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A businesswoman gets massaged blindfolded.

This seemed to go down well with her and I soon took her past her point of pleasure again as she collapsed in a heap, her pussy relieving itself of the pressure with little spurts as the tight seal was broken and air was released, but this time I didn't let up and carried on humping my cock deep into her body, all the time telling her I was going to be pumping thick, hot seed deep into her womb and I hoped she had very strong birth control because she was going to be awash with my heavy cum any second.

Well she just kept cumming after that from what evidence I could see, and she wasn't getting back up which set me off again and sure enough her second of three helpings of thick cum that day was pumped into her tummy and she learnt that day that a woman's panties are merely for cleaning the mess up from her love hole and her pretty face.

So, a few months and much much sex later, Carol had dropped a dress size and developed into a tighter, sexually athletic forty-something whose eyes sparkled and features glowed with health. Another thing that happens, and I have to say on a personal level I always enjoy seeing, is the way a woman's lips thicken and pout in direct correlation with their pussy lips that I knew now sat moist and heavy and mostly enveloped her much tinier panties that I had insisted she wore.

This hadn't gone down at all well with Miss Prim Laura though and her scowls and dark looks followed every bloody move I made. Especially annoying were her dramatic sighs every time she caught us kissing and on a couple of occasions my hand inside her mommy's top or skirt.

I also couldn't swear to it, but I was almost positive now that she'd watched us in action a few weeks ago as I'd taken Carol from behind in bed, and just to cheer her up a little more had moved slightly aside so she could get a full clear view of her mothers distended snatch, as her pussy lips clung wetly and stretched around my own thicker and longer cock. Honestly, this woman was doing wonders for me!

One evening we were watching a programme the women had insisted upon boring me to death with, which featured sundry women, blacked out to protect their identities, complaining about the admittedly shameful treatment they'd received from ex boyfriends and the like.

One of them was banging on about how he'd blacked her eyes, kicked her about, you name it and Carol and Laura were rapt, tutting and gasping and slagging off guys like I wasn't even there.

For some stupid reason, I decided to butt into their convo with a jokey comment that went something along the lines of, 'Yeah but I bet he only beat her so hard because he loves her so much'.

It didn't go down well.

Laura looked at me like I was Jack the Ripper or similar and even Carol stated that I couldn't mean or condone what her man had done to her.

Not being one to back down too easily, I mentioned that some women needed correcting sometimes, because they've had some bloke who's either spoiled them rotten or allowed them to run them ragged.

This started quite a heavy debate into how big a bastard I actually am and was brought to an abrupt stop as I mentioned that yes, I had hit women myself.

I explained that rather that beating them around the head though, or marking or kicking them in any way, I did it the good old fashioned way, with my hand across their backsides.

This was met with shock from Carol and aggression from Laura who stopped slouching in the armchair and sat bolt upright and ready to take me on.

Again I explained that the best, if not the only place to beat a woman, if you really needed to, was on her bottom, as it is the most protected and padded area of anyone.

So I was asked multiple questions then, of who I'd done this to and forced to recount the three women who had felt my hand and even my belt in the case of one lady who had gone completely off the handle. In all cases it had worked and they'd stopped acting like ruined kids.


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