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Sari Stone asks Faustus about some physics.

From the joy of sucking his cock and swallowing his cum, the lady was already writhing on the bed, and he was able to smell the delectable aroma of juices from her pussy. He was enjoying the feel of her breasts in his hands and her nipples under his tongue, but he knew her pussy would be an even more delightful place for his mouth.

Myra knew it too. "I really love that," she whispered. The girls love what you're doing, but my pussy needs you more." To emphasize her needs, the aroused woman was pushing on his shoulders, urging him to go lower on her body.

Tony had no objections whatsoever, and started licking and nuzzling his way down her sexily plump belly, stopping to swirl his tongue in her navel. Myra giggled and kept pushing him downward, more urgently than before. Her pussy was producing something with the most heavenly aroma of his experience, and he was in need of knowing if it could possibly taste as delicious as it smelled. When he reached her Mount of Venus, he picked up the pillow he had set aside and started to walk on his knees around her feet.

She knew where he was going and what the pillow was for and wanted him to get there and use it as much as Tony did. Myra raised her ass from the bed and he slipped it under her, putting her pussy at the perfect height. She lifted her legs; he ducked under them and was kneeling between her knees when she rested them on his shoulders. Tony reached around her thighs until his hands were on her mons and leaned in more closely to gaze raptly on the beautiful pink and white confection that was waiting for him to pleasure and to give pleasure to him.

She had apparently shaved or waxed that morning, because Myra's pussy was totally lacking in hair, and her skin was creamy-white and flawless and set off the darker pink of her lips as they blossomed through her slit. Tony gently took hold of the edges of that slit and parted them. A cloud of incredible fragrance arose to please his nostrils and, when he lowered his face to sample the flavor of the juices that were producing that aroma, their taste was more delectable than their scent. Some of the nectar had spattered on Myra's thighs and he licked it from there and from her crotch before his tongue started to caress one of her outer lips.

The beauty and the aroma and the flavor of her pussy had been delightful in the extreme, but his sense that was the most pleased was that of touch. The texture of the skin of the insides of her thighs and her crotch had been soft and smooth, but her outer lip was like a vibrant satin pillow as he slowly licked upward. A fifth sense was gratified when Myra began moaning aloud from the intense pleasure his tongue was giving her.

Taking his time, Tony licked slowly to the end of the lip, going over the same places repeatedly, until he reached her soft Mount of Venus. He kissed her there and brought his mouth back below the dripping pink hole where he had started. After feasting on the fresh juices Myra had produced, he licked her other outer lip the same way, kissing her mons again, before raising his head to see what effect his ministrations were having on the voluptuous blonde.

She seemed to be having as much fun as he was; her body was writhing on the bed and her head was rolling back and forth on her pillow. Myra's beautiful face was a mask of utter bliss, with her eyes closed and her lips parted in a smile. Tony didn't spend much time looking, because he could smell more of the delicious juices that had just been produced, and he brought his mouth back down to lick them off her pussy, before starting to apply his tongue between an inner and outer lip.

Although he knew his wife was expecting him back soon, Tony was having too much fun to want to hurry anything, and he was sure the neighbor lady felt the same way.

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