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Nick's looking for a relaxing weekend.

She finished with a smack on my ass. "Get in the shower Toy. You have four minutes to finish. If you fail, you will be punished. Understand?"

"Yes Mistress, I understand."

I jumped in the shower as quick as I could. I didn't even wait for the water to warm up, I just started washing frantically. The cold water took my breath away, which made it even harder to move quickly.

"Two minutes!"

Fuck! I was running out off time. I washed my hair, face, arms, chest, back, cock, ass, legs, and feet. I shut off the still cold water and opened the shower door. There she was standing in the doorway holding a towel. I stepped onto the bathroom rug shivering and dripping wet.

"Good job Toy. Are you ready to make your payment for a towel?" she asked.

"Yes Mistress. I'm ready."

"Since you finished in less than four minutes you only have to pay with four smacks on your ass. Are you ready?"

"Yes Mistress. "

"Good, bend over and count them out."

I turned to my right, bending over the toilet and grabbing the back of it. She stood behind me. I saw her hand go back and swing forward. WHACK! The leather crop on my wet skin sent my nerves over the edge. The sting filled my body with a wave of pleasure.

"One, thank you Mistress."


"Two, thank you Mistress."


"Three, thank you Mistress."


"Four, thank you Mistress."

"Stand up and face me Toy," she said.

I turned to face her, my cock was rock hard.

"Maybe you enjoyed that too much, Toy." she teased. She threw me the towel and told me to dry off. When I finished, she grabbed my cock and pulled me saying, "follow me, Toy."

In the bedroom, she led me to the other side of the bed still pulling me by my cock. She sat down and reached for something in the night stand.

"Kneel." she demanded.

I got down on my knees facing her. In her right hand she had a leather dog collar, in her left she had a leash.

"This is to remind you that you're my property. I'm the one in charge. You do as I say or you get punished. Understand?"

"Yes Mistress. I understand." As she placed the dog collar on me I finally had a moment to process what was happening. I never knew my wife was so dominate. I thought I was wearing the pants in the relationship. My wife literally and figuratively took my pants and was wearing them. I was still in shock, but I was really turned on and I couldn't wait for what might happen next.

"There, now you're mine." she said with a devilish grin. "Grab the massage oil from the closet. You get to start servicing me by giving me a massage. Isn't that nice of me?"

"Yes Mistress. You are most generous."

She laid on the bed on her stomach. I grabbed the oil in the closet and set it by the bed. I untied the knot on her corset, loosened the ribbon and helped her off with it. I placed some oil in my hands and rubbed it around to warm it up. I started gently on her upper shoulders and shoulder blades spreading the oil around. Her skin felt so smooth and slick underneath my oiled hands. I worked my way down the sides of her spine using my thumbs to massage the stress away. Reaching the top of her butt, I slowly kneaded her lower back with my knuckles. She moaned with delight. I straddled her legs to get more leverage when a large drop of precome fell onto her ass.

"What was that?" she asked. "Did your cock just drip on me?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Lick it off, Toy. You're not allowed to get precome on me without my permission."

I leaned over and licked up the mess I had made. It amazed me how easily I fell into this new role. I wanted to keep going.

"Your cock is mine," she yelled! "You can't come without my permission. If you disobey me, I will force you to clean up the mess you make, understand?"

"Yes Mistress, I understand. I'm sorry for being messy."

"You have ruined my massage, Toy! Lay down on the bed. You must be punished!"

She got up off the bed and grabbed her crop.

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