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Really though I mean it." The first guy stammered. I invited them in.

"Hi." I said. "I'm Marc, this is my wife Tammy." They both said Hi. The duplex shared a large back deck, and we went into the other apartment through the back door. The downstairs was nothing but a kitchen with a counter dividing it from the small living room, and a bathroom beside the kitchen. They liked it and we offered it to them.

They moved in and we got along pretty well. They got home from work about an hour before me, and about a half hour after Tammy. As the weather got warmer and we began barbecuing we ate together a lot. Switching off on who cooked. Tammy who much like myself tends to be shy around new people began to get almost as comfortable around them as she was around me. Tammy is very hot. She's about five foot five, her tits are almost a D, but not quite at 38c, and she only wears thongs, size five, my Victoria's Secret card knows her sizes well. Anyway one Saturday she wanted to sunbathe, and they were home. She told me she was going to do it anyway. She trusted them and I trusted her, and they were friends so out she went in a skimpy bikini.

I helped her lotion up and she lay on her belly reading a trashy romance novel. Lunch was gaining on us and they came out to grill up some burgers. They asked me if I wanted one, as I mowed the lawn and I did, so did Tammy. I glanced up a few times and caught them eyeing her a little. She was facing away from them, and her bikini was a thong, so her ass was fully visible. Instead of being upset, I found myself a little horny and wicked proud to have a wife who although only a few years older than these guys at twenty-nine was drawing some really hot attention.

We ate together, my wife sitting up and getting more furtive glances, this time at the swell of her ample bosom. Her bikini had ridden up just a pinch and you could see the bottom edge of her left breast, this is one of those things that always 'does it' for me. After lunch my wife went back to sun bathing and I went back to the lawn. Rob and Wyatt sat out on the deck 'relaxing'

My wife and I talked about the incident for a while that night. She knew she had been drawing stares and it had actually made both of us very hot. We had tremendous sex and went to bed. As the summer progressed my wife did a lot of sun bathing.

As her comfort level grew so did her normal attire. She was sexy and really began to enjoy being so. I was reaping the benefits in bed as her confidence and libido expanded. Towards the end of the summer I think she had begun teasing. When she lay on her stomach she would unclasp her suit. She bought a new smaller bikini, that she had to re-trim her bikini area to safely wear. Then the nights began to cool off. I wondered what the winter would bring. The answer came in the form of movie night.

Every Friday night, Rob and Wyatt would come over. We would rent a movie, sometimes two and order food. We also began drinking a little. Mixed drinks, a fire, a cold winter night and a flirtatious wife the implications were all there. The first couple of nights my wife sat on the couch with me and Rob and Wyatt sat in our two easy-chairs. Then one night we were watching a romantic movie and when we paused for drink re-fills and the bathroom my wife announced that she was changing into PJs.

Everyone was seated again when Tammy came downstairs. She was wearing a tiny cami top with spaghetti straps, her nipples were outlined in perfect clarity through the sheer silk. on her bottom was a matching silk thong.

"I hope you guys don't mind Marc and I want to snuggle." Tammy said and sat with me on the couch drawing her legs up under her. Her ass was facing Rob and I could see him steal a sideways glance a few times as the movie played on. It made both of us so hot.

The following week Tammy put her 'Pjs' on before Rob and Wyatt even got there.

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