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A little rain makes everything wet.

Once Sarah's thighs and pussy had been painstakingly cleaned with Margaret's long tongue, the music teacher crawled up beside Sarah to cradle her in her arms. There they remained for a few resting minutes lost in their thoughts and yearnings.

"I must phone Mum and leave a message in case she does get back from her sister's" Sarah said, "Unless of course you don't want me to stay the night?"

Margaret's reply was to grab the phone off the bedside table and hand it to her lover.

Sarah smiled and licked her lips as she punched the number. "Hi Mother dear, I'm staying the night at Margaret's so I'll see you in the morning sometime. I hope you had a good night, love ya, bye."

"Answering machine?" Margaret asked as she replaced the phone.

"Yep, I didn't really expect her to be home, she'll sleep it off at her sister's and get my message in the morning, all's cool my sweet."

The two girls embraced and kissed again as they cuddled together on the soft furs.

After a short rest and a giggling arm-in-arm visit to the bathroom they returned to stand beside Margaret's bed.

"Kneel up for me on the bed please darling." Sarah said excitedly. "I want to please you so much, let me be wicked."

Margaret looked intrigued at the younger girl's request but followed her request and knelt with her lovely arse pointing at the ceiling. Sarah followed suit and knelt beside Margaret as she licked her lips in anticipation. A shiver ran through Margaret's body as she felt Sarah's lips kissing lightly all over the smooth white buttocks. Slowly but surely the teasing kisses moved closer and closer to the crack separating the older girl's cheeks.

"Ohhhhhhh Sarah!" Margaret cried as she felt her lover's tongue licking slowly down her crack towards her arse hole and pussy.

Sarah paused and giggled, "We ate all the strawberries so let me try this rosebud."

Margaret's body shivered violently as the tip of Sarah's tongue traced small circles around the music teacher's anus. The older girl loved anal play and was familiar with the feel of a small vibrator buzzing away in her back passage. Anal licking was something she had often dreamed about and now her naughty new sex partner was making those dreams come true. Margaret moaned loudly as the tip of Sarah's tongue found and played with the brown puckered orifice. She could feel another orgasm building deep in her soul as she thrust her arse at Sarah's mouth.

"Oh this is so baaaaaad." Sarah gasped emotionally. "So baaaaad but I love it."

"Keep going baby, oh I'm gonna cum again, keep going!"

"Mmmmmmm." Sarah kissed Margaret's saliva covered anus then pushed her tongue back against the puckered hole.

Margaret could picture the scene in her mind and silently promised to buy a video camera to record the next time the two girls got together. The room was filled with the sounds of both girls as Sarah's willing tongue brought Margaret to another mind-blowing climax. She screamed and collapsed down onto the bed, her body shuddering as Sarah continued to lick and kiss her arse.

"Enough baby, enough." Margaret gasped as she reached back and attempted to push the young girl away.

Sarah's answer was to smack Margaret hard on each buttock before once again before spreading the cheeks apart and burying her face in her teacher's arse crack. The young pianist was insatiable as she continued to kiss, lick and probe the older girl's anus with her tongue. Margaret recognized that it was futile to protest and abandoned herself to the rush of the next orgasm.

"Uuuuuuugggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!" Margaret yelled loudly as her body arched before collapsing down onto the bed.

Sarah pushed herself up and grinned as she watched her sexy teacher writhe and shake with pleasure.

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