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Danielle and Terra show me the value of life outside the box.

I've taken out the garbage, prepared breakfast and starting the morning chores. Nazli summons me to her room and I drop what I am doing and head there. Nazli is sitting at the edge of the bed and has a stern look on her face.

Nazli: "Have we not been good too you? Have we not given you everything?"

"Yes the Mistress has been most kind."

Nazli: "Then Why??? Why did you enter Ayzel's bedroom and stare at her all night? Did we tell you to do it? You went and sought unauthorised pleasure. For you, looking upon a young virgin even if you did nothing physically, gave you psychological pleasure. Because in your mind you have violated her. For that you must be punished!! Stretch forth your wrists."

I comply, Nazli pulls out a stick and whacks my wrists hard, she does this 10 times. She then pulls out handcuffs and places them on my wrists. I am order to bend over the bed and Nazli walks around me from behind. She starts whacking my butt with the stick. She does this until my cheeks go red.

Nazli: "I'm letting you off with an easy punishment because it's your first day. But I am attaching electronic probes onto your nipples and manhood- if you look at Nazli in an inappropriate way without authorisation- I will initiate the shocks."

The day wears on and I am in hell. I try not to look at Ayzel, but I find it too hard and while serving dinner, I accidently stare at her for too long. Nazli turns the electronic probes on and I fall to the floor in a fit of shocks. This repeats itself throughout the day and by the time it's time to settle down to bed, I am relieved. I have a wet dream about Ayzel and try my best to cover it up the next day.

Day 3

Today, I head back to work and try to pretend everything is normal. I sit in meeting and pretend I am interested in what my colleagues are saying, but all I can think about in Ayzel and how to get her. I have made a decision to befriend her and slowly win her over, but I am unsure of how to do this and this could take some time.

Lunch time arrives, but I am not eating. Nazli has set-me a strict budget and 90% of my earnings now goes to her, which means the only way I can live is to live by her rules. She's so strict, but strong and that makes her right and from her I gain strength. For it's her that sustains me.

The working day ends and I head home to complete my tasks for Nazli.

A week passes- Over the last week, I have been going to the office and then straight home without a nights out. Nazli has been a mixture of indifferent, abusive and kind to me. I spent last evening taking Nazli to a pre-arranged gangbang with strangers from the internet- in the woods. I was not allowed to participate, I was ordered to watch and film.

Nazli was masterful at handling 8 messy cocks, she allowed all three of her holes to be used simultaneously. But it was then that I had an idea of how to get Ayzel. When Nazli was done enjoying herself and I was driving her home- I told Nazli of my idea of driving Ayzel home from college daily. It would protect her from the dangerous types on the streets, and to my delight, Nazli agreed.

I am now waiting outside Ayzel's college and my heart is beating fast. The thought of being alone with her, awakens all my senses and makes me incredibly horny, but I try to remain tame. She emerges and I wave her over, she acknowledges and walks over to me. We greet one another and she gets into my car.

"So how was your day, was it good." I ask causally.

Ayzel: "Yes it was very good."

I instigate a friendly conversation, which seems innocent to Ayzel, I decide to play the long game and will try and uses these car trips to build a relationship. We are talking and her innocent lips move and I can see she has no idea what I plan to do to her.

"By the way, I've bought you some chocolate, please accept it and enjoy.

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