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Drake makes an unreasonable demand.

Ken got up and stumbled over and I reached out and steadied him, he gave me a dirty look, but was in no shape to protest. I walked him to the couch and laid him down on it, "Here you go, maybe lie down for a bit."

I walked back to my chess set and rolled it up, putting away the pieces. I walk over to the snack table and grab a cider as well as the last sandwich there, I would need to sober up a bit, and you would need to get a little drunker for my plan tonight to work. I popped a cider and took a sip, filling up the missing space with some jaegar and I walk over to you, pretending to pop it again as I hand it off.

"Thanks for helping Ken lie down." you say, taking a drink of the mixed beverage, making a face, "It tastes funny."

"It's alcohol, what did you expect?" I ask.

This goes on for some time, me making sure you drink enough water to prevent hangover as well, until the partygoers begin filing out. I carry you back to your room, you giggling the whole way, a couple of the men, Ken included, eye you and I shake my head as I take you to your room, setting you down in your bed.

You grab my t-shirt sleeve, "Stay with me, please?" you ask, big eyes. I smile back and agree, it's going better than I expected.

I lay down next to you and pat my pocket to make sure the cloth is where it's supposed to be. You needed to be drunk for this, but for what comes next, you need to be sober. You fall asleep, heavily and I move quickly, pulling the cloth out of my pants, I use it to bind your wrists, the plush fabric moving between my fingers as I bind your wrists tightly behind your back.

I position you and hold you in a more comfortable position before nodding off myself.

You stir and I wake up immediately, I move further up on the bed and work on getting my pants and boxers off. I grab you gingerly by your shoulders and pull you up a little into my naked lap, my cock slowly hardening.

Your eyes open and you look up at me confused, "James?" You ask softly, your eyes move down to my crotch and they widen and you struggle to move away, not very productively with my hands lightly on your shoulders, "James, what are you-" You begin a little more loudly.

I put a finger on your lips, "Shh, do you want to wake up your roommates?" I ask, removing my finger.

"James, what are you doing?" You ask, almost begging me to tell you I'm not doing what you're thinking, even as you struggle against your bonds.

"Only what we've both wanted to do for a while." I say, pulling lightly on your shoulders to arrange you to better put it in your mouth, "Come on, you need to get it hard so I can fuck you like you want me to." I give a lie that you recognize immediately, the throbbing tip pressed lightly against your lips, a small amount of precum leaking between them. I could force it in your mouth, but I want you to take it in.

You think for a moment, looking up at me in the dark of the room, you lick your lips which I mistake for anticipation, I support your head with my hand which you mistake for insistence. Your tongue slips out of your mouth and quests towards the tip, licking up the bead of precum. Your eyes widen slightly as it really hits you that this is really happening, but you're unable to stop yourself as you lock your lips around the tip and suck the rest of it in your mouth.

Your nose becomes buried in my pubic hair and you moan as you recognize a stronger version of my scent. It makes you feel safe even as you're consciously aware of my forcing this on you. I moan appreciatively, putting my fingers through your hair, finally deciding to give actual input on how I wanted you to do it.

You find yourself unable to keep yourself from drooling as you become more comfortable with my cock in your mouth, the feeling of my hands in your hair and the scent of my body making you feel safe and comfortable, and the very fact that you're doing something so sexual begins to turn you on. You begin to lie to yourself, I was right, this was something you wanted all along.

I begin using your mouth more roughly and y

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