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He learns more about his mysterious companion.

Once more, he pushed to her limit and stopped there. He stayed there again until she was starting to gag.

He continued for several minutes, slowly exploring the back of her throat with his cock and keeping her head buried on it until she began to gag and then pulling out just long enough to let her recover slightly before pushing into her again.

She was not moaning, as she usually did when she was having sex. She liked to fuck, and I knew it. This was 100 percent for me. I knew she wasn't enjoying it at all.

I could have had them stop, but I was enjoying this too much. This was what I wanted. I wanted her to be used like a whore for whatever the guy wanted even if she didn't like it. And she didn't like this. It was easy to see.

Her eyes locked on mine, almost pleading for me to end it, but I didn't.

"Oh baby, you look so good with that cock down your throat. Suck that cock. Take it all." I said, knowing that she could never deep throat that but I wanted to encourage her to keep it going. Maybe if she did it long enough, she would learn to like it, or be resigned to what she was doing.

Either way, I was not going to stop it.

John had taken control. I encouraged him to use her and I encouraged her to let herself be used. By the time he had her down on the carpet she waa nothing more than a semi-willing participant.

When he put his cock to her pussy, she opened her legs wider, but just lay there as he started to pump her. She made no sounds. There was a lok of utter resignation on her face.

"Look at the camera" I told her encouraging her to become involved. I was still snapping furiously. I turned it into an arsy porn shoot. I was looking for angles to take pictures from, how to get the best composition, how to best dramatize the action.

He continued to fuck her hard and she continued to lay there. Suddenly, he was ready to cum.

"Cum on her face" I told him. "I want to get pictures of cum on her face.

She lay there, slightly lifting her head from the ground, silently, making her face an easier target. His modest load was deposited on her nose and cheek, and she immediately began to push it into her mouth to swallow it. That was what I had told her I liked.

She didn't enjoy one minute of that night, but she had done it. She had arranged it. She had not told me about it. And, once involved, she let him do whatever he wanted even though she didn't like it.

I loved it because it was breaking down barriers and making her more compliant. It never dawned on me that what it was really doing was taking a young girl with very low self-esteem and ripping what little she had away from her. I had gotten so lost in my desire for a whore that Heather as my girlfriend had been lost to Heather the whore. And she was losing herself to the whore too.

That night, there was no shower sex. There was no passionate fucking celebrating our conquest. There was her curling up on my shoulder to sleep.

The next morning, she didn't even wake me up before she left for work.

'Maybe I have finally pushed too far' I thought while making my coffee and sitting alone at the table. I wanted her to do everything. I wanted her to be sexually available for anyone, anytime. But, I didn't want to lose her. I guess it was then that I realized I wanted to keep her happy enough to stay with me until all her barriers were broken down.

I went out to pay some bills and wash the car and run a few other errands. While I was out, I stopped at a local coffee shop and got her a large cup of hot chocolate. She loved their hot chocolate and it was widely regarded as the best around.

When I got to her workplace, she was not busy. It was that time between the lunch rush and early dinner patrons, so she could talk. She seemed fine. We didn't speak of the night before, but she was hapy to have the chocolate.

She kissed me and said "I love you."

"I love you" I said as I kissed her lips.

She smiled and we talked about nothing in particular until Vito, her manager, came out front and told her he needed her to make some salads for the di

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