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Two lovers have secret sex in a park on a hot summer's day.

She could feel all control slipping away as Josh's talented mouth found every hot spot and sent her further and further from reality. She barely noticed his finger slide into her ass, but the electric shocks it made helped push her towards another small orgasm. She knew if she didn't regain control soon she would be lost for the night. The sensations were overwhelming her mind. She could feel all sanity slipping away. She wanted to run the show this time, dammit!

She pushed herself free of the hands and mouths giving her so much pleasure.

"OK, OK, take it easy guys, I'm just one woman!" she said. They all laughed at that!

"Well we've all seen what you can do dear, and we all need to be on our "A" games" Ken said smugly. She smiled at that compliment.

Bri looked over her, now very excited men, and decided it was time to let them stew for a bit. She suggested they all get into the hot tub and relax. Dejectedly they all did as she directed. One at a time they climbed into the tub giving her a chance to, again, marvel at the variety of flesh she would encounter very shortly. Ken, of course, was a marvel to look at. He on his six foot frame, was built like a wrestler, all muscle and hard. Eliot, on the other hand was taller, about six foot four, lean with a swimmers build. Josh, he was more like a desk jockey, somewhat pudgy and soft, but he had stamina to spare. She never complained when he took it upon himself to spend, what seemed hours, pleasing her with his mouth. The size differences in the three were just as amazing. Ken had that monster cock, about ten inches, as thick as her wrist, definitely not for the faint of heart. Eliot's, although much slimmer, was even longer, easily topping eleven inches. Josh was somewhat more normal, at around seven inches. He was thick, but not in the way Ken was. Josh, however, could go for hours at a time. Even when he did cum, he was ready again, almost magically! She couldn't think of a better trio to have for what needed to be done tonight!

Ken sat to her right, Eliot to her left, leaving Josh to admire the whole scene from across the tub. She poured out the glasses of wine and sank into the water, allowing it's warm bubbles to embrace and relax her even more. As she came back up, the cool air felt good in comparison to the heat of the water. She noticed all eyes were again on her. "So, this is how tonight works. I tell you what I want, and when I want it. You do what I want, and

you'll have a much better time. Any failure to do as your told gets you put out of the tub, understood?" she said!

They all agreed, and Ken said laughingly, "She's gonna let this boss thing go to her head, I can see it now!" They all chuckled at the thought.

As the first waves of the wine started to hit, she put aside her glass and motioned for silence. Bri looked around and said, "Ken why don't you go get the video camera?"

With a sinister grin he said. "Yes ma'am" He slipped from the tub and headed to do as he was instructed.

"Now as for you two, Josh, you can watch for now. I want you however," pointing to Eliot, "to get over here and slide that battering ram of yours into me now!" Bri said.

Eliot moved slowly into position between her now, widely splayed legs. He slid slowly up into position, placing the head of his massive cock at her opening. "Slowly now stud, I want to feel it all going in.", Bri purred.

Doing as he was instructed, Eliot slowly began pushing into her welcome warmness.

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