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The second story of my amazing wife.

"Ready?", I called out.

"Yes, I am ready." I heard her respond in that soft voice that reeked of sex.

I came out to another vision. She lay on her stomach, the sheet pulled down to just below the tops of her hips.

There wasn't a flaw, a dimple, not a single mark or blemish. The flare of her buttocks was perfection, her heavy breasts were pressed against the table but there was no way to hide them as she lay with her head on the cushion, arms folded underneath.

"Do you have any particular areas of discomfort?", I asked, using my normal opening line.

"No, this is just for relaxation." she turned and looked at me with a smile.


She stressed the "fun" part.

"I hear you are very good." She told me as she turned her head away and seemed to relax.

I oiled my hands and began with her back and shoulders, her flesh was like silk. I had done so many sessions, some with women quite attractive, nothing like this though.

Every muscle of her upper body was defined, I could feel them relax ahead of my touch. Her body was used to massage, I could tell. I worked my way down each side, she sighed and relaxed right along with every stroke.

Then I began on her legs, as I worked past her calves I thought I saw that motion out of the corner of my eye again, I turned my head but nothing was there. I began to work the back of her thighs, she rolled her hips first one way, then the other. Her legs parted slightly, a signal I had seen many times before. I folded the drape sideways, exposing the perfect left cheek of her ass to the flickering light from the candles. Again I sensed rather than saw that motion, turning my head to look I thought I saw another motion on the other side.

There was nothing there, I decided maybe it was just the change in light from all the candles. They did give an odd almost spooky appearance to the room.

I began to stroke up and over her glutes, letting the tips of my fingers slip slightly into the cleft of her cheeks. She let out a quiet moan and opened her legs some more.

I moved to the other side, folded the sheet inwards, now I had both buttocks bared. The drape was nestled between her legs, I could see a hint of black pubic hair but the candles cast shadows so I couldn't be sure. I stroked over her right cheek, again letting my fingers slip into the cleft. I was rewarded with another sigh, she opened her legs even more. Her feet were now all the way to the edge of the table on each side.

"I have some techniques that are nice but a bit intimate." I told her. "We can avoid...."

"Go ahead, I am not shy!" she interrupted.

That caught me slightly off guard, and that damn motion out of the corner of my eye was there again. It was like something darted along the wall and then was gone, it was starting to drive me nuts.

I added some oil, allowed my fingertips to stroke upwards alongside her vagina in tiny circles, she released another little moan. I let the back of my hand bump against her, I could feel her dampness. That is the point where if I they do not resist or tense up, I know and all pretense can cease.

She didn't resist.

As my fingertips stroked upwards directly across her full lips, she lifted her hips slightly from the table, opened her knees, and moaned again, allowing it. I repeated the motion several times, her body shuddered in a mild orgasm. I moved to the other side and repeated, darned if she didn't orgasm again.

I held the drape up, asked her to turn over, no point in asking if she was bashful about her breasts. She rolled over, her breasts came into full view. They were perfection, impossible perfection! No sign of implants, her nipples had the magic half walnut shell shape women are rarely blessed with, soft and bulbous atop her mounds of flesh. The color of her upper body was uniform, a light milk chocolate.

Once again I hesitated, almost in awe, this was the most beautiful, perfect creature I had ever seen, in the flesh or in any magazine.

A smile drifted across her face, her dark eyes met mine.

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