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Lost in her thoughts again, she felt Master Anthony begin inserting fingers into her wet pussy. He quickly inserted more fingers one by one until he had all four fingers moving inside her. She was deeply aroused by the finger fucking. He told her she need not be quiet if she wished to cry out. He fucked her hard and fast and at last she began to moan and scream with each thrust he made. She was unaware of anyone else in the room and only felt his hand working its way into her hole. It would not be long until she would cum. The room around her was stirring and she was unaware that several men had come to stand close to the table and watch as slowly but deliberately his hand worked its way completely inside her pussy. She screamed in some pain and much pleasure and he told her, "Bitch if you want to cum, you better cum now!"

Relief flooded her as she let loose with her orgasm. She felt herself give way with a gush as his hand balled into a fist and he pounded away inside her. On her last spasm, he unfolded his hand and pulled out of her. The men around her all murmured appreciation for his skill and she felt her cum puddle around her ass. She was breathing heavy and heard her Masters voice in her ear. "I'm going to clean you up now." He got between her legs and lapped at her pussy until she was clean. He took off her restraints and helped her up. He led her a short distance to another table. "Master John, would you like to introduce your slave to my Amy?" Master John joined them at the table and spoke to her. "This is my slave. You are to eat her pussy while we all watch. Your Master tells me you have never eaten pussy before and a woman has never eaten my slave. This will be good for both of you. Do a good job and bring her to orgasm or else!" Master John pointed Amy in the direction of his slave's pussy and pushed her face down close enough to smell her arousal.

She was unsure of how to go about eating this girl's pussy. She decided to just do what she thought felt good to her. It occurred to Amy that her Master had spoken many times of his desire for her to eat pussy while he watched. She took great pleasure in knowing he was watching her. Also, she had always been bi-curious, so this was great time to dive right in, so to speak. She began licking each outer lip gently while flicking her tongue lightly across the girl's clit when passing over. She could feel the girl slightly move her pussy in response and heard her moan through her gag. She slid her tongue inside the slave's pussy and began to taste the juices that were abundant there. The taste was so very sweet and yet tangy and Amy knew she would never forget this moment. She lapped at that pussy and pressed her tongue inside the girl again and again. She did not even hear the voices around her urging her on.

She then focused on the clit, which had begun to stand out and beg for attention. She nibbled gently and pulled on it with her lips. She licked and sucked on it while continuing to lap at the pussy regularly and sliding her tongue inside. Master John's slave was moaning very loudly and Amy knew she was going to cum for her. This made her attack the pussy even harder and she began to fuck it with her tongue very hard and fast. She was moaning herself as she ate it with a vengeance. She felt the slave begin to shudder with pleasure and she rubbed her clit with her tongue. The girl screamed through the gag and bucked into the air as she came in a torrent of juices all over Amy's face. She was pulled backwards by her hair by Master John who licked Amy's face. He then proceeded to fuck his slave for all to see.

Amy felt her Master lead her away.

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