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Married man seduced by ladyboy.

with a guy like me?"

Biting my lip, I explained, "Truth is, sir, you're all I've thought about since yesterday. When I saw you walking your dog."

He looked down, "Well that tent in your shorts was a dead giveaway." He twitched for a second, as if breaking concentration on my throbbing cock.

Regaining control, he asserted, "Look. If we really do this, then it'll be discreet. I am married after all." He rose his ring finger in my face as if signifying my first opportunity to back down.

I responded, "No one will suspect a thing."

He continued, "And second, I make the rules here. You do what I tell you to do. You come over when I need release, and leave when I don't. Is that clear?"

Not taking time to consider, I replied, "Crystal. Now are we gonna keep talking or are you gonna show me that big dick I know you have."

He smirked, impressed at my quick wit, "You're a cocky motherfucker aren't you."

I shot back, "Damn straight." And as those words left my lips, I aimed for his, leaning in closer for a kiss to seal the deal.

My movement was met with resistance. Cory pulled back, "Whoa whoa. Another rule boy, no kissing on the lips."

Not wanting to accept defeat, I found refuge in the nape of his neck. Planting strong kisses just below his tapered hair, he asked, "What do you think you're doing?"

Continuing my efforts, I explained, "You said no lips but you never said anything about your neck. I'm just following orders here."

He shot back, "Is that how you made it through college? Finding loopholes?"

I broke my kiss to catch his gaze, "No. I just fucked every one of my professors until they had no choice but to pass me."

He stared back, "Sounds to me like you could use some discipline."

And with that he pushed my head down his body. I savored the downward path, nuzzling up against the hair on his chest, stealing sucks on those nipples, and counting every one of his abs with my tongue. My face finally found refuge at his waist with my lips inches from the elastic waistband that desperately held his crotch bound together. Leaning in closer, I inhaled his scent- a strong musk filled my nostrils that left me intoxicated and wanting more. I rested the my pouting lips at the base of the tent his erect cock was making. Getting as close to his skin as possible, his cock stuck out nearly past my ears. Slowly, I started to kiss around his shorts, feeling for his cock with my lips. I rose my hand above his waist, feeling for his abs as I continued to drool all over his gym shorts.

Looking up, I caught him starting at my actions. Flashing me a smirk, he asked, "You want that dick, boy?"

Biting down on my lip, I pouted, "Yes sir. Please give it to me."

He flashed me a rare smile and agreed, "It's all yours."

And with his instruction, I rapidly pulled own his shorts causing his dick to burst out of the elastic constraints, nearly hitting me in the face. I stared for a few seconds, basking in all its glory. It hung, nearly ten inches from the base, with veins that ran along the shaft like tributaries. The cock head glistened underneath the hallway light, dripping precum from the tip causing my mouth to water. Gently tugging, I grasped his meat at the base. Even in my large hands, his cock extended a couple more inches past my palms.

Not letting go, I looked up and exclaimed, "It's so fucking big. Oh my god."

He let out a cocky laugh, affirming "That it is. You sure you can handle it?"

Licking my lips in anticipation, I shot back, "Definitely."

And with that, I stuck out my tongue and licked underneath the shaft, catching the droplets of precum that dripped from the slit of his cock.

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