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Our hero gets surprise whilst visit old friends.

street, didn't I?

He rang me to say he had found some and I could pick them up on my way home. They would be $50. They were surprisingly good for such a low price.

When I got home I deliberately put the binoculars under the desk lamp in plain sight expecting that when she saw them she would pull the drapes but she simply carried on with her nightly routine, topless as before, so I left them there. Next evening as she started her squats I lifted the binoculars just to see what she would do. She looked at me through the mirror and didn't stop so I put them to my eyes. To my surprise as she squatted she undid her belt allowing the robe to slip off completely. Then she stood up, straddled the mat and with stiff legs reached forward to touch the floor, thus giving me a full view of all her assets whilst deliberately looking straight at me through her legs.

At this point my cock poked its way out of my boxers.

Not content with that she turned to face me and did the splits, smiling as she bounced her pussy on the mat several times. Then I knew this game was as much for her as it was for me. My cock, now free, waved about like a mad thing. I made sure she got a good look and waited until she closed the drapes before jerking off. Boy, were those binoculars worth the money!

This happened for two evenings until, on the third, she walked into the room completely naked. At this point I thought it only fair to do away with my boxers as well. While she exercised I sat and watched, massaging my cock, stopping just before I came and letting the feeling subside before starting again. All the while she was watching me as I watched her.

Everything went quiet with the drapes tightly drawn over the Labor Day holiday period and for several days after that. When she returned I could see the shadow of her undressing and exercising again through the thin drapes. Then one evening I took up my usual viewing position and noticed something different. The drapes had been opened and the awning pulled down so when she came into the room all I could see of her was from just below the tits down. I also saw a chair that I was sure hadn't been there before.

She was followed into the room by a black man, dressed in jogging bottoms. They stood opposite each other and she dropped to her knees in front of him. Pulling the cord she slipped the joggers slowly down, revealing one of the biggest cut cocks I had ever seen. Looking across she kissed the crown and then allowed it to slip into her mouth, working him until he was fully erect. Then she got up, turned round and positioned herself three quarters on so I could see everything, bent over and grabbed the chair. He placed his cock between her legs and slowly inch by inch, eased it into her willing pussy, stopping only with what looked like a good two inches to go.

By now I was rampant too.

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