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A inhibited woman's reality is put to the test.


" Tim would you like to be a fly on the wall and watch a guy put the move on me, he not know you were watching?"

The look on Tim's face was one of total shock.

"I don't know. I've never really thought about It.". (Will you soon will be if I play this right.)

"You would go crazy, as in jerking off to see a guy fuck me with his big over size cock! See me moan and scream telling him/you how good it feels!"

Tim moaned, Good heavens, oh my..., and then he had more cum leak out all over my hand. Even though I was just having fun, I was amazed at Tim's reaction to my little play-acting. I was trying to make him jealous. Instead, I made him cum in record time tonight, When he regained control, Tim ask if I had really touch their cocks?

I answered no!

"I mean, ... I didn't notice that I was touching any cock, although I am sure I might have brushed up against it I guess I did , but I didn't reach and hold it like I was trying to jerk a guy off. I guess I was too busy enjoying hands on my ass to notice if I did."

As I told him all this I gently pushed his head to my public mound. I pulled my legs back and up and had him in between my out stretched limbs, as some guys have told me his face was at the gates of heaven. With my wet pussy only inches from his face I pushed my pussy onto his waiting mouth. I came with in seconds, wetting Tim's face. But I wanted more. I rolled him over and continued to straddled his face I was riding Tim's face.

I did not realize it then, but this was becoming my usual sexual position with my little cock husband, my little boy Timmy. It was me in the dominant position, riding Timmy's face, him twitching beneath me, his penis totally ignored by me. The second time I came, I really soaked Timmy's face, ears and hair. He was such a mess I just had to laugh to myself. With Timmy in this position I told him he had eaten our love juices/his cum, and how much I loved it. With his face soaked in my juices, I scooted my pussy back up to his mouth I was so hot I just had to have him eat my pussy some more.

I turned to look back at his little limp dick, I took hold of his right hand and put it on his little thing and helped him start the jerking motion. He was holding it with his two fingers and thumb stroking it as I rode his face.

"Timmy does want to watch mommy with a bog cock bastard, see her suck another man's cock."

All at once he shot off and I looked to see his eyes roll back into his head. That really does excite him more than I thought! I rolled over on my back and began masturbating (Well I hope these guys with the big cocks would last a bit longer than he did!)

" Oh Tim honey, that is hot to know you like watching me, it is exciting for you!."

Tim had to go out of town for a few days after that, so I had to get one my homeboy to take care of this hoe for the next few days. We took care of each other if you must know the truth. He had me begging for his cock and I was a slut to his black snake, his one eyed master of my pussy.

Tim's return home had him opening up some of his pent up thoughts that he had on his trip. When I asked him about his trip he brushed over the business and went to his trouble getting to sleep each night. When I asked what was matter, did he not feel good, trouble at the company? He told me it was nothing like that, but he kept going back to that last night of our love making after the club when I had danced with all those men. His wild sexy thoughts of me while trying to get to sleep in his hotel late at night. It seems that it was on his mind almost all day and when he was in bed late at night and had him up half the night.

"Tim did it make you horny thinking of that last night, what we talked about?"

He lowed his head and just nodded yes.


I knew that answer before I ask the question. But I wanted to put him on the defenses to get the upper hand.

"Oh God no Marca I've never been with any other woman but you since the day I met you! Marca I love you I would never do tha

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