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Terry bumps into Molly's daughter.

I kept breathing heavy and looking at the ceiling, ignoring Kim's "fuck's" and groans.

Finally, I felt ready enough to thrust slowly and look at her, as she had her eyes closed and her hands on her breasts. After a few more slow thrusts, I pushed myself in deeper and made her open her eyes.

"You miss that, too?" I asked. "You feel hot enough now?"

"Just make me cum on your cock already," Kim said, her nerves clearly gone. To celebrate, I thrusted harder before pushing in all the way.

Kim wrapped her legs around me as I stayed on my feet and stood over her. I put my hands back on her chest and alternated between soft and hard gropes with every thrust. She laid her head down and relaxed while her hips lightly pushed back against mine. But I did most of the work, not minding too much since the work was good and this was supposed to relax her.

If she just needed to fuck once and be done with it, this was all I was gonna get. So instead of taking my time much longer, I squeezed her tits once more and gave her a hard series of thrusts. Kim cried out as I slid my hands back to her hips, grasping the curvy flesh while fucking her faster between it.

", that's so good. Oh, keep fucking me hard..." Kim asked and I obeyed. She finally pulled her bra cups down to expose the front of her jiggling tits, but I kept my hands on her hips. Yet I did squeeze them like I would with her breasts, then went underneath to get at least one handful of her ass.

"Mmmm.....oh, come on, baby, almost there. I need to cum again...." Kim demanded. "I've got so much cum to get out....all over you if you want it...."

"Fuck, what do you think?" I questioned rhetorically. Before she tried to answer, I slammed all the way inside her and humped furiously from there. Now Kim started to move around more and wiggle her body, which only fueled my efforts.

To give my cock a breather, I pulled out and immediately slid two fingers into Kim. Once her disappointed moans turned into satisfied ones, I started moving my fingers around furiously, bringing her closer to the edge while I took myself off it.

"Yes, yes, fuck I'm cumming!" Kim gave me my cue. As soon as she said that, I removed my fingers and put my cock right back in, resuming my rapid fire pace. Now it wasn't enough to get me off quite yet, but it did the trick for Kim. She grit her teeth and let herself go while I barely slowed down to enjoy the sensation.

My slow pace continued until her orgasm subsided, then I picked it back up while she recovered. But before I could speed up, Kim called, "Don't cum in me. Pull out and cum all over me."

With those instructions, she finally found it wise to get up and remove her bra. Once she tossed it aside and completely bared her breasts, I pumped her hard in order to make them completely jiggle. Kim soon laid back down as I nearly lost myself, barely remembering not to grip her too hard and to pull out soon.

When I felt myself just about ready, I savored my last three pumps and pulled out, jacking myself off quickly before I regretted it. I studied Kim's fully nude form and heard her moaning in anticipation, and the combination soon pushed me over.

I aimed the first few spurts on her stomach, went up to coat her chest and then got her lips at the tail end. I kept my mind from imploding by making sure none of my strands went on the bed -- just in case Kanye or the others took a closer look at the sheets later. Otherwise, coating Kim Kardashian in cum - and being the first one to do it in months - took up most of my mind.

As I started coming down, Kim licked her lips clean and rubbed her chest dry, licking up what was left over on her hands. I didn't see how she cleaned her stomach off, but she looked relatively clean as I sat down on the bed.

"Is that it?" I double checked. "Can you handle all that later?"

"I think I can," Kim failed to surprise me.

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