing him and what that meant. In fact he was the only man in the room who did realise he was being approached by a man, and therefore the only one with that particular problem. He just had to do it, he had to kiss me, to be seen doing so, in public, with a transvestite. He was suddenly nervous but I wasn't. Helena wanted this to happen so I had to make it work. I moved my face up very chose to Charlie, he knew I was 'winding him up'.

"Happy New Year, Charlie my darling" I whispered sexily.

And laid my lips on his. Gently, tenderly, and as passionately as I could. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment. It was a long moment, lasting maybe fifteen seconds in all. For the first ten Charlie was reluctant but after that I think he actually enjoyed it, certainly the hand resting on my bum began to slide down onto the tops of my stockings. And I felt -- against my thigh -- something hard!

Charlie was smiling as we broke away.

"Thanks for that Bethany" said Helena as again she took my arm and pulled me away from the throng. "Charlie had been going on about how gorgeous you look all evening, I thought he deserved that."

I turned back to the throng, worried. I'd not just pleased Charlie. I'd not just excited him. I'd aroused him! And even more than that. I enjoyed it. And, in some way I wasn't totally sure about at the time, I wanted more!

Suddenly I found I was next to the very tall young man again, he introduced himself as 'Darren' rather hesitatingly. He was smiling very nervously at me. For a few seconds I wasn't too sure what he was there for, what he was after, but then I recognised in him something from my own past.

He was interested in me. Interested, that is, in the nicely dressed 'older woman' who had kissed him just after the stroke of midnight. I was hesitant too, after my experience with Neil I wasn't sure what I might be getting myself into but he did seem so sweet.

"Er- Bethany - can I get you another drink?" he asked me.

I decided to go along with him and we both headed back to the kitchen. He didn't put too much tonic in my G-and-T, which was maybe a good thing at that time and we were both soon chatting like old friends, mainly about the shop and what it was like to work there. OK, not the most enthralling topic of conversation but a lot better than much of the rubbish discussed at parties.

He seemed very interested in my dress, just for a moment I wondered if he - no - that topic had been too much on my mind. As others came into the kitchen we moved away and towards the conservatory. THAT conservatory again. He let slip that he wasn't really very experienced with girls, but he did rather like one of the girls at the shop, Annabel was her name. Then he told me she was there at the party.

"Well Darren why are you chatting to me? Go on, find her, make your move"

"Oh no, Bethany, I couldn't. She's come with another girl."

"And do you know why, Darren? Because she probably hasn't got a boyfriend herself right now. So, there's a vacancy. Go for it."

"But - heck, I wouldn't know what to do. I'm nervous about women."

Suddenly, quite where the thought came from I don't know. I had no idea. But I knew had a 'mission'. Something I felt I ought to do. I moved up close to Darren, looking round to be sure I wasn't being too closely observed.


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