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Group of friends are locked in school with a psycho.

Kissing softly at her forehead he moves down, kissing her cheek, soft moist lips against her skin, down her chin and neck, the singlet sliding up her body, his hands guiding it upward, exposing her firm breasts to the flickering light. He starts to kiss down, in between them, down over her stomach, lips spreading and closing around the skin, slightly sucking before releasing and repeating further down. At her hips he traces the curve of the bone in a wide arc with his fingertips, following close behind with soft nibbling kisses.

Sitting up again, Steve reaches into his jeans pocket once again. Vanessa lies there staring upward into his green eyes, his hair messed atop his head from rolling kisses down her body. As he leans forward again Vanessa sees that he has retrieved another silk tie from his pocket. He dangles the tie delicately from one end and lowers it to Vanessa's naked top half. He starts to slide it over her body, over her chest, around her stomach and sides, the silk trailing across her skin, sliding up up toward her breasts and brushing over the nipples. Breathing deeply with the sensation her breasts rise high into the air before falling again. Gently Steve lowers the tie down over her eyes and softly ties it behind her head, blindfolding her from the pleasures she is sure to experience.

Lowering himself down he feels Vanessa's breasts push up against his strong chest, the nipples hard against his muscle as he kisses her, there tongues intertwining. Lying on her back her arms above her head Vanessa feels the sensation of her breasts being rubbed up and down as they kiss passionately. Slipping his body slightly to one side he starts to run his hand up from Vanessa's hip to her side and up higher, cupping her breast in his hand, the nipple hard against his soft palm.

He kisses passionately at her neck as his hand squeezes and releases her breast, pushing it up and down as he nibbles at her neck, teeth running over the surface of her glowing skin, her body pushed firmly up against him. Steve's hand begins to travel down from her incredible breast, across the soft skin of her stomach and across the skin of her thigh. Vanessa lies back as she feels his hand trace back up her thigh, lifting the skirt higher and higher. Nibbling at her ear lobe with wet bites, Steve starts to rub the outside of her g-string, pushing slightly with his fingertips as he passes over her clit, hearing her moan as she feels the stimulation through the silky material. Slowly he slides his hand higher up, his fingertips dipping under the elastic, and journeying downward, kissing at her neck, tongue licking at the surface in strong kisses. His middle finger slips further and further down sliding up inside her pussy, feeling her moistness, and hearing as Vanessa moans into his ear, breasts hard up against his chest.

Sliding deeper and deeper inside her he retracts his finger back and up, sliding up under the hood and resting lightly on the clit. Vanessa, lying against the warm oak feels her breasts push into Steve's chest and the incredible stimulation of his finger on her clit. She starts to feel the sensation as he begins tiny vibrating movements on the spot, his finger moist and slippery against her, shuddering with the feeling, she moans deeply into his ear, nibbling at his earlobe as she feels it brush past her lips.

Gaining speed, he starts to flick at the clit, small tickling motions, as she writhes beneath him.

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