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If you defeat him, he come after you.

The sun had gone down and I was freezing again, thirsty, hungry, uncomfortable, and really really pissed off.

"Hey!" I snapped, the first word I had spoken since my unhelpful pep talk this morning. The orc paused and turned to stare at me suspiciously. "You're going to fucking leave us in the cold in these fucking cages with just a piece of bread to eat all day?" I kicked the bars of the cage to emphasize my anger, thankful that my heels at least semi protected my toes.

"I'm going to give you once chance to sit down and shut up, slave," the orc growled, advancing on me.

Like an idiot, I didn't take my one chance.

"No! Fuck you!" I kicked the cage a couple of more times, and before I knew it I was being hauled out and thrown across a bench. It knocked the breath out of me, and before I could recover enough to fight, his knee rested heavily on my back.

"You had your chance, now you're punished. I'll go easy since this is your first outburst." I felt a knife against the skin of my back and froze, what little breath I had caught in my throat. Death was not something I was ready to face yet, and I wouldn't fight if it meant going there.

It didn't go there, however. The knife slid lower, snagging on the fabric of my jeans and tearing through them like they were butter. With a sinking feeling about where this was going, I screamed and started to struggle again, even as I realized that my ass was now completely bare to the world. He even sliced through my thong, the bastard. There was a fumbling noise, which I was pretty sure meant the knife was being put away, and then there was no thought. Only agony.

I recognized later, back in the relative safety of my cage, that it was only his hand he was hitting my with, but at the time if felt like a blazing metal rod. I screamed and squealed and struggled and nearly blacked out a couple of times, before finally breaking down and begging him to stop, promising I'd be good, promising anything if he would just stop. He stood me up then, examining my tear stained face as if looking for any traces of defiance. Whatever he saw must of reassured him, because he nodded and set about cutting off the rest of my jeans. When he went to take my jacket, I put my hand on his arm and begged again to keep it. I couldn't lose this one thing from my life, or I would go crazy. He shrugged, and instead cut my shirt out from under it, before steering my back into my cage.

Huddled into the corner, my jacket wrapped around myself and my ass burning, I sobbed again, finally passing out in an exhausted heap.


The next day I woke up in a blaze of heat once again, the morning sun uncomfortably happy. Today was even worse than yesterday, considering that I was naked, except for my heels and jacket, my ass felt like I had sat on a bonfire, and my make up had probably turned my face black. Yikes.

When the orc came around with the canteen, making sure we were all awake, I meekly took a drink and handed it back, not meeting his eyes. He grunted in satisfaction, moving on.

The day was boring for the most part, as the previous day had been. The red woman was bought by a relatively attractive couple with wings on their back, and she seemed almost pleased. I amused myself with playing 'Guess the Species' and attempting to get the attention of the other caged people, dying for some sort of conversation. They all either stared out into the crowd with something akin to anticipation, or stared at the ground, so that was a bust.

Sometime after lunch, things became interesting, if that's the word you wanted to use. A rather attractive man had been wandering through the cages, idly poking at the beings in them, asking questions like everyone else. I idly noticed that he was dark haired and pale skinned, in a very similar way to The Captain, but not nearly as handsome. Was I thinking of him in capital letters now? Oh good lord, was I thinking of him as handsome? I'm not sure which pissed me off more.

Anyways, he paused by my cage again, asking questions about me.

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