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A thoroughly modern flapper gets three wishes.

The sheer malice with which she regarded my uniform really ought to have given me more than a bit of confirmation for that rumor.

"Bastard!" She muttered, lost in clear indecision. "Alright, I'll come along too... and I'll push Skip! Then, afterwards, you can go fuck yourself for all I care!"

She meant it. For the next half hour she rolled Skip along towards the riverbed and made damn sure that I never got close enough to lay a single finger on either of them. Skip wanly attempted to play peacemaker, but Jane was having none of it, so the three of us strolled along in the gathering gloom more or less in silence.


Reaching the southern edge of the dry riverbed at the western corner of their property, we didn't notice anything notable either up or down the long ravine and soon, as we headed north, the tree covered ground soon became too rugged for Skip's wheelchair to travel... at least at any sort of tolerable speed. For a minute I thought Jane was going to turn Skip's chair around and return back to the house, but he stopped her.

Marty, you're pretty big and strong... lift me up and support me up under your arm. Jane, if you'll support my other side, I'm pretty sure we can make it through the brush and get close to the riverbed. If you'll both help lift me together?"

Skip had lost a lot of weight being trapped in his wheelchair prison. He'd always been lean and muscular and now his legs were little more than sticks. I could have carried him alone, easily, but Jane would have none of it. She grabbed her arm under Skip's shoulder and tried hard to pretend that I wasn't doing the same on his other side. As we lifted Skip up, our fingers and forearms touched and she darted back away from contact with me, but as our burden became heavier she pretended not to notice when my arm fell over hers as I tried to grasp Skip more securely. I didn't dare look at her face for fear of starting another scene with her.

Fortunately, we didn't have to carry Skip for more than another ten minutes until we found what I thought we were looking for. Looking through the trees I could see something poking out of the deep ravine. Tilted at an angle, with its nose slightly buried in the dried up riverbed, was a roundish oval metallic something or another. It wasn't round, it wasn't square, and it wasn't even particularly oval. From the looks of it, it had scraped a deep furrow across the Rayburn side of the farmland and had fallen into the ravine, which was about ten feet deep at this spot. Even Jane forgot to be pissed at me long enough to give me a suitable, non-malevolent 'What the fuck?' look.

I didn't have any answers either. Since nothing seemed to be happening down in the riverbed or at the Rayburn's farm, we decided to have a sit and wait until it was completely dark. After sitting in the growing gloom for well over a half hour, Jane was just muttering something about going down to look it over when we finally saw car lights approaching from the Rayburn farm, and so we waited a while longer.

Yep, the crazy brothers had done it yet again! Yet another, third stolen Frito-Lay Doritos truck now appeared as close to the tree line and riverbed as they could park the truck, and in the gloom of red truck taillights they slowly, as if in a drunken stupor began to unload their pilfered cargo.

Within the metallic spherical object in the riverbed, some sort of hatch opened and the brothers laboriously began to open packages of chips and then dump them into the hopper. I had to assume that the crazy twisted brothers had indeed found some weird chemical still design on the internet and were now using the junk food to make... well, something. Now it was time to go down there and find out what!

After I found out what, I decided that I would have much, much rather remained entirely ignorant.

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