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"I hear you're a very avant guard sculptor, Antoine," Nick said.

"No, I don't like that description although it's often used for me." Antoine responded. "I like to think of myself as a sculptor who tries to capture the true human form and not the sanitized version."

"Yes, I've seem a few of your pieces and they do seem to reflect a more realistic view of the human body."

"In fact," Nick continued, I've always been frustrated by most depictions of female nudes - whether in sculpture or on canvas. That are sanitized versions and don't show true human anatomy."

"Exactly, Botticelli's Venus or Saint-Gaudens' Diana portray beautiful women, but for example they think women's vaginas are simple little mounds hidden away in between their legs with the mearest suggestion of a slit."

"Yes, exactly!" Nick exclaimed. "A woman's vagina is so much more interesting and beautiful than any nude I've ever seen in painting or sculpture."

"And when a woman is sexually aroused," Antoine continued warming to his subject, "Her vagina opens up like an orchid and the folds of her labia pull back and hang down and her clit is prominent. That is what you should see in a realistic portrayal of a woman."

"I couldn't agree more Antoine. Will you create such a statue for me?" Nick asked.

"I would be honored to Nick. And who is this woman you want immortalized?"

"She's my lover and she's 29 years old and simply gorgeous."

If Antoine was shocked, he didn't betray it.

"Okay, let set a first appointment. But you have to understand and agree to my methods."

"I'm sure they're fine, but now I'm curious."

"Well Nick, I'm a sculptor, not a painter, so I need to know every inch and every curve of my subject's body. And if I'm to sculpt her breasts and vagina as well as the rest of her body, I will need to be intimately familiar with them."

"Okay," Nick laughed. "She's shy at first, but I'm sure she'll warm up once I get her ready for you. And when she's ready, I'm sure she'll have no problem with you touching her in any way you think is necessary."

Three weeks later, Nick and Baylee walked through the door of Antoine's studio.

"Ah and this must be Baylee!" Antoine beamed as he bent down to take Baylee's hand, bring it to his lips and kiss it softly.

"Enchante Mademoiselle."

Baylee blushed deeply but managed to say,

"Thank you very much Monsieur."

"Nick, you told me she was beautiful, but I think you didn't do her justice."

Baylee blushed again but smiled warmly at Antoine.

"Let me show you around my studio," Antoine said as he led them into the sun splashed space illuminated by two enormous skylights.

All throughout the studio were statues in various states of completion. Many, but not all, were nudes. And Baylee was surprised by how many were of men and said that to Antoine.

"Yes, many people have that reaction. Personally, I think the male body is every bit as beautiful as the female body. and certainly many of my gay clients think so too." Antoine smiled.

"Now in this area I have curtained off are some of my more interesting projects. But you must agree to keep what you see confidential."

Nick and Baylee both nodded their heads in agreement and Antoine led them past the curtain.

Baylee gasped and Nick smiled broadly and laughed. In front of them were half a dozen statues of couples - men and women, men and men and women and women - all in various stages of sexual activity.

They walked over to the first sculpture which was one quarter size and of a man penetrating a woman who was on her back with one leg over the man's shoulder and the other bent on the floor. The man's penis was large, thick and veiny and was halfway in the woman's vagina which was wide open. Her left hand was almost touching her very prominent clit and you could tell she was a second away from rubbing her clit as he fucked her. And his right hand was on the floor and you could see the muscles in his arms straining as they supported his weight, while his left hand was on her throat as her head was thrown back in ecstasy.

"Oh my God!

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