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Her beautiful bare feet on the pedals drive him wild!

I could feel he'd stripped out of his swim trucks and felt a moments sympathy for his delicate bits. I shook it off quickly and slid a little away in the water running a light finger along his crack. He jerked away in surprise and I laughed.

He did indeed warm up quickly as a game of chase and tease ensued. I eventually cried uncle as his superior swimming skills saw me repeated dunked and dragged under by an ankle. We swam lazily around each other afterwards. This didn't mean he kept his hands to himself. His questing hands skimmed and stroked my body whenever we passed close enough and I was becoming turned on quickly.

I dove under the water swimming along the bottom and looking at his body beneath the water. The pool was lit with sunlight and he skin appeared touched with gold. I realized my own skin was creamy white in contrast. I'd been busy and this was the first I'd been out in the sun this year. I surfaced up beside him and moved in close. His arms started to gather me close and then he released me as he started to sink. I laughed and gently shoved him towards the rock shelf where a submerged rock offered the only standing spot where your head would be above water. It had once been a close thing for me. The water still came up to mid breast on me.

I wrapped my arms around his back and lifted my face. His hands settled on my neck under the wet blanket of my hair. I slid my tongue over his lower lip before sucking it softly into my mouth. I shifted the kiss darting my tongue forward to flick against his. His hands shifted from resting to griping the sides of my face, tilting my head to deepen our kiss. I moved a hand down to cup and squeeze one firm buttock.

His penis was pressed into my belly warm and semi-hard. I wrapped my fingers around it and slowly stroked him. I stopped often to simply hold him. The water caused my palm to stick instead of slide smoothly against him and I finally settled on a short stroke that shifted the skin over the hardening shaft.

He lips were working down my neck and he lifted me suddenly so he could latch on to one of my nipples. I couldn't reach him with my hands any longer so I wrapped my hands around his upper arms to steady myself. One of his forearms clamped across my thighs holding me up easily while the other cupped and kneaded one breast. The sucking sensation on my other nipple quickly had me squirming against him.

The arm supporting me shifted and I found myself clinging to him as his lips reclaimed mine. His hand delved from behind between my legs. I parted for him quickly touching down the toes of one foot and lifting a leg to wrap round his hip. His fingertips rubbed over me in firm circles. I knew he could feel the slick slide of my wet pussy before his fingers pressed past my lips.

"I want you inside me," I urged reaching down to guide his hard cock inside. My legs wrapped around him and I locked one elbow around his neck to squirm up enough to accomplish my goal. I felt awkward and clumsy until his hands locked behind a thigh on each side. He began using this grip to lift me up, allowing me to settle back down his shaft by pulling with my heels locked together behind him. We found a rhythm quickly and the splash of the wavelets we created drowned out all but the loudest of our moans to my ears.

I leaned back a bit and the angle improved the press of his pelvis on my clit. It felt that my climb to orgasm took forever. The build was slow instead of the normal third gear rush. When I moved to finger myself he caught my hand and put it back behind his shoulder.

"Wait," his eyes caught mine. "Just wait, I want to see if I can get you there like this." He worked to regain his rhythm and his voice was tight and I understood how hard he was holding himself back.

I felt embarrassed but didn't look away from him.

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