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And about two million Nameless Ones. We steer clear of each other for the most part. American Vampires such as myself stay in Vampire strongholds like the cities of Atlanta, the District of Columbia, Detroit, Oakland, Miami, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Houston and others. Boston is ruled by a sturdy bunch of Irish, African-American, Asian and Italian Vampires, and my dealings with them have been cordial, though tense at times. They're wary of other Vampires because some of us have turned against our own kind by working for the Nameless Ones. I'd sooner perish rather than to betray my own kind. In the old days, it was every Vampire's oath. Now, we couldn't even trust our own people anymore. How times have changed.

In the city of Boston, I've recently encountered an anomaly. One of the Nameless Ones who stands apart from the rest because he doesn't feed on humans. His name is Patrick Wilson Chang. A Chinese-American businessman who's the multi-millionaire CEO of one of Boston's biggest shipping companies. I've watched this man for ages, and he is doing something none of the Nameless do. He's growing old, because he won't take any human life force. I've been watching him for a long time. He's the strangest creature I've ever seen. One day, out of curiosity I cautiously approached him at his residence. I was ready to slay him if he threatened me. Whether he was on a diet or not, he was still one of them and I was still a Vampire. Immortal enemies.

The strangest thing happened that day. Rather than fight, Patrick Wilson Chang and I talked. Like I said, I couldn't believe it, and I was there. I learned a lot about that creature, what he was and what he'd become. Patrick Wilson Chang, nee Jong Li in Imperial China, around 275 B.C. He'd been many things in his time. A warlord, an emperor, a wealthy merchant, a sorcerer, a pirate and a rogue ninja. Always he'd been a powerful individual who commanded the fear and respect of many. In twenty-first century America, he was a reclusive multi-millionaire. One of the pillars of Boston's fast-growing and decidedly affluent Chinese-American community. Officially, he was one of the city's good guys. He'd donated a lot of money to the University of Massachusetts-Boston, which found itself financially strapped during the recession. He was good friends with the Mayor, the Governor and the city's Asian, African-American, Irish and Italian power elites. A respected businessman and philanthropist. Yet he was also a monster who fed on the life force of human beings in order to live forever. What led him to stop feeding?

Patrick Wilson Chang explained to me how his life changed one day. During the early 1970s, he was ruthlessly climbing the American corporate ladder and met a beautiful Jamaican-American executive named Jessica Glory. One of the first Black female students to graduate with a Boston College MBA, she took the corporate world by storm. Jessica fascinated Patrick Wilson Chang like no other human ever had. They began dating, and to his amazement, he found himself falling in love with her. To the point of trusting her with his secret. When he told me this, I was stunned. As a rule, we immortals don't tell humans about our immortality. Vampires don't tell humans about themselves, and neither did the Nameless Ones. Patrick broke a fundamental rule of his kind by sharing the secret of his immortality with the lively young Black woman he'd fallen in love with. Amazingly, Jessica Glory understood. She kept Patrick's secret, and became his wife.

If lightning could have struck me when Patrick said that, I wouldn't have been more shocked.

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