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Well Will knew that she was going to have an orgasm, so he sucked her hard clit into his mouth and ran his tongue over it, making her cry out. She came on his tongue as his hot spurts of come filled her mouth. They decided never to let that happen again because they though it just wasn't right anyway. But Will knew he had to taste his sister's pussy again.

The next morning, Jenny went downstairs wearing only her little lacy black thong and very tight, white tank top. Her back was turned as she was doing the morning dished. Her parents had already gone to work. Will knew Jenny was up and crept half way down the stairs to watch her. He loved to watch her do the dishes half naked. He loved the way her ass wiggled, and how her tits jiggled when she walked. Sometimes her nipples would be hard and he would think about sucking on them. Well this morning her nipples were rock hard, and you could see the sweet things right through her barely there tank top. This gave him a major hard on and he began to masturbate on the stairs.

He though about how good her ass looked, and how it would feel if he could slide his hard prick up and down her beautiful crack, and then bend her over the sink and sink his cock into her tight puckered ass hole. This caused him to come all over the stairs and he let out a moan. Jenny turned just in time to see her older brother run up the stairs with a big boner sticking out of his boxers. She knew she had to fuck him.

The plan she came up with was to write him a detailed note on what she wanted. She would tell him everything she needed. After she had put on her white silk thong and nothing else, she began writing the letter. It said:

Dear Will, I know how much we both want each other. I want you to come to my room tomorrow morning naked. Take a shower before and shave the hair off your cock and balls, I want you nice and clean for me. Then come to my room. I want you to eat my pussy. I'll be nice and wet for you. Lick my wet slit and then lick my ass hole. I'll suck your cock if you want. I want to get you really horny. Then after hours of foreplay, I want you to fuck me with that big cock as hard and as fast as you can, make me scream and moan. Then I'll let you fuck my ass. The oil to grease my hole up will be on the bed stand. Then sink your warm cock into my ass hole and fuck me nice and slow. Pump it in and out of me, getting faster and faster. I want you to shoot your load deep inside my ass, and make me come too. Then we can sleep in each other's arms because mom and dad are going away for the week and we can make love during the night, and in the morning, all week if you want. Well, see you tomorrow morning big bro. your loving sister, Jenny

And then she walked to Will's bedroom door and slid the note under it. Will saw the note and hurried to get it. After he finished reading it he had a major hard on. He would give Jenny all that and more. He wanted her badly, but he could stand to wait until the morning. Both fell asleep dreaming of fucking each other.

Jenny woke up first and shaved all of the hair off her pussy and made sure her ass hole looked nice.

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