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"You guys are cute!" she replied setting down the picture and grabbing a second one off the desk, this was in a gold colored frame and was much larger. The picture was a family photo, which featured the two boys, who appeared to be older, an older female, Tina assumed was his mother, and a larger built male who looked like a much older version of the two boys.

"My Mother and father, Jim and Kimberly Summers." he replied pointing them out in the picture.

"Your mother is very pretty in this photo."

"Yeah, thanks." Max said looking longingly at the image. Tina glanced at him and could see a note of sorrow on his face. She was about to say something when a loud knock sounded from the front door. "Dinners here." Max said excitedly turning away from her and walking towards the front door. Tina set down the photo and made a mental note to ask him why he looked so sad.

Glancing around the corner she watched two men pushing two large rolling carts, full of silver covered dishes, the smell of savory delights filled the room as they entered. Her stomach growled quietly, and her mouth watered, watching them take several of the covers off, exposing fish, hamburgers, fries, some steamed vegetables and other wondrous plates of food. "Dinner is served." Max stated holding his hands out presenting the two carts to her.

They each choose a dish and sat at the dinner table quietly munching and commenting about the food. Tina opted for the hamburger and steamed vegetables, she was awe struck at how juicy the burger was and giggled as a bit of juice ran down her palm. Max felt his pants tighten watching he small pink tongue glide through her palm licking up the sticky mess. Tina glanced at Max after she was done flashing him a sexy smile before uttering "This is so good!"

They talked quietly between bites, sharing a bit about themselves, Max discovered that Tina was the oldest of four siblings, having twin younger sisters and a younger brother, which her parents nicknamed "Opps!" He found out that she moved to the city a year ago after quitting her job, in search of fresh start, in the mean time she picked up a part-time job at a local five star restaurant waiting tables. "Not my dream job, but it pays the bills for now." she remarked plucking one of the steamed carrots from the bowl with her finger tips and munching on it.

With a satisfied sigh, Tina leaned back in her seat, "So!, lets see what you have been working on." Max got up from his chair and walked over to pick up his laptop. Opening it up he tapped a couple of keys while walking slowly back to the table. "This is a very rough draft, just so you know..." He replied timidly handing her the laptop.

"No worries, now let me see..." she replied setting the laptop in front of her.

Max quietly cleaned up the table while Tina read, offering her some more wine which she declined, asking if he had a Diet Soda instead. When he came back from the kitchen he found her curled up in the corner of his large brown couch, he offered her the Soda in a glass with ice and then sat down in the chair opposite her. He watched her face intently trying to figure out the many faces she made as she read his story. Max fidgeted in his seat, he was apprehensive about showing her his unfinished work, but desperately needed some inspiration or he would lose his publishing contract and be forced to pay back the small advance the publisher gave him.

Standing up he quietly walked around behind her to see where she was at in the story. Glancing over her shoulder he knew she was coming up to one of the sex scenes, he could see that her cheeks were slightly flushed.

"You know..standing behind me will not get me to read any faster." she sang out not taking her eyes from the screen. Max blushed mumbling an apology before slipping off to his room to find a book to read while he waited.

Picking out one of his favorite science fiction authors, he walked back into the living room just as Tina was setting the laptop down on the couch next to her; Her face was f

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