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The body painter meets a couple.

Your feet are very nice in those sexy sandals." I say while looking at her amazing sexy feet.

"I am glad. Many people do not like sandals. I can't wear sandals that are open to work. Our dress code requires us to wear closed toe shoes." She explains.

"In my financial company female associates are allowed to wear dress sandals with hose."I reply while taking in her marvelous perfectly formed toes and feet.

I estimate the spike heels on her thongs about four inches high. She spreads her toes apart and they separate in a wide splay. Her sculpted pink toe nails are neatly trimmed and polished. Her second toes are both decorated by delicate gold rings.

"Would you like a glass of ice tea before we leave Jim?" She asks as my gaze returns to her pretty face.

"Yes I would love that Sandra." I respond as she stands and walks past me toward the kitchen.

I watch her toes as she prances by me in her barely there thong sandals. The sound the heels make as they click is tantalizing. I can smell her heavy French perfume as she passes by my chair. Her calf muscles flex and her full rear end globes move against each other as she walks on the balls of her sandaled feet. I can faintly see the outline of her thong g-string that she wears under her form fitting dress.

"Jim I like you a lot. I enjoy your company. I have a confession to make." She says with a worried look.

"What is it Sandra?" I ask.

"Your old girlfriend Cindy and I know each other. She told me about your sandal fetish. I know about your attraction to feet and sandals. Cindy told me you are a freak. "She says as she points a sandaled foot at me and spreads her toes.

"When did you talk about this to Cindy?" I ask as the color flushes from my face.

"We talked last week and I told her I thought you were a nice guy. I think Cindy is selfish and told her so. When I found out we shared an interest I bought these sandals." Sandra explains.

"What do you mean a shared interest?" I ask.

"You love looking at feet in thong sandals. I love wearing thong sandals and having men look at my feet. You see I have a sandal fetish as well. I have about fifty pairs of thong sandals. Now I have found someone to show them off to." Sandra explains.

"You don't think I am weird Sandra?" I ask.

"No you are not weird. Show some attention to the rest of me as well Jim and you can worship my feet. Is that OK with you?" She responds and asks.

"Do you still want to go out?" I ask.

"No I do not. I am plans for you tonight. I have a pizza ordered that will arrive later. Our date is right here. Is that OK with you Jim?" She adds.

I move over on her love seat and pat the spot next to me. Sandra slides next to me and slides her tongue down my throat as we embrace each other's bodies. We kiss deeply for about ten minutes and explore our bodies with our hands. She rubs my erection with her fingers. I massage her breasts with one hand and press a finger into her slick cunt.

"Get on the floor Jim in front of me." Sandra commands.

"What do you want Sandra? I ask.

"I want you to do something that no one has ever done to me." She says while extending her sandaled feet toward me.

I took one of her feet in my hands as I looked up in her smiling face. She nodded her approval as my tongue moved toward her foot. She spread her toes and wiggled them in her sandals in anticipation. I pulled her foot to my face and swallowed and sucked her four smallest toes on her foot. I made eye contact with her and she gazed at me while biting her lip.

"That's it suck my toes. You mouth feels nice. I am getting wet." She said with her teeth clinched.

"I love your feet in these sandals. Can we keep them on you?" I ask while releasing her toes from my mouth.

"You can remove all my clothing, but the sandals stay on." Sandra says.

I resume my worship of her toes.

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