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A "Create your own Fantasy" gone wrong.

He had never been so mercilessly hit on before, especially by someone so attractive. He didn't know what to do. He didn't know how to escape.

He was falling into Audrey's hands.

She stepped close, pressing her tits tightly against his chest, putting her sexy lips close to his ear.

"Look down my back. At my ass." Audrey commanded, and he didn't know what to do other than comply with her wishes. So, looking over her shoulder, he glanced down her back at her ass, which stood out like a shelf.

"It looks nice, doesn't it?" Audrey whispered, running her lips softly along Derek's taut neck. "You can squeeze it if you want?" she offered. He looked around, seeing if anyone had noticed, but everyone was distracted by their own business. "It's okay. You're among friends here." Audrey said softly, running her tongue along the firm muscles of his neck. Derek's eyes shuddered in pleasure, and his hands moved on their own accord, sliding past her hips and onto her firm rump. And he couldn't help but give both cheeks a firm squeeze.

"Mmmm, that's it, baby. Feel my ass. You can reach under my skirt if you want." she gasped, resuming sucking the married man's neck.

Derek was too overwhelmed to disobey. Too much of a nice guy to push her away. Too turned on to remember his wife, waiting for him at their suite. Too rock hard to care.

Derek slipped his hands under the hem of the fashion icon's skirt, and nervously lifted it past her hips, exposing her pale, heart-shaped ass, standing firm and proud, now revealed to the room. But Audrey was too confident to care. She was so proud of her hot body that she had no qualms about showing it off.

Anyone looking towards the soon-to-be lovers would have gotten a glimpse at perfection. Her ass was spectacular, jutting out from her slim frame. The pale, round cheeks were firm and fleshy, built to be man-handled. The skin was smooth and creamy, making anyone lucky enough to see her ass desperate for one good feel. The ripe cheeks were split by a tiny, black designer thong, made of the finest fabrics, worth a small fortune, naturally. Only the finest clothing touched her flesh. And because of her being such a powerful, desired woman, the fact that the expensive thong was being worn on her voluptuous body only increased its value. The fact that it was soaked with her pussy juices, that it had been lucky to be in contact with her perfect ass, probably doubled its worth.

Derek looked down Audrey's back at the impressive ass cheeks, and the sexy thong splitting them, and it made his dick throb. His sizable dick was apparent through his pants, and it was very evident to Audrey as it now throbbed against her fit belly. Her suspicions were very correct. He was huge! And feeling that throbbing hardness let her know it was time to turn up the heat.

"Squeeze my ass, darling. Make it yours." Audrey whispered heavily. Derek complied and gave both cheeks a firm squeeze, feeling the perky flesh filling his hands. Derek used his big hands to play with her ass, mashing it, playing with the cheeks, pulling them apart to get a full view of the tiny thong running down her ass crack, getting a glimpse of barely covered asshole.

Audrey kissed along his jaw line softly, making the married man shiver. As she did, her hands were busy, loosening the married man's belt. So when her open mouth met his, and her tongue finally entered his mouth, her hand deftly entered his pants, her soft fingers curling around the base of his pulsing cock.

"Mmmmm." Derek moaned, never before experiencing a kiss quite this sensual. Her tongue ran circles around his in his mouth. Her soft lips pressed against his lips in just the right way. Her sensual perfume entered his nose. Her soft moans entered his ears. And her firm hand was slowly stroking his pulsing cock, his pre-cum already soaking her hand.

This scandalous make-out session went on and on, the two illicit lovers feeling no shame at publicly entering the beginning stages of sex, a sex session that promised to be a nasty one.

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