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The conclusion...Do they kill it or fall victim to it?

Her eyes rolled back in her head as Kurt got into a rhythm, bucking back and forth like an animal in heat, squeezing his mother's ass cheeks as he entered her repeatedly.

"Fine, you want to fuck me, son?" Karen asked breathlessly. "Why don't you show the world what you like to do, huh? Let everyone see how you like to fuck your own mother!"

She squirmed away and was able to make it the three steps to the master bedroom's wall of windows.

"Come on, son. If you want to fuck me, fuck me here and let everyone see." Karen pressed her two palms flat on the window above her head and leaned her face in. On her tip toes, she stuck her ass out so she was in perfect position to be fucked.

Kurt walked close and was about to reenter his mother when he paused. "But..are you sure?" For the first time since he had come upstairs, he was unsure if this was taking things too far.

Karen grinned to herself. "Oh no, it's too late to back out. You want to fuck me, fuck me up against this window. Have you not been to Ibiza, Kurt? Public sex is perfectly acceptable. Now come here and fuck your horny mother, me aroused and I need to cum."

Kurt walked over uncertainly but he was too far gone to stop now. He moved into position behind his mother's tanned ass and aimed his cock at her slick, shiny pussy lips. Leaning forward to place his hands on the glass besides hers, he thrust forward and was inside of her.

"Ungh!" Karen shuddered as the rock-hard pole found her G-spot and rubbed up against it. "That's it son, put that cock inside your mother and leave it there like a good boy." She pressed her face up against the window, eyes closed, grinding her ass and cunt into her own son's young dick.

Kurt pumped in and out of her, unsure if this was taking things too far, as anyone walking on the beach might look up to the hills and see among the scrub brush a large window, and a beautiful mature woman with big tits being fucked by someone far too young to be her boyfriend. They might see the way her hard nipples flattened against the glass as the young man in his 20s pounded her from behind, mercilessly fucking her, making her body shudder with each thrust.

"I hope someone sees us," thought Karen, "I want to put on a show for some lucky bloke who might be minding his own business this morning."

As if on cue, a tanned couple in their early 30s rounded the bend so that they were about 40 meters from the sand in front of Karen's villa. She knew that as they got closer, they might well look up and she was sure that she could get them to watch her fuck her own son.

"Oh, YES! Fuck, Kurt, that's it! Fuck me, fuck your own mother, keep shoving that big cock inside of my cunt!" She backed into him harder and harder, his 8-inch member sliding in and out of her easier each time, spurred on by his mother's filthy words.

As the couple got closer, Karen turned around and slapped Kurt on the ass hard. "That's it, FUCK me son!" She slapped him again. "You can do this, can't you? You can handle fucking your mother's thick cunt? Huh?" She was pouting into his face, egging him on, daring him to give her the proper hard fucking she desperately needed.

Kurt could barely watch the lewd scene before him, afraid that he would fire his seed inside of his mother's cunt before she was satisfied. He was determined to give her a hard orgasm like the one that he had the previous day, and he didn't care how long he needed to fuck her to get the job done.

The couple on the beach were almost directly in front of the villa now, the man's hand around the woman's waist, dropping down to her ass now and then. They appeared Spanish, both with dark hair and features, he in short swim trunks and she in a bikini and sarong. Karen bounced harder against the window, hoping that they would look up, willing the couple to see the debased act occurring just above them.

"That's it son, keep fucking me like this and I just might cum. Would you like that? You want mommy to cum all over your thick cock and balls?"

Kurt nodded dumbly,

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