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Prior arrangements detain, and restrain, Alexandria.


They were a little quieter for a time, but she found that she had a really big reason to feel thankful, now that she knew Bronn. "I want to thank you for what you did for me tonight," she said, "I'm sure that by now, all of my troubles would be over."

He reached for what looked to be a plate of glass, but as she watched him, she saw that it was a way to enter things into his systems as he began to prepare a report on the day in his journal. "It was what I could do for someone in a bad place," he said, though he didn't smile. "I am happy to have met you through it. What will you do when you are back on land?"

She frowned for a moment, "I don't know. I never saw any of my family again after the night that Monnie grabbed me. I can't imagine that they'd have survived it. The demons are very thorough and they never leave anyone alive -- even if they're full. I don't really have anywhere to go, Bronn, so I can't say."

His long fingers flew over the glass and he spoke to her at the same time, "I would imagine that in the very disorganized culture that I have observed here, a female has few options -- a lot fewer than she'd have where I am from. You would be best to seek for a male somewhere. Failing that, you would have to find some occupation so that you could feed yourself, I would guess."

She watched him for a time and then he looked up at her for a second. Both of them stared at each other and it came out of their mouths together all jumbled up, since they were saying different things.

"You could --"

"-stay here with you?"

They stopped then and tried again after a second.

"I'd have to be careful, to manage --"

"I don't eat much and I'd try to be useful --"

Then they smiled at each other, "We're both all alone here," Jayne smiled, "and I find that I like being with you. I'd like to think I've made a friend."

"I as well," he smiled, "and we have no lives to return to, do we? Please stay, and at least we will not be so lonely. You can teach me how humans are. I tried hard to learn, but there is only so much that one can absorb in so little time and I was not given anywhere near long enough to learn what I needed to know. You are very complex people."

"Oh, it's worse than that, Bronn," she laughed a little, "I'm a girl. Humans don't come any more complex than that."

He grinned and nodded as he plowed through his journal.

It was a little later when he led her back to a place near the shower, since she'd told him that she had to pee again.

He pointed to a fixture roughly similar to one that she'd seen only rarely in her life and none of them worked in the way that she now understood, modern plumbing being a thing of the past now. She'd always thought that they were a curious and very hard seat to sit on.

"You just sit there and go," he smiled, "then you press this and it's gone and you will find clean water over there in that receptacle there to wash your hands. I will leave you to it so that you have privacy."

"Wait, "she said, grabbing his arm, "Where does it go? I mean, we're underwater, aren't we? You can't just throw it out the window like you do back in the city."

He looked at her a little oddly and said, "No. I suppose that I could request that it be pumped out, but that is not what normally happens. It would be processed and purified for re-use."

"For ... re-use?" she asked and he nodded. Jayne understood then why the water had tasted so ... like nothing. Purified meant that everything was removed, no matter where it had come from. She guessed then that even water from the finest-tasting spring would taste flat after that.

"I think I'll stick to the beer," she said, adding that she could guess where the water for it had come from as well, "I'll get used to it, Bronn," she smiled, "I just don't have to be thrilled about it," she said as she began.

She didn't think much of it, since he'd seen her do this under a lot more unpleasant circumstances, but she saw the look on his face and began to apologize.

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