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Peggy seduces him with her sex body and kinky ways.

He got two books and placed them under the chairs. "Get on them," he ordered. I looked at him, not sure what he wanted me to do, and my hesitation got me a towel slap across my ass that sent a stinging shock through my body. Then he pulled the noose and helped me to put my feet through the holes in the seats so I could stand on the books, with my legs straddling the chair backs.

I looked at him as a wicked smile spread across his face; reaching up, he attached the other end of the noose to the hook in the ceiling and pulled it tight, locking it off with some sort of adjuster so that it was holding my head up. The leather gripped the soft skin of my neck once again.

I stood there for a moment, just feeling the edge of the chair back between my legs. It seemed strange, an experience unlike any other I'd ever had, but I am always willing to try anything once. "Why should this be any different?" I thought to myself.

"Are you ready?" I looked at him apprehensively but nodded my head in agreement to whatever he was about to do to me. He then took one end of the tape that was covering my mouth and pulled it off in one decisive jerk. I was about to scream as the tape pulled at my skin, but my Master pushed his hand over my mouth until I had calmed down from the shock.

"Okay, this is what's going to happen: I am going to remove the books you are standing on, and then what happens next is up to you. You can either stand on tiptoes until you can't support your own weight, or you can let yourself ride the pony by letting all your weight rest on the back of the chairs immediately.

Obviously, whichever you choose, the rope around your neck will tighten as you lower yourself, but you might want to ease your suffering and get it over with all at once, or you might want to draw the experience out by resisting gravity to get the full enjoyment."

I lifted my right leg as I felt a slap on my calf, then tentatively placed my weight on my toes. When the other leg got the same slap, I spread my body weight between both points. At this point I think I surprised my Master as I was standing on the very tips of my toes. As I had been trained at dance school some years before, this pain was something I was used to and I could stand there without too much of a problem.

"Very good," he said after about 5 minutes, but I think in truth he was hoping to se me squirming by now.

I began to feel the strain in my leg muscles at about eight minutes. My stance became steadily shakier as each second ticked past and I could feel the belt around my neck tighten as my toes gave way to the strain. I tried to control my descent as my body sank onto ridge of the chairs, forcing my legs apart and putting the weight of my body on my sex.

A searing pain shot up through my pussy as all my weight was being suspended on the single inch of support afforded by the chair backs, and I instantly got onto my points again. "That's better; you now know what it's like to ride the pony," he said, smiling as beads of sweat started to form all over my naked body.

The strain on my legs was once again too much for me to tolerate, and I felt myself sinking, once again bruising another part of my delicate sex.

Each time I felt the strength in my legs disappear, I also felt my life's breath slipping away as the leather noose tightened around my neck, restricting my air supply and forcing me onto my toes again. My Master watched with glee as I performed this perverted dance, knowing full well that with each fall of my body, another bruise would be formed for him to torment later.

I seemed to be rising and falling with increased speed, my toes unable to support my weight and my sex unable to withstand the pain.

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