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A slut and a tease finally gets what she deserves.

"Oh my, you're happy," I said.

"I can't believe it I got into State University! Thanks to all your help. You're phone call to them really helped so much."

"Congratulations," I said as I walked over to my office door and closed and locked it. All of this time I had put into helping her was about to pay off.

I pulled up a chair next to her as she put her book bag down and sat next to me. She talked for the next ten minutes. I did not hear a word that she said. All I could think about was how enormous and soft her tits looked and how I wanted my mouth on her nipples.

"What's wrong?" Erin asked, "You look sad Mr. Brooks."

"No. I'm very happy for you Erin. I guess I'm just going to miss you and ..."

"Oh that is so sweet," she said, "And what?"

"Well you know going away to college is a totally new experience. You're by yourself and you really have to be aware of your surroundings."

"I know," she said softly.

This was my chance. I sensed that she had not been too experienced socially or sexually.

"Erin can I ask you a personal question?"

"Um, OK."

"You're eighteen now. Are you experienced sexually?"

"Mr. Brooks!"

"I'm just asking because this is going to come up in college and I wouldn't want you making a big mistake in college that could jeopardize your future."

"No, not really experienced."

"Not really?" I asked.

Erin hesitated as she looked to the floor. She was embarrassed.

I took her hand in mine, "It's OK Erin. You trust me don't you? We've known each other for four years."

She nodded, "I guess."

"So you were not really sexually experienced?"

"Well one time after school I went to the bleachers with Tommy Moore of the baseball team. We kissed and stuff."


"Well he touched me a little."

"Did he hurt you?" I asked to gain her trust.

"No. No. It was actually nice but I was scared."

"OK that's good that he did not hurt you. Tommy has a bit of reputation. How did he touch you?"

"Well when we were kissing, he would put his hands on my breasts and squeeze them." She demonstrated.

"Did that scare you?"

"Yeah a little. But it kind of felt good too."

"Sometimes Erin it just takes a little practice. Can I show you?"

Erin paused as she looked away. Her beautiful brown eyes looked scared but her body looked willing as her big tits heaved with every breath.

"Mr. Brooks?."

"Come here and sit on my lap for a minute."

Erin got up slowly then sat on my lap. She had her arms folded across her chest.

I whispered to her, "Just relax. Let your arms go to your side." I put my left arm around her waist then massaged her massive tits with my right hand.

"Did he touch you like this?"

She nodded in agreement.

"Does this hurt if I squeeze them?"

"No," she whispered.

I slowly started to unbutton her shirt.

"Please don't Mr. Brooks."

"Erin. I need you to trust me. I promise it's better to do this with me now then with a stranger in college who doesn't care about you."

"No please stop."

I stood up and turned her away from me. My hard cock was at the base of her ass. I ripped off her white blouse to reveal tits that were bigger than I had ever seen. I turned her around and mauled her tits.

"God Erin how big are your tits?"

"Ugh! Please stop Mr. Brooks."

"How big are they?"

"Ugh 38 DD. Please Mr. Brooks, please..."

I ripped off her bra then pushed her on to my desk so that I could suck on her tits while on top of her.

"God your tits are so soft!" I yelled to her as I suckled, "One day you're going to have kids that are going to suck the milk out of these melons."

"No please!"

I pushed her further back on to my desk then pulled her feet up. She wore white panties that were soaked with her wetness.

"See baby you like it," I said as I ripped off her skirt. I dove into her pussy and licked her wetness.

"Oh my God! Oh my God!" She moaned.

"You like that baby?"

"Oh God! Ugh!"

I spent the next five minutes with my tongue so deep inside her that she quivered from every flick of it.

"Turn around," I commanded.

She did as I said.

I positioned her beautiful a

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