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.. "And we wouldn't have it any other way. You have important things to do and this is the least we could do to help out."

At that I looked at Mary and nodded yes. I sipped my drink, and found the bottom of my glass dry, as well as theirs. I poured another round for them and got a chaser for me.

"Mary, I had no idea what I set into play that day. It was 5 years before Gail Marie and I even talked with one another. Now 7 months later, we're back together. What has your life been like besides rescuing ex-husbands and godsons?"

"It started out learning to stand on my own two feet. I got a lot of support from my friends. They'd been worried about me for quite a while. After feeling sorry for myself, I got into what I call 'future mode'. Drop the past and run toward a future of my own making. I went back to college part time evenings and graduated with a BA and then started a masters. I'm still in that now. It doesn't leave much time for relationships, but I do go out on dates every month or two. Not finding the time or the energy for it."

"I do sometimes fall back to the anger and hurt I had." At this point she looked at Gail Marie. "When we were married and he was stepping out, I so wanted to rub his face in it and the face of the women that he was fucking around with." My partner's face went pale at this. "But I got this letter from his last transgression that changed my mind about everything. I don't know if you know this Gail Marie. You saved me from super revenge anger and wasting my life on that. You were the only one that apologized to me." She took a sip of her wine. "And you got your father to force the letter into my hand. You were truly a life saver."

Gail Marie had a look of shock then wonderment on her face, while Mary smiled at her sweetly. "I'm just so sorry for the wrongs I had done to you Mary. When you accepted my apology those years ago, I was so grateful. It took a couple more years to meet this guy again... AND ON A BLIND DINNER DATE with our friends who had no clue about us never-the-less. Then I was able to apologize to him too." She took a sip of her drink, "I'm glad that things are better for Mary."

"Ladies, it is after 11 and wake up is at 5 AM, so may I suggest we call it a night and we can regroup tomorrow?" Since I had already taken her suitcase to the spare bedroom, all of us retired for some quiet. I don't know about 'peace and quiet' though.

The next evening I had to work late. We were upgrading a server and it had to be done after hours. I finally got home by 9 and the two of them were way past the middle of their second bottle of wine. It was a pretty friendly atmosphere.

"Jim, Gail Marie has been a life saver. She was able to translate what they were telling me into understandable words."

"It was that doctor from India that I've spoken about. Massively competent doctor, no communication or empathy skills at all. Exactly what Jay needs right now. Since I finally understood his accent, I asked him the questions. Then I told Mary what she needed to hear.

"Jay is doing better. Some swelling is still there, but they are feeling so much better about it. With luck, he may be weaned off those meds by tomorrow or the day after. Then we'll be at the next step."

"I really have to thank both of you. You do know that she's real good at holding my hand and keeping my spirits up. I was lost in his accent and she came to my rescue."

Gail Marie sent me into the kitchen for a bite to eat and when I returned, I had some 'sippin' whiskey' waiting for me. Their second bottle of wine was empty, and they opened the third.

Those two were having a great time. After hanging in hospitals and not knowing what was up with Jay, they were letting their hair down and were getting downright silly. It was Friday night and Gail Marie needed to work but I was going to be off. We all stayed up till 11 again and hit the hay.

This time we were a bit more relaxed and Gail Marie and I talked quietly about the day.

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