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Dre has a run in with Wendell

He took my hand and give it a peck.

Brian - You are looking lovely in that dress.

Me - Thank you. You are looking good as ever.

Brian - Ha Ha! Thank you so much. Shall we go?

He held my hand and led me towards his car. He was truly a gentleman. He opened the door for me and helped me move in. We started to chat while he was. I asked him about the location but he told that it's a surprise. We started to chat further about each other.

Brian - So you are in any relationship?

Me - No, I am not.

Brian - Ha Ha! It's a good sign for me.

Me - Why is that so?

Brian - So that I can hit on you.

Me - As if you are single.

Brian - Yes I am.

Me - Really?

Brian - Yes, you don't believe me?

Me - Its nothing like that but how come you are single? You got a very good personality with good looks.

Brian - May be I was waiting for the best. Anyways you also got a very good body and features! I was amazed when I had seen you for the first time.

Me - Really? Thank you. By the way, I liked the tattoos on your body.

Brian - You like tattoos? Have you got any?

Me - No, I want to have few.

Brian - I can help you with that. I know the person who can do that.

Me - That would be great

Brian - You know, where we are heading to?

Me - I asked you that but you never told me.

Brian - Yes, I wanted it to be a surprise but I this is a perfect time to tell you that.

Me - So where we are heading to?

Brian - We are heading to my place.

Me - Why at your place?

Brian - You don't want to try few of my recipes?

Me - Don't tell me that you know cooking.

Brian - Yes! I know that.

Me - It's very hard to believe. A person like you loves cooking.

Brian - You will get to know in a while.

Me - Okay! Thats fine, who else live with you?

Brian - I am living alone.

Me - Why? You don't live with family?

Brian - They are living downtown.

Me - So they must be visiting you sometimes.

Brian - Yes! They do.

Me - Don't you feel lonely sometimes?

Brian - That's why I am trying to impress someone so that someone can kill this loneliness.

Me - Ha Ha! Keep trying.

We reached his home. His home was quiet big and into a remote area. I can't see anyone around that place. He led me towards his home and opened the door. We both moved in and he closed the door behind me. We moved to drawing room and sat on the couch.

Me - Wow! Your home is amazing.

Brian - My father has made it amazing and gifted it to me.

Me - That's great!

I can see his portraits all around, he looks like a professional model which made me ask.

Me - How long you are in modelling?

Brian - I had started it in when I was 19, so you can say I have completed around Five years.

Me - That's really cool. I can see that all around.

Suddenly his phone rang and he moved to a corner. He came back with a smile and said - Kevin has mailed our pictures. If you don't mind, can we have a look on it?

Me - Sure, why not?

Brian - You prefer wine or Vodka?

Me - Wine.

Brian - I knew that.

He handed me a glass of red wine and connected his iPad to his TV. He sat beside me and started the slideshow. Our pictures were flashing on the screen. They were very intimate and erotic. I was feeling a strange sensation in my body by looking at those pictures.

Brian stopped the slideshow at a picture and said - I just love this picture.

It was captured on bed, where we are in lovemaking position and I am over Brian and he his hands were on my waist.

Brian murmured - Would it be possible someday?

Me - Did you said something?

Brian - I just wanted to ask if you can be my girlfriend.

I was surprised by his straight words and replied to him - I need some time

Brian - I know you don't have any boyfriend and everyone feels lonely at times. There is no harm to get into new relationships to get rid of boredom. When we can enjoy our lives then why should we live alone?

Me - I know that but...

He placed his finger on my lips and said - Then, this is the time honey.

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