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Tim woke up tired.

They could have at least waited for the girls to have left the room. The girls were pretty pissed and Laura was very upset, she began to sob as Sage held her in a huge bear hug. "Those guys were jerks," she said in Laura's ear. Sage never had a problem with getting a guy but Laura was quiet and reserved and may guys passed her over. Sage felt Laura press her head father into her cleavage and Sage felt her pussy dampen. She felt oddly aroused by having her friend lay her head on her busty chest.

Sage squirmed trying to get Laura's head farther into her breasts when Laura pulled back and looked into Sage's green eyes and whispered something. Sage just nodded and the gap between them closed as they kissed their first kiss in the place where their friendship started, detention.

The next day was Saturday and Sage quickly invited Laura over to spend the weekend since her parents were going to be away. Laura arrived around noon wearing shorts that showed off her magnificent legs and a tight shirt that showed off her ample chest. She wore her dimpled smile and carried a duffel bag. She threw the bag on the floor as she entered and gave Sage a big hug like they had been separated for months and had just been reunited. Sage who was confused hugged back, feeling the bra straps through the tight shirt and feeling the tense muscles beneath them so gathering her courage she asked, "Hey Laura you feel pretty tense how about a massage?" Laura blinked a few times and agreed.

They still hadn't mentioned what had happened between them in the detention room but that was ok with Sage, she wanted to badly seduce her friend and it was going to start right here with the sensual massage that was going to rock her world she thought devilishly. Sage left and returned with some oils and led Laura to her room. Grabbing an old sheet she placed it over her new sheet and told Laura to lie face down on the blanket. Laura seeing the oils instantly took off her shirt without as much as a word. She laid down on the sheet and closed her eyes as if to get the full experience from the massage.

Sage began to massage the oil into Laura's skin, and she pinched and pulled the tense muscles in her back smooth. Sage massaged in small circles and then she hit a blockade, Laura's bra. Sage tugged at the straps trying to massage underneath and Laura sensed the difficulty so she sat up, unclasped her bra, took it off and lay back on the sheet. Sage saw a small peek of Laura's perky breasts and the pointy nipples. Sage was excited that Laura was turned on and she continued rubbing the oil into her skin.

Sage getting bolder by the minute reached around and unbuttoned Laura's jeans and slid the pants down to her ankles while still massaging her back. Laura moaned with her eyes closed and Sage was getting more aroused, she was sure her pussy had a tidal wave of her juices coming out. Sage removed her own shirt so only her white push up bra was on. She sat on Laura's back and removed her bra. Then she added some oil onto her own tits and leaned down and massaged Laura's back with her tits. Laura moaned and reached behind and grabbed Sage's ass and said. "I was waiting for you to make your move."

Laura flipped herself over and they both got undressed in record time. They lay together in Sage's bed touching and each other and exploring each others wonderful bodies. Laura looked quizzically into Sage's eyes and asked, "Do you really want to do this Sage?"

Sage looked into Laura's eyes and replied, "I've wanted this since sophomore year.

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