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The girls get barefoot and pregnant.

I had to get my mind off it so I unpacked the car and began setting up my tent. This took my mind off my dick. In about an hour I had my campsite set up and was relaxing in my chair having a cold beer thinking this was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

Every once in awhile others would walk past my site wave and say hello and keep going. Couples, singles, moms and dads with their kids all different shapes and sizes and all nude. I was starting to get a little more comfortable with my new found nudism. My dick on the other hand let me know that I was still a man by twitching when good looking women passed by.

By this time I was starting to get hungry. I needed some firewood to cook dinner and water. I decided that it was time to go to the camp store to get supplies. I put on the runners and put a towel around my neck and off I went. The towel was to hide my erection if it should pop up.

As I passed the next campsite someone called "Hi neighbor would you like a beer?" I turned and saw a fellow about my age waving me into his site. Not being one to pass up a cold beer I said sure. I sat down cracked a beer and we talked for about 10 minutes. He, Jack and his wife Patricia had been doing the clothing optional thing for about 20 years and just last year their daughter Debbie, since her divorce, had joined them. I explained to Jack that this was my first time and I was a little nervous about the whole thing. He told me not to worry I would get used it. I thanked Jack for the beer and left for the store.

As I got closer to the camp store I was seeing more and more people. Some playing volleyball in an open field, shuffleboard and as it was a hot day the pool area was packed. Unfortunately my cock had noticed that everyone was naked and started to harden. I positioned my towel in front of we to hide my now obvious erection. As I entered the camp store I had one of the hardest erections I had ever had. My towel was doing little to conceal this fact. As embarrassed as I was, I bought some firewood and headed to the door. As I reached the door as voice behind said, "Don't worry you'll get used to it." As I turned I saw the most beautiful woman I had seen since arriving.

She was 5' 8" tall, long blonde hair, brown eyes, the most perfect C-cup breasts, slim build and a cute well trimmed bush. I managed a smile, turned and hurried back to my campsite holding the towel and firewood in front of me.

Relieved to be back in the relative privacy of my campsite I turned my attention back to making dinner. I lite a fire and BBQ'd a steak sat back and reflected on how my day had gone so far. Beside the fact that my dick wouldn't cooperate, I was feeling pretty good about being naked in the great outdoors.

As night fell, I was sitting by the fire thinking I should have brought some marshmallows when I heard a familiar "Hi neighbor." and out of the darkness came Jack and his wife Patricia. She was stunning. I immediately grabbed my towel from the back of my chair. I offered them both a beer and they sat down. Jack said he saw the fire and thought they would drop by. He said that his daughter would be by after she had finished the dinner dishes at their site.

As we talked I could not take my eyes off of Patricia and all I could think off was that I needed to jerk off to relieve my tension. But this wasn't going to happen anytime soon. Just then I heard footsteps coming from behind me. Jack said "Hi sweetheart." I turned and to my surprise it was the woman from the store. Jack introduced his daughter Debbie and before I could say anything Debbie said "We have already meet." She sat down beside me and for the next 2 hours we talked about everything from the weather to the problems in the middle east. My towel had not moved from in front of me for all this time and all I could think of was jerking off. I t was starting to get painful.

About 11 o'clock Jack and Patricia announced that it was bed time and to my surprise Debbie said that she would belong in awhile.

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