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My MFM threesome gets even better when I add a teenage girl.


"I appreciate this opportunity to meet with you-"

"You really want to interview me?" Seth asked.

She paused. "uh...yes..."

"Is that all,"

She smiled and took a quick glance at the hot tub. "Well,"

Seth grinned. "Unfortunately...I am in training,"

Benita walked over to him. She began to slowly unbutton the cherry red silk top she had on. She pulled it from the confines of the form fitting black skirt she was now unzipping. It fell to the floor, and she stepped from out of it smoothly. She had on a black garter belt with a pair of black designer stockings with those cool patterns women were wearing now, and a black thong. Seth immediately got an erection. He could feel the heat from her pussy, taste its sweetness and bask within it its warm caress. Hell, the shit was calling his damn name. Seth...

He stepped back. "I am in training,"

"I know," She had her top off and was about to unhook her matching bra. "For a fight I know you will win,"

"Yeah, and therefore, we can't fuck," he said. "I can't cum,"

She looked at him quizzically. "What you got some kind of disease,"

"Nah," he replied sheepishly. "See, I haven't lost a fight since before I went pro and the last time I lost a fight, I fucked during training. Well, for the next fight, I didn't fuck, and I won. So...I kept doing the same shit, and well..."

She nodded "Now it's some crazy superstition you have, that if you fuck during a fight, you will lose," she laughed. "Fucking athletes, "

He shrugged, still hearing her pussy...Seth...Seth...fuck me Seth...

She laughed. "Well, then I guess we are just going to interview," she already had her skirt back on and around her shapely middle.

He had a thought. "Well, I said I couldn't cum...never said you couldn't"

Moments later, Seth was between Benita's tan, taught and smooth legs. Her red top was unbuttoned her bra for all to see. Her skirt was around her waist and her hands were running through Seth's sweaty hair as his mouth feasted upon her.

His tongue danced delicately along her inner thighs, before slowly licking its way to her lips. His kissed her pussy just as he kissed her succulent mouth earlier. He did not go near her clit, instead his tongue danced along the outer rim of her pussy.

On the last round of kissing, he slid the tip of his tongue into her. She sighed in pleasure. His tongue circled her pussy with the just the tip sliding in for a second before sliding out. Benita was lost in pleasure. Her eyes closed as she leaned backwards, her hair dangling just inches above the water of the hot tub.

Seth never made it his intention to make a woman cum when he feasted upon the pussy. No, his intention was to feast. Pussy tasted good, and since he could not fuck, he would have to settle for the next best thing. So he feasted. His tongue now freely explored her pussy sliding in and out effortlessly as it got wetter. She tasted mango...he grinned. Then he pulled back, and saw her wet pussy. Her clit sat proudly, hard and rigid. He took her pearl within his mouth and Benita cried out with passion, "Nahhhhaaaaaa,"

Her clit was turgid within his mouth and he spelled out fight terms with his tongue as his lips held her clit mercilessly.

It had been a while since she busted a nut, and Benita found herself cumming quickly. But this one was weird. It was starting in her toes, and slowly creeping up her legs


Her thighs...


Her hips...


Seth slid his tongue into her pussy...


It sat there...her orgasm...just right there...that spot between agony and ecstasy, her legs were trembling...he licked her clit...then slid his tongue in her pussy





She relaxed...shit if she hadn't cum now...


When her orgasm hit, it was like a wave of water washed over her body.

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