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Joey watches his Mom strip to her underwear, topless & naked

"Oh Christ Clover, oh Jesus."

"When you say strict...?" I ask. I stroke his penis gently with both hands. "It's a beautiful cock Chad. And you're twenty. Momma shouldn't stop you using it." And I take it into my mouth just once and slide down until I have the whole eight inches in my throat. And I swallow a few times.

"Arggg," he says, feeling my muscles stroking his cock head. "Oh Momma."

Then I come off. "Is Mommy a bit of a prude?"

"Oh God no. She's.... She fucks my stepdad. I hear them every night. He's called Chad too."

I rub his shaft gently and he gasps a little. "What do you hear her say?"

His face crumples, "she shouts," he said. She shouts "Fuck me Chad, fuck me with your giant cock, put your cum in my throat you horny bastard...take my ass and fuck me till I scream......"I hear it every night.

I wet my fingers deliberately then rubbed my grip more tightly down his shaft, top to bottom, following it with a huge sucking slurp on his mauve cockhead. So Mummy wouldn't like you doing this?

"Oh God, Mummy does it to him...."

I suck again." Shall we pretend I'm Mummy? Does Chad want Mummy sucking his huge cock?

"Oh God, we shouldn' that again...."

His eyes were closed. And that's when I guessed what he'd really like. "Wait there Chad," I tell him, and I go to my bag and I get my scarf and I blindfold him.

"Clover, he says, what are you....?"

"Clover's gone honey, I say. We're having a lovely fantasy. Mummy's here. Mummy's got you. Mummy only sleeps with Chad as a substitute for you. Momma dreams of your lovely cock and now she's going to have it..."

"Oh God", he says indistinctly, "Mummy, no...." But I can see he's buying into it.

"Oh Charlie honey, Momma wants to suck your lovely cock. Would my lovely boy like that? Would he like me to stroke his balls and suck his cum"

His prick swells and strains. He groans "God yes..."

"Call me mummy then, baby. Beg me..."

"Oh God... Mummy, suck my cock...."

"Do you want it?'

"Oh God yes. Suck me off you horny bitch. I've heard you fucking his face all night. I know you moan and cry and swallow his cum....I hear you talking dirty at him - fuck me Chad, fuck my ass, oh I love your fingers in my pussy, oh yes five me the vibrating tool..."

Jeez, I think, Chad's moth is a bit of a goer. I lower my face onto his beautiful dusky pink prick and I start to gobble him down. Into my throat, slowly, stroke the shaft, suck and chew, rub and moan...

Oh God it's good. I love the taste of his cock. I start to moan as I fuck him slowly with my face, massaging his tight hairy balls. "Tell Mummy, Charlie, tell Mummy what you like...

"Oh God Mummy, suck me hard, that's right, suck my cock. Oh Mummy I love that, oh Mummy I want that, lick my balls. Oh god yes, that's right Mummy, suck my balls into your hungry mouth you slut... you want it don't You Mummy, you're panting for it....".

I am on his balls again, sucking them in one at a time, and playing with the edge of his ass with my finger.

"Ah shit", he says, "Mummy finger my arse and suck my cock. Suck my cum, I want to spurt in you till you're gagging..."

He's starting to sound hungry, angry, aroused. I love it. I start to suck hard on his lovely dick, thrusting him in and out of my throat and swallowing on the shaft when it's down there. I push my finger right into his arse.

He starts to whisper frantically. "You whore mummy, suck my dick, do you know how much I've wanted to fuck your face, you horny slut. I've heard you with him shouting. Give it to me, you shout, you sex-mad whore, ride him like he's a stallion. I've heard you. Fuck me up the ass, you shout at him, and he grunts and spunks into you and you're mine. I've seen you sucking his cock in the bathroom..."

I don't usually like being called names but I figure it's role play and she probably deserves it if she's made her listen to him humping her boyfriend.

I take my mouth off and start to rub his shaft slowly and rhythmically.

"Charlie baby, Mummy's sorry, mummy will suck your cock beautifully and tak

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