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Is Amram going to get healed or what?

She groaned softly as her muscles were no longer stretched taut. I watched her stumble into the shower and turn on the hot water and close the curtains.

When she was done, we went downstairs. Mike was waiting for us naked. His large, semi-erect cock was flopped against his leg. I very much wanted to see it in Dawn's every fuckhole. I wanted her to scream and beg for his cock so bad, I started to get wet.

"Get on the bed now, slut," I ordered.

She obeyed me, lying on her back patiently while I bound her arms and legs spread-eagle. Her still swollen was clit poked out and I licked my lips at her bare pussy before me. I couldn't wait to devour her, but I promised Mike that he could start. I had other plans for her later by her pool.

I took the tightest nipple clamps I had and bent down over her breasts. The nipples were large and flat and I began to suck them eagerly, taking the flesh deep into my mouth. My sucking was loud, but not as loud as my little slut's moans. All her orgasms earlier had heightened her sexual desires - which is exactly what I wanted. I went from one nipple to the other, sucking and biting as she squirmed beneath me. I was amazed at how long they were when I had teased them to full erectness. I slowly applied the clamp to the first nipple and she screamed. I ignored that and attached the second one. I knew they were totally uncomfortable, but she was going to feel those little buds of flesh all day.

Mike knelt next to her and forced his cock into his mouth. She began to suck like the good slut she was. Soon Mike's cock was rock hard. I watched him hump her face and her red, wet lips slide across the smooth skin of his shaft. I slid under Mike and began to lick his balls as Dawn worked on his cock. He started groaning right away. My tongue pressed on his hardening sack and made its way up to his asshole. I tickled it with the tip of my tongue a few times and then he stopped and pulled out of Dawn's mouth. "I'm gonna cum if you keep doing that!" he laughed. "And I'm not ready yet!"

I hugged him and kissed him hard, my tongue forcing its way into his mouth. When we parted I whispered to him to fuck this slut hard and while he was doing that, she was going to eat my pussy.

He needed no encouragement to get started. Mike knelt between her legs and flicked her clit with his fingers a few times. Dawn cried out and tried to twist away.

"Sensitive, slut?" I asked.

"Y-yes, Mistress."

"And why is that?"

"I came several times while you left me alone. My clit gets very large when I get turned on."

"Are you turned on now?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"And why is that?"

"Because...because Mike is going to fuck me..."

She looked at me with desire all over her face.

"That's right, he is. He is going to fuck that slut pussy of yours. And while he does that, you are going to lick mine. Lick and suck me until my cum leaks all over your face. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress."

I straddled Dawn's face and lowered my pussy down. I was facing Mike so I could watch him fuck her. Mike grunted and pushed his cock into slit roughly. I felt her inhale sharply underneath me.

"Start licking, bitch. Lick me good..." I panted.

Her tongue began to work its way around my slit, tasting my juices and probing for my clit. I opened my legs wider, giving her complete access. I wanted her to fuck me with her tongue as her own pussy was fucked by Mike's wonderful cock.

As Mike slowly fucked our slut, I leaned over so he could suck my nipples. I pushed his head to my tits roughly. I wanted to be treated as rough as Dawn was - I was so incredibly horny.

My body quivered from Dawn's and Mike's licking. I humped Dawn's face hard telling her to suck my clit and fuck my pussy with her sweet tongue. The harder she did it, the more I wanted. I rode her face hard.

Mike had increased his thrusting and his face showed the exertion as he pounded our slut hard.

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