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Guy stroking in his car gets a nice surprise.

He carried me across to the massage bench, laying me face down. He placed a cushion under my shoulders and carefully scooped up my thick main of black hair and rested let it hand over the side of the couch.

'Just relax, baby, and let me smooth away all you're your tensions. We need to get you ready for all your activates here, don't we?'

I felt the cool drops of massage oil trickle down my back and listened as Marcus worked the oil into his hands. And then, yes, I felt the sensation of his large, supple, black hands on my skin and I lay still and gave myself over to the experience of total bodily stimulation. Marcus was slow and insistent and thorough, giving careful attention to every part of me - my shoulders, my arms, my back, my calf muscles and my thighs. I was in a trance, relishing the loving attention I was receiving from this black hunk.

My pussy, I knew, was seeping juice and my pert, well-rounded arse, was alive in expectation of Marcus's expert fingers. He took a long time getting there, approaching the tops of my thighs, only to draw away and concentrate again on my legs. But he knew what he was doing - and what I wanted. And when I felt the massage oil dribble into my arse crack I groaned audibly.

'Mmm, Marcus, I thought you'd never get to my arse, dear. It was feeling neglected, missing your beautiful touch. Ohhh, that's it - squeeze me good, I need this so bad, that's it, yes...'

I squirmed between Marcus's powerful hands, as they kneeded, and teased and squeezed, and held my ample arse-cheeks. As he pulled my cheeks apart I knew I must be giving him a clear view of my dark-pink arse hole, like the rest of me shaven smooth.

'Well, Tiffany, I can see that Marcella wasn't exaggerating when she told me about your sensual arse. It's beautiful, baby, and nice and full for an Asian girl. I like a juicy plump arse - and so does Marcella. Man, when she came back this morning she could stop raving about you honey. You really got her juices flowing, girl.'

And then, for the first time, I felt Marcus drag a finger across my arse hole. I moaned and he repeated the movement, adding another finger this time. His oiled fingers began to circle my already wet anus. I pushed my arse up and spread my thighs wider, to let him know how welcome this finger was - how I loved what he was doing.

'But Marcus, weren't you upset when Marcella didn't come home last night? Weren't you jealous or angry when she told you she was with another woman?'

'Oh, no, Tiffany, I ain't jealous. Marcella's always loved other women. They can't resist her juicy big tits and horny black pussy - and really girl, it turns me on to see her with other women, especially when she brings them into our bed. And quite a few, I'm pleased to say, fancy some black cock as well as black pussy.'

As he said this Marcus slipped his well-lubricated finger into my arse-hole. I exhaled breath sharply and then relished the feeling of this long black finger in my arse. Marcus knew full well what he was doing, sliding his finger gently back and forth, probing my inner cavities, stirring my already thick juices. I began to whimper, burying my face in the cushion.

'Tell me Tiffany, are you strictly a muff-diver, or would you fancy some black cock too? Did Marcella tell you how big I was, honey, how I fill that sloppy big pussy of hers? Would you like some black cock, girl? If so you gonna have to tell Marcus about it...'

Writhing still under the finger in my arse, my face yet pressed in the cushion, my throat thick with desire, I struggle to articulate my words.

'Yes, yes, Marcus, I want black cock...'

'I can't hear you too clear, honey. You'd better tell me louder.'

'Yes, please, I want black cock. I want to be fucked by a black man - I want his cock in me. I want to be taken and used by a thick black cock.'

'Umm, that's it, Tiffany, that's it. Marcella said you were a ripe little Asian slut for black meat, but I wanted to hear it from you my sweet. Now I wonder, baby, if this is what you want...'

Slipping his finger from my arse Marcus gen

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