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Girls like Candy.

She turned to face the door just before he walked in ......


The second text made Jake wonder a little, but he decided she must have an idea of how she wanted to spend the rest of the day.

He quickened his pace a little, wanting, no, needing to be by her side. He swore he could almost feel a heat coming from the portfolio in his hand. He soon realized it was simply him missing her already.

Jake got to her studio and followed her directions. He walked right in, closed the door and as he locked it he noticed the music and the lighting, or better yet, the lack of. He headed towards what appeared to be the only room with any sort of light in it, and it was flickering.

"What's with the music and the li ..." Jake said, his words stopping short as he rounded the corner, into the room. He too stopped in the doorway as his eyes took in the site of Erikah leaning against the desk, her robe falling around her leg, revealing their length encased in the soft silk of the nylons.

"I thought maybe you could help me with some pictures this afternoon. I'm thinking I want to update that little book you have in your hand," she said with a wink as she stood and walked to him.

"I ... ah ... help?" he stammered, slightly embarrassed at the thought of photographing her in lingerie. He caught himself staring at the portfolio and was brought back to reality when he felt her hand on his.

"I've never done anything even close to this before. Are you sure about this?" Jake asked.

"Neither have I hun. What do you say we give it a try? You never know, maybe I can figure out a way to get you in a couple too," she said as her hands slipped around his neck, pulling his lips to hers.

"Me in a couple? I don't think so," Jake said when their kiss parted. Erikahs only reply was a smile and a wink.

"As far as helping you, I'm open to the idea. You'll have to give me some pointers though," he said as she turned and took his hand again, walking to area she had set-up.

"All you'll have to do is look through there and push this," she said in a teasing voice, and then seriously "I'll set the shots up to start with."

Before Jake could reply, Erikah turned and walked toward the antique sofa, slowly dropping her robe as she moved. As she moved it down her back, Jake quickly took a picture, letting out an audible sigh. He took another as she looked over her shoulder at him with a devilish smile before letting the robe fall to the floor revealing to him for the first time the lingerie she had beneath.

"Let me just say ... Oh -- My -- God," Jake said playfully as his eyes took in the beauty of her.

"Click, click," she said with a giggle, playfully reminding of his duties this day.


"So, are we having fun," Erikah asked softly as she came over to readjust the camera after a few shots. She couldn't help but notice that it appeared Jake truly was enjoying himself. The bulge in his shorts made little to no attempt to hide itself.

Erikah got her answer when she looked into Jakes eyes. The fire in them sent electric waves through her body, catching her breath momentarily.

After she adjusted the camera, "Timer,"' was all she said as their eyes met again and she saw the look in his as she made the final adjustment. "Come with me," she said as she walked away. She paused and looked over her shoulder at Jake who was just starting to move as the camera began snapping at the interval she had programmed into it.

Before she could utter another word, she felt his firm hands on her hips. She turned to face him, her hands immediately going to the buttons of his shirt. When she had them undone, she let her hands roam over the muscles of his chest, followed by soft kisses. The camera continued to click.

Jakes hands gently squeezed her ass cheeks.

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