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Empowered by SPH, wife goes further than ever.

" She paused several seconds before continuing slowly. "And then I have a very severe case of blue balls of mine that I've got to take care of."

This was met with the smile she had so badly wanted, and had been missing for too long.

They quickly settled back into their comfortable routine. Meryn knew that below the surface there were still unanswered questions and issues, but she was content to let them be for the present, particularly after her recent disastrous experiment. This was made easier by their workload, especially for Jeremy. As had been previously announced, the head of his department had retired at the end of the last school year, and, as anticipated, Jeremy had been named the new Chairman of the English Department for the coming school year. His Principal, who was his strongest advocate at work, was urging him to put together the plan for a completely new and revamped curriculum and course of study that Jeremy had been developing for over a year, but had held off proposing in deference to the old chief. Now, with all these new responsibilities, Jeremy was far busier at work, and bringing much more of it home. He was finding it difficult to get his daily domestic duties done at night, so he was now usually spending most of Sundays in addition to his usual full day on Saturdays to complete his housework. Meryn tried to help out as much as she dared, but although he no longer complained when she contributed, she was sensitive, particularly now, that she not give any appearance that she felt he was incapable of meeting his perceived obligations to her, and to his chores.

Because of their increased work schedules, they hadn't been able to participate in many social activities. They had gotten together with Natasha and Scott a number of times. Surprisingly, Natasha had initiated several of these, coming up with interesting and fun 'vanilla' things for the two couples to do. They had not had any time to go away for any recent Fun and Games weekends, and just as surprisingly, Meryn found that she missed these as well. It might have given her more opportunities to see and discover the extent of Jeremy's inner needs. And, in her heart, she now realized that she, herself, had come to very much enjoy the fun of those games.

The crisis came suddenly and unexpectedly several months later. After her division at work had posted their fourth consecutive quarter of record breaking profits, Meryn was named the company's "Person Of The Year". She was to be given this award at the company's annual gala dinner. It was now an open secret that she was next in line for a Vice Presidency in the near future. The problem was that the gala was to be held on the same night as an important Board of Education meeting, when Jeremy was going to present his proposal for his new curriculum, and petition for the significant funding that it would take to implement it.

"Of course I'm going to be upset that you're not going to be able to come to the dinner." Meryn assured him when the conflict in dates became apparent, and he began suggesting alternative arrangements so that he would be able to attend. "But you have to go to your board meeting and make your presentation. I'm just getting an award. This is your future and your success we're talking about. You've worked far too hard on this. You must go."

And there was no further discussion to be had.

On the night of the gala, Meryn was dressed to the nines in a stunning evening dress that had Jeremy practically drooling as he kissed her goodbye as she left for the affair. It was during the cocktail hour, which she spent entertaining the well wishes and congratulations of many of her colleagues, that she received her shock. Striding toward her, dapperly dressed in a tuxedo, with a huge smile on his face, was ... her husband.

"Jeremy___" She exclaimed as he reached her. "What are you doing here?"

"I just couldn't miss my Lady's big night.

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