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We find out my Dad is Gay, Lin in a hotel room.

Looking straight at his eyes with her soliciting green eyes, she raised her face splitting his shaggy bag in two and went on rubbing her nose tenderly along the membrane for some time. Then, having her chin stuck on his balls, with extreme piety, she took his throbbing cock and placed it along her face, covering that way, her mouth, nose, forehead and part of the right eye, longing to indisputably display her unconditional submission to his will.

Someone spat in her opened asshole and two united fingers penetrated her anal rim violently. She sighed and her scarlet lips immediately imprisoned the cock's swollen head. The fingers went deeper into her rectum, exploring and broadening the virgin path with difficulty. She groaned in her throat but she kept sucking the purple head greedily, not wishing to let it off her mouth even for a second. During that time, someone else was rubbing his cock furiously on her right sole, sliding it all the way from heel down to toes and then back again, letting out short ecstatic moans of unimaginable pleasure.

She giggled because it was tickling her and started jerking off the shaft again, lapping and nibbling teasingly at the bulbous head while the two fingers kept ramming her helpless back door with amazing speed. It seemed that her anus had relaxed somehow because the stranger was working them in and out, like pistons, inexorably burying them up to the base, without meeting any serious resistance.

Opening her mouth as much as she could, she engulfed a few inches of the monstrous cock and began bobbing her head up and down, panting like a bitch in heat, cramming her mouth with the hard flesh to the point of suffocation. At that point, someone straddled her ass and inserted the head of his cock into her abused asshole. She tried to turn her face to see what was going on but the other man locked her head, with both hands, and forced her to continue her bobbing movement on his dick.

The second man had stabilized himself by grabbing her hips and was shoving deep his slim, but long, dick into her ass, without paying any attention, forcing her to bang her face on the first man's stomach with every thrust. It was as if someone was brutally ramming her tiny ass with a candescent iron, ripping apart every obstacle in its path, setting ablaze her stretched ass walls, trying to reach the depths of her soul with a single stroke.

His spiky balls were constantly hitting her soft ass cheeks like medieval twin flails and his long crooked nails were firmly hooked on the tender flesh of her hips like raptor's claws. She continued bobbing her head and sucking the throbbing flesh obediently, looking pleadingly at the stranger's black eyes, with tears running from the corners of her eyes; but when the second man managed to vanish all eight inches of his slim dick inside her anus, she removed the dick from her mouth and yelped her heart out.

The first stranger, deeply discontented by her action, grabbed his dick and began slapping her on the face with it. With eyes closed, she opened her mouth and stuck out her red tongue, accepting the rain of hits on her tongue, cheeks, nose and eyes with great endurance, while the second man kept inserting and withdrawing his burning dick, all the way inside her butt, with powerful single strokes.

Suddenly, the third stranger, who was rubbing furiously his dick on her sole, climaxed with a deep groan, flooding her pedicure delicate toes with a sudden cascade of his thick cream; and that was exactly what made the second man withdraw his slim dick, from the depths of her asshole, and spray her trembling back orbs with his precious fluid, leaving big stains of steamy white semen all over, as a token of sincere gratitude.

Leaving a sigh of relief, thinking that her troubles were over, she took a horsehair tuft and started to caress the first man's dick by brushing the testicles, underside and head, pretending to be cleaning up the 'dirt' like an old-fashion

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